Thursday, February 28, 2008

If You can Explain this, then Title It

This is the kind of Patriotism and devotion Dubya wants to protect:

...the phone companies are so committed to helping the Bush Administration defeat the enemies of freedom that they would only cut off illegal wiretaps if the bills weren't paid, not because they were, uh, illegal.

I'd heard this shit before, but I played right into the Dubster's hands, because I laughed. I mean here His Fuckheadness is trying to sell this idea of everybody getting behind the cause of defeating dem dar terrists, while... sheeyit.

So he's hoodwinked them into breaking the law for free, and they've had efuckinnuff. Pay up, fucker.

If you don't pay, we'll fess up in court and than see where your ass is at, eh?

"What the Amer'can people need to unnerstand is that this is too hard for them to unnerstand, and if we tried to explain it, the terrists will find out how to kill all your famlies."

Oh fuck...:

In at least one case, a wiretap used in a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act investigation ''was halted due to untimely payment,'' the audit found. FISA wiretaps are used in the government's most sensitive and secretive criminal and intelligence investigations, and allow eavesdropping on suspected terrorists or spies.

''We also found that late payments have resulted in telecommunications carriers actually disconnecting phone lines established to deliver surveillance results to the FBI, resulting in lost evidence,'' according to the audit by Inspector General Glenn A. Fine.

True patriots, eh? When duty called, when September 11 happened (oh, wait, actually before September 11 happened), these brave footsoldiers in the trash-the-Constitution movement were more than willing to charge the government millions. Of course, the fact that the Administration let these kinds of bills go unpaid is ridiculous, too, but nobody's really covered in glory here. Especially when these are the same phone companies who want full amnesty for this lawbreaking, and the Administration has made it their top priority to deliver it to them.

I stole that from here, and if that isn't enough, swipe some terms and google.

I know the guy's pure slime, even dressed in a tux on his best day, but... he's married to the chain smoking Laura Bot. I'm heartless like he is. If he's that desperate for porn, he doesn't need the NSA, I'll forward him my "Favorites."

For Free.

And I won't need immunity, cuzz I don't do kiddie porn.

Now he doesn't want it. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Douche Nozzles Updated

Well lube me with dippin' sauce:

there's patents on them thar things:

Rah tcheer. INteresting.....

Should cure your insomnia. unless you're hannity.

Hmmm... so where does the nozzle go...?

I'm not so sure Hannity gets there.

Seems that for some reason, my attempt to credit the originator of the term has not reached its proper destination. Of course it kinda goes without saying that a douche without a nozzle, is like a... a... well... Something useless made more useless. no... the off the shelf grocery store douche does have a use. There have been times I wish that use was more well known, but let's not got there. I don't want to have to explain the reason I can't eat a shrimp omelet.

I hate getting interrupted, even when it's for dinner. Now I have No fucking idea where I was, nor where I was going, nor what I was intending except that I know it had something to do with a continuing onslaught of insults to Hannity.

Whoever coined the blog-o-term douchenozzle, I'm sure Hannity.... Hmmm.... Hannity's America becomes Hannity's Douchetination.

Hannity... Pure Scum.

I caught a bit of the Circus side show debate last night, and some of the pundit bullshit later. After I got done watching Matthews disappointment that there was still no zip lock bag for him with Hillary's panties, I threw all reason and logic to the wind and turned to Fucks Noise. I can be such an idiot sometimes.

So there's Colmes talking to some supposedly Democratic strategist, and Melanie Morgan. She starts talking and I think, "Oh fuck me with a broken baseball bat." She stutters and stammers and Colmes is almost making me believe he serves a purpose beyond that of a token, until I hear that fucking douchenozzle, Hannity, pipe up from the sideline.

(sidebar... I cannot take credit for coining the term douchenozzle, nor for initiating its use as a political descriptor. I believe I first encountered the term via BlueGal either at her blog, or at Crooks and Liars.)

Course being Faux, when the DNC ( Douchenozzle in Chief) speaks, the camera SHALL show him. So there he is with his perfect hair and smug expression all ready willing and oh so able to lie for the cause. Fucker truly makes me ill. I mean, even O'Reilly will say something that's true now and then. It may be by accident, but he still does it. Hannity... I don't think I have ever heard him say a single true thing yet. Fucker had the nerve to make the redneck Imus into a liberal after his Rutgers comments. BillO I can actually stomach for a while, even the Coultergeist, but this MoFo is usually off after five minutes max. So what'd he do this time?

Two words. That's all. That was enough.

"Proud Conservatives."

