Sunday, September 7, 2008


We got Barack on the TeeVee today...

And Joe...

And even Johnboy...

But no Sarah.

Where's Sarah?
"Paging Ms One-Heartbeat Away..."
"Paging Ms I have more executive experience than both Democrats put together..."

This is the woman who knows what's at stake because she lives in close to Russia..?

The woman who sits on 20% of us oil consumption (or was it production?) so she understands energy policy..?

This is the woman caused a bump of $7 mil/day in fundraising from theocons after her nomination..?

The woman who drew almost as many viewers for her acceptance speech (or were they there to see Trig, Bristol and the Redneck Boyfriend..?) as Barack drew for his..?

But she's not going to appear on TeeVee until she's "ready to face the press"? ??? ??????


Do we need to review? Did we miss something?

Refucks... They sure as hell hit the bull's eye ass with this one.

If Joe and Barack don't jump on this like stink on shit then they fucking deserve to lose.
God help us all

Remind you of anything?


Anonymous said...

It's as if they're saying to us "hire me," but they don't want to fill out the job application or submit a resume.

Yeah - okay, I'm gonna trust you because you say so?

Chris in Seattle said...

This race should be like 70-30 Obama-McCain. Morons.

Fucking Morons.