Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hey Dale... Lookie, lookie

Yesterday I was talking about the repugs standing in the way of doing anything good for the country, well Digby has a lot to say on the matter here. How the fuck anyone can support conservatives and their bull shit is beyond me. The sheer stupidity required to put our government, and the future of our country and future generations, into the hands of creatures who believe that government cannot and should not do good things for people, boggles my mind.

I'm not surprised that W has a sub-30% approval rating. I'm surprised his approval rating is even measurable.


fairlane said...

Whoever these 30% of the populace are they need to be tracked down and dealt with severely.

That kind of stupidity threatens not only the United States, but the very gene pool of the Human Race.

Chris in Seattle said...

Ever check out Ava's site? Go here
She's done some great things for a young gal, and had some hairy experiences.