He was trying to rescue Morgan from the vicious verbal batterings of the wicked Allan Colmes. She stuttered and he tried filling in the blank for her. He then went on to try to explain that, "That's what we are: Proud Conservatives." We this, we that, we blah blah blah, and on he went with his canned shit schpiel about how Liberals want to raise taxes, surrender to the terrorists, and destroy the finest health care system in the world. As if there should be shame in not wanting to squander a surplus by putting everything on the Chinese charge card, wanting to invade the right country should you choose to invade one at all, and making sure that the priority in medicine is that people can afford to see doctors rather than that the middlemen profit whore insurance companies get fed first. Back to the two words...

"Proud Conservatives."

What the fuck could make someone think that as a conservative, they have done something, anything of which to be proud?

I was so sickened by the idea when I heard it, that the only reason I heard anything afterwards, was I had two pups in my lap and didn't want to squash them in my mad scramblings for the remote. Mind boggling. Absofuckinglutely mind boggling that someone, other than a comedian, could put those two words together. And use them. Publicly.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Siegelman... Mixed Feelings

So many times I get lazy and fail to watch 60 Minutes, but this past Sunday I HAD to see their story on former Governor and present political prisoner, Don Siegelman. I was extremely disappointed. I didn't notice them even touching on the real issue in the case: The Refuckyoucan theft of the election. It's never been investigated in any real sense of the term, but since Siegelman tried to blow the whistle on it, he was railroaded. So I was pissed as usual, that the media as usual was asleep on the job as usual, and avoided calling attention to the proof of what a Fascist society Dubya has created.

It's been said many times before, by people much more notable than I, that the real story about the US attorneys was not, "Why were they fired," but rather, "What did the others do in order to get to keep their jobs?"

But in a similar vein, it seems as if just possibly the real story from Sunday is the fact the the real story was not told. And that what was told was blacked out in Alabama. Lotsa scrambling and bullshitting going on over the black out that supposedly wasn't. A few minutes ago there were three leading stories about Siegelman over at Raw Story.

I'm not letting 60 Minutes off the hook; no fucking way. Their bullshit about, We'll tell more, if there appears to be public interest." Yeah right. In the same way that Nancy Pelosi's been listening to public interest as she pursues Dubya's impeachment? The same way Congress is listening to us as they ponder an inJustice Department investigation of what went into Roger Clemons' ass cheeks? Sure. Gotcha.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

And a Very Special Thanks to...


He did a really cool profile on me. Well, OK, it's mostly about Boilermakers, the drink and how to, but still, it's really Fucking Coooooool! !!! And predominately accurate.

I feel tho spethial I may just take a short bus to work this week. Seriously Dude...


I Wish there Was a Place Called Stupidville

A place where people like this could live. From the Focus page in today's Sunday Times/P-I. Enjoy:

Can't exaggerate seriousness of event

I cannot believe all the negative conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting down of that failed spy satellite. This administration is one of the most straightforward, open and honest that we have ever had in our nation's history and we should believe it when we are told of the true motives for destroying that toxic bus.

It was only a year ago that the U.S. protested vehemently when China shot down one of its defunct weather satellites. That was a provocative action meant to demonstrate China's ability to knock satellites out of orbit at will. The ramifications of the warning are far-reaching. So much of our communication and the very defense of our nation as well as that of the other free nations in the world depend upon the operational reliability of satellites. To suggest that we would now do the very thing that we admonished the Chinese for doing is ludicrous.

We should take this administration at its word. They bravely and heroically saved us from half a ton of poisonous fuel that could have rained death upon the world's population. The seriousness of this catastrophe could hardly be exaggerated and it was well worth the million dollars plus that it cost taxpayers to end the crisis.

Our technology has not advanced to the point where we can safely launch toxic time bombs into space. If it happened once, it could happen again.

We narrowly averted disaster this time by employing an advanced weapons system that saved us from undeniable devastation. Therefore, I look forward to an announcement soon from the administration that henceforth we will no longer be launching satellites into orbit in order to avoid this very dangerous situation from repeating itself in the future.

Marshall Dunlap

I read this shortly after eating my breakfast. I'm not sure how I held it down.

Initially I thought this guy was serious, but then as I reread the thing, I realized that NO one, except perhaps The Republican, my sub-moronic brother-in-law, could possibly be so fucking stupid to believe something like this. I mean it's so stupid it's funny. Funny to the point of possibly being brillyunt.

Surely this guy has a future in writing for people like Colbert, Stewart and Lewis Black. Maybe the guy should just have his own show somewhere. But then...

There's The Republican and people like him who really, truly, honestly do believe this fucking shit, and those who spew it.

More on the satellite here. According to someone, there was a direct hit and debris is now falling into the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Hmmm... and no where in between? ??? I may have said so before, but Firestarter5 had the idea that the Dubster's lackies might plan to miss and have the missile hit Iran instead.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

WTF? ???

I haven't posted here since Tuesday? Shit; I'm losing it. Fear not though loyal readers... all 12-17 of you... I'm not pulling another month long hiatus. So...

