Thursday, September 18, 2008

She's ready !!!

And if you don't believe that, here's my rough transcript of the proof:

"Could you give us some specifics to combat those who say you aren't prepared on foreign policy issues?"

"Sure I can. I'm ready, because I'm prepared, and you can ask me specifics if you want or play stump the candidate."

Earth to Ms Moose Rack... she DID ask you for specifics. You couldn't remember any? Not even that you live close to Russia?

Pelosi does better when she rolling over to Dubya and his minions.

And regarding the hacking of her e-mail account...

I don't know why the right-wing fringe fucks from Fucks News, etc aren't more patriotic. Like Dubya said back when our 4th amendment was still hanging on by a thread:

The American people should be thinking these corporations/people for cooperating with the governement in keeping them safe (from we in the right wing fringe).


nunya said...

A couple of alert WaPo articles the last couple of days, I'm shocked.

The Power of Political Misinformation

By Shankar Vedantam
WaPo Monday, September 15, 2008; A06
High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess
By Mary Pat Flaherty
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, September 18, 2008; A01

Chris in Seattle said...

How do you put links in your comments? Do I need a newer version of blogger or an add-on? or do I need to learn some html programming? ???

Thanks for the links, BTW.

Distributorcap said...

i am ready too and i will be specific

i am ready to move to iceland if the mooselini wins

Chris in Seattle said...

We have a good friend and former neighbor who's fluent in Spanish, and I used to speak at about a kindergarten level, so we're looking at places like Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Chile or Spain. Personally, I kinda like Costa Rica. Argentina, Chile and Spain put out great wines, and while I don't drink any more, wine country usually has a great climate.