Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's not Plagiarizing...

When you credit the original writer(s), in this case Susie Madrak at Crooks and Liars:
Someone noted yesterday that the makeup of the Egyptian demonstrators had changed -- that the middle class had broken through the "fear barrier" and had now taken to the streets. Think about that, because all over the world, the fear barriers are starting to fall and this is a huge threat to the global establishment, the very people who flock to Davos each year for the World Economic Forum:
This is why the regressives, the Chris Christies, the Tim Pawlentys, the Tea Baggers in general have declared war on public employee unions. They FEAR labor. They don't have to worry about private sector unions. The corporate whores are dismantling them quite effectively through bankruptcy procedures where they can go in the tank and under the guise of reorganizing, they defund the pensions and thereby demoralize the workforce to the point of abandoning their unions.

In the Bagger world, which lives by the precepts of the Cult of St Ronnie of Reagan, government is your enemy and the best way, the ONLY way to ensure that the undeserving aren't ripping you off -- illegal immigrants, welfare queens, public employees -- is to take EVERYTHING from EVERYONE.

Except themselves. And their rich benefactors.

Look back to Poland and Lech Walesa and Solidarity... it was LABOR that drove the final nails into the coffin of the Soviet empire. NOT Reagan.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New David Gregory?

Mr We'll-Have-to-Leave-it-There is almost being what I would call "tough" on Eric Cantor. Cantor's having a hard tme keeping his cool, calm, slimeball demeanor. He actually says he believes Obama is a legitimate citizen of the United States, which by extension would have to mean that his certificate of live birth is in fact a birth certificate. (some idiots actually believe in their CDO (like OCD, but with the letters in proper order) world that there is a difference) He better hope that his jelly-jacking of the Tea Baggers is sufficient to keep them from eating his ass.

Basically, what the whole episode shows is that the Regressives of Republicorp have no actual plan beyond opposing any and all Obama Democratic proposals. Up next the "round table"

Erin Burnett: What else could we expect but for her to praise the appointment of GE outsourcer Jeff Immelt as the head of his Jobs and Competitiveness council. She thinks it's just great that Obama wants to put business interests -- bonuses and profits and shareholder dividends -- front and center. The woman's answer to the plight of working people is that they embrace Chinese wages and working conditions.

As you prepare for the State of the disUnion Address, remember that "shared sacrifice" means that unemployed working and middle class people can share space and blankets when they live in culverts and cars and under bridges. Two years after the extraordinary measures to save the banking and financial sectors, begun by Bush and continued by Obama, what have we gained?

More foreclosures.

More obscene executive bonuses.

More arguments over the "real" rate of unemployment.

Wow.... Gregory's actually continuing his pointing out the obvious lack of Republicorp health care plans.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let the Madness Begin, Again

Welcome to the 112th Congress. First up the repeal of Obama care. The replacement, I assume, will be Bonercare...?