Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Constitutional Scholar at Work Once Again

Amazing what an executive order can do when it aligns with your beliefs and desires. And we have moral standing to complain about Iran, North Korea or any other nation on earth holding one of our citizens?

I don't think so, I am ashamed to say. And still this ass hole thinks the left should get behind him. The constitution is something you are supposed to uphold as president. I learned that in my 8th grade civics class.

This on the day he signs the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Couldn't ask for a better smoke screen to hide behind. He learned his lessons from Dubya quite well.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Next Up for Obama:

Lemme guess. An announcement on "Austerity Measures." That's code for the size and voltage of the cattle prod we're about to get up our tailpipes. A meeting with Labor leaders is next.

Was it two weeks ago the Newt spouted about how Obama should ask CEOs what THEY thought their tax rate should be? He forgot to mention that convicted embezzlers and grifters should decide their fates, but he'll get to that, I'm sure. But this idea of CEO's deciding what government policy should be isn't new. Not that very many of us are old enough to remember.

Shit We Already Knew

Erin Burnett ended her schpiel on Morning Joe today with:
" cuts do not drive hiring..." demand does.
Not sure where she got that; finally. I was sitting only kinda half listening. Thanks Erin.

We can argue lots of things regarding taxes and tax cuts, but don't try to tell me that cutting taxes in and of itself is somehow good for the economy, that it will "create jobs." It just isn't so, and NOTHING good will come from Obama's cave in except that it will postpone disaster for a portion of the unemployed. I repeat: A portion of the unemployed.

He just as well have asked for funding for Hoovervilles.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Change at Quarterback?

So Bubba comes off the bench and handles the White House press corps while Obama goes off to whatever it is irrelevant preznits do. Something about his wife and a Christmas reception.... new instructions from a "party crasher?" Who knows. Bubba... the last President to have a balanced budget and a surplus, is now defending Obama's decision/surrender to extend the Dubyacit, and make it his own. Proof of Micheal Moore's assertion that he was the best republican president we've ever had.

So does this make Obama a republican? Or does it retroactively make Dubya a socialist? Same shit, different bucket: Debt is stimulative. Up is down and black is white; the sky is green and grass is blue. There is sooooooooooooooooooooo much wrong with this and only one single solitary good point: The unemployment extension. And even THAT is flawed.

This ASS HOLE is hiding behind the skirts of 2,000,000 unemployed people -- while he abandons just as many... the "99ers" -- so he can join his regressive buddies in protecting 1-2% of the population. Cuzz he so LOVES to help people who don't need help. At least when he's not working to bring about enhanced Hooverism and the glories of an Even Greater Depression.

The needs of the few out-weigh the needs of the many.

In the end, there is NO lasting good that will come from this. They know this; Goolsby's admitted it. And yet, the message is that this is a good deal? This total failure in policy, negotiation, marketing, economic/accounting/arithmetic... will provide a WEALTH of case study for future generations. Even MSNBC, the so-called "left wing network, is hawking the story:
"Lot's of talk about the tax..." "....Will it add to the deficit..."
DUUUHHHHHH!!!!!! Jesus Aitch on a popfuckingscicle stick would you assholes STOP with the insults to my intelligence. I will NEVER eat the shit you feed me and agree that it's fudge.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Austan Goolsbee...

Report to the principal immediately!

Sorry for the lack of a link, in an interview with Rachel Maddow last night he admitted what we all know already: Obama's extensions of the Billionaire Bailouts will NOT improve the economy and that they are NOT good for the country, but that doesn't matter. It's still a good deal.

Somehow he and/or Obama and his bubblemates believe that in 2012, we will see that they don't work and we will see that they need to be repealed. in some way that isn't evident now? in some way that wasn't evident when they were proposed and passed in 2001 and 2003? or when Reagan passed his.

The utter stupidity of these people amazes me. Their willingness to insult OUR intelligence offends me beyond expression.

Fucker needs to realize we can figure out who he really represents without him officially coming out of the closet.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long Term Game

One of the things Obama said yesterday, as he so unsurprisingly attacked his one-time base in defending his new-found BFFs, was that "we" need to understand that this is a long term game. WTF? 'scuse me?

Who was it who gave in the stimulus package before Roberts had even put the inaugural bible back on the shelf? When the regressive caucus informed him that they were going to oppose as a block before they even knew what was in it? ??? US? don't think so.

