Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well here she is...

And wow... Dad's actually holding the baby as if it's his.

Ahhh... the POW reference. not exactly.

Ahhh... exactly the man she wants as Cummander Codpiece in Chief... someone to send more kids to die.

an advocate for special needs kids.... why she cuts funds for kids and moms, eh?

Is it her parents? or his who aren't sure they're voting for her and Senator Surge?

getting into her executive experience now. The PTA

Oooo... now the job of Mayor. That prepped her for the White House.

Escorting out someone who disagrees. Yup. She's a republican.

Elitist label. She's workin' 'em in.

She got the reasons why a politician's supposed to go to DC, but she's in the wrong party. The Refucks NEVER leave the country better than they found it.

Sarah the reformer. She's going to help reform DC? reform what the party she's running with has done?

Reform what her running mate helped put in place?

Like she did in AK. Sold the jet that her Refuckyoucan predecessor bought.

Lied about the bridge again.

she seems to fit right in.

high oil prices... the state's swimming in cash. real easy to rebate from a surplus. Will she do the same from a deficit?

Foreign policy: OIL. PROTECT! SEIZE!

Attack Venezuela..?

Definitely drill, Drill DRILL and not where we have permits. Off shore, in the Hurricane lanes.

We promise victory in Iraq. By winning.

More sound bites. tax cuts... terrorists... FEAR !!!!

Credit card spending. More of it.

Millions more for the rich. Pennies for the worker bees.

McCain does great things, that I guess no one wants to hear about...? Obama just gives good speeches. Can't vote for someone people like. Noooooo

Do nothing Senate... The one where the refucks set a record for filibusters? ???

She really has the lying down pat.

Here we go. the war hero/POW. nice touch. ooops she was blatant. I thought she was going for the artistic way. just make the allusion.

we good. we fight evil. john fight for you. he tarzan. you jane.

if change and hope and.... vote for McCain? well she is his VP choice so I guess she has to say it, but fuck. this is such bull shit.

and now here's Johnny. will he check out her ass again?

I haven't had dinner yet. Not sure if I can eat.

Over all it was a good speech.

In a refuckyoucan sort of way. Vote for us so we can fuck you silly and blame it on the godless gays.


Anonymous said...

I'm reminded of something the other church lady said...

now wasn't that ......special?


Distributorcap said...

you mean you werent hitting the floor - or acting like Meg Ryan in the deli --- isnt she the MILFiest?

pathetic country

Firestarter5 said...

She gave the delegates in that building exactly what they wanted to hear. 38 million people didn't tune in to hear what her thoughts were on the economy and Iraq, they tuned in to see the reaction she got. Nothing more.

They (the Repubs) branded Obama with being nothing more than a 'celebrity' to his followers. They're about to eat their very own words.

Jess Wundrun said...

She never did sell that plane on e-bay. Putting it there was a stunt that actually cost the state money for every month it was idle.

Once they gave up on the gimmick they hired a broker who sold the plane for $500,000 less than it was worth.

Not sure I'd be bragging on that one either.

Chris in Seattle said...

She and all the pomp and circumstance around her and her family... It's taking tokenism to a whole new level. I wonder who's going to snap first:

The redneck boyfriend, Ms Preggers or the old man? ??? Maybe the VPilf herself as they silence her and escort her about in a cone of silence? At least until they can do the "Operation Dubination" on her where they force feed her a minimal amount of talking points as they did with the Codpiece Kid before his run for Gubner of Texas.

Check your Molly Ivens archives... I think Rove prepped Dub and got him through that whole process with THREE talking points. Teen violence in schools was one of them. Anyway...

Alaskans are a funny bunch. Palin may just balk and bolt off the reservation if she feels slighted or mistreated.

the one who's really being mistreated through all this though is Trig. I never thought I'd give a shit about a baby, but that poor kid should be in bed, not passed around on a fucking stage at 11-12 at night in front of a crowd. I don't think Paris Hilton abuses Tinkerbell as badly.

Chris in Seattle said...

But Jess... if she'd made money, someone could have said the plane was a good investment. Sinse she lost money, it fits the refuck equation of "everything the government does is/causes a problem." If a government effort succeeds, it fails, because success invalidates the refuckyoucan's cardinal talking point... The Prime Directive of Reaganism if you will.

As George Will says, "We Conservatives understand that the true purpose of Government is to protect the borders and deliver the mail." Although I'm not sure why he would think the mail should not be privatized along with the military....?