Sunday, September 21, 2008

And While You're Mourning Your 401-k... w/Updates

Think on this:

Brad DeLong beat me to it. Even if you have full faith in Henry Paulson, Intrade currently gives John McCain a 48 percent chance of being president. Are you willing to give essentially unlimited discretion over the use of $700 billion — with explicit protection against any review by Congress or the courts — to Phil Gramm?
Paul Krugman

De-regulation has been an abject failure, so lets de-regulate some more. Well obviously we just didn't de-regulate enough, or the right things, the right way, right? It's easier to believe this shit if you don't have or use your brain, but for those who do still try to use their's keep in mind:

This election -- as all are -- is about a lot more than just who sits in the chair with the "pass/veto" pen and gets chopper rides to camp every few weeks.

another bit from Krugman:

If George Bush stood up and said, "The world is flat," someone in the press would publish the headline, "Views Differ on Shape of Planet."

The press just WON'T (not can't) label facts and fallacies, not because of ethics, but because of profits.

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