From issue fucking ONE, YOU Mr Preznit have consistently rolled over for belly rubs and then attacked US when we haven't rushed to your defense as they have just as consistently and expectedly gone for your throat. We are somehow supposed to sit back and accept your would-be-marketable reform-like legislation because you have some pipeline to an unseen source of wisdom that we can't possibly grasp at the time decisions are made? ??? Yeah, we'll understand things as we see what's included. Down the road. In the coming months. Years. History will vindicate you.

As gifted a speaker as you are, you can't just tell us? I don't think your problem is process oriented. Ever think it might have to do with the grossly substandard content? A little? ???

When things look like shit and smell like shit, I ain't gonna believe it's going taste like fudge. down the road. In the coming months. Years...

Look, get a clue. There are the people who voted for you, and the people who voted against you. The next time people vote, who's going to vote for you after four years of pissing off the ones who voted for you the first time? ???

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Mr President,

Fucking CAN IT !!! " There are many issues about which I'm itching to fight, " ???

Oh really? Just what the fuck would those issues be? Since as yet you have NOT fought one wit. And stop re-litigating OUR lack of gratitude at what a truly wondrous health care bill you got through. Something in there is OUR fault?

I'm ashamed to a degree to agree with Charles Krauthammer, but he was right in his assessment of you and your staff's bubble mentallity: That we suffer from "Obama Under-appreciation Syndrome."

There's simply no other way to put it: You are full of shit.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another Something I Hope I Never Understand

On David Gregory's Meet the Press Republifest, his panel of David Brooks, Mike Murphy and Thomas Friedman -- I'm not sure where on the spectrum Katty Kay sits, but I didn't hear her do much contradicting and correcting -- Murphy spouts the notion -- in addition to the nonsense of "Obama campaigned from the center but governed from the left" that Gregory continues to allow to stand as conventional wisdom and/or accepted fact, Murphy also spews that the republican prescription for winning a sweep in 2012 is that, "We can run the economy."

And he was serious when he said this. Honestly. I'm not lying. And of course no one contradicted him.

No matter that Reagan and both Republican president since has set new records for deficits. No matter that we lost record numbers of jobs during Dubya's last months in office... that not only the nation's but the WORLD's banking system, its deregulated banking system crashed during Dubya's last months... no matter that our revenues stand at a 50 yr low, along with our individual tax levels... no matter that no matter how the fuck you look at it, there is NO empirical evidence to back up this notion of republican fiscal responsibility, Neither presently NOR historically...

No one contradicted him.

Fuckin amazing.

And there's a liberal bias to the press? ???

The last two presidents to submit balanced budgets to congress for approval?

DEMOCRAT Jimmy Carter and DEMOCRAT (at least in name) Bill Clinton.

A Self Explanatory Little Something

Obama Scandal List: Table of Contents

Found at CorrenteWire. Proof that the comments sections are often worth reading. This is also the site where I bought the T-shirt I'm wearing.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Congratulations once again...

To the minority. You can go to C-Span -- where they do a pretty piss-poor job of describing what they're talking about -- and see the roll call vote tallies, and make note that 11 regressives didn't bother to vote at all... the same thing for which they tried to crucify the great compromiser, Obama. But I digress.

Working class conservatives, This is what you voted for? A crew led by John Mr Chicken Shit Boner, and Mitch McMushmouth to tell you they think you're worthless? You're serious? How deep does your self loathing run? If I ever understand the voting motivations of working class, middle class blue (or white) collar conservatives, PLEASE, someone shoot me. on the other hand...

Why aren't those clowns standing up in diapers doing a REAL filibuster that the "low information" ill informed, ie STUPID voters can actually see and hear? Would they believe it even then?

Just let the fucking tax cuts go away. They were stupid and irresponsible when they were enacted. They're stupid and irresponsible now. And it's stupid and irresponsible to even consider continuing them. If they're so essential to "creating jobs" -- as if jobs appear from thin air -- why do we have a job crisis? Are Rush Limplog, Sean Vannity, Glenn Brick, et al going to pool their tax refunds together to form some corporation to manufacture....? Don't insult my intelligence. There's far more money to be made in paper bullshit and bubble filler than in actually producing anything of use and value.

The idea behind reaganomics voodoo economics, that people will become so rich from collecting their interest and dividends, that just out of shear boredom they will ... create jobs for people to do... what exactly..? This is the epitome of ludicrous iositiousness... it's fucking stupid.

Reagan ==> Tax cuts = record deficits
Aitch Dub ==> Tax cuts = new record deficits
but that wasn't enough
Dubya ==> Tax cuts = new and improved record deficits... that "Reagan taught us don't matter"

Can we please acknowledge reality? end the fucktardery? ???

