Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yoh Senator Surge...

What the fuck are you trying to say here:

"...(he) chooses his words carefully. He shouldn't have said it..."? ???

You saying that if Obama just spouted off nonsense like he had Tourette Syndrome, or a totally out of control temper, or maybe say he was a pathological liar, that it would have been OK to say what he did?

Did McSusrge say: "lipstick on a pig" ? Yes

Did Barack say: "lipstick on a pig" ? Yes

Was McSurge talking about a candidate's policy/ies? Yes

Was Barack talking about a candidate's policy/ies? Yes

Was the candidate to whom McSurge referred a woman? Yes

Was the candidate to whom Barack referred a woman? No <== had to take the high road there

Was McSurge's remark sexist? No

Was Barack's remark sexist? well... er... uh... But McSurge was a POW, so....

Ohhhh... and some blonde bimbo on Fucks News (you know, those "Terrorist Fist Jab" guys) just now (8:20something Pacific time) says there's now a "War on Sarah Palin." "They're searching for any nugget or dirt that shows Sarah Palin to be from the far right..." And that's a war? ??? ?????

Like searching for her tits; not much of a "search" to point out the obvious.

Do they teach these fucktards how to be stupid? How do they dream up such bullshit? ???

(I should know better than to watch them; serves me right when I get pissed off, I guess)

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