Friday, September 12, 2008

Random ravings...

went out to dinner tonight and on the way home got talking about politics. Yeah. No shit. Moi. Whoodathunkit, eh?

Amazingly enough, I didn't get thrown from the car. But then again I was driving.

How I got started, I don't know, but I know it takes less and less these days. Our friend was lamenting her favorite store closing for good, when my wife said it wasn't just the store, but the whole fucking chain. That got me thinking about the number opf retail chains in trouble and the fact that for this asswipe's time in office (dubya) the economy's been about second, third, fourth mortgages and/or equity loans and buying cheap Chinese imports. Hell even our fresh fruits and veggies go to China to be made into stuff like applesauce and pickles.

Since 1980 (27 yrs) we've had 19 yrs of refuckyoucan rule and 8 yrs of democratic rule. You can argue about that by talking about times when congress wa controlled by the "other" party, but we all know damn well that congress tends to give the president what he wants. welllll.... democratic congresses have tended to give refucks what they want. The dems gave in to Reagan on "Ketchup as a vegetable," but Newtie and the Blowhards brought things to a screeching halt when Clinton wouldn't roll over like they wanted (which was why he was impeached; the sex just made things interesting). For all intents and purposes, call the last 27 yrs, the Refuckyoucan years. well...

IN 1980 the US was the world's largest IMporter of raw materials and the largest EXporter of finished goods. Now? It is the exact opposite. Clinton did nothing to stand in the way of the process with NAFTA type agreements and our giving in to the WTO. His idea of our economy switching from a manufacturing base to one of information processing -- pencil pushing, paper shuffling and keyboarding -- was a bullshit fairy tale to cover up the selling of our country's heart and soul, and the rape and murder of our middle class.

We are now a third world country, living a first world life style. We're a banana republic with no bananas to sell. And we've way over extended our credit, so we can't even buy the Chinese shit anymore. Hence the retail bankruptcies.

Obama knows the country is bleeding to death, but may not be able to stop it. He may die should he try. McCain knows the same thing, but just like Dubya, he doesn't care. He is only here to serve his corporate masters and the new generation of robber barons. To John Surge McSame, "the country" means the richest tenth of a percent of the population. To get you to believe otherwise and support him and vote for him, requires him to lie about everything. And I mean everything that he knows matters to you.

Obama is wrong when he says that McCain thinks you're stupid.

He NEEDS you to be stupid. His political aspirations depend upon it. The willful suspension of disbelief: Self imposed stupidity.

More later; go read DCup in the meantime.

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