Sunday, December 28, 2008

"B Crew" Sunday...?

First no Bloodlust Billy Kristol on Fucks News Sunday: I was worried he got fired for making sense the past few weeks. Now there's no Snuffulupuloof. Maybe Chris Wallace is a loser with no place to go...?

Sherrod Brown's upset at how the bailout money's being thrown around. Oh yeah, right. Something about how the bill was passed requiring strict oversight. Just wasn't written into it.

Fucking Dems better get their shit in a pile and pronto; they better stop passing toothless bills because theyre afraid of what Dubya and the refucks might say about them. They need to grow a pair, and I don't mean tits. (They don't do Nancy any good. (in relation to doing her job) (running the House) And they didn't help get Palin elected.) If they don't, good bye majorities.

Interview with the new Press Secretary. I'll miss Dana Perino. The "Lying Sack of Cute," as Stephanie Miller calls her. Maybe we'll get some good bikini shots of her as she vacations in the coming years. We got the Hill&Bill bathing suit dance video.

The Roundtable: No George F Will. So who's the designated conservatard? Oh fuck... Caroline Kennedy. Like Bill Ayers, Rev Wright, flag lapel pins... I wish this story would just go away. Fucking 'tards... trying to compare her to Palin. Although... She doesn't seem to be doing to well at differentiating herself from Palin. Other then the fact that she's no "ilf."

I like it without Will. No pontificatious bull shit.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Give a Man a Fish,

and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish...

Can't do that. No rivers in Afghanistan. So,

Teach a man to fuck, or, since he already knows how, give him little blue pills so he can fuck and he feeds you useful information.

Talk about enhanced interrogation.

Watching Alex Witt report on this (a day after it appeared on C&L) ... never mind.

Condoms? Diaphrams? IUDs? Pills? Anything to help prevent women from getting preggers as a result?

Not a peep.


And on a totally unrelated note: If anyone of my loyal dozen or so readers can tell me why blogger doesn't put the spaces in after my punctuation, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm tired of looking like an illiterate doof. I'm not a world champion grammarian, but I do put them in when I compose. I also try not to misspell things incorrectly.

DCup, Thank you Dear, tried to help by suggesting I use Firefox as my browser, but I already do, so... Is it a setting in blogger? ???

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merrrrrrry Christmas

That took a lot. No "X-mas." No "effin'" or "fuckin'" in the middle. I must be firmly entrenched in the spirit, eh? Singing the Twelve Days errr, Twelve Snows of Christmas? Well not exactly.

Dick "cuzz he is one" Warren, is plastered all over the teevee this morning talking about the true meaning of Christmas. Just what would that be Dick? The spirit of giving? Sure, just as long as we don't give out rights. Better that we take them from a, shall we say, "less than universally accepted social group," and thereby set the precedent for taking rights from other groups.

I don't think I really hit the point I was trying to make last Sunday: Obama's contemptible endorsement of Warren's gangrenous, pustulous views on (gays,) (marriage and) human rights.

Conservatard refuckyoucans love to talk about slippery slopes, while asking, "Where do you draw the line?" Their slippery slope is something like: If we allow gays and lesbians to marry, we'll have incestuous and pedophilial marriage and people marrying their pets.

Right. And Donald Duck registered and voted.

No. The true slippery slope is this one: If we can deny (take away) gay people the "right" to a church wedding, then we can deny (take away) their right to the civil contract of marriage. And if we can deny (take away) their right to that contract, then we can deny (take away) their rights to other contracts as well: Inheritence? Obviously. Adoption? Way double obviously. Home ownership? Business partnerships? And if we can deny those rights...

Apartheid anyone?

THAT is the slippery slope.

As I was slipping and sliding around on my way to work the other day, I was listening to an ongoing debate guest hosted by Frangela, on the Stephanie Miller Show. The topic was Obama's choice of Warren as invocationator at his inauguration and whether or not protesting at the event would be disrespectful to Obama, his election and/or the office of the presidency. Although it was pretty much a given that there would be protests, opinions were mixed asto whether there should be. Opinions were also mixed as to whether this would be disrespectful.

My opinion? Yes, of course I have one. Duhhh. Fuck all that.

Disrespect is not the issue. That train left the station when Obama chose Warren and he increased its speed when he defended that choice. Protests MUST happen. It's a matter of principal on several levels, but on this one in particular: We as democrats must not become what we've railed against for the past 8 years. We must NOT become the same rubber stamping water carrying morons we've witnessed approving all things Bushian.

One promise I make here and now:

I will NOT give my approval to Obama, when he fucks up.
I will bitch.
Hard and Loud.

I have no sense of blind loyalty to Obama. Remember he was down on my list from the get go. And when he committed treason voting for the FISA give away, I said so. So...

To paraphrase (I believe it was) Thomas Jefferson: When a government of the people, no longer represents the people, it is the duty of the people to oppose/overthrow that government.

If nothng else, when Warren stands and addresses the crowd, the crowd should turn their backs to him.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Got a Minute? Need Some Billions?

Seriously. A minute is about all it would take to fill out the form these fucking rip off artists... aw fuck. Here's the damn form. (You can find it here in it's original form.)

(Instructions, Introduction, Gov't Bullshit)

Application Guidelines for TARP Capital Purchase Program
This application is used to request participation in the Treasury Capital Purchase Program (CPP).
Under the CPP, the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) may purchase qualifying capital
in U.S. banking organizations.
The application must be submitted to the appropriate Federal banking agency (FBA) for the
applicant. If the applicant is a bank holding company, the application should be submitted to
both the applicant's holding company supervisor and the supervisor of the largest insured
depository institution controlled by the applicant. All inquiries regarding preparation of the
application should be directed to the appropriate FBA for the applicant. All applications must be
submitted no later than 5pm (EST), November 14, 2008.
More detailed information, including submission instructions, can be found at the applicable
FBA’s website:
1. For the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:
2. For the Federal Reserve:
3. For the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency:
4. For the Office of Thrift Supervision:
The terms of the CPP are described generally in this application. However, this description is
not binding on the Treasury and is intended to provide general information only. The actual
terms and conditions of the CPP are contained in documentation that will be available from the
Treasury Department on its web site at
Eligible Institutions
The CPP is available to bank holding companies, financial holding companies, insured
depository institutions and savings and loan holding companies that engage solely or
predominately in activities that are permissible for financial holding companies under relevant
law. To qualify, the applicant must be established and operating in the United States and may
not be controlled by a foreign bank or company.
Institutions must consult with their appropriate FBA prior to submitting this application.
Certain Conditions for Participation in the CPP
To be eligible for the CPP, the applicant must receive the approval of the Treasury. In addition,
the applicant must agree to certain terms and conditions and make certain representations and
warranties described in various agreements prepared by the Treasury and available on Treasury’s
website. A summary term sheet is currently available on Treasury’s website and a detailed
investment agreement and associated documentation will be posted soon. Each applicant must
obtain and review a copy of these agreements and agree to all of the terms and conditions,
including representations and warranties, contained in these agreements. In the event the
applicant files an application with the appropriate FBA prior to the availability of the investment
agreement, the applicant must file an amended application which includes updated responses to
any items in the application that required prior review of the investment agreement.
In the event that an applicant cannot, by November 14, 2008, take action to be in compliance
with all of the terms and conditions, including the representations and warranties, contained in
the Treasury agreements, the applicant must provide an explanation of the condition or
conditions that cannot be met and the reasons the condition or conditions cannot be met. This
explanation must be attached to the application. Failure to agree to all terms and conditions may
result in disqualification from the CPP.
If the applicant receives preliminary approval to participate in the CPP from the Treasury, the
applicant will have 30 days from the date of notification to submit the investment agreements
and related documentation.
Among the conditions to participation in the CPP is the requirement that, for so long as the
Treasury owns shares or warrants in the applicant, certain senior officers of the applicant meet
standards established by the Treasury for executive compensation in certain circumstances.
These standards are explained on the Treasury web site at:
For the first three years that the Treasury owns shares or warrants in the applicant, the applicant
may not increase its dividend payments on common shares without the permission of the
Treasury. In addition, the applicant may not repurchase or redeem any junior preferred shares,
preferred shares ranking pari passu with the Senior Preferred, trust preferred, or common shares
(other than in connection with certain employee benefit programs) during the first three years of
the investment without the permission of the Treasury.
Form of Capital Qualifying for Purchase
All capital purchases will occur at the highest-tier holding company in cases in which the
banking organization has a bank holding company or a savings and loan holding company. In
these cases, the capital eligible for purchase by the Treasury under the CPP is cumulative
perpetual preferred stock of the highest tier holding company. The shares must be pari passu
with the most senior preferred shares available by the applicant.
In the case of an insured depository institution that is not controlled by a company, the capital
eligible for purchase by the Treasury under the CPP is non-cumulative perpetual preferred stock
of the insured depository institution. The shares must be pari passu with the most senior
preferred shares available by the applicant.
The maximum amount of capital eligible for purchase by the Treasury under the CPP is the
lesser of (i) an amount equal to 3 percent of the Total Risk-Weighted Assets of the applicant or
(ii) $25 billion. The minimum amount eligible for purchase under the CPP is the amount equal
to 1 percent of the Total Risk-Weighted Assets of the applicant. All measurements will be based
on the information contained in the latest quarterly supervisory report filed by the applicant with
its appropriate FBA, updated to reflect events materially affecting the financial condition of the
applicant occurring since the filing of such report.
The shares purchased by the Treasury will have a dividend rate of 5 percent per year until the
fifth anniversary of the date of the investment and a dividend rate of 9 percent per year
thereafter. Dividends not paid must cumulate over the life of the investment in the case of shares
purchased from a holding company for an insured depository institution. Shares may be
redeemed by the applicant during the first three years following the investment only from the
proceeds of a qualifying stock issuance by the applicant.
In all cases, the Treasury also must obtain warrants for common stock of the applicant. The
terms of the warrants are explained in the Treasury agreements available on the Treasury web
site. In general, the warrants must be convertible into an amount of common stock of the
applicant equivalent in value to 15 percent of the amount of the capital purchased by the
Treasury from the applicant under the CPP, calculated based on the average of closing prices of
the common stock on the 20 trading days ending on and including the last trading day prior to the
date of execution of the Purchase Agreement.
Other Information
The applicant must identify and describe any mergers, acquisitions, or other capital raisings that
are currently pending or are under negotiation and the expected consummation date.
Any applicant desiring confidential treatment of specific portions of the application must submit
a request in writing with the application. The request must discuss the justification for the
requested treatment. The applicant's reasons for requesting confidentiality should specifically
demonstrate the harm (for example, loss of competitive position, invasion of privacy) that would
result from public release of information (5 U.S.C. 552). Information for which confidential
treatment is requested should be: (1) specifically identified in the public portion of the
application (by reference to the confidential section); (2) separately bound; and (3) labeled
"Confidential." The applicant should follow the same procedure when requesting confidential
treatment for the subsequent filing of supplemental information to the application.
The applicant should contact the appropriate regulatory agency for specific instructions
regarding requests for confidential treatment. The appropriate regulatory agency will determine
whether the information will be treated as confidential and will advise the applicant of any
decision to make available to the public information labeled as "Confidential."
Application for TARP Capital Purchase Program (CPP)
Please complete the following information and follow the submission instructions as described
on your Federal banking agency’s website. In addition to completing the information on this
form, please provide a description of any mergers, acquisitions, or other capital raisings that are
currently pending or are under negotiation and the expected consummation date (no longer than
1 page).
In the event the applicant files an application with the appropriate Federal banking agency
prior to the availability of the investment agreement, the applicant must file an amended
application which includes updated responses to any items in the application that required prior
review of the investment agreement.