What was the name of the old TV show, the $64,000 Question? The $64,000,000 Question? Anyway, the big question, MY big question, that I want some wastoid of a so-called journalist/pundit to ask of our bottom-of-the-barrel, weekend-leftover, freak-show-survivor, Preznitial candidates is this:

What will you do as preznit to restore the Constitution and rule of law to this country?

Habeas Corpus. Separation of powers. Three EQUAL branches of government. The Dubster/Cheney/Rove/Yoo idea of the "Unitary Executive Branch." Rule of signing statement / line item veto/preznitial-Decree-from-the-Crapper. Basically, I want to know what Hilly and/or Barry plan to do to undo the damage these crime lords have done to this country.

I also want to know:

What plans do you have for John Edwards in your administration?

I don't want to see him as a VP. I think he'd make a great Attorney General or Supreme Court justice. Nonetheless, the first question is by far more important. I just wonder when the fuck one of those overpaid, overhyped, overpromoted, nimrods is going to have the balls to ask it. And yes, I include Keith Olberman in the mix. And while I'm at it, let's not forget the dollfaced refugees from the beauty circuit. No reason one of them can't ask, and justify all the bitching for equality, eh?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pants... Yeah... Right

Wine's gone.

Puppy's here.

Cute little sumbitch though.

After all this...

Solid food would be good.

NY steaks. Yummmm

Live Wine and Puppy Blogging

No you pervs... the puppy doesn't get the action end of the bottle. Shhheeeeesh!!!

The wife just got off the phone -- no she's still talking to a breeder. We got a mini Dachshund not long ago, and she's got the wild hair that she wants to breed her. OK. I can live with that. Selling pups could be cold, but she doesn't just want to breed her, she wants to buy a male. Fuck...

We've got my Lab-Rott mix, the Dach, a cat, Ms Thing's two cats, who are fucking terrrrrorrrrs, much like her spawn, the grand-monster. No wonder I'm into the wine. Speaking of which...

I found a nice one from Chile: Calina, Reserva, 2006, Carmenera. MMmmmm... I'm new to the wine scene, so pardon me if my nomenclature is improper. In other words, fuck you, snooty. :-) What we have is a red, with a slightly smoky taste. I found it last Friday. On sale, so there were about 5 or 6 cases all stacked up. About $7/bottle; easyyyyy on the wallet. I went back today, and I got the last two fucking bottles on the floor. Shit's been fleyeing off the shelves. Not the case for their Cab or Merlot. Makes me go "Hmmmmmm?"

Gooooood wine though. Pretty soon I'll be back to writing in my usual nincompoopic style.

Enjoy Your Retirement, Fidel

One thing most people don't realize, and for very good reason, is that when Fidel LIBERATED Cuba, he was NOT a Communist. Our schools don't teach the truth about Fidel, plain and simple. Pre-Fidel Cuba was ruled by Batista, who was a son-of-a-bitch. But as with so many other dictators over the years, he was our SOB: He was corrupt and pro robber baron business. The masses were uneducated; health care sucked; infant mortality was high; poverty was rampant; Things were much like a Refuckyoucan wet dream: The vast majority of wealth concentrated in the hands of a few and the rest be damned.

Castro's revolution was probably one of the most pure revolutions in world history. He literally came out of the hills, with virtually total support of the masses/peasants. Once his new government was installed, he set about in search of aid to finance his dreams of modernization. Now remember, the old guy was our guy, so the new guy, no matter how popular, was a bad guy by default. He got squat from us. Well what are you gonna do?

You go to the other guys: the Rooskies, the Commies. And I think from there, we know the story. Or rather the propaganda. We couldn't blame the missile crisis on out own actions, or lack thereof. The Bay of Pigs... the senseless and totally ineffective embargo... multiple botched assassination attempts...

As I said, our high schools don't teach the truth. Another thing people tend to not realize: Text book authors are still authors. They make their money from selling books. If truth doesn't sell, leave it out. Tell some lies. Say what you need to say to sell. It ain't rocket science. Anyway...

I didn't learn the basics of the truth about Castro, till I got to college in my thirties. I don't remember learning much about his youth; Ho Chi Minh was educated in France, but I don't know about Fidel. So...

Cloud up and rain all over me if you want, I really don't give a fuck. Hopefully, if Barack gets elected he'll finally take the sensible steps to end the silliness that has been our Cuba policy for the past 50 years. McCain..? Keep on doing the same shit. We're Republicans; failure is our trademark. Hillary's apparently still waiting for her pollsters to get back to her, surprise surprise. With Barack, maybe we'll get some good rum and cigars.

