Monday, July 2, 2007

Hmmm... Now what?

Well the weekend was certainly interesting. I wound up with a blog I had no intention of starting, and for two days, I've been like a little boy with a new toy: I did everything but sleep with it. It's easy to play with this when free time is plentiful, but now that I have to go back to work, I'm wondering how/when I'm going to make time to post. I still haven't done my morning blog stroll, and I've only glanced at the Seattle PI. A big reason for this is my mother-in-law; more details later, as I'm sure she'll become a thread/label here, but in short, she requires a lot of care when she's awake. And now comes the grandmonster, dressed and ready for his first day of summer day camp.

Things get hectic with the extended family: Wife, mo-in-law, step-daughter and her 21st-birthday-present-to-herself, and they all provide fodder for posts. All of them except Mo-in-law, want time for themselves on our one 'puter with web service. Guess we need to get Ms Thing and the grandmonster online downstairs. I'd like to make at least two posts per day, and not just fluff stuff, and/or links to things people have likely already read. I'm already about to make myself late for work.

No one said blogging is easy. I've resisted the urge for over a year till now, because I knew it wouldn't be easy. Damn I hate self-discipline.


Dale said...

You should get a laptop with wireless internet, then you could blog from anywhere!

Chris in Seattle said...

Right. While I'm on the crapper at work.