Friday, December 3, 2010

What's a Stab in the Back Among Friends, eh?

Help keep this add in Obama's face.

One more illustration of why I've never liked this guy, and why Ed Schultz was right to tell Robert Gibbs the White House inner circle was full of shit:

The White House isn’t overly impressed with Nancy Pelosi’s rapid passage of a measure permanently extending tax cuts only for middle-class earners – or by reports that a deal with the GOP on the cuts is imminent.

In a statement seemingly intended to douse the entire Hill in cold water, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs faintly praised Democrats’ passage of the extension for families making $250,000: “The President continues to believe that extending middle class tax cuts is the most important thing we can do for our economy right now and he applauds the House for passing a permanent extension.”

He quickly added: “But, because Republicans have made it clear that they won’t pass a middle class extension without also extending tax cuts for the wealthy, the President has asked Director Lew and Secretary Geithner to work with Congress to find a way forward. Those discussions started just yesterday and are continuing this afternoon.”

Hill Democrats were unimpressed and said Gibbs’s statement only served to reinforce their fear that the administration had already given up the idea of challenging the GOP to vote for the middle-class cuts – or let all of them expire by the end of the year.

But if a deal is really in the offing, Gibbs warned that it would come later rather than sooner.

These clowns are just hell bent on turning the White House and government back over to the regressives. And to think some people were worrying about them trying to impeach Obama. Why get rid of the gumby when you can twist him into any shape you damn well please.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Profile in Cowardice

Obama appoints another of his commissions to fuck over America. This time the "object" is to find common ground on the Bush Bailout for Billionaires -- his tax cuts -- and offer a "compromise" provide skirts behind which he can hide.

Does ANY one really believe that there is ANY possibility of ANY other outcome than for these idiotic, irresponsible, economy killing tax cuts to continue? A temporary extension? Two years? Why not just package up the 2012 election right now with a big ass bow on it.

ohh... but the commission is bipartisan. Whoopty fucking do. McMushmouth has come out and said, among other things, that if there's to be any compromise it will have to be on their terms. Where the fuck in that statement is there any room for compromise? ??? "Compromise" to these ass hats means doing things their way. Period.

Obama today: The American people didn't vote for grid lock. (So since they won't move, I'll just have to roll over again and let them plant a great big Cleveland Steamer on me) (<== ht to Lisa/DCup on that one) Stupid mother fucker's the best thing that ever happened to the refucks since... since... ever.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh How Fucking Nice...

Faux Noise at it again: Asking Claire McKaskill, "Where is your independence from this president?" Code for, "Where are your republican-lite votes?" Any way....

Lindsay graham, "When I retire I'll have a military retirement, a conggressional retirement, along with Social Security. I'm certainly willing to give up some of my social security benefits, and I'm sure many seniors are as well to..." (bring our spending to reasonable levels) <== or some such bullshitioous string of words to agree with the cat food commission findings. Dude... Mr Senator... Ass Wipe... Why not give up your congressional pension? You wrote into law that the US auto workers had to gut their pensions.

This is sooooo typical of our ruling class -- and make NO mistake that our tax code, our corporatized elections and SCOTUS' ruling on unlimited corporate cash ARE creating a ruling class -- that willingness to "sacrifice" what they don't need for the greater good. Things like SS, Medi Care, reformed health care.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Obama's Pet Prick Strikes Again

I can't wait to hear Gibbs announce that Obama stands behind this crockshitious ass-hattery. Once again. I mean after all, he shows such courage in the face of outrage from his ever dwindling supporters.

Would someone at Faux News please get pissed at this pond scumulous douchebag so we can be rid of him it? ???

I Obama was a phony ever since his FISA stance, but never in my scariest fucking nightmares did I ever expect this cess pool of centrist-wanna-be fucktardulous efforts to rehabilitate the Refuckyoucan party. When will this fucking clown grow some god damned balls.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So What will Rise from the Ashes?

Obama lost us the House.

Somehow he managed to not lose us the Senate. Of whatever use that bunch is.

The Blue Dog Caucus lost half its members.

The Progressive Caucus kept 95% of theirs.

We lost Russ Feingold.

We lost Alan Grayson.

Maybe one of them can become Party Chairman and rebuild it like Howard Dean. But that would go against Obama's corporatist wishes.

Was it 106 (?) LGBT people elected to office?