Is Fidel's Cuba perfect? Fuck no. The Neo-Cons probably learned a lot from looking at Fidel's prisons. On the other hand, they could learn a lot from looking at his schools and health care system. Yo Fido...

Enjoy. I hope you're healthy enough to enjoy your last few years, fishing, hunting, watching beisbol. Come to Seattle; the beer's on me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

And a Big Fucking DUH Goes Out to...

Any and all dumb asses who still think the FISA/PAA battle has any fucking thing to do with national security.

From Irregular Times, via Mike's blog roundup on Crooks and Liars.

Come on people.

Just Asking...

All from ONE single fucking screen snap shot at Raw Story:

Wildfire Victims wait for FEMA homes

Bush: Keep Abstinence in AIDS Program

Glitch Grants FBI E-mail Access

US Admits Firing on Anti-qaeda Fighters

Iraq Drawdown to Add Troops?

"Bandar Bush" Threatened UK

Russia Says US Spy Satellite Plan "a Cover"

China Concerned with US Satellite plan

and lets not forget this one from the little Digg widget:

Is the US Its Own Worst Enemy?

No telling what the fuck the next rollover will bring? There are reeeeeeeally people who want four more years of this fucking bush shit?

The Conservative/Refuckyoucan mind -- if there truly is such a thing-- never fucking ceases to amaze me. Hmmmm... was it Oscar Wilde..:

Not all conservatives are stupid,
but most stupid people are conservative.

Error My Ass

Like a cross dresser going braless, that kind of error. Our progressive radio station, AM 1090, plays a little plug/drop/clip/whatever now and then that goes something like this:

Bush couldn't invade the right country; you think he can tap the right phones? ??? Like I said yesterday...

All this FISA/PAA shit has nothing to do with protecting the country. It's all about protecting the cronies; his haves and have mores; his base, his ass, his legacy and his fascist Project for a New American Dictatorship. Hmmm... his Pet Project for a New American Dictator State: PPNADS.

Laura...Condi...Nancy... come look at my Peepee Nads.


Fuck me with a cattle prod on max, why dontcha.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I Beg to Differ with you Mr Olberman

I just got done watching Keith O's special comment, brought to me courtesy of the fine folks at Crooks and Liars. At about the 7:30 or 7:45 mark he goes into a little sub-rant about, well here:

"...he's willing to let Americans die to protect the phone companies, and that literally cannot be. Even mr bush cannot overtly take a step that aids the terrorists. ...blah, blah... and one thing we know... he is never to blame."

Seven years of lies and corruption and even Olberman still gives Dubya a pass regarding the proven fact that there are no means considered out of bounds when it comes to achieving his ends: Enriching his cronies, and solidifying his power. All, and I do mean ALL, else is secondary. The whole FISA/PAA pissing match has never been about terrorist surveillance, any more than his Iraq war was about disarming Saddam. Iraq has been ALL about corporations getting rich, with the Iraqis getting nothing. And all the while, innocent people/soldiers die.

The telecoms need immunity why? Because without it they'll lose their lawsuits and lose money. It's that simple. They can still help him spy, while their lawyers haggle in court. Smaller companies, with far lesser resources, do it all the time. They don't need immunity, but the Dubster wants them to have it and what's a little treason among friends, eh?

As usual with Incurious George, everything he says is a smoke screen. The simple truth is that it doesn't make a lick of difference what the law says. He will spy on whoever, however he wants to. Fucker was doing it before 9-11, he's doing it now, and he won't stop.

When I think of this bastard and his non-stop lying, I think about scene in The Terminator where Reese sticks his face close to the camera and yells, "It's what he does, it's all he does, and he absolutely will not stop!" Thinking of him as a moron, gives the evil mother fucker way more credit than he deserves.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Was That About WTF? ???

I have to admit I've been slacking tonight. No Olberman. No... nothin.

I did hear a rumor today about the High and Holy Fuckstain in Chief threatening to veto HIS "Spy on Innocent Americans" act because it somehow or fucking other didn't give him everything he wants. Yo...


Panty Sniffing ... It's not a job for the CIA to get Laura's or Condi's or you Momma's...

WTF? ??? how fucking much spy... are there boundaries as to where you'll look? Barbie's Astrodome hamper? Laura's hollowed out books?

For what? What will satisfy you? Or do you just keep demanding because they keep giving? ???

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Treasonous Berkeley? ???

I don't think so. I wish Seattle could be so bold. I remember a couple years ago we had a similar situation in the Seattle High Schools. I can't remember how it ended up, but I remember there were quite a few parents who wanted the recruiters OUT, and they were PISSED that the schools were giving recruiters info on their kids. I work with a guy who lives in this county, but not in the city, who was about ready to pass out knuckle sandwiches to get the recruiters to leave them alone. The fuckers wouldn't even keep from calling during dinner time. So...