(The app itself, page 1)

Institution Name:
Address of Institution:
Primary Contact Name:
Primary Contact Phone Number:
Primary Contact Fax Number:
Primary Contact Email Address:
Secondary Contact Name:
Secondary Contact Phone Number:
Secondary Contact Fax Number:
Secondary Contact Email Address:

(page 2)

RSSD, Holding Company Docket
Number and / or FDIC Certificate
Number, As Relevant:
Amount of Preferred Shares
Amount Of Institution’s Authorized
But Unissued Preferred Stock
Available For Purchase:
Amount Of Institution’s Authorized
But Unissued Common Stock:
Amount Of Total Risk-Weighted
Assets As Reported On The
Holding Company’s Or Applicable
Institution’s Most Recent FR-Y9,
Call Report, Or TFR, As Relevant:
Institution Has Reviewed The
Investment Agreements And
Related Documentation On
Treasury’s Website (Yes/No):
Describe Any Condition, Including
A Representation Or Warranty,
Contained In The Investment
Agreements And Related
Documentation, The Institution
Believes it Cannot Comply With By
November 14, 2008 And Provide A
Timeline For Reaching
Type of Company(2):
Signature of Chief Executive
Officer (or Authorized Designee):
Date of Signature:

1 May be provided as an attachment, no longer than 1 page
2 Publicly Traded Stock Company; Stock Company Without Publicly Traded Shares; Other (please specify)

Fuck. I don't have a fax machine. Guess I can't apply. Even though I AM a bank. I've lent the step daughter money. That I will NEVER see again.

Notice how they're obsessed with brevity: End note 1. Heaven forbid they'd have to actually process information in their pointy little heads. The money's not going to preserve jobs for serf people... I don't know why these guys should even have to fill anything out.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doofulupugus and the Nights of his Round Table

Rick Warren this, Rick Warren that.

In a lot of ways I really couldn't give a flying fuck about what Dick Warren has to say. Or about what. Or about whom. As to him speaking at Obama's inauguration, I've been thinking I have nothing to say. That I don't have a dog in the fight. I'm straight, so even though I have relatives, friends and neighbors who are gay, why/how, would/should/could I have anything to say about Obama choosing him?

Is there an issue here, and if so, why? What is it?

First things first: Yeah; there's an issue here. Obama's chosen a misguided hate monger here to give the invocation, basically the kick-off prayer, to his presidency. "His?" presidency? ??? This may get into another issue before I intend to do so, but WTF? We've put up with a dipshitulous fake cowboy who's lived and ruled for the last 8 yrs as if the country really fucking was "HIS." We don't need another fucking minute of that shit. But Warren...

They key word in all this is: "Chose." Obama chose him. No one elected him and/or forced him on Obama in any way. This is a totally voluntary action on Obama's part. He therefore represents something that resides in Obama's thought process, his soul if you will. Obama thinks, for some reason, that this guy and his views -- you can't take "him" without his "views" -- are acceptable and deserving to be put on the worldwide stage of the millennium.

So, Why? This was the election about change, and while there's no doubt that we needed things to change, there lots of arguing going on about change from what, to what? Conservatives, of course, always want to look back, go back, remove, restrict... return to the good old days. Apparently they think the 1920s/30s were the good old days, but again, that's another issue. Liberals like to look forward, move forward, reach outward, embrace the new. When we encounter something we don't understand, we try to figure it out; conservatives declare a war on it. back to the question...

One of the big issues, was that McShame was the guy who could reach across the aisle, stand up to his party, etc. So Obama, it seems, is trying to reach out to Warren's followers: Conservative evangelicals. While there's this nonsense going about that these people are enlightened somehow, their spokesperson is someone who puts a man who loves another man on the same level as a man who molests little children. He puts a woman who loves another woman on the same level as a woman who would want to marry her brother. Or her father. In other words,

He's one collosally dumb-assed motherfucker. He hides his intolerance behind a teddy bear persona. These are not even apples and oranges; these issues don't exist in the same dimensional plane.

As I've asked before: Why this fascination with "reaching across the aisle"? What the fuck is over there besides a garbage dump of destructive ideas? ???

We JAIL child molesters. If Warren sees molestation and incest on the same level as gay love, does he also believe gays should be jailed? We may not hear him say so, but in Fucks News, Sean Hannshitty tradition, we need to ask the question.

Even if you look at gayness as a disease, the disease isn't being gay. The disease is the (Judeo)-Christian male homophobia that turns reason into fear and hatred. And it IS male driven. Lesbo-chique; 'nuff said. Now having said all this...

Forget it. None of it is "the" issue in the Warren case.

The issue is:


What are they?


Who gets them?

Rick Warren can run his church any way he sees fit. Just like Ted Haggard can see male hookers and snort meth off their scrotes, Warren can keep gays and anyone else he sees fit, out of his church. He doesn't have to marry them; he doesn't have to acknowledge they exist. In other words, he can live in his dark little corner of his dark little intolerant world and be happy as a mushroom.

And he needs to fucking STAY THERE !!!!

I don't intend to say that ANY church should be forced to marry gay couples, BUT...

There are basic and fundemental rights that heterosexual couples have, but gay couples are denied: Inheritance and other family rights. But the Warren issue goes beyond gay/lesbian rights.

It goes to HUMAN rights. And that's MY dog that's in this fight.

Gay and Lesbian... those words get thrown around like, I don't know... they shouldn't carry any more weight than words like blonde, or brunette when talking about people. They're mere descriptors of traits, and they get used like they summarize a person's totallity. I've done it, I do it, but it's bullshit, and somehow or other, it fucking needs to stop.

They are people. They are human. Just like black people. Just like white people. Just like ALL people.

And they deserve EVERY right that EVERY "other" person in this world deserves.


