Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Am I missing an opportunity here?

Maybe I should get in line for a McStain Cabinet position, say Secretary of State.

I wasn't a POW, so I can't be Cummander Codpiece in Chief.

I wasn't Mayor of a town of 8000, or PTA President, so I can't be VP much less VPilf.

But I did live in Alaska, so I must have an understanding of foreign policy, since it's so close to Russia and all, right? or

Since I work blue collar, I could be Secretary of Labor. Nope; I'm a union member. well

I've held teaching certs, so I could be Secretary of Education. I actually student taught. here's one:

I've lived with electric heat, oil heat, gas heat... and sometimes those were in the form of forced air, or hot water base board... Oh fuck... they get oil in Alaska, and I was born and raised in Pennsylvania where they get a lot of coal... Yup. Secretary of Energy. That's me.

It's those "Earth is round" and older that 7000 years notions that I can't let go of that fuck me, right?


Anonymous said...

Consider yourself vetted. Now get to Minneapolis to make your speech tonight, Chris!

chris said...
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Chris in Seattle said...

I think I may be over qualified. I live in Washington state so I obviously know about hydroelectric power from living near the Bonneville project. I lived in E Tennishoe as well, near the TVA. Oh...

And since Hanford's in Washington, I have experience with Nukes too.

I think I need a partial memory wipe.