Repubs promise no compromise. Wow... that's a surprise.

Obama, Reid (repubs should be thankful he got re-elected to ... whatever he calls his panty-waisted suck-uppery), Biden all promise that they're ready to compromise. Wow. What a fucking surprise. But why break trends? Why lead?

This election makes no sense.

America just drank sand.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

anudder example of conservative jeanius

Meg Whitman endorses Jerry Brown in her add for... herself?

Nice to see a Democrat use their brains and run ON their record, not from it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

But What About the Death Panels?

From the Plague on America

Of course, Americans remember that
President Obama argued his government
takeover of health care was the single most
important thing we could do to address our
growing debt crisis. This notion has since
been thoroughly discredited: we now know
the new health care law will mean more
financial pain for seniors, families, and the
federal government. We offer a plan to
repeal and replace the government
takeover of health care with common
sense solutions focused on lowering costs
and protecting American jobs. We will
enact real medical liability reform; allow
Americans to purchase health coverage
across state lines; empower small
businesses with greater purchasing power;
and create new incentives to save for future
health needs. We will protect the doctorpatient
relationship, and ensure that those
with pre-existing conditions gain access to
the coverage they need. We will
permanently end taxpayer funding of
abortion and codify the Hyde Amendment.

I see no mention of them repealing the Death Panels? Are republicans in favor of death Panels? I thought they were one of the major reasons the VAST majority of Americans wanted the measure repealed... not enacted in the first place rather.

What about it sister Sarah? the bride of Chuckie Grassely? Is the lack of attention because they don't exist? Heavens.... Can it be they were a lie? Nooooo... Refuckyoucans never lie.

More from the Plague:

Ensure Access for Patients with Pre-
Existing Conditions
Health care should be accessible for all,
regardless of pre-existing conditions or past
illnesses. We will expand state high-risk
pools, reinsurance programs and reduce the
cost of coverage. We will make it illegal for
an insurance company to deny coverage to
someone with prior coverage on the basis of
a pre-existing condition, eliminate annual
and lifetime spending caps, and prevent
insurers from dropping your coverage just
because you get sick. We will incentivize
states to develop innovative programs that
lower premiums and reduce the number of
uninsured Americans.

Now where have I heard that before? ??? Geeee...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can we say....

Too stupid to be morons? ???

well... THEY can. and they did.

Un Fucking Believable. I can only wish it wasn't believable. The only question remaining for the mid terms now is, what kind of feathers should go with their tar, as they get run out of town on rails. And that'll be OUR fault I suppose?

Three fucking elections.... six fucking years of building Democratic majorities. All down the shitter. Welcome to DC Ms Angle... Mr Paul... Ms O'Donell

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spoiled-Brat Electorate? UPDATED

My hairy fat fucking ass...

Mr Robinson,
Most times when you make an appearance on TV, I find myself in general agreement with what you have to say. However, when I heard you referring to a spoiled brat electorate, I got pretty damn pissed off, to put it mildly.

I have NEVER liked Obama. It has nothing to do with his color. It has nothing to do with his religion -- that's his business and his alone. It has nothing to do with his being a Socialist -- I WISH he was even remotely liberal. Which makes it (almost) needless to say that it has nothing to do with his having the most leberal voting record in the Senate -- A lie Pat Buchanan loves to tell and a true insult to Bernie Sanders.

I first began to hate Obama when he rolled over and supported the latest deformation of FISA. I found it ludicrous that he would use in his defense the notion of it containing an exclusivity clause stating that this was the only law regulating surveillance, or some such nonsense. I may not remember his exact words, but I remember vividly the scene on his campaign jet, and his gesturing, holding his fingers to his thumb as he explained this to Ed Schultz, who gave him a free pass on the issue. As if George Dubya SigningStatement Bush would obey the law no matter how many such clauses it contained. As if anyone with ANY credibility as a constitutional scholar would endorse a bill that gutted the Fourth and Fifth Amendments. As if anyone with any understanding of the constitution beyond eighth grade civics would not see retro active immunity for the telecoms law breaking as being ex-post-facto. Barack Obama wasn't the only one, but he committed treason the day he voted in favor of that bill.

