Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carly asks for facts, so...

On Steffalupugus (how do you really spell his fucking name? Stephan.. fuck, what was it? Stephanop... damn...Stephanopoulus... shit...Stephanopoulos. I like my way better)... McSurge surrogate Carly Fiorina "former" Hewlett-Packard CEO.

Can we say Fired Hewlett-Packard CEO? ???

Fired for spying on her own employees. No there's a refuckyoucan value for you.

Why does McCain surround himself with failures? ???

Could it be that the Refuckyoucan Party is the party of failure(s)? ???

And now for some shit of another flavor: Alan Greenspan

And why after all the years of HIS financial policies it's OK to use taxpayer money to get this: Not assist, but to stabilize, the fucked up un-regulated mega-Parasites financial corporations.

Round table coming up... What will that (as Colbert said) "Giant of Conservative Thought or Intelligence..." I can't remember how he put it, it was such an oxymoron... What will he have to say about the brilliance of the Refuckyoucan "drill baby drill" offshore strategy, now that hurricanes have AGAIN caused a shut down in oil production/refining/supply and a spike in gas prices.

Oh. forgot... it's that spike that IS the brilliance of the plan.

Georgie, Goergie, Ggeooooorrrrge... it's not that she picked the wrong "Bush Doctrine." It's that AFTER Gibson defined it for her, she still couldn't coherently answer the question until he defined it a SECOND time.

And the refucks want to keep McCain and Palin together. Two reasons:
1) No one wants to see McCain
2) No refuck wants Palin to answer questions without a script.

Gotta say... Will's right on his, "Democrats can lose a "can't lose election?" Here's how you do it: ... " and he basically lays out an argument that 'intelligent" people would understand: Age appropriate sex education. Second point he's right on is that Obama's working hard to lose. Dumb fucker

Begala begins to make ground in favor of Obama, and Steffie turns to Will... the wet blanket of conservatism... who doesn't think McCain's lying in his adds. What a fucking tool. Moreso than Matthews even. (breakfast time) (for me)

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