Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask me no Questions, I'll...

well.... It's Dubya, so the usual saying doesn't apply: "I'll tell you no lies."

We KNOW Dubya doesn't give a fuck about lying. He lies in his SOTUs and laughs as he does it. He lies during press conferences and laughs as he does it. Sometimes he acts clueless as he lies; I'm not at all sure what that's about. So why would he give a mini-press conference and not take questions?

The last time I remember him doing this was back when he announced the Federal Marriage Amendment, which was an obvious pander. So what's the deal with today? We're on the verge of a depression. Four fucking paragraphs. That's it. Oh... he canceled a trip. But still...

Why no questions? ???

He enjoys lying.

He's obsessed with his legacy.

He panders to his base.

He covered his ass with the base by announcing/calling for a marriage amendment, but didn't really give a fuck about it enough to defend it to the press.

He covered his ass by announcing he'd stay in DC, but by not defending any position, did he not have one? or not care enough to formulate one? or just (as usual) not give a flying fuck about the county going down the shitter?

And pulling the world along...?

And what's McSame's position? Anyone keeping up with the clippity clops of his flippity flops?


Anonymous said...

I hate to quote Mika B. from Morning Joe (and I realize you don't watch Morning Joe because it's on too early), but it seems that Bush is spending a lot of his time right now attempting to rewrite history.

Chris in Seattle said...

Well... What's to do when your governing philosophy is one that does nothing but cause disaster and destruction? Bush's policies haven't "failed." They've succeeded in doing what they're designed to do: Concentrate wealth in the hands of a few... not so much "at the expense of the masses." The masses are inconsequential to conservatives. Nuisances... in the way.

Distributorcap said...

i kind of like the fact bush is doing nothing really -- since he ruins everything he touches - you say it is already bad, if bush starts nosing in, it will somehow get worse - it always does

this piece of shit has failed at everything he has done, and now America Inc. yep he succeeded in helping his friends - but he failed miserably since a lot of his friends are now not happy.

i cannot even put into words how much misery i hope he has to sustain after he leaves.

Chris in Seattle said...

After he leaves...

Would be interesting to look at the fortunes of former presidents. Clinton made a fortune over and above his hellacious legal bills (I wonder who wrote off how much of those just to stay in his favor..?). Carter may or may not be rich, but in my view he's truly deserving of the term "Elder Statesman," because of all the work he's done through things like Habitat for Humanity.

looking back at what Dunya did with his own businesses: Harkin Oil going tits up, trading Sammy Sosa from the Rangers, his plans for the US economy especially SS... If there's anyone who can fail to take advantage of the cash cow label of (Former) President, it would be this asshole.

He truly deserves to live and starve to death under a bridge -- preferably a collapsed bridge -- sleeping on cardboard.