Thursday, September 11, 2008

Refuckyoucan Standard Time

Yup. 9-11.

Palin's in Alaska to see her son off to Iraq -- her announcement of which puts he and his unit in greater danger, him being the son of a potential VPilf.

Present Vice is in an undisclosed location no doubt. Shooting someone in the face?

Senator surge is probably doddering about somewhere wondering where the recent crowds have gone as he tries to re-caste himself as an enemy of his own agenda. How is it that he can say his VPilf is a heroine for taxing the oil companies, when he wants more tax cuts for them? and for other corporations as well? ???

Dubya.... where's Dubya today? ??? Reading "My Pet Goat" to someone somewhere? Does he wear a diaper today or stay within 25 feet of a shit house all day? Do the memories make him re-live his pants-shitting-wetting?

Ceremonial ass-wiping with his Preznitial Daily Briefing? A call to/from binLaden: "How's the recruiting this year, O?" "You still got 'em afraid there Dub?"

Seriously though:

To all who suffered a loss that day, My condolences. I wouldn't wish a day like that on anyone anywhere.

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