When he claimed that he would gather people from the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, medical experts, etc, etc to sit around the table and do what was best for America, I was not encouraged. I wondered if he was naive, stupid, playing on what he perceived as OUR naivete or stupidity, or just simply a liar. After Mr Gibbs complaints about the professional left, Keith Olberman played a clip of an Obama speech that laid out at least 6 promises that Obama later broke or just plain ignored during the Baucus Caucus negotiations. The one I remember most -- and the reason I did not vote for Patty Murray in our primary -- was his promise that he would push for the RE-importation of drugs from Canada. That promise that he negotiated away... In secret until it was revealed that he'd broken ANOTHER promise in that he was dealing with (a) Lobbyist(s)... in secret. The simple fact is, as it always was and always will be, is that no corporation is going to willingly negotiate away their profits.

Again, pointing to the phoniness of his Constitutional scholarship, he refuses to investigate, indict and prosecute the war crimes of the Bush administration, and defends those who "followed orders in good faith," I'm awaiting his pardoning of those convicted at Nuremberg, who claimed they were just following orders. More of his phoniness: He has looked for a way to continue with indefinite detentions of those Gitmo inmates who might be acquitted at trials. Even the North Korean crazy man doesn't hold innocents as "enemy combatants."

Full disclosure: I voted for Obama. Because he wasn't a senile war monger with the idea of not only continuing Dubya's irresponsible tax cuts, but making them deeper. The bar was set so high.

When the Congressional mid-term blood bath occurs, don't blame the unmotivated, disappointed, disheartened, betrayed democratic electorate. Blame the one who IS to blame: Barack Obama. HE is the one who removed Howard Dean who re-built the party through his Fifty State Strategy, in favor of... Oh yeah, Tim Keane. Almost forgot. Obama was the one who made Dean-hater Rahm Emmanuel his chief of staff. The one who calls us retards and tells us we waste effort and money when we support candidates who support OUR views: Bill Halter. Obama was the one who endorsed the one(s) who voted against him: Blanche Lincoln. He refuses to impose any sanctions on republican in everything but name Joe Lieberman. He refuses to push Harry Reid to call the republicans' bluff and make them actually filibuster. He refuses to answer to the voters who voted him in.

Faux News complains about Van Jones, with trumped up charges and lies. Obama abandos him. Faux News smears Shirley Sherrod, again with lies, he abandons her. Faux News smears ACORN -- say it with me now -- with lies and Congress gets in on the act of abandionment by writing a bill defunding them, WITHOUT any investigation or trial Obam signs it, further cementing his legacy as a Constitutional Phony for not recognizing it as the bill of attainder that it was. PLease tell him I think he's a phony. PLease, please, pleeeeeeeease. tell him Chris Harmatta who writes the little blog The Great Endarkenment, believes he's a phony through and through, as he now stands firmly behind Fox News darling Alan Simpson who salivates at the idea of gutting Social Security and Medi Care.

You must not play poker, Mr Robinson, or surely you would recognize that stance for the "tell" that it is: Obama WANTS to gut those programs as well. He's just too cowardly to do it himself.. He needs a "bi partisan" commission who's collective skirts he can hide behind. Maybe in their deranged hatred of the man the Republicans will unwittingly do the American people a favor and save Social Security by voting against the commission's findings, and Obama's wishes.

We certainly have no evidence that we can trust the man himself.


Christopher Harmatta,

And while I'm at it... The fact that the Democrats are left in a position that ALL we have to compaign on is, "Don't let the Republicans get back in power, because they'll destroy America," is sad, sick and demented and a true sign of what a failure Obama has been. We/he should be mopping the damn floor with those a-holes, showing what douchebags they are, instead because he's kow towed, dithered and watered down every single possible act of TRUE reform that actually does something for people besides those who don't need anything and chased after phantom support, all he can do is point out how incrementally different he is. They'll screw it up faster and worse than I will.

The fact of the matter is this: I... we liberals... we progressives... The people who voted in democratic majorities in both houses - not counting traitors like Liebermen and Nelson -- over the period of three elections, the ones who voted him in, we have NO ONE to vote for... NO ONE who stands for us.... NO ONE who listens to us. weare NOT abandoning Obama. He abandoned us long, long ago.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Profile Pic

The whole point of changing the damn thing was so you could read the damn message on the fucking shirt. Figured it out, but why can't things be simple?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Would Someone Please Remind Me...

Why I should support Obama and his wrecking crew? ???

"Alan Simpson has apologized and while we regret and do not condone his comments, we accept his apology and he will continue to serve." Catering to loathsome Republicans, the Obama White House at its best.
Cenk Uygur filling in for Ed Schultz

They forgot to mention how the mass public outcry shamed him so that it was punishment enough.

They forgot to mention that Breitbart and Faux Noise never called for his resignation.

