Saturday, September 25, 2010

But What About the Death Panels?

From the Plague on America

Of course, Americans remember that
President Obama argued his government
takeover of health care was the single most
important thing we could do to address our
growing debt crisis. This notion has since
been thoroughly discredited: we now know
the new health care law will mean more
financial pain for seniors, families, and the
federal government. We offer a plan to
repeal and replace the government
takeover of health care with common
sense solutions focused on lowering costs
and protecting American jobs. We will
enact real medical liability reform; allow
Americans to purchase health coverage
across state lines; empower small
businesses with greater purchasing power;
and create new incentives to save for future
health needs. We will protect the doctorpatient
relationship, and ensure that those
with pre-existing conditions gain access to
the coverage they need. We will
permanently end taxpayer funding of
abortion and codify the Hyde Amendment.

I see no mention of them repealing the Death Panels? Are republicans in favor of death Panels? I thought they were one of the major reasons the VAST majority of Americans wanted the measure repealed... not enacted in the first place rather.

What about it sister Sarah? the bride of Chuckie Grassely? Is the lack of attention because they don't exist? Heavens.... Can it be they were a lie? Nooooo... Refuckyoucans never lie.

More from the Plague:

Ensure Access for Patients with Pre-
Existing Conditions
Health care should be accessible for all,
regardless of pre-existing conditions or past
illnesses. We will expand state high-risk
pools, reinsurance programs and reduce the
cost of coverage. We will make it illegal for
an insurance company to deny coverage to
someone with prior coverage on the basis of
a pre-existing condition, eliminate annual
and lifetime spending caps, and prevent
insurers from dropping your coverage just
because you get sick. We will incentivize
states to develop innovative programs that
lower premiums and reduce the number of
uninsured Americans.

Now where have I heard that before? ??? Geeee...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can we say....

Too stupid to be morons? ???

well... THEY can. and they did.

Un Fucking Believable. I can only wish it wasn't believable. The only question remaining for the mid terms now is, what kind of feathers should go with their tar, as they get run out of town on rails. And that'll be OUR fault I suppose?

Three fucking elections.... six fucking years of building Democratic majorities. All down the shitter. Welcome to DC Ms Angle... Mr Paul... Ms O'Donell

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spoiled-Brat Electorate? UPDATED

My hairy fat fucking ass...

Mr Robinson,
Most times when you make an appearance on TV, I find myself in general agreement with what you have to say. However, when I heard you referring to a spoiled brat electorate, I got pretty damn pissed off, to put it mildly.

I have NEVER liked Obama. It has nothing to do with his color. It has nothing to do with his religion -- that's his business and his alone. It has nothing to do with his being a Socialist -- I WISH he was even remotely liberal. Which makes it (almost) needless to say that it has nothing to do with his having the most leberal voting record in the Senate -- A lie Pat Buchanan loves to tell and a true insult to Bernie Sanders.

I first began to hate Obama when he rolled over and supported the latest deformation of FISA. I found it ludicrous that he would use in his defense the notion of it containing an exclusivity clause stating that this was the only law regulating surveillance, or some such nonsense. I may not remember his exact words, but I remember vividly the scene on his campaign jet, and his gesturing, holding his fingers to his thumb as he explained this to Ed Schultz, who gave him a free pass on the issue. As if George Dubya SigningStatement Bush would obey the law no matter how many such clauses it contained. As if anyone with ANY credibility as a constitutional scholar would endorse a bill that gutted the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. As if anyone with any understanding of the constitution beyond eighth grade civics would not see retro active immunity for the telecoms law breaking as being ex-post-facto. Barack Obama wasn't the only one, but he committed treason the day he voted in favor of that bill.

When he claimed that he would gather people from the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts, etc, etc to sit around the table and do what was best for America, I was not encouraged. I wondered if he was naive, stupid, playing on what he perceived as OUR naivete or stupidity, or just simply a liar. After Mr Gibbs complaints about the professional left, Keith Olberman played a clip of an Obama speech that laid out at least 6 promises that Obama later broke or just plain ignored during the Baucus Caucus negotiations. The one I remember most -- and the reason I did not vote for Patty Murray in our primary -- was his promise that he would push for the RE-importation of drugs from Canada. That promise that he negotiated away... In secret until it was revealed that he'd broken ANOTHER promise in that he was dealing with (a) Lobbyist(s)... in secret. The simple fact is, as it always was and always will be, is that no corporation is going to willingly negotiate away their profits.

Again, pointing to the phoniness of his Constitutional scholarship, he refuses to investigate, indict and prosecute the war crimes of the Bush administration, and defends those who "followed orders in good faith," I'm awaiting his pardoning of those convicted at Nuremberg, who claimed they were just following orders. More of his phoniness: He has looked for a way to continue with indefinite detentions of those Gitmo inmates who might be acquitted at trials. Even the North Korean crazy man doesn't hold innocents as "enemy combatants."

Full disclosure: I voted for Obama. Because he wasn't a senile war monger with the idea of not only continuing Dubya's irresponsible tax cuts, but making them deeper. The bar was set so high.

When the Congressional mid-term blood bath occurs, don't blame the unmotivated, disappointed, disheartened, betrayed democratic electorate. Blame the one who IS to blame: Barack Obama. HE is the one who removed Howard Dean who re-built the party through his Fifty State Strategy, in favor of... Oh yeah, Tim Keane. Almost forgot. Obama was the one who made Dean-hater Rahm Emmanuel his chief of staff. The one who calls us retards and tells us we waste effort and money when we support candidates who support OUR views: Bill Halter. Obama was the one who endorsed the one(s) who voted against him: Blanche Lincoln. He refuses to impose any sanctions on republican in everything but name Joe Lieberman. He refuses to push Harry Reid to call the republicans' bluff and make them actually filibuster. He refuses to answer to the voters who voted him in.

Faux News complains about Van Jones, with trumped up charges and lies. Obama abandos him. Faux News smears Shirley Sherrod, again with lies, he abandons her. Faux News smears ACORN -- say it with me now -- with lies and Congress gets in on the act of abandionment by writing a bill defunding them, WITHOUT any investigation or trial Obam signs it, further cementing his legacy as a Constitutional Phony for not recognizing it as the bill of attainder that it was. PLease tell him I think he's a phony. PLease, please, pleeeeeeeease. tell him Chris Harmatta who writes the little blog The Great Endarkenment, believes he's a phony through and through, as he now stands firmly behind Fox News darling Alan Simpson who salivates at the idea of gutting Social Security and Medi Care.

You must not play poker, Mr Robinson, or surely you would recognize that stance for the "tell" that it is: Obama WANTS to gut those programs as well. He's just too cowardly to do it himself.. He needs a "bi partisan" commission who's collective skirts he can hide behind. Maybe in their deranged hatred of the man the Republicans will unwittingly do the American people a favor and save Social Security by voting against the commission's findings, and Obama's wishes.

We certainly have no evidence that we can trust the man himself.


Christopher Harmatta,

And while I'm at it... The fact that the Democrats are left in a position that ALL we have to compaign on is, "Don't let the Republicans get back in power, because they'll destroy America," is sad, sick and demented and a true sign of what a failure Obama has been. We/he should be mopping the damn floor with those a-holes, showing what douchebags they are, instead because he's kow towed, dithered and watered down every single possible act of TRUE reform that actually does something for people besides those who don't need anything and chased after phantom support, all he can do is point out how incrementally different he is. They'll screw it up faster and worse than I will.

The fact of the matter is this: I... we liberals... we progressives... The people who voted in democratic majorities in both houses - not counting traitors like Liebermen and Nelson -- over the period of three elections, the ones who voted him in, we have NO ONE to vote for... NO ONE who stands for us.... NO ONE who listens to us. weare NOT abandoning Obama. He abandoned us long, long ago.