Speaking (or should I say, rambling?) of a compromise with something to piss off everyone...

I don't know who you should pick in his place, Barack, but you need to dump this pustule of intolerance, and dump him right fucking now.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Like Every Broad Compromise...

it really has something in it to upset just about everyone.

so said the talking head to Alex Witt this morning on MSNBC.

And yeah, as a union member having to listen to this fucktardulent fraud -- the Harvard MBA who can't balance a check book -- lay out his demands, I'm pissed. Of course he had to lift his leg put his stamp on it. Let's see:

It started out as a request for $25 bil, then went to $34 bil, then $17 bil, before congress fucked up on giving them $14 bil. Now King-wanna-be Dub the Clueless proposes to give them no, he's giving PAULSON $13.4 bil. And I'm SURE he knows eggzaktly why it should be $.6 bil less than the last proposal. Not .5 less; not .7 less, but punto seis. And lets bow down to the whizdom of giving the money to Panky Hanky; I mean who knows what the auto exec bats would do with it. Fuckers might give it to line workers and not the poor starving investors sitting on their asses chewing their fucking fingernails down past their knuckles waiting and worrying about their dividends.

God damned ungrateful bastards, making more than the scabs down in Alliebammy and Tennesshoe working for peanuts, while their state governments give tax breaks away by the traincarload. What gives those UAW fucks the right to make enough to pay their bills and send their kids to college? Fuckers probably think emergency rooms are too good for them; that they should have a family doctor. And don't get me started on union pensions. If these bastards had just let Dubya privatize their social security so Wall Street brokers could use it to buy mortgages and credit defaults, we wouldn't be having to go through this crash and burn shit to give them their money. Like they have some right to better their lives.

Fuckin serfs.

It's all their god damned fault those underpayed, underbonused penthouse dwellers have to give up their company owned private jets.

Ooooooo...... I see the proposal is $17.4 Billion, now. Four more billion? Brokerage fees? Part of the $200 bil just approved, part of which will go to hedge funds ??? Once they grant concessions... wait... no concessions needed. Hedge funds don't deal with unions.

OK OK Okayyyyy... Call me jaded, cynical, infected by Bush Derangement Syndrome, but come one. This is Bush. He NEVER does anything right or good. After 8 years of non-stop disaster and destruction, he's going to help the country...? That's like thinking a President would be off somewhere singing Happy Birthday and raising cash while a city drowns during a hurricane.

Latest Poll: 29% still approve of the job he does? ??? Where the fuck do they find such clueless assholes? ??? It never seems to go below that number. I swear this motherfucker could squat and shit on the presidential seal on live TV and the number would STILL not move.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Magical History Tour

h/t to the inestimable Ms Rachel Maddow for the title.

As Dub takes us all on a last spin around the dance floor, attempting to baffle us with his bull shit, since he has no brilliance with which to dazzle us...

Oh fuck...

Who's trying to kid who here? It's allllllllll about the shoes. It will forevvvvverrrrrr be about the shoes.

The fucking irony: Here's the fake cowboy, with his fake ranch and his fake diplomacy, that resulted in all too real death and destruction, trying to bask in some sort of warm afterglow of re-written historical sunshine, and instead he's ducking some guy's shit stompers. As my brother described it:
My congratulations to the standing president of the United States on his excellent 1st set during the Olympic qualifying rounds of dodge ball; ahh err dodge shoe..... He showed great composure, deft ducking ability, gave an excellent head fake, and kept his eyes fixed on his opponent while preparing for a much easier 2nd duck. He got a bye round during the 2nd set in Afghanistan and will proceed on out of the round robin – into the quarterfinals. He will probably be given a well deserved first seed in the London Olympics.
A little more polite and deferential, but then my brother's not... well... he sent that to my mom so... He's also got kids so... Oh hell I can't explain why he's so nice. Now me on the other hand...

I cannot find words that convey the depths of the disgust and negativity of my feeling toward this...this... Somehow even words like fucktard and douchenozzle just don't do it. I've yet to refer to Bush as a man, because I don't believe he is one. He's some undefined "it" that has no redeeming quality whatsoever.

"So someone threw a shoe at me; so what?" So what? You ass wipe. You supposedly represent this country, and you say, "So what?" You are worth less than worthless.

Only 34 fucking days of this ass wipe's reign of error left, but it seems like 34 forevers. Just shut the fuck up and go the fuck away. If Paraguay will still accept your sorry ass.

I was going to throw up the old Michael Jordan-Spike Lee Nike add: It's the shoes, but talking about Bush just saps the humor out of everything in this life.

So who do I see about getting a poster or t-shirt with this guy on it? And No, I don't mean Bush.

So what did we learn this morning? UPDATED

Geez. What are those morons thinking.

I swear "Morning Joe," must be run by a bunch of perpetual teenagers. Scar running off to shop online during a commercial break and coming back late. Mika taking cell phone calls during the show. Courtney Hazlett... they're still trying to figure out how to make her look less squirrely. This time it was glasses.

The woman looks like a fucking squirrel, you morons. With her cheeks chock full of acorns. Short of some major surgery to rearrange her face and jaw, that's just the way it is.

Erin Burnett is still hot enough to make me keep watching though.


I found it fascinating to hear Erin talk about Goldman Sachs. I'm not sure of the long term significance, (and it sounded like neither was she) but she seems to believe that Sachs will no longer exist in its/their present form. I heard similar things in the past few days regarding Sachs, Citicorp or both, I can't remember. Apparently, Sachs has reached the end of their ability to leverage funds. Basically, they're out of smoke and mirrors. It was kind of strange listening and watching her, as if there were things she wanted to say, but couldn't. Because they were opinions, not facts? because they could have been construed as financial advice and would have opened her up to liabilities? Because she was shocked into silence?

I don't know, but I'm betting on the last. I think she's sitting on a bombshell like say.... Sachs is going to become some sort of de facto Federal Reserve. "THE" national bank of the US.

Makes sense, in a "safe suspicion" sort of way. Paulson's a Sachs boy; he's the Fed Chairman; he's hiding the truth about where he's spending our billions. We know that shitloads are going to those who owe Sachs, but we don't know how much.

Just curious.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do Parallel Universes Exist?

Or did someone kidnap Blood-lust Billy?

This is the second week in a row that he seems to defend the workers who are getting refucked up the ass -- they made major concessions during the negotiations over the Chrysler loan guarantees, only to NOT see their efforts reciprocated by management, who got their raises and bonuses -- in the fight over loans to the automakers. Billy says that labor only accounts for 20% of the cost of making a car, so the proposed refuckyoucan fuckover of the UAW would only save about 2% per car.

His history of being wrong with virtually every fucking statement -- there's the possibility he could have been right about something, somewhere, sometime -- he ever made about Iraq, leaves me a bit skeptical regarding the content and intent of his statements. Sorry.

Thank Geeawwduh that John McShame can set us straight by reassuring us all that if we just outlaw earmarks and stop pork barrel spending, that all problems will be solved. They're the reason Boigobitch is so corrupt as well. Right; he's an alter boy at heart.

George F Will must just HATE it when Paul Krugman gets invited on by Steffulupugous. Krugman just shuts him up through being correct and sensible. He has to chew on his own tail by objecting to Bush ignoring Congress and the rule law (8 yrs too late) by possibly grabbing money that "should" go to the ban-sur-vest companies. Without questions being asked, no doubt.

Finally, FINALLY... thank you Gwen Ifill, for talking about unemployment in its real, correct terms: As those people who are not employed, and not merely as those who are collecting unemployment checks. Ten Million according to her -- up by three million from year ago -- have been unemployed for so long that they've given up looking. Yeah Baby. Kepp those unemployment number low: Do away with unemployment payments... out... to people.

Friday, December 12, 2008

You Just Can't Redefine Horseshit

and turn it into ice cream.

There is one fact, and one fact only, that you need to know when considering why the refucks scuttled the auto industry aid package: The refuckyoucans want to redistribute restrict deny wealth.

They can talk all they want about leveling the playing field, equalization, competitiveness, but what THEY mean when they say those things, is not what liberals, ie sensible people mean. They want to invite/allow foreign companies to come to this country and redefine OUR wage standards to align with theirs. For all of the Hannities and O'Reillies and Dobbses ranting and railing against Obama and progressive democrats trying to Europeanize and socialize this country, THEY want to allow the foreign automakers' business practices to become ours.

Although this only.... ONLY applies to wages.

Our workers will not get healthcare.

Our workers' children will not receive free (college) education.

Our retired workers will not receive a pension.


Our workers will not be allowed to bargain collectively.

A rising tide lifts all boats? Yeah maybe in the ocean, or as an election slogan, but in real peoples' working lives..? The idea is to LOWER all boats to the lowest level possible.