Where's the promise that, "If you like what you have, you can keep it."? I guess if you're one of those new corporate-person hybrids created by the activist-conservative SCOTUS...

He's soooooo fucking good at helping people who don't need help.

Reminds me of Vietnam -- yes I'm old enough to remember; not quite old enough to have needed to dodge the draft:
We had to destroy the village to save it.
Yes, we can argue about the accuracy or validity of the original statement and its context, but it's sentiment and meaning remain: This is the Catfood Commission's, and ultimately the Obama administration's, approach to a problem that doesn't exist. In the end, it will be destroyed.

This is just one more in a string of Profiles in Cowardice brought to us by the administration of a cravenly opportunistic phony. I guaran-fucking-tee you that when the results come in, and the griping and wailing and gnashing of teeth ensues, that he WILL defend HIS decision to slash and burn what as been the most successful and beneficial government program ever devised, with his usual platitudes of how he's including Republican ideas from a bi-partisan commission, blah blah fucking blah.

This has NEVER been a commission to propose ideas. It's a commission to defend a decision that he's already made.

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Have a Nightmare...

Yeah, obviously it bothers me that these people are doing this, but what bothers me just as much if not more is that there are people who actually take them seriously enough to go listen.

When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag, carrying the cross.
Sinclair Lewis

Reading from your palm... incorrectly mispronouncing words... allowing yourself to be misunderestimated... declaring yourself to be the master of low expectations... This shit isn't cute. It's a deliberate effort to cover the fact that they are crazy and dangerous.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ken Mehlman UPDATED

A true profile in skum-bucketry.

And a true representative of the conservatard movement. Self loathing is one thing, but to sell your fucking soul (assuming he ever had one) to inflict that self loathing on millions of others, while inflicting the rest of us with Dubya... It's way beyond douchenozzlery, bullshitiousness, fuckwaddity, crockshitulous... It's beyond any words I know.

Don't expect forgiveness. Don't expect understanding. Expect from us the same loathing you feel from yourself. I sincerely hope that you live and die as miserable as your actions intended to make all the rest of us.

UPDATE: And according to this "troubled" pond-scumulous asswipe, gays should still vote refuckyoucan, because refuckyoucans ar the ones truly standing against the great Muslim hoard who hate gays. ???In some different way than the religious-rightwrong-wing-fundie backed refuckyoucans do???Who backed the efforts behind the Ugandan Kill The Gays laws??? Wha....???

Vote republican; We hate you for a higher purpose.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

Why the fuck should I care?

It's none of anybody's fucking business. but his.

Armey Don't Know Dick

Dick Armey, Tea Bagger and Astro Turfer extraordinaire appeared on Meet the Press yesterday, to push his fetish to end Medicare and Social Security. Somehow this asswipulous douchenozzle believes that it's unconstitutional to Promote the General Welfare. Go figure. He trots out his argument that a Seventh Day Adventist who has never and will never ever go see a doctor shouldn't have to pay into the system.

I'll tell you why, you dick, Dick. Because his payments support a system that protects his health, like it or not, by keeping those around him healthier. It's like a childless loner benefiting from schools by supplying a pool of educated people to surround them, making up for the fact that they might be an ignorant dumb shit.

Dick and conservatards like him just HATE seeing any benefits whatsoever reaching down to ordinary everyday people.

Closing in on a Mile

Paving stone: 10,000hits!!!

All right, so it's one giant step for me, one baby step for man kind. At best, but considering the fact that I never really wanted my own blog when I started... Thought I was leading up to a point, did you? Actually, Sitemeter already has me as past 10000 (10206 to be more exact), but they count differently than StatCounter does for some reason. Something in my settings; whatever.

Some might wonder why bother when a blog like Crooks and Liars sits at 391, 358, 351 hits. Hey, they linked to me a couple of times... mentioned me in the same sentence as The Rude Pundit once... BlueGal shows 842, 902 hits. She's given me kudos at least once I know. Daily Kos doesn't even bother showing their site stats, but they rank #7 on Sitemeter. I've always talked about averaging 6 hits a day... on good days. While I remember a guy I used to read bitch about ONLY getting 800 hits a day. He was a hell of a writer actually; I just got tired of his whine and cheese parties. I suppose I could be doing better if after every mention on a big blog I didn't become the proverbial deer in the head lights with writer's block.

I could look at myself as that one in the Apostle Paul's writing: The one who fights as beating the air, but I'd rather think of myself as defending my right to bitch.

