Saturday, September 13, 2008

STILL more random rants

... well...
You read her yet?

DCup, I mean

Like me, she seems so pissed she can't see straight because of the LIES the McSurge campign keeps spewing while Obama and the dems let them pass. Oh? They call them out you say? Really?

A lie is a lie is a lie.

And there are lies, Damn lies, Refuckyoucan lies and McCain lies.

They are NOT... half-truths... distortions... prevarications...<== Oh yeah, THAT'S real fucking effective. Someone want to introduce me to a christopathic, creationist, knuckle-dragging redneck who knows what that word means?

After ranting about Chinese pickles and applesauce, and how we are now a Banana Republic, I was asked (perhaps rhetorically) what the world would think of us if McSurge was elected after two terms of an enemy of the state being our chief of state. (Yes. Dubya should be tried for treason here and war crimes abroad) I said that the world would wonder, once again, how we could be so god damned fucking Stupid.

I realize that the closer this election remains for longer periods of time, the more money the corporate media will make. I realize they have no interest in the best person becoming president. What I don't understand is how and/or why so few people seem to understand this. I wish the answer was that the polls and stats are just made up Bullshit, but two terms of fucktard tells me that may not be the case.

America needs to hear the word:


America needs to hear Obama say it.

The refucks, the McCainiacs, Fucks News: Hannity, will continue to lie with no shame, no self doubt, no fear of retribution or consequences until someone, and I don't mean a blogger with a readership of 30 on his best day, squares their shoulders, points to their chest, looks them in the eye and with no quaver in their voice, calls them what they are:


There can be no other way.

Until then, they: the Hannities, the Bushies, the McCainiacs, the 3Mers, Palins, and those who follow and admire them, will continue to do what they do best: LIE with a straight face.


They MUST be stopped


Anonymous said...

Enough is right. I'm starting to see media outlets starting to use the word LIE. That's progress. Maybe the McCain campaign has taken this thing just too damned far. To not call it a lie is beyond nonsense.

(Thank you for the link, Chris. I really appreciate it - again! No LIE!)

Chris in Seattle said...

I just read something where a writer said that McCain's anti-Obama adds regarding the AGE APPROPRIATE "safe touch" education for kindergarten kids, and his bullshit about "lipstick on a pig," were, get this:

Factually inaccurate."

No dear. They are fucking LIES