Friday, July 6, 2007

I Picked a Bad Time to Quit Drinking

And JP picked a bad time to retire. I've always liked this guy, but I think his recent posts are some of his best ever. It's not hard to believe that he just couldn't keep still after W pardoned Libby. Outrage has it's effects.

Toward the end of our party on the 4th, someone brought up the Libby pardon. It wasn't "the Republican," so no one went over the deck railing, but as soon as I started talking, I started looking in my cabinet for a wine glass. I held off till I calmed down before finally giving in and having a few glasses during the fireworks and after the cleanup was done. All in all though, I managed to behave myself. I'm back on the wagon since, and after the hangover I had, I think I might stay there.

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Shimmy said...

"Harsh! Harsh!" went the death of law.

"Hooray for our chains!" went Brit Hume.