My thanks to all who've visited and commented; if you're not listed in my blog roll, let me know and I'll correct it. My thanks to all who've linked to me. Most importantly my apologies to the many whose blogs and writings I've enjoyed over time, but have not mentioned here.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Decision 2012

Knowing that Obama's continuining demonstrations of Wishy-washy centrism on his good days, incompetence on average days, and out and out corporate whorism on his worst days. Or are those his good days? It's getting hard to tell. Oh... knowing that... that all that is going to ensure the end of his prenzitsy after one term, we're left with the question of a choice for 2012. Here it is:

Pac Man for Prez, 2012. (with a h/t to Raw Story)

Good to know our votes continue to be secure.

Good to know we can go forward with confidence with Alvin Greene's candidacy.

What are you going to believe? Your eyes?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally !!!!!!

The war that never ever ever, should have ever ever been started, except that some Jerkassoffolus needed to impress his mom, or show up his old man, or make good on a frat boy bet, or show the world how big he thought his dick was or... comes to an end. Kinda sorta.

What's a "non-combat troop?" ??? Because there's what, 50,000 of them still over there? So has the dying really ended? When the leading cause of death among troops is suicide, what the fuck? We have soldiers coming home who've known more war and fighting in their young adult lives than peace. How will they, how can they, fit in? ???

I lay the blame for every death, every disability, every wounded psyche, squarely at the feet of one George W Bush. May there be a special place in Hell for him.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The WTF of WTFs

I'm used to Obama disappointing me, but this guy? Come onnnnnn.... I wish there was some way to... But... fuckin' A... This guy was supposed to represent the Liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Who's next to jump ship? Dennis Kucinich? Will anyone stand for what's right in this country?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Profiles in Pussage UPDATED

Harry Reid had a chance to be the leader his position as Senate majority leader would seem to demand him to be. And he fucked up the wet dream. Crazy assed whacko, Sharon Angle challenged him to show some common sense and he met her half way to her crazy train. Instead of separating himself from her, by standing up for peoples' rights to worship as they please, he agreed with her that they should not.

I don't understand the whackiness. A "majority leader" who gets his ass handed to him on a regular basis by the minority, and a "constitional law professor and scholar" who governs as if he's never read it, and I'm NOT referring to Insurance Care or the stimulus bill. I'm beginning to wonder if his "professorship" amounted to being a TA or proctor, handing out test papers and collecting them afterward.

Whatever happened to the truths that are self evident? That are beyond argument.? As plain as the wart on the end of your nose and the pimple on your ass? Barry and Harry... stop acting like jello-mold twins, and stand up for what's right. If you're so worried about going down, go down in a blaze of glory, standing up for what's right and not with your tails between your legs.

Constitutional rights are NOT subject to the whims or will of "the people." When the issue of inter-racial marriage finally made it before the Supreme Court, 72% of people polled were against it. And the court told the nation to grow up. In the same fashion, it doesn't matter who doesn't want a mosque built where. Grow up...Shut up, you oppositional ass-hats. Some rights are unalienable, and this is one of them.

I don't know who this person is, but they sum things up pretty damn well:

h/t Bluegal @ Crooks and Liars

Monday, August 16, 2010

If You Build it...

?______? will come? They? Who? Muslims? So what. News flash. Muslims are already here. Have been for yeeeeeeears.

Terrorists? Another news flash. THEY've already been here. The name Timothy McVeigh ring a bell?

Peace? You never know. If while stamping their little feet, the assholes protecting the constitution would actually fucking proTECT the constitution, we might just see a little peace break out from the practice of a little bit of acceptance and tolerance.

It's called Park 51. It's a community center. Only a small part of which is the dreaded, offensive, stab-in-the-gut, slap-in-the-face mosque everyone is so lathered up about. It also has a swimming pool. I don't see any references to "male only," or "women only if wearing burkas." So it can't be hard-core conservative Tallibunny style Islamic facility. It also has a culinary school and restaurant. No doubt to indoctrinate us into the dietary laws of the Islamic faith. And a press room. HQ for Al Jazirah?

This issue is once again not about the "issue as presented." The fight over prop 8 is not really about gay people being together. The Arizona "papers Please" law is not about closing the border. Neither is the proposed repeal or reworking of the 14th Amendment. This issue is NOT about a mosque.

This is more than just hatred and bigotry and intolerance. This is about more than fanning the flames of the waning enthusiasm for the endless "War on Terror," by morphing it into the endless "War on Islam."