I have to say I agree with the opposition on this one to wit:

"It's very, very important for everyone to stand united ... to give our Marines and all of our military the greatest respect and honor that they deserve."

They're right. We really should unite. And absolutely, we should give them all the respect and honor they deserve. The only problem is that the opposition and I disagree on HOW this should be done. I can't speak for (all) of them in any definitive manner, but we need to

1) Get them the hell out of there. Does no fucking good to argue that they should never have been there, just get them out. They deserve better then to be toys for Dubya's amusement.

2) We need to fully fund the Veteran's Administration in all respects. We need to revitalize and enhance the GI bill, and that does NOT mean employ more bill collectors to harass returning/ wounded soldiers about missing equipment. Walter Reed and all hospitals and outpatient facilities need total renovation and modernization.

3) While I HATE this war and all it's done to the world and this country, we should have had a draft all this time. There is NO fucking way the burden this, or ANY, war should fall on the shoulders of a class of people: the young out of work kids from recession hit families and cities. If the cause is so fucking noble, then let the lily white assed country club kids have their chance at heroism. Basically...

We show respect by what we DO. What we say, doesn't mean shit. And in the meantime...

Refuckyoucans are threatening the city AND the University of Cal-Berkeley with the RECALL of DEDICATED funds. Hmmmm... Is this another of those dirty little secrets the press won't talk about? How the Bush crime syndicate controls congress and the masses? Did they threaten Pete Stark into his tearful apology? Did they threaten Chris Dodd into dropping his filibuster? Did they threaten Webb who held Congress in session over the holidays? Did they threaten Landrieu from Louisiana, or bribe her with empty promises of more polluted FEMA trailors? What about McCaskill from Missouri? What do they have to hold over her? And over the other Dems who sold us down the river by failing to keep Dub from having his Goddamn retroactive/ ex post facto telecom immunity in his Spy on Innocent Citizens Act? ???

Remember that, all you who failed so miserably to support the only Presidential candidate who believed in the constitution: Dennis Kucinich.

What matters is what you DO!

What a dumb ass

Monday, February 11, 2008

OK. It Was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

I got tagged. This meme, or whatever you call it, has been allllllll over the place. I just so happened to be reading at Jen's and saw that she tagged me at the end. My apologies to anyone else, if they tagged me first and I didn't see. Here be zee rules:

1) Pick up the nearest book

2) Go to page 123

3) Read through the first 5 sentences

4) Plagar... post the next three

[5) See if you can say something interesting and original about them]

So... from Bush on the Couch by Justin A Frank, M.D.

While one could argue that many politicians share one or two of these traits, it's difficult to name a single politician who exhibits all of them. When viewed together, they form a pattern of related linguistic misfires and abuses that raises startling and profound questions. Not surprisingly, Bush's wayward way with words reminds us once again of the learning and coping mechanisms he uses to try to tame the chaos that rages in his mind.

Ooooeee... I have to confess to not having read the entire book yet, so this makes me wonder what "All of these traits" are? Then when he goes further and says not just "linguistic misfires," but "linguistic abuses," he reinforces my belief that Dubya is not a moron who accidentally butchers the language, but that he's smart enough to use the misuse of language as a manipulative tool. Perhaps one of those "profound questions," eh?

His "wayward way with words..." like "dissembling?" Nice way to talk about his butchering of the language, but regardless of how you say it, it supposedly reminds us of TWO deficiencies: Deficiencies of learning mechanisms, and deficiencies of coping mechanisms. To me this says Dub can't cope, because he can't learn (from experience.) His language butchery are exhibits of his attempts to hammer square pegs into round holes. And of course, failing, consistently, "to tame the chaos that rages in his mind" (such as it is)... Does that really need embellishment?

I know the meme says 3 sentences, but I'm going to go beyond and include a fourth sentence; the one that ends the paragraph from which the first three came:

Moreover, closer inspection suggests that Bush doesn't just struggle with language; he perverts it, in ways that reveal a capacity for indifference and contempt that reverberates far beyond the written or spoken word.

As I've said many times before: The genus of Bush/Rove was to convince the world he was a moron; to get people to "misunderestimate" him; to thereby truly become the master of low expectations. He's just a stupid drunk frat boy, right? Yeah, who's fucked up the country and the world in ways no one could have imagined a US president ever would. And I do remember Nixon, so there.

No tags; I'd probably just hit people a second time.

Sometimes You Gotta Ask, WTF? ???

And it's not always cuzz of something a Refuckyoucan does either. I'm going to apologize to this guy in advance, because I don't want him to get the idea that I think ill of him, by introducing him in a post where I also mention the dregs of society.

I ran across this guy by a convoluted process: I was reading comments on one of DCup's posts, and found one by the Angry Ballerina. Somehow from her blog, I was led to this guy. I wanna say right here that all three of these people can write. And write well. And be interesting while doing so. So anyway...