Heaven forbid the foreign automakers in the south be pushed to raise wages or benefits. That sends wealth in the wrong direction. Since Reagan, the Republican party has been ALL about fucking the little people. Hence, they are refuckyoucans. Reagan, Bush Sr and this last little fucktard faker, have been ALL about redistributing wealth. They want it to go UP the food chain. And I shall include the fact that Bill Clinton did very little, if anything, to slow the flow.

Saving the automakers, sends money in the wrong direction. Down. To workers. To little people. If we starve, refucks don't care. As long as they get more in the process.

What REALLY broke this deal was the UAW's demand/request/desire that ALL employees at ALL levels come to the table to have their wages and benefits renegotiated. That would have meant execs losing out: No golden parachutes and bonuses for being total douchebag managers. That would have meant investors losing out (possibly): No dividends.

Don't kid yourself. This IS class warfare.

A Sequel

The original: Who Killed the Electric Car.

The sequel: Who Killed the Rest of the Cars.

I wonder if the stock market losses will hit four figures today?

Heaven forbid union-member auto workers in Detroit make a living wage. Fuck no; can't raise the non-union/southern auto worker wages. That would destroy the serf class. I told you there would be no help for Auto makers unless it broke the unions.

What they really fear is a repeat of the labor movement in eastern Europe that brought down the Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Bloc. Oh...? That was Reagan's bluster that did that? Not Lech Walesa? Refuckyoucans FEAR organized labor.

The idea that unions are antiquated, that "we don't need them anymore," that they've "served their purpose...." Get your head out of your ass. In the meantime... AIG...

Isn't giving "bonuses" anymore. No. They call them "retention payments." Un-bonuses to keep their "key people" in place. Those key people who... Ran them into the ground..?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Sun Just Rose in the West

Billy Blood-luster Kristol, just "defended" the auto makers and working "little people," wondering why they get grilled for asking for $34 billion* when the ban-sure-vest companies^ get their billions without a peep. Charles Scrotehammer -- doesn't he look like the bad guy in "the Mask?" When the bad guy wears the mask? ???-- leads the rest in spewing the usual refuck/conservative/Fox points of letting them go bankrupt.

* $34 Billion? They "compromised" by giving lending them $17 billion, amounting to parents buying their kids one shoe rather than a pair.

^ There are no such things as banks, insurance companies or investment brokerage houses anymore. Deregulation has blurred/erased the lines between them for the sake of efficiency. Plus we all know that business can regulate itself, right?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Putting "Forbes" in the Title.... w/ UPDATE

Doesn't take the "tard" out of Foxtard.

The 'tards of "Forbes on Fox" think that tax cuts create jobs. Come on.... stop laughing. or are you crying...?

If that were true, then these record job losses this past year are due to...? ???

Seven years and ten months of living on borrowed home equity buying shit made in China and these fuckers want more of the same smoke and mirrors?

And what's with the squinty broad? ??? Ditch the Palin glasses.

Oh fuck. Now THERE's a way to sell your bull shit as believable: Spout off while you show lingerie models clumping around like crippled three legged horses on the other half of your split screen.

Next week, "Nailin Palin?"

UPDATE: I think I may have figured out why the idiot broad squints so much: It's from the smell of her bullshit when she lies.

The Dub Years Continued, eh?

In a comment, Dale asks:

Just out of curiosity, since you and I have discussed this shitloads of times in the past few years, do you still think W will find a way to stay in office?

Yes, I've said I believed Dub would figure out a reason that would give him a way to stay in office beyond his term. I've said it many times, and I've meant it. Has anything happened to change my mind?

wellllll.... He doesn't seem do be standing in Obama's way of forming his new cabinet, but then to do so would be too obvious. He Has said that he wants to ensure a smooth transition; allow Obama and his team to come in and hit the ground running.

Obviously, I don't believe a god damned single fucking thing Dubya has to say. I haven't trusted the government since the days of Nixon, but Dubya's words and actions have pushed my distrust to new heights. He's developed an efficiency to his lying, that's almost mind boggling.

Behind this fucker's actions and words lies an unshakable belief in his "rightness." NOTHING shakes him, not reason, logic or even results. "The American people need to understand..." HE, and it seems he alone, knows what's right for the country and the world. Fuck the experts: The Iraq Study Group, the 911 Commission, etc. Charlie Gibson asks him about a do-over and his example is what THOSE guys could do over: Get the intelligence right on Iraq..?

THEY had it right;YOU didn't/wouldn't believe it. Or you did and ignored it. Whatever... the point is that he's NEVER admitted to a mistake. And to step aside and allow someone to undo what he's done would be the ultimate admission.

For the third time he's brought Karen Hughes out of mothballs to do PR work; this time to work with Turdblossom on "ensuring his legacy." As the country crumbles and the world spins off its axis, what the fuck are they going to do, short of a complete government take over of ALL arms of publishing, to put a positive spin on this disaster otherwise known as the Dubya administration?

Remember when the prospect of a Jeb presidency was mentioned? "I think he would make a great president "too." " Too as in "also," as in "like me," as in "I am a great president." He's sheltered his fragile, hollow ego in a house of cards, and I see no end to which he won't go to protect it.

What scares me is that he's not the only on who still thinks he's right. And that's not just the usual crazies like Grover Norquist and the "let's drown government in red ink the bath tub" crowd. Congress is ALSO concerned about lending money to help keep workers working, proposing to lend the automakers only HALF of what they requested. Did they propose reducing dividends? or bonuses? Why the scrutiny? Why not the free ride the ban-sur-vest companies are getting?

They could do a "de-facto" impeachment and ignore the fucker and turn to Barack and ask, "What do we do? What do you want?" but they don't. They could do things now to change the course of this country, but they don't.


They "should" have nothing to fear, but... enemy combatant status...?

So, Yes, I still think he's going to stay.

Friday, December 5, 2008

How He Lies; Let Me Count the Ways (Updated)

I am concerned... There's lie #1.

...about taxpayer money... Lie #2.

...being spent... Lie #3.

...on corporations... Lie #4.

...that may fail. Lie #5.

And I say this because...?

Of the last seven years and ten months.

Update: You could actually break Lie #2 into two lies:

#2a: ...about taxpayer(s)...


Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Foxtards Don't Count

Listening to the news from India, was there anyone out there who seriously thought:

Thank God Dubya had the foresight and courage to invade Iraq.
Other wise that could have been us.



but not done. Damn the wife and I are getting too old for this shit.

It was all I could fucking do to get up and down the stairs this morning to get the dogs out: Knee, back and feet all competing for the "I hurt him the most" award. Yes, we have a dog door, Yes they lived here before, NO I don't trust them not to (re) christen the carpets; especially George. (No he's not named after Dubya; he just acts like him sometimes) And we hired young bucks to move the BIG shit. You know you're getting old when you trust someone else to move your flat-screen TeeVee.

Odd: We hadn't really intended to complete moving this weekend; we were just going to take it easy and haul small(er) shit "for now." We got into it and on Friday I convinced the wife that we should just go for it and get it done. Living in two houses.... what's here? what's there? really sucks. We weren't sure we could get a moving crew at the end of the month on one day's notice but we did. Got two young (compared to me, anyway) guys who got right to it and finished in just over 5 hours with only one short break for water and a couple of Satsumas.

They spent about one whole hour, or more, trying to get a work table and a hutch piece out from the old basement. I have no fucking idea how the other movers got them down there, but these guys and I could NOT figure out how to get them out. And of course I'd already moved my tools. We gotta go back and clean carpets, so I can take the work table apart and see what I can do with the hutch. It's old, and we scratched it up, but it's solid pine, not particle shit. I hope I can save it.

Clean the old place; unpack at the new/older place; wait for cable. Damn! None til Wednesday. Had the 'puter moved yesterday when I was listening to how Dub-Fuck was going to address the nation regarding the crisis in India. Like he'd have anything to say that a thinking person would want to hear. And Jennifer Anniston left Brad Pitt for me. Riiiight. Maybe someday I'll figure out remote posting, but for now, that shit just seems so "step-daughterish." To much of a bad taste in my mouth from bailing US out from HER $4-500 cell phone fuckups. Combine "Trivial Pursuit" with cell phone/'puter technology and you have her life style in a nutshell; heaven forbid she miss a girly giggle, or a "you're hot."

With that I'll quit before I ruin my day.

Friday, November 28, 2008

WelI, I Thought I Was Back

The wife and I went from busting our asses to get ready to go on vacation, to busting our asses cleaning up undone crap from our time away, to relaxing..? Hell no; now we're moving. Back into the house we were trying to sell. I remember when we moved out, I was in mourning so to speak, saying I would likely never live in a house that nice ever again. Our neighbor reminded me of that the other day: Not only a house that nice, but the same house.

