Sunday, July 1, 2007

I do more than just sit around all day hatin' on W

although that seems to be what I do best. Check this out:

Hargrove resigns as Mariners' manager!!!! Who'd a thunk it? Right when they're on a roll! Right when they're about to have a glut of pitching from guys coming off the DL! When they're having their best season in years! I know he was on the hot seat when the season started, but surely not now. I know a lot of people questioned his actions when he took time off for his daughter's graduation, leaving during a game. Maybe this is why he hired John McClaren as his bench coach this year..? McClaren's always wanted to manage. Oh well...

I gotta say I always liked the job Hargrove did in Cleveland. If we hadn't had Lou Piniella, I would have liked to have seen the Ms hire Hargrove when the Indians fired him. I think this year may have been one of his best efforts yet (with little help from GM Bill Bavasi's trades and hirings.) My only criticism of Mike is that he never used his bench players as much as I would have liked. Whatever Mike's reasons, I hope he does well in whatever he decides to do next. I truly wish him well. That being said...

I like John McClaren. I hope he does well and I think he can. He's certainly had the chance to learn from two of the better managers out there.

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