Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How do they do it? (corrected)

Refuckyoucans. They lie. I mean they LIIIIIIEEEEE... They're like....

Porpoises swimming along, playing in the waves at the bow of a boat... Dancing and swirling together with such ease. Totally effortless; not like salmon struggling their way up stream. I love watching them. So cool.

I've never gotten a good explanation of why they do it. The porpoises, I mean. Well the refucks too. But seriously, fishing boats, ferry boats... porpoises at the bow. They appear, like they have no choice. Like a moth to a flame.

Refucks: Bush: Does a pope shit in the woods? Cheney: Is the bear Catholic? McCain...Palin... Picking up right where they left off and possibly taking it to new... Heights? Depths? The Outer Limits? The TwiLie Zone?

Mavericks... change agents... fiscal conservatives... Oooo and look out lobbyists. at least the ones not on their payroll....?

Keith O chose Hannity as his Worst Person tonight for (drumroll) lying about Fucks News never saying Obama was Muslim. Riiiiiight. I commented over at DCup's the other day** about Hannity being my Most Hateful (Person in the World), because he lies with such ease... so prolifically... like a machine. But he's not the Only... He's just the best of the best at doing the worst. He even lives in his own little country: Hannity's America. Not even O'Lielly or Bloody Billy Kristol can boast that.

What is it though? Is it something genetic?

** I was at BlueGal's not DCup's but hey... read both of 'em


Anonymous said...

They just sicken me. And it's maddening that they have so much monopoly of the airwaves. Out here in rural America, you can't find any counterpoint to these fuckers. None.

Chris in Seattle said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I used to live in Scott County, Tennessee. So far in the back woods, they brought sunshine in by truck, and the well-to-do had home reddening devices for their necks. Weeeeeeeeeeeird fucking place to live.