While I don't necessarily hit these folks every single day, I know of them when I see one of their comments. So it was just a bit ago that while reading comments to a post of JP's, that I found a link to this one by the Minstrel Boy. I mean, I've heard of truffles. I've heard of live blogging. For some fucking reason, Live Truffle Blogging... WTF?


Ms Angry

Mr Minstrel

Welcome to my humble abode and blog roll.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Plundering of My Virginity or...

I did my first caucus yesterday. Whoopty Fuckin' Do. My precinct shook out pretty much like the whole state did. Of our six alloted delegates, we sent 4 for Barack and 2 for Hillary. I did have some thoughts about being a hard core undecided and maybe that way move along in the process and get to inject an issue or two, like say TRUE universal health care as opposed to the Faux brands out there in Mittsachussetts. Mandated/forced coverage is NOT universal. When it comes time to choose between food on the table or an insurance card in your pocket, people WILL choose to eat, and risk the fines imposed. Kucinich and Edwards had the best ideas, but as I've cried before, they're gone. Anyway...

I went with Barack.

Even though he's incredibly naive, thinking Refuck/conservative/corporate entities actually have any intent of cooperating or agreeing to anything but their ideas lock, stock and barrel.

I hope he proves me wrong. He is after all a very inspiring speaker. Maybe he'll be able to convince some of them that there is an entity out their more important than themselves. That would be the country... this one... the USA... and that perhaps giving up and giving back just a wee tad bit of their amassed fortune for the benefit of that country will in the end return to them with interest. Hop on my knee... story time..:

A couple of weeks before my mother in law's last, we had a guy at work come down with viral spinal meningitis. Now it's viral,so anti-biotics don't do shit for you. You just gotta ride it out. Well, we do have insurance, through the company/union, but we don't have sick days. So... the Mother fucker has to come to work sick, cuzz he can't afford to stay home and get better. LUCkily no one else came down with it, but a couple of us came down with nasty-assed-fucking colds that may have been weakened versions or related somehow. I missed 3 days, and my MIL is gone.

Because Morons like the Republican -- the other brother in law -- and his ilk, believe that ANYthing that goes to benefit the 90% that's in charge of 10% of the country's wealth, is a hand out -- although he's always looking for ways to get his meds for free, huh..? -- we lose shit loads of man hours and productivity because of secondary illnesses. Illness spread by people who can't afford to stay home and get better. Whoa....

oh yeah... caucuses...

Like I say, it was a first for me. Fairly simple really. We started out with 9 out of 72 people being undecided, but in the end they all declared. I think they went about 7-2 or 8-1 Obama. Then we chose real people to be delegates and alternates, with no whining, crying, pissing or moaning actually. A couple of people who offered themselves stepped back to allow some who reeeeeeeeally wanted the positions. Since I was going for the lesser evil, I could not, did not, try to become a delegate. There's a second round of caucuses in the next few weeks to choose delegates to the statewide convention, where they will then choose the delegates that move on the the national convention.

Did I mention that in the meantime we will also have a primary, complete with ballots and Diebold readers. Supposedly don't mean fuckall, but we're having it. Maybe I'll go cast a vote for Kucinich. Several of us actually bounced the idea around. What everrrrr...

All told, it took about 1 1/2 hours of my boob tubin' time that I'll never ever get back, butcha gotta do whatcha gotta do to try to bring some sanity back to the world, eh?

Saw some cuties I didn't know lived in the neighborhood too.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Things that Make You Want to Shit Your Pants

OK... make ME want to shit MY pants. Provided I don't have to sit in them afterwards.....

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a little sound bite of the fake-Texan-Fuckstain who wishes Reagan was his real daddy. Some shit about how important this upcoming election is.

"Peace and Prosperity hang in the balance." Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

So, does this fuckwad believe that we now live in peace and prosperity? and that if a Dem wins that we'll lose them? ??? or

Does he believe, or rather realize, that he was the one who squandered a surplus to make room for record deficits and a recession soon to become a depression? while involving us in two wars? one for at best questionable reasons, the other for no good reason at all except that it's more fun to play with real people soldiers than plastic ones? ??? Is he trying to be subliminibable and tell us to elect a Dem and maybe, possibly get a little economic sanity back, while making some efforts to bring a bit of peace to the world? ??? ?????

The shit that spews from this fucktard's mouth never ceases to amaze me. I have to wonder if he believes his own lies, or if he's lied so much and so often that he's incapable anymore of knowing the difference between lies and truth?

And BTW Tennesseeans, learn from Katrina: You're on your fucking own.

Hmmm.... I should have realized C&L would have been on this when it happened. Oh well.

