Monday, September 1, 2008

Grammy-Rack Status Confirmed

h/t to Bluegal for this one...

I was sure I had it right the other day (even though things somehow disappeared) and now the goods are out, so to speak.

Things are going to be bad for this kid, having a baby at such a young age, and don't even fucking try to make some dumb ass case that the family's love will make up for all the kid's shortcomings. Too young, too immature, no education, no career, no job skills... I've spent the last eight years living through this crap. Now granted she could grow up and make something of herself, I have seen it done, but it's a long hard climb... both ways... through the snow... Sure my experience has me jaded and pissed, but having kids to grow you up, or having kids so you have have someone to love, is BULL SHIT. This is the reason "It takes a village," because there are young dumb kids out there parting legs and having puppies and making a life style out of their need to be rescued. And I include the boyfriend as a dumb kid too, so don't call me sexist.

Grow up FIRST, and then MAYBE you'll have some love to give. Grow up FIRST and then maybe THINK about having kids. Sheeeesh. Once you fuck your life up, you can't unfuck it.

I feel even more sorry for what this kid's crazy assed parents are putting her through. They can say all they want about how these kids' privacy should be respected, but when she entered politics she opened ALL aspects of her life, AND her family's lives, to scrutiny. She believes in abstinence only education..? Well lookie look at how well that's worked out.

Kids are going to fuck. Even kids who don't know how to fuck will fuck. This idea that parents can somehow keep their kids ignorant and thereby deter them from fucking is absolutely ridiculous.

So much for this post being light and fluffy. Oh well.

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