I doesn't make sense to make two house payments, with one sitting vacant. It doesn't make sense to keep dropping the price, especialy during a panic. The wife and I are both working (still): She for a health care non-profit think tank/association/bureacracy/lobby shop... and me for one of the last manufacturers in Seattle, Washington and (with all due respect to Driftglass) the US (at least so it seems), but in this economy...? I don't count on anything.

Oh we did have at least one offer that I know of: It was a total fucking insult. I was talking to my sister (Another fucking story here but), who lives and with her husband owns a few houses in Reno, and the same thing's happened to her: The vultures come by and hoping you're in an upside down situation, make an offer that's 10-15 cents on the dollar. The redistribution of wealth that the refuckyoucans ignore (because it's the one THEY want), but that happens in every recession/depression, is certainly happening now.

I knew if I got started, there'd be no stopping me....

Who am I kidding? If I had a few hundred thousand in disposible bucks I'd be making offers too.
There's only so much land out there, and they ain't making any more; if the climate keeps warming, we'll have less. I'm not going to kid myself that, I'd buy houses and renegotiate things to keep people living in them. Maybe I would in the beginning, but greed is universal, and I'm not a fool enough to think that one, two, three.... more houses would be enough. I'd want to make money and buy more, and to do that would mean I'd need to rent at a profit, and to do that would likely mean there'd be people who'd be out of the house (and on the street) no matter what happened.

Is it possible that we all have this same warfare going on inside us? A war between our "do-gooder," bleeding heart Liberal and the greedy, rapacious conservatard?

My sister used to be a liberal. I love her dearly, respect her in many respects, but she gets scarier by the day. I will say this: Sh called me last night and she's not pouting. She says she's all behind our new president and hopes his administration will be successful. At digging us out of the hole, our fratboy, fucktard, preznit select and his Refuckyoucan minions have put us in...? She won't go that far.

We didn't get into the pros and cons of why it's OK for working taxpayers to foot the bill to keep mismanaged banks and investors afloat, but automakers should be on their own.

That's what's distressing to me. To me it's as plain as the nose on my face. This country has been stood on it's head (During reagan, bush I) and stuck in a bucket of shit (During dubya), but she thinks I'm full of shit (her term was bovine excrement) when I point out the obvious: Our present economic state is the DIRECT result of conservatard hands-off, free-market, deregulatory policies and practices. Just like back in the Republican (Great) Depression, the Republican Panic of 1870 and the Reagan Recession(s). To her, that's bullshit? History is bullshit? FACTS are bullshit? ???

I damn near cry when I get off the phone with her.

I saw truly bad things happening to her back in 2000 when she expressed her "hope" in dubya saying, "Maybe now we'll get some conservative judges." ec-fucking-scuse me? ??? Of nine Supremes, Six were refuckyoucan appointments and you want Conservative judges? "Are you sure you don't mean Nazis?" <== yes, I asked her that. "Good conservatives." "If there Were some, maybe, we'd have some."

The republican party has lost it's way: It's not conservative enough.

She considers going libertarian. "Ron Paulism: Slash and Burn?" Pick an arbtrary date, like say 1860, turn on your way-back machine and get rid of every position that exists now, but didn't exist back then? ??? Why stop there? What was wrong with government in 1812? or 1790? ??? Was 1860 the last time we had a Dept of War as opposed to Defense? Maybe that's what Libs believe is "honesty in governement."

Talking to her hurts, sometimes.

The problem with "the housing bubble" is the people who took out loans/mortgages they couldn't afford. Forget, I guess, that requirements/regulations were changed to the point of absurdity, to fuel an economy of smoke and mirrors: retail buying and flipping properties. Never mind the unregulated "non-insurance" "credit default swap" market created to innoculate the greedy assholes who sold and bought "Mortgage Securities." Now THERE'S an oxymoron if I ever saw one: Mortgage security. Smoke and mirrors.

She was shocked at how little documentation was required during her last house purchase. Because she had bought houses before and had higher expectations. As opposed to your average first time buyer; I have NO fucking clue what's required to buy a house. All I know is to ask them/myself, "Can I make the payments?" Problem with that is: ARMs; Adjustable rates that often were hidden from buyers. Problem is that some banks/lenders will not reveal what the payment will be untill the loan is accepted, and YES I ran into that once, when I considered a bank loan to replace a dealer loan on a truck. I had sense enough to assume that a 2-yr loan would have payments twice as high as a 4-yr loan. So I walked. And listened to, "You're going to be paying SOoooo much more in interest if you don't change loans." And having your truck repoed is better?

Some times things really are a simple as they seem.

The wife is packing; I better go. Anyway....

Anyone know of a research project looking for an antidote for conservatardation? One I can donate to?

PS Happy Thanksgiving (Turkey Day) everyone.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Baaaaa aaaaack

Bummer, eh?

Well thanks to the two bestest brothers-in-law in the world, the wife and I had a wonnnnnderful time in Maui. A couple days of wind and rain, with a storm on it's way as we were leaving, but the rest of the time, no hustle or bustle, just fun in the sun.

Nice (?) to know the Refucks haven't changed a god damned stupid assed thing of theirs in my absence: If the democrats want to create jobs, why wouldn't they lower the corporate income tax rates? Why not eliminate the capitol gains tax for the next two years? <== John Boner

To keep jobs here; like they've been doing for the past 8 years of the most destructive administration in history.

That they're still willing to show their faces as they try to peddle this god damned snake oil... And the auto industry..? (me speaking, not them) NOTHING will get done, NOTHING will be given to them without a plan guaranteed to kill the unions. NOTHING. This bailout hubbub is not about saving the industry; it's about saving the bonuses and dividends and maintaining the pipeline of money up the food chain, not down. Three million jobs? Just little people. Relax; move along.

What was the projected cost of fucking up saving/privatizing Social Security? 1.3? 1.4 trillion dollars? When that amount gets promised to the speculators/hedge funds/execs/shareholders banks, all will be well, the crisis will be over. The base will be appeased, in other words.

Stephaluppugus is on, but I need to go see the vampires. Gotta get the cholesterol and blood sugar checked.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Little Parting Gift

Ninety minutes till the cab gets here and where am I? Blog surfing.

Check out from where it came. Way cool.
h/t to C&L

And with that, I'm outta here til next Saturday. The step son will be here to feed the critters and collect our bailout checks. As if.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Ol' Carbon Foot Print...

One more day at the grindstone and then we're off to Maui, for a week.

Many thanks and a tip of the bald spot protector (h/t) to my two very cool and generous Brothers-in-law.

You picturing Slim Pickens (Pickins?) riding through the clouds? You're not far off.

I hope I can digest, or pass, the bullshit from the lame-duck-in-chief about how his depression/recession isn't a failure of the free market so I don't get airsick. Nothin' there folks... just a few greedy bad apples... move along. And he's going to represent us at the G-20 summit..? Think anyone else will show up...? Thinking they'll hear anything worth their time...?

Two lessons from the last 8 yrs:

1) Don't send your kids to Yale.

2) Don't send your kids to Harvard (for an MBA).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's the Stupid Economy, Stupid

It's amazed me how long people have bought into the notion of believing they're cool, as they allow Howard Schultz to rip them off.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Question on Context

"Taken out of context," seems to be the one-size-fits-all defense for very politician who gets nailed on what they say. I'm not going to say that it's never a legitimate defense, but sometimes it just doesn't seem to fit no matter how much K-Y or how big a shoe horn you use. Maybe that's just me.... just an illusion.

Governor Nailin Palin, I realize a lot of people are pissed at you for all kinds of reasons, some real and some bullshit. Some made all the more bullshit, because they're put out there by the very dumbasses who pushed you on to the stage in the first place. I know there's a theory out there that it's the Mitt Romney backers trying to pre-emptively destroy your 2012 campaign.

(Courtney Hazlett needs to empty the walnuts out of her cheek or whatever she has in there. Did no one pick out a good side as opposed to a bad side before putting her on the teevee? Is she a John McCain love child?)

Some things just bug me so much I can't keep them to myself.

So... Ms Sarah... in just what context is Africa a country, and in just what context is Africa a continent? ??? Inquiring minds want to know.

(my apologies for no video; maybe I'll get one tonight)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


and the Nights of his Round Table

No way, no how, will George F Will, or ANY loyal refuck let the idea of an "Obama Mandate" see the light of day. Yet he repeatedly voices his astonishment at the voter trends: 97% of McCain's vote was white. Racist? Nnnnnaaaaaaaaaa....

Cynthia Tucker: There's been an ideological barrier in this administration to helping the homeowner (working people). They can help corporations, banks, financial institutions (but they can't help "real"people).