Caucus Day

What the fuck's a guy to do when he doesn't really like either candidate?

What the fuck's a guy to do when every candidate he chooses ends up dropping out?

What the fuck is the state/party doing sending out absentee ballots for a primary that means absofuckinglutely nothing? That's the one that really gets to me. The waste of time, money, trees, peoples' efforts when they fill them out and return them (provided spouses don't spill wine all over them) and the confusion caused by it all. Does my vote count? Do my caucus efforts count? Who the fuck decides this shit? How? When?

Do I fucking care? Should I fucking care?

Should I just stay home in front of the Hi-Def eating leftover ribs, watching basketball? While I grow more to resemble a basketball?

Fuck it.

Doing Some Catch-Up

Last weekend was pretty cool in some ways. We had both the Schtooper Bowl and Blogroll Amnesty Day. But in another way, last weekend was definately not cool: Saturday was -- there's no real graceful way to say it -- The last day of my mother-in-law's life.

Death is most always a bummer, but it can also be a relief in some ways. I will miss my MIL as she was always at the very least tolerant of me, if not always nice. The problem, as with most people when they age, was her health. She has a variety of physical ailments, that I'll not get into except to say that she inspired me to finally quit smoking -- I have not smoked since mid-August.

Probably her worst/most problematic ailment was her dementia. In her final days, she literally did not always know where she lived or who those were who were around her. It was very sad, and for my wife who took care of her, very frustrating.

I can only, at best, imagine how frustrating it must have been for my MIL. So...

As of Saturday, February 2, 2008, Elizabeth O Scott resides where the leaves don't need to be raked, standard Poodles don't need to be hoisted onto tables to be clipped, and weeds, if they appear at all, pull easily.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hmmm... Quick Question

I just caught a glimpse on the Oklahoma results that showed Hillster with something like 55% and Barack with 31%, so.....

Where are the rest of the fucking votes? ??? Edwards? Kucinich? Gravel?

I can't find anything on google.

They're Okies. Maybe all the kids at Oral Roberts U voted for a 3rd Dub term. yuh think?

Yea Mittens... You Go Girl !!!

Dontcha just love it when some rich asshole starts in with his, "We the people," shit. Just caught a bit of the Mittster's, what would you call it; Victory speech? He won ONE primary today, and that was his home fucking state. Not a whole hell of a lot better return on his campaign dollar than Rudy got, eh?

Biggest thing to me, has been watching the Redneck vote, both red and blue. I'm not surprised that Fuckabee is making a show down there. He's Baptist, although to his discredit, he went to seminary. Hey, I shit you not, lots of genetic nightmares down there really think like that: Preachers who go to school aren't "called." Back to the Fuckster.... he like his women barefoot and at home, su'mittin to their men. Rednecks love sales taxes.. exise taxes.. taxes that basically fuck the poor. Like the Huckafuck they really do think that's fair: "Everone pays the same." Too bad they can't figure out that they're paying a MUCH higher percentage of their blacklung earned wage than their coal-baron boss. In all fairness, I can't do percentages on my fingers and toes. Why else do they like him... Oh... I'll bet he can't name half of the countries on the globe. He might know we're bordered by Canada and Mexico, although I don't know how he explains so many illegals coming across our border with Pakistan...? No shit. What everrrrrr.....

Dontcha love the add of McCain's? The one about how he's more Reagan than Raygun was? My surge, my surge. The true social conservative... Why doesn't he just say, "If you're an ignorant moron, you gotta love me."

Must drive a lot of those creatures down there fucking crazy trying to figure out whether to vote for a woman or a black man. I'm really surprised there are so many people wanting to vote for the two of them. Still, I can't help but find it interesting...: Barack's got South Carolina from the other week, and today picks up Georgia and Alabama. Then Hilly gets Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma. As I write, Missouri is too close to call.

I can't claim that I have any great insight into why things are shaking out this way. Having lived in East Tennishoe (Knoxvoid, and to be exact) for several years, I would have expected a statewide vote of 5-2 or something like that. Maybe they're growing up down there (finally). After all it was 1968 when they all followed the segregationist pied piper George Wallace and handed the Presidency to Tricky Dick Nixon. The first Refuckyoucan Preznit to try to skirt the Constitution. Oddly enough though, they would vote solid Refuck for Prez, yet would vote for Democratic Senators, Reps and Govs. Face it: They vote solidly, anti-civil rights. Anti rights for blacks. Anti rights for women. Anti anything pro-non-white-male.

No shit.... I once asked where I could find brown rice...? I was told to look in the gourmet isle. They also consider Roman Meal to be Wheat Bread. I shit you not. Any way....

That's your Schtooper Toosdee coverage from my side of the black hole.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hey Bill !!! Either one of You !!!!

What was the score of the fucking game? ???

