Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jake: 7-17-93 to 7-21-2007 RIP

Tis a sad day in the household here.

This morning the wife had to take her Mom's 14 yo standard poodle, Jake, to the vet to be put down. About 4-5 months ago we took him to the vet because he was having trouble keeping his feet under him. He was x-rayed and found to have some disintegrated disks in his back. Basically what happened to him was what I was warned might happen to me with my own back problems.

These situations are always tough, and one always has questions afterward. Could he have lived longer? Could we have done something? The answers to those two questions are definitely, Yes, but then the next question, What would his quality of life been? really has no sure answer.

For a time, he'd fall and we'd help him up with no problem, but recently we had to be very careful to lift him; he was beginning to growl and snap and show signs of pain. Anyway...

If you feel so moved today, hoist a glass to Jake, who's running in heaven where the squirrels are slow.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry about Jake. That's hard to do.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Here's to a fine canine. Sorry to see that dog go.

Chris in Seattle said...

D, Doc,
Sorry to keep your posts off for so long. I had to remove the spammer, and didn't realize I'd have to look at every comment thereafter.

Thank you both for the kind words.My mo-in-law isn't taking things as hard as she might. Dementia has it's benefits I guess.