Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble...

Yes, it is getting hot over here.
(thanks Dude)

As I get so pissed of that I can't see straight, I came to realize just the other day that I really need to see straight. We all do.

We're seeing of late that McInsain's only chance to win this election is to try to run as a Democrat. In Valley-speak: He's so totally hijacking Obama's platform. The 26 year veteran of Refuckyoucanism is all of a sudden the champion of change. He knows Washington's broken and he's the one to fix it. He's the free marketeer who knows we (taxpayers) need to save the markets, and after years of claiming the mantle of a de-regulator, now wants to regulate. Although he also wants to see healthcare de-regulated like banking was in order to... Hmm. The oil companies need more tax breaks, so he chooses a running mate who raised taxes on oil companies just to prove his point... that... Hmm. CEO's are the new robber barons, with their golden parachutes, even when they fail and get fired and fuck over thousands of employees, and one of his chief advisers, Carli Fiorina's on board to put an end to all their bull shit after being fired... with a $42 mil golden para...chute... Hmm.

But he's a maverick, god dammit, dontcha know? Fucker stood up to his own party, because... they were... right? Now wait... why would... If THEY were right then he would be... but if HE was right then they would be... What....everrrrrr.

And he was a POW. Took out a missile with his jet... Subjected to the "Interrogation formerly known as torture," that shit he spoke out against before voting for it. For real? for real.

Damn, shooting fish in a barrel is too easy, but I DO have a point

McSame is a Refuckyoucan, but he can't get elected by claiming his Refuckyoucanism, a la his pro-Bush, anti-American voting record. But what if it's not enough to tie-die some stripes and become a "liger?" What would be next?

I'm old enough to remember quite well the election of 1968 when George Wallace the champion of southern racism bolted the Democratic party, carried the (confederate) south, gave the presidency to Nixon and changed the faces of both parties. Up until '68, from Lincoln and the Civil War, the "Solid South" was solidly racist AND Democratic. JFK... LBJ... civil rights legislation... presto chango: The Republican party, sells their souls, spreads their arms, and legs, and become the whores they are today. Never mind their views, take them in; take the numbers.

Back then, they couldn't have missed a Strom Thurmond or a Lester Maddox, or a Jessie Helms, but what about the rank and filers? The regular Joes and Janes? Had there been principled Republicans, how could they have foreseen that they would be represented by the likes of Larry Craig, Tom Foley, Duke Cunningham, David Vitter, Tom Delay, Lindsey Graham, the Bushes, John Surge McCain and other self loathers? Call 'em Democrats, call 'em Republicans, just don't call 'em late for dinner bribery... just don't call 'em unelected.

What I've probably taken way too long to say is this:

READ your ballots. KNOW what the candidates stand for. Look out for Refuckyoucans re-labeled. The Refuckyoucan/conservative brand is toxic to the point of possibly causing another mass migration a la 1968. It may be too late for this election cycle, but their greed and avarice and amorality will drive them to do whatever they think they need to do to reach their desired end: Ultimate power.


Dale said...

The first half of this post reminded me so much of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. Well done.

Chris in Seattle said...


I really do see not-yet-big-name refucks bolting their party and infecting ours just so they can keep their thieving brand of bull shit alive.

Anonymous said...

Jeezus yes. It drives me crazy to hear McCain's proxies talk about how he fought his party to establish himself as a maverick and reformer. Dude - the opposition? That's a Democrat.

And still, McCain is no Democrat. He's a tool.

Anonymous said...

Neither one of those guys are going to change anything.

Oh, yeah...

Change is offensive to Muslims.

Chris in Seattle said...

About the time you think it couldn't get crazier or weirder or worse, the Repukes do something and prove us all wrong.

Are Refuckyoucans offensive to Muslims? They must be, eh?