Monday, September 15, 2008

When you can't answer a question...

redefine the damn thing.

Right Johnny? As they say here in Ballard:

Ya sure; You betcha.

Remember when McSurge was confronted with the REAL time line on the Anbar Awakening vs the Surge? All of a sudden the surge was no longer the surge as the world beyond McSame's fantasies knew it to be. Noooo. Now (or then, to be more precise) the surge was some weird assed long drawn out process that included a whole shit load of events of which the surge in troop numbers was just a small part (complete with alllll sorts of stuttering and stammering as he was groping and struggling to remember his bullshit). That's why Condi got grilled on whether or not it was an escalation. Remember?

(it was an "augmentation")

So NOW... the economy: for not the first time, the fundamentals of our economy are strong. If your fundamentals are... well... they have nothing to do with jobs gained or lost... with the state of the stock market... with the states of our banks... fannie and freddie... nothing to do with deficits (St Ronnie said they don't metter)... nothing to do with trade imbalances... nothing to do with national debt...

Hannity has his own personal private Amerika...
McSurge has his own personal private economy.
It's called smoke and mirrors.

Note to self when we lose our house: Don't whine.

(And damn it Olberman, quit stealing my tags for your show segment titles)

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