David Gergen is a Conservative? Really? He seems honest. Smart even. He even seems to have an influence on Will: Makes him think about what he says.

Such a god damned mother fucking shame that Barack's grandmother couldn't live one more day, to see him elected. And yes, I'm tearing up as I type that. I wonder when we'll hear about the his last conversations with her, or did I miss that?

The Day that Cannot Come Soon Enough

h/t to the good folks at Raw Story for the link.

Don't forget, we still have 71 days of Fucktardery to survive. And that's just Dubya's own.

Rep Mike Pence (refuck) Indiana, is now on Faux News talking about how it's the job of Conservatards to oppose, oppose, oppose, the Liberal agenda. Translation: No 60 seat Senate majority, no progress. or Same shit, different bucket. "Limited government (privatization/corporate welfare), low taxes (more corporate welfare), sanctity of life (white, unborn life) sanctity of marriage(gay Republican sex in a shithouse with falafels diapers and loofahs)"

What will they drum up as an impeachment issue? The puppy pissing on Dubya's shoe?

One thing Pence did, pay close attention kiddies, he said Obama's policies would be disastrous to conservatives. Not to the country, but to conservatives.

I keep saying that these assholes don't care about the country; only themselves. I don't think they care anymore about hiding it.

Chris Wallace seems to have brought his conscience with him this morning: "But didn't John McCain run on those issues? and Didn't the voters reject them?" Scarier still, Bloody Bill Kristol actually made sense for a few minutes. (wish I could remember how Thom Hartmann described him, and his parents, the other day: The Ultimate Opportunists..?)

You can count on Hume to bring them back to the shit pile by casting any possible spending in the worst light possible. Forget the reality, it's the label that matters. Where have these fuckers been during Reagan's expansions of govt, deficits, and the largest tax increase of it's time; ALL in highly regressive excise taxes. Where were these fuckers during more of the same under Aitch Dubya? And where are they NOW after Dubya's ratcheting of it all to the nth degree...?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

WOW.... October non-farm job losses:


But there's more. They went back and revised September. Instead of job losses at 160,000, they now stand at,


Yeah... Keep those taxes low.

Dumb asses.

Now for a question:

Why this fascination with "reaching across the aisle"? What the fuck is over there besides a garbage dump of destructive ideas? ???

How about a wee bit of honesty please: Conservative, supply side, free market... Refuckyoucan ideas are what got us here. Enough.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

As Obama Forms his Cabinet...

...Dubya promises a smooth transition.

Lemme lay back for a sec. Let the warm and fuzzies roll over me. Bask in the warm comfort and glow of another Bush promise of unity.

Oh who the fuck does he think he's kidding? This is the asshole who kicked off National Parks Week, with a $100 million budget cut.

"I wanna make sure the incoming administration can hit the ground running." Translation: I'm going to make sure we leave him such a fucking mess he'll be running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Barack had his first National Security briefing this morning. I suppose Dubya's hacks filled him in on all the black op prisons as well as the progress on Halliburton's US detention centers..? Filled him in on the costs of bin Laden's dialisis..? Whether they treat him in a cave, or put him up in Pakistan's best hotel or transport him back and forth..? Did they give him the "real reason" for invading Iraq?

In the grand tradition of Gonzo, Rummie, Bigfoot, Pablo, Turdblossom, et al, I wonder what nick name Duby's given him..?

Tomorrow the jobs report for the month of October comes out. The prediction is another 200,000 jobs lost. 1,000,000 / 1 Million for the year. But keeping taxes low creates jobs. Doesn't it? Seems a little old man from out west and his crazy MILF side kick were saying that. Those increased revenues and (not that they matter, right Dick?) 5 trillion more to the national debt brought to us via refuckyoucan conservatard policies... Oh come on people.

I know it's humiliating to admit that you've been suckered in to believing a pack of lies, but what possible good will come from hanging on to those same bullshit beliefs out of stubbornness? ??? When someone shows a drug allergy, you don't give them more of the same drug. Stop with the fucking insanity.

Rachel Maddow has started a "Lame Duck Watch" to keep an eye out for more dubya authored bullshitiousness and douchebaggery in these last ten weeks. He loves to pull his shit on Fridays, when fewer people pay attention to the news.

Back to Bidniss as Usu'l? ???

How long before gas prices rocket back up to $4 a gallon? ??? On their way up to $5.

Hey. I'd LOVE to be wrong on this one. I just don't think I will be.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In the Face of Reason and Reality

Conservatives stand strong.

And by God I hope they continue to.

O'Reilly downplays Palin's craziness. Ingraham claims Republicans lost because they weren't conservative enough. Hannity? haven't seem him yet, but then again he has his own little America and a show all about it. I don't think it would sound very familiar to me.

Hannity: Bush has gotten a raw deal. No respect. "Bush Derangement Syndrome." Bush is deranged? I agree, but I know that's not what he meant. Oh well.

"Old time values are gone; never coming back," says O'reilly. Because Obama won and not McCain? Nothing racist there, nnnaaaaa.

I'm so fucking tired of listening to these crazies. 5 trillion added to the national debt, with a 700 billion baylout chaser. What did it buy us? Seriously, what?

we're safer? We haven't been attacked? Not like we weren't safe and not attacked before. Coincidence; nothing to do with anything Bush has done, but just for shits and giggles, I'll give it to you. So after the trillion bush spent in Iraq to keep us safe, what did we get for the other four trillion?

Tell me Ms and Mr Conservative:

Where did that four trillion go? ???

Keep up the "good" work kids. Stand strong. Pull another two years of Trent Lott: Obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, and then run against a do nothing Congress. It gave us majorities in the House and Senate in 2006.

It gave us the White House in 2008. Gave us increased majorities in both houses of Congress as well.

Bobby Jindal: Before you know it, we'll have government telling Drs how to practice medicine and we can't have that. (No. We need insurance companies telling Drs how to practice medicine. "Make us money.")

More Hannity: The Republicans need to find their way again. Once again become the party of national security and fiscal responsibility (Once "again?" When were you EVER?) The party of "free market 'solutions' for health care and social security." (Like private SS accounts invested in the stock market? Like tax health care benefits to destroy employer based coverage?)

Free Market and Solution do not belong in the same sentence, applied to the same subject. Like Military and Intelligence, or Fat Free French Fries. Free market solutions to the financial market mess? ??? Free markets, historically, have NEVER solved a problem. They CAUSE probems, like the one we're in now.

Oh fuck. More Joe the Plumber saves the world. Please shut him up.


The Scar shows his true moronic colors and gives the conservatards new talking points: You want to "invest in Concrete?" "You admit like Cheney that deficits don't matter?"

Bingo: In the conservative world government CAN NOT spend money in a way that reaches "the masses." In a way that reaches anyone who is not already rich.

Brace yourself for a tooth and nail fight over Dubya's tax cuts. NOW deficits drive the Scar crazy.

The Senate gained, but it's still not filibuster proof.

When you reach across the aisle, wear a glove. You don't want to pull back a stump.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And on the Home Front

No I'm not trying to out do McCain in the number of homes dept; I only have one where I actually live, own and on which I pay taxes.

Washington has a silly assed election system that causes ridiculous delays in tallying the vote, but so far Gregoire leads Rossi for Governor (the power of incumbency, I guess), Baghdad Jim's beating up on his opponent and best of all, Darcy Burner may kick Reichart's ass.

Bummer. Franken may not make it in Minnesota; looks like crazy bitch Bachman will. What can we say? They elected a bad guy pro wrestler as governor.

Faux News Announces

President Barack Hussein Obama.

O'Reilly weeps.

Hannity pukes.

I wish I had fireworks.

Now will Dubya let it stand...?

WOW... Juan Williams, Faux's token, is damn near moved to tears. You can hear the shakiness in his voice.

I'm so glad that the electoral count margin is greater than either of Dubya's thefts elections. It's really a shame to have to say that there needed to be NO question of the result, but

Oh fuck.... McCain's crowd is booing. At last. He cuts them off.

well... Dubya's inaugural motorcade got egged and tomatoed.

Nice touch John: Wishing that Toot could have lived one more day to see this. Nice touch. He looks crushed; anyone would be. He sounds gracious; I hope he means it; I hope he finally goes back to being the McCain we thought he was in 2000.

Good speech by Obama. Not on par with his Minneapolis speech to claim/accept the nomination, but very good. A call to unity and to bury the hatchet. This country needs to heal from the wounds and damage of Dubya. It needs to heal from the self inflicted wounds of struggling to ward off the raping, pillaging and plundering.

Home Sweet Home

I was semi-surprised by the map of Pennsylvania showing the vote results. I was born in Harrisburg and lived in Lebanon from the 4th grade till a year after high school. I don't really have a feel for the political atmosphere in H'burg, but I remember Lebanon all too well.

