Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wowwee Kazowee...

Are you fucking kidding me...? Brokaw takes a fucking Refuckyoucan to school on the FACT that it's refuckyoucans who've been in charge and gotten us here. It's Schaffer, a refuck former rep from Colorado, trying to somehow argue that... it hasn't been Bush and Refucks that caused this? It's ALL happened in this last year? When the refucks in the Senate set filibuster records.. in half the time that the old record was set?

These assholes don't deserve to be called assholes. They aren't that god damned sensible.

Ohhh... and he wants to go back... as a Senator. Obviously to bring back fiscal sanity, like a balanced budget and a surplus.


"How fucking dare you Dems not undo what MY party has done under MY party's president."

Just so you know... this does not make me a Brokaw fan. He's just another corporate tool.


Anonymous said...

These fuckers aren't interested in what's right. They're interested in what is politically expedient.

Chris in Seattle said...

They know they could never do real jobs, so they run for office.