Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama with Snephalopogus -- With an Update

on the one hand, Barack's holding his own and then some.

The problem is that he's talking to Snuffy as if he's talking to intelligent people. and he's being a nice guy.

Basically, he's dealing out facts as if he has the idea that people can make up their own minds.

McCain voted with Dubya 90% of the time, Barack voted over 90% of the time with Dems several years, so "Who's more likely to break with their party?" This is somehow an important point?

If Barack were to break with his party, or what the majority of Democrats believe their party should be, as he did with his FISA stance, he would be WRONG. Barack tried to get Snuffy to see that, but I don't think he succeeded. He made it more complex than it was.

Jesus Fuck George. "Surge, surge, surrrrge... McCain was right. Say so... ADMIT IT..." never mind that we wouldn't have needed a fucking surge if we hadn't invaded the fucking country in the first place. How fucking republican can you be? What a tool. Still pissed because Hillary's not the nominee?

Oooooo.... Look for this on Hannity, if you can stomach that lying fucktard: " Muslim faith..." which he said in the context of admitting that McCain himself had not accused him of being a Muslim. Fucks News will love taking this one and twisting it all out of shape.

(commercial break... Aubrey McClendon who helped steal the Sonics)

I admit I haven't seen this show from the beginning, but still, What are we to take away from it...?

"Vote McCain, because Obama's just too fucking smart"? ???
"Vote McCain. He's really not insane. He just sounds that way"? ???
"Vote McCain. Crazy is just his way of being a maverick"? ???

The Roundtable... Finally a smart question from Snuffy: Why do they keep repeating the Russia line? and who's the guy who said this one:

Republicans are good at taking an incoherent stance and constructing a coherent argument...?

McCain doesn't know his party has to change. (they don't have sense enough to know they're wrong) Good one there too. Same guy.

"There aren't enough Republicans -- who aren't exhausted by the last 8 years -- for McCain to staff his administration." Damn this guy raises good points.** All the somewhat sensible people like Paul O'Neill are either burned out and retired or have switched parties.

Hmmm.... In Memorium... And thanks to you George Dubya Bush and your followers like John McCain...

Six MORE people were killed in Iraq.

So Dub could show the world his dick was bigger than Saddam's, and Johnboy could re-fight and win Vietnam.

** CNN's picked this up now as McShame says he's going to put Democrats in his administration. Although McCheese says it's because he's being bi-partisan and finding the best people to do the job. Riiiiight. Face it Johnny... you represent the party of Morons. You can't push science and knowledge and history and common sense away and expect your future generations to become smart. It just don't work that way.

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