I just missed Keith O's "Worst Person," segment tonight, but I did catch his segment on yesterday's game. So he shows a little clip of Richardson and Clinton, supposedly watching the game. Yeah right. One, this was supposedly just two buddies getting together. With TeeVee cameras? Two, and this is the one that reeeeeeally gets me:

Who the fuck goes over to a buddy's house to watch the Super Bowl and

Bush shit, phonies.
^^ That was a typo, but on second thought, I think I'll leave it.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

You Are what You Eat?

Rut Roh! I know eating raw clams is iffy, but my favorites, the bearded varieties, don't lend themselves to cooking.

h/t to the Firestarter and the little digg tool he has in his sidebar.

This Really did Happen. YOWSA! !!!

I heard about this on Stephanie Miller the other morning, but since my cold this past week, my one ear is plugged and the other's not so great, so I wasn't really sure that I heard what I heard. Here it is though, via C&L once again: Ann Cuntner endorsing Hillary. And she looks so fucking serious. Like she could actually means it. Unnnnnn fuckingggggg Beeeeee lievable.

Could this be some Rovian stroke of genius? Like masking Dubya's soulless, heartless, unscrupulous, immoral greed and avarice, behind moronishness? ??? I can imagine the collective groans emitted nationwide by all Hillary supporters... that feeling of fear like the blood flowing out through the soles of one's feet felt by Hillary herself. Even Bill's feeling of helplessness as he realizes that there's no way he's going up that skirt in any effort to discredit the great stick-figure-from-hell. Oh well....

It not like no one never said she was a polarizer. Hillary, that is.

DNC... the Do Nothing (?) Committee? ???

Over at Betmo's other corner, there's a link to an article by Laura Flanders, praising the efforts of John Dean to rebuild the Democratic Party's infrastructure and organization... his Fifty State Strategy. As much as I like reading, and listening to, Laura Flanders, and as much as I do respect the vision and efforts of Dean, I could only read halfway through before I felt frustration build almost to rage.

About a month ago, I agreed to pledge $20 to the DNC. Chicken feed, I know, but still. You get on one fucking mail-list-for-sale, and pretty soon you got everybody crawling up your asshole looking for pennies. Even at the time I was reluctant. I had to first make sure the lady to whom I was talking didn't work for Rahm Emanuel -- he seems to nobless obligie or noblessie oblige or... he seems like a haughty fucking prick. Then I had to bitch about why the Party was so silent about Kucinich being blackballed by the media and shut out from debates, not the I got a totally satisfactory answer. Somehow, they finally got me to agree to the $20, although lemme tell me, I don't remember their first request, but it wasn't that fucking low. So...

I got a reminder notice the other day. Like I have an overdue library book; at least they have sense enough not to try charging me a late fee; for now. Oh and of course in the mean time they also sat back while Edwards got shunned like a hot-to-trot little Amish girl. So, before I consider parting with twenty of my hard earned, yet worthless, dollars, I would like to fucking know....

What the fuck do these people really fucking do? ??? I mean for ME? ??? and You too, ok. But seriously,

Are they delivering the BEST candidates?

Are they pushing the truly important issues?

Are they EVER going to do,
or say,
about that criminal fuck stain's action? ???

What the fuck will my $20 dooooooo......???????? By someone a mouse pad? A mug for their pens and pencils? Some bulbs for their light box? I know... a calling card so they can make more calls for more money, to buy more phone time to make more calls to make more money, tobuymoretimetomakemorecallstomakemoremoney...........

I must have been left behind as a child, eh? In need of some edjuhkayshun? what...

In the meantime, here's a lesson on better things we can all do with pennies up our assholes

Thanks to Doug, Chancellor of the Sexchequer.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day


email skippy if you want the code to this logo!

Well... As I understood things from Blue Gal (who was kind enough to give me a few pointers along my way), the idea behind BAD was for people to post links to blogs less trafficked than their own. Usually that's a bit difficult in my case as I only average maybe 5 hits/day MAX. A big day, a huge spike in ratings, is 17 hits. Now there have been two very notable exceptions: Twice I have been linked to on the blog round up at Crooks and Liars. Most recently this past Wednesday, resulting in over 300 hits. Miniscule by Kos standards, but a hell of a day for me (Thank You very much Mr Finnigan). The first time I squandered my opportunity, by immediately developing a writer's block which lasted a month. Every writer should have a point when he writes, and mine attempt at one is this:

I initially decided that I would link to anyone who left a comment on my blog, and I believe I have done so. I will also adopt the Swiftian policy of linking to anyone who blogrolls me. Leave me a comment, drop me an e-mail or send smoke signals, and it shall be done.

If somehow I am still missing the point of this day, well, forgive me please and perhaps correct me via comment or e-mail.