Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad Time to Quit Drinking

Oh for the days of the SOTU drinking games (Rachel Maddow always comes up with a good one). Dubya's "nukular" fetish was always good for a shit load of shots. Ten weeks ago, I decided to quit drinking for a number of reasons, and haven't regretted it til tonight. I coulda gotten a lot of mileage out of, "surge" and "offshore drilling," but surprisingly not so much out of either "my friends" and "tax cuts."

All of that aside though, I coulda gotten mega-mileage out of the chances Obama left on the table. WHYYYYYYY didn't Obama nail McShame to the fucking wall on his votes Against funds for veterans. He kept saying to look at his record, that it spoke for itself, well that record alone should be more than enough to blow the fucking myth of McCain the Hero out of the water and to the moon. Not every vet can come home and marry a fucking adulterous beer baroness. Some vets need some of the benefits he has repeatedly denied them.

McCain the defender of the vets is a

John McCain is NOTHING but a god damned fraud.

Obama gives a hell of a speech, but he was sorely lacking in this debate. Not nailing the vet issue, not nailing the torture/water boarding issue, and repeatedly telling everyone when he thought McCain was right... I'd be well beyond shit faced if I'da been drinking. I coulda put away two if not three bottles of wine, just by sipping; not chugging.

I should work on a "Sober Game" for the VP debate coming up. I don't know; for every lie of Palin's take a blanket to a Nickelsville, or a can of soup or stew to a food bank. anyway..

Night night
Sleep tight
Don't let refuckyoucans bite


Jess Wundrun said...

Ha! I did get shitty watching the debate. Trust me it didn't help and this morning my mouth feels like I spent the night licking dog balls.

Chris in Seattle said...

Licking dog balls... Hmmm... Not sure I wanna go there.