Sunday, September 7, 2008

Such a bummer

Jack Cafferty has lost his wife. I know this is no longer news, but I have to join in in offering my condolences. I don't remember where I read it (it was at Firestarter's), but apparently Jack tells a story of how way back when he met his wife, he would tell her he had to "get to the station." She asked him, "What kind of gas station do you work at?" and he knew he was in love. The woman didn't care. She had no idea what he was, only who he was.

It's got to be harder than I will ever know, to lose someone like that (although I have to say I sure as hell don't think my wife loves me for my fame and/or fortune.)

I also read (again, here) that she helped get him sober and keep him that way. Now I have no idea, just what his life was like at that point, but it definitely takes a special person to have "helped" him into sobriety, and not drive him away. I have to wonder, if he hadn't met, married and stayed with Carol, would he have ever become the no-nonsense, objective, respected reporter he became...?

I know it's selfish in a way but

Stay with us Jack. We need you.


nunya said...

This is nice to watch, I don't have cable.

Let's hope that McMooseturd is left in the dust, eh?

Chris in Seattle said...

No cable. I lived that way for years. Didn't like it. Needed my sports. Now I need my politics. But then I never lived near sunny beaches either so.....