I am a native Pennsylvanian. One of only two states which truly practiced religious tolerance. Much as the Tea Qaida followers of Ms Tallibunny want to squawk about religious freedom and this being a christian nation, there were only Two states that put that into practice: Pennsylvania, founded by the Quakers, and Maryland founded by the Catholics. THAT is part of my heritage. This attack on Park 51 is an attack on that heritage.

Freedom of worship is a right that is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. There are no religions listed in that amendment. That being the case, Catholicism, Judaism, Protestantism -- whatever that is... everything from Quakers sitting still and quiet, to holy rollers and snake handlers -- deserve NO MORE protection than does Buddism, Hinduism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, Pastafarianism, and NO MORE than Islam.

That is simply what this country is about. Or should be.

Hitler had the Jews. Do we now have Muslims? That's where we're going. Not "we're," "they're," because "I" am not part of this nonsense.

And by the way... Mr Obama, Mr Reid, you should both be ashamed of yourselves for once again caving in to the Reich Wing talkers.

The Sum of all Stupidity w? Corrections

Results of a recent poll of right wing, conservative, bloggers show... well, here's the question:

Out of all the gangsters, serial killers, mass murderers, incompetent & crooked politicians, spies, traitors, and ultra left-wing kooks in all of American history — have you ever wondered who the worst of the worst was?"
Jimmy Carter tops the list.

I guess because of his solar panels defiling the White House roof? His campaigning for human rights? Granted he bungled the Iran hostage situation and the rescue attempt went tits up in a sandstorm, but when Dubya botches Tora Bora and two wars and an entire economy and... I guess anyone who could dream up a program like Habitat for Humanity has to be the embodiment of evil.

With few exceptions the more a person tries to benefit common, ordinary people, the worse they are. But what do we expect from a group who turns the stars on their emblem upside down?

And in a related story: Scarborough just can't make it over the hump in terms of reaching true journalistic integrity. This morning he attacks Newtie for his insane stance on the NY community center that a Muslim wants to build (good on you Joe...I'm actually proud of you on that one) but then turns around and attacks Obama for his claim that refuckyoucans want to privatize/kill Social Security. As if he's trotting out some bogeyman simply to get votes.

Granted, I'm pissed that Obama has to resort to fear mongering this election in any way in any form, but his centrist policies and appeasing of conservadems have put him their, but Paul Ryan, refuckyoucan from Wisconsin has been a gest on his show and has laid out in detail his plans to do just that: Privatize Social Security.*

JOE: Stop your fucking lying.

PS Joe thinks the survey results show a disconnect from reality. Odd that he can't see where HE'S disconnected.

CORRECTION: Mr Ryan only wants to "allow" people to invest up to 30% of their SS monies into the market. It gets interesting though because he will supposedly build in guarantees that your money can't be lost to you when it's lost in the market. As millions peoples' pensions were a short 2 years ago. Can we say bail out? Can we say "Dubya all over again."? Can so say fuckwitulously stupid?

his interviews with Mika and the Scar are readily available on You Tube.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Death by Tax Cut

Dubya's tax policies WERE his economic policies and they were the most irresponsible policies since... Reagan's. Aitch Dub had it right when he called Reaganomics "Voodoo Economics" but true to family form, sociopathic lust for power and position, he sold what was left of his soul by renouncing reality, suspending disbelief and common sense and embracing the fantasy.

When a person "sells" something that they don't believe, that IS evil.

Obama has his finger in the dike. He's temporarily slowed the hemorrhaging of jobs, but has failed to reverse the ongoing trend of another Voodoo invention, The Jobless Recovery. Jobs are not creted out of thin air. They aren't created by rich people bored with sitting on their money. They are created by demend. Most of all though, no matter how many might be created, they must be retained, and this is done by underlying economic policy, not tax policy or "stimulus packages."

The economic policies of the conservatards, especially since Reagan, do not inject money into the economy, they draw money out. Wall Street is a DRAIN with their "financial innovations" that go far beyond stocks and bonds. We have an economy where money does not chase goods as in previous times -- too much money chasing too few goods equals inflation -- we have an economy where money chases money: a Paper Chase, unlike the movie. Nothing is created; nothing is left behind; when the value of the paper disappears, there is no collateral beyond more paper. THAT is why "they" need our social security trust fund.

Unless Obama can change this fundamental policy, this Paper Chase, and I see no evidence that he desires to do so, nothing else he does will matter. We WILL have a depression.

He signed into law another of his