While the talking head was talking about the Philly suburbs, I looked at central PA and the map showed several counties, Berks, Dauphin, and Lancaster all in blue with Lebanon county, an island of red. We're talking the PA Dutch country here. While Lancaster is considered the heart of it, there's a LOT of people of German heritage in Berks as well. The kicker? Lebanon County, as I knew it back in the 70's, was damn near lily white.

Hi LHS Class of '74.

I doubt there's a whole lot of celebrating going on back there right now. They'd probably leave the country en-mass, except most of them have a hard time leaving the county for a week's vacation. Maybe they could get bold and take my moron brother in law with them. That's wishing for too much.

Why oh F*cking Why

Is Rudy Tooty 9iu11iani on with Mika and the Scar? ??? What "expertise" do they expect from a moron who spent 50 million for one fucking primary delegate?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear Barack,

I'm really sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Toot's, death. I was soooooo hoping that she could live long enough to see you, the fruit of her labors and love, become this country's first African American president.

You win...? You BETTER make her proud.

VOTE !!! and Protect Your Vote

The following is an email I got from someone or another here in Washington state. I hope the information within is of use to my faithful followers. All 30 of you.

Tomorrow's the day. Just do it.

Are you as excited as I am? Only one day left until we take back our country!

You know whom you are voting for (Barack Obama! Chris Gregoire!). Now you need to take a few simple steps to make sure your vote counts.

We have a Voter Protection team who is dedicated to protecting your vote. We learned a lot from 2004 and the Primary, and we've listened to the problems and questions we've gotten on our Voter Hotline (1-877-WA-CHANGE or 1-877-922-4264).

To learn how to protect your vote, where to vote, or any other information, visit our Voter Information page.

Here is what we've learned about how you can protect your vote:

Mail in your absentee ballot now. Your absentee ballot must be postmarked on Election Day, so you must drop it in the mailbox before the last pickup time listed on the mailbox. However, during the Primary, nearly 6,000 voters put their absentee ballots in the mail on Primary Day, only to miss the last pickup time. Their vote did not count. We encourage you to mail in your ballot as soon as you can today or early on Election Day. Follow the instructions on your ballot about postage and how to mail your ballot.

Haven't received your absentee ballot? We've gotten a lot of questions on our Hotline from people who haven't received their absentee ballot. Is this you or someone you know? To get a replacement ballot, go to your County Auditor's office or dropoff location. If you live in Pierce or King Counties, you can also go to a polling place and vote there by provisional ballot on Election Day.

Remember, you can always vote by provisional ballot. Provisional ballots exist to preserve your right to vote. If you have any problems voting - say, you've moved and haven't changed your registration to your new address - you can always vote by provisional ballot. Just go to your County Auditor's office or any polling place to get a provisional ballot. Here are some situations where you may find yourself needing a provisional ballot:

  • You aren't at your designated polling place. Even if you are supposed to be at another polling place, you can vote at any polling place by provisional ballot.
  • You've moved and haven't changed your registration to your new address.
  • You go to the polls and you're not in the poll books.
  • You haven't received your absentee ballot.
  • You're an absentee voter and now want to vote in person.
  • You're a poll voter, but you don't have the proper ID.

Watch the mail. If there are any problems with your ballot, your County Auditor will notify you by mail. Watch your mail, and if you do get a notice, follow their directions to a T. The Auditor is trying to help you. You can fix your ballot in the week following Election Day.

Every registered voter has the right to have his or her vote counted, and there are measures in place to make it easy for any registered voter to vote. This year, there are a lot of close races, so your vote or the vote of your friends could make the difference. Please forward this mail to anybody you know who has voting questions.

Many thanks,

Jaxon Ravens
Executive Director
Washington State Democrats

p.s. After the election, we will continue working to protect your vote. We'll send staff to counties around the state to resolve any disputes with individual votes. We depend on supporters like you to fund these efforts. Please donate whatever you can to help fund our Voter Protection team.


Apparently,to the brillyunt ones on Morning Joe, this is the reason McCain has had such a fucked up campaign.

Oh Fuck! Peggy Noonan: This has been a nice clean campaign; all about the issues.

The Scar: Two impressive men. "Let the blogosphere spew their hate; let Paul Krugman hunch over his word processor, weighed down by his Nobel Prize. Hateful, hateful, hateful..."

Back to McCain... They're going bonkers over his poor ground game, his lack of organization and how it's all due to his being a maverick. No one wants to help him or work for him because he's a maverick.

When I run into someone I don't want to work with, I usually use other words to describe them: Asshole is one that comes to mind.

Chinese jets? ??? NO they haven't bought out the football team, they plan to build them. Erin Burnett -- who's way hotter than Palin -- said so. I'm not sure I want to fly on a Chinese built jet. Well... how bad can it be? Will piss leak into the baggage area when you flush the toilet? Like in the police academy in Baghdad?

Other than the short celebration, GE/MSNBC gets to build the engines, they all sound like a fan club in mourning. Like after a Seahawk or Mariner game. McCain fans? Sports fans? Not a whole lot of logic behind the actions of either.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oooo... Snuffy's on

With Rick Davis, McCrank's Lobbyist in Chief Campaign Lobbyist Manager, or whatever the fuck he is. Predicts an election theft win for the man who will finally ensure an American victory.

In Vietnam.

Nothing like being a half century late and a trillion or two short.

Axelrod won't come out and say it, but he won't make a prediction, I'm sure because he's afraid of the refuckyoucan election theft machine.

2000: Florida. 2004: Ohio. 2008: Pennsylvania..? Alabama-on-the-Susquehanna.

George F Will: McCrank's counting on the surge in new voters, because it'll "sweep down (something) rural white voters," into the process. The Moron Vote, basically. The non-educated; the low information voters. How come Will is on every single fucking show? Some kind of a man crush?

What would a shrink have to say about my obsession with picking on the Stephasaurus? Not sure I want to know.

Lots of talk about undecided voters. Who could be undecided? This administration has been ALL about transferring more wealth to the already wealthy. From Iraq, to Katrina, to this past month's collapse of the financial/insurance industry has been about reverse-socialism. That 5 trillion increase in the national debt? All in to the pockets of Corporatist Americans.

Sunday Funny: McStain talking on SNL about doing the "Double Maverick" and "Reverse Maverick." I thought he'd already done both, no?

Hmmm.... Will picks Obama to win with 378 electoral votes, Dems plus 8 in the Senate and plus 21 in the house
Dowd 338, +8, +17
Halpernin 349, +7, +28 and possibly higher.
Donna Brazille 343, +8, and +29 and possibly 32
Snuffy 353, +7, +28.

So much for Turdblossom's permanent refuckyoucan majority...? I wouldn't got to the bank with anything, (the refucks can steal a radio and leave the music) but I personally think it will either be a squeaker (theft) for McCrank, or a total landslide for Obama. For once I hope I'm wrong about Will being a moron with big words in his vocabulary.

Twenty years ago, someone told me I should read/ would like Studs Terkel. Never did get around to reading him.

[ Find Your Polling Place | Voting Info For Your State | Know Your Voting Rights | Report Voting Problems ]


Kinda sorta. I filled out my ballot and... Fuck.

It used to be that a person could just assume their vote would a) be counted and b) be counted as it was cast. Can't assume a damn thing anymore. No matter how many times I double check and see that I'm registered, the way those refuckyoucans steal shit, I still worry that something will happen and on Nov 4, I'll see I've been purged.

Scary what those shit stains have done to make democracy an obstacle course. All in the name of "free and fair."

[ Find Your Polling Place | Voting Info For Your State | Know Your Voting Rights | Report Voting Problems ]

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

David Horsey's effort to please all the people all the time, perhaps?

What's your costume?

What's your treat?

I'm going to be a ghoul, handing out pickled beans, anchovy stuffed olives and chocolate covered jalapenos.

[ Find Your Polling Place | Voting Info For Your State | Know Your Voting Rights | Report Voting Problems ]

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama: The Maddow Interview

I've been looking forward to this for days now, for several reasons. Foremost, Rachel isn't a "water carrying apologist" like Ed Schultz who gave Obama a free pass with boot lick, when he asked him about his FISA cave-in. I've expected her analysis to be just that, and not a rubber stamp of approval. I want to try to focus on just one part. I was going to say a small part, but I don't think it's small at all.

Rachel asked him why he criticizes Bush, but not the Republican Party or their core, conservative beliefs. His answer was something like, "Well, we're winning aren't we?"

OK, that may be true, but the question was not about winning. The question speaks volumes about Obama's core beliefs, and Rachel explained to both Keith Olberman on Countdown, and Ron Reagan on his radio show that this is why to many liberals/Democrats/progressives, Obama is not their champion. I'm voting for him, and I encourage everyone to do the same, but until the choices came down to the final two, he has never been my first choice.

Obama's a conservative, but as oxymoronic as it may sound, he's not crazy like McGoon. He's actually an oasis of sanity in this desert of douchenozzlery.

I have a feeling I'll have damn near as many bees up my ass during any Obama Preznency as I have for Fuckstain's.

[ Find Your Polling Place | Voting Info For Your State | Know Your Voting Rights | Report Voting Problems ]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ted Stevens is, for now, a convicted felon.

Ted Stevens cannot vote. Not for president. Not to put himself back in the Senate. But,

Should he be elected to the Senate

He'll be able to vote bills into laws that all we law abiding, non-felons will have to obey.

Besides Refuckyoucans, to whom does this make sense? ???

Another question:

Should the Senate attempt to remove him, would he resist in Bush-like, Palin-like, Rove-like, Miers-like, oh hell, refuckyoucan fashion: Subpoena, schumoena. Laws are for little people.

Just asking.

Gregoire Didn't Create the Deficit

And Dino Rossi, isn't going to fix it.

There's a 800 lbs gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about when it comes to taxes and revenues. Actually, there are 5 gorillas: the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Seahawks, the now-gone Seattle Supersonics, and then the Washington Husky and Washington State Cougar football teams. OK, maybe not so much the Cougars, since they suck annually.

Five losing teams = five lost/crippled sources of revenue. When your state relies heavily on slaes taxes, when your team doesn't sell, your state doesn't earn. Not at the box office, the hotels, restaurants, souvenir stores, bars, you name it. This is the at the heart of my arguement against a sales tax: It's just too fucking iffy. It's as fair weather of a tax, as the teams' fans are fair weather fans. It's also regressive. It hits the poor harder as a percentage of their income. (for those who don't know what regressive means)

This state needs an income tax. Always has.

Another tax that makes no sense is the Business and Occupations tax which is based on gross receipts, not profits. I imagine the arguement goes that such a tax on profit, would be avoided by businesses hiding their profits. As if businesses don't do their best to hide receipts. This tax is especially hard on self employed and small businesses.

The state also takes property taxes. Has one of the highest gas taxes in the country. Has one of the highest tobacco taxes in the country. Has a monopoly on liquor sales and a high liquor tax. Has no corporate income tax.

In short, people take it in the shorts when it comes to taxes in this state. Especially poor people. I don't know if there's a more regressive ie redneck tax system in the country. All of this makes it that much more important that sports teams do well. Fans spend money. Happy, rabid fans spend more money.

I'll bet something else is declining: DUIs and revenues from fines. Especially from post game offenses.

Slash the sales tax in half and replace it with a graduated income tax -- which would be deductable from federal income tax, without special efforts in congress, and without having to itemize -- at 1-2% of the pre-Reagan federal rates. That's a good place to start with a much needed overhaul. I would say to spread the burden around, but that might sound socialist, eh?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

I am sick and fucking tired of hear all this shit about taxes. ALLL of it's from refuckyoucans.
McGoon... Drano Rossi... Sarah Nailin... And it ALLL just more of the same old shit: Tax and spend Democrats (as opposed to charge and spend refucks). Barack Obama wants to raise your taxes (inset any Dem name in that statement) The last thing you want to do in a sagging(refuck) economy is raise taxes (why?) I'm going the fucking world (and put cherries on top) and not raise taxes (while balancing the budget) Cutting taxes will create jobs (how?) Stop right there:

HOW does cutting taxes create jobs? WHO is going to spend a tax refund to ... I mean what the fuck could the average tax cut pay for? A car tune up? Ohhhhhh... E-bay shit. Yeah, we can all sell our shit and... who's going to have money to buy it?

Seriously... I remember reading in The Price of Loyalty, Paul O'Neill testifying to Congress, that as a corporate CEO, he never made a business decision based on the tax code. The question he was answering was in regard to the value of tax cuts to the economy. Besides:

As I've said many times: We've had nothing but tax cuts for eight fucking years and where in the hell have they gotten us? ???

Yoah... Johhny B Surge... I know Barack isn't saying what you want to hear about taxes and I don't fucking care. Wanna know why? I know you don't, but I'll tell you anyway.

I'm more worried about having a fucking job. No job... who the fuck cares about the taxes I won't have money to pay. I'll be more worried about my next fucking meal.

Go sit on a cattle prod. Asshole.

Yesterday the car....

Today it was back to Clearwire. No, they didn't interrupt me posting; there was nothing to interrupt. They were down all together. No morning vitamin P... No morning news... No morning post... Now it's going to take days to get my hit count back into the 30's.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


No live blog today. Missed damn near everything and everyone. Bummer, eh?

Had to take the 'Stang to the car doctor. AGAIN! Blew a power steering hose last week and fuck me, the damn thing blew again yesterday. Either that or there was a slow leak somewhere for the whole week. Mechanics; damn; supposedly they warrantee their work, but how many times do you take a car back a second time and not get dinged all over again? So...

The end result is that while all the heads were talking, I was oot and aboot. Now I gotta tube the googlenets.

Ten days remain til... Election? or Dictatorship?

I can't take it... Update: Whew, He's Gone

McCain on Meet the Press. I can't take his bull shit. Not to mention that he can't keep his FIVE ex Secretaries of State in his head; the ones who are endorsing him.

"Ooooeeee.... pictures of me being captured... POW talk... ra ra ra"

UPDATE: One thing I wish Obama would do -- because we know no one on a network will -- is explain how the capitol gains tax is used to funnel bonus money to corporate fucks. A lot of bonuses are passed on in the form of stock options, that when exercised, are taxed, not as income, but at lower capitol gains rates. The refucks have been given the pass of protecting family farms and small businesses with their left hand, while their right hand creates and protects an economic nobility.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sen Surrrrge, the Naughty American

At about the 30 second mark McCooch takes a noticeable gulp.

Johnny, Johnny Johhhhhnnnnnyyyyy

"Glad to have you on board as running mate, babe."

"Ohh Senator. You ARE glad aren't you?"

Hannity & O'Reilly do Cartwheels. w/Update

Hmmmm... sitting up channel surfing and sniffling from my cold last night, I catch a story on Faux News about how a voter registration drive in Ohio got the rules wrong and now 18 voters have cast votes when they were ineligible.

Did the college network catch actual voter fraud in Ohio?

Wanna bet the emphasis stays on democrats? That the story gets spun as a "broken system" and not a "working system" or people answerring to the call from their conscience? Even though people are withdrawing their votes and registrations and:

UPDATE 6:49 pm– apparently not just a problem in Senator Obama’s campaign, check out this (taken from the NY Post dated Oct. 22)…a Senator McCain Ohio communications director:

“…The talks came in the wake of reports that workers in both camps - including McCain’s Ohio communications director, Ryan Meerstein, and Obama campaign worker Jacob Smith - had registered and cast ballots in the Buckeye State, even though they both maintain permanent residence elsewhere. …”

People.... this is Fox.... Ann Coulter's network: "We good; Them bad."

Fuck... The last time we had to make the Cowshit vs Bullshit choice (otherwise known as Gregoire vs Rossi I), we had crazies up here casting votes for dead spouses and kids off at college and shit like that, but was it "voter fraud?" As in some conspiracy to destroy the thread (and that's about all the past 8 years have left us) of democracy? No. It was a bunch of crazy fuckers being douchenozzles and justifying their douchebaggery with bullshitious excuses. This shit doesn't worry me nearly as much as hackable voting machines running on secret code, that can't be impartially reviewed, tabulating votes, that can't be verified.

You know, a dictatorship would solve all these problems.

I'm still not sure this election's actually going to happen.

UPDATE: The problem I see with this issue of challenging voter registration, is that it turns the principles of justice on their heads. What happened to words like: Alleged? Why is it assumed to always be "fraud" which (to me) implies a willful desire to circumvent the law? And why when challenged, is it the VOTER'S responsibility to prove their innocence? ???

If I were challenged: In Florida's purge before 2000, I would have been thrown off, because there are enough letter in the first part of my name, under the standards they used, as shown in Greg Palast's book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, that match some criminal they had in their lists. Under the rules that were proposed in Ohio, comparing to other databases, or states where voters are required to produce ID with exact matches, I would be rejected because my Driver's License does not include my middle initial like my voter registration does. And my SS card says on it, "Not to be used for Identification," (yes, it's my original OLD one) so could I use that?

By the Fucks at Fox I would be a fraud. But as I said, the worst of all of this is that I have to prove my innocence, rather than the refucks proving my guilt. They want to keep calling on the Founding Fathers, while spitting and shitting on their graves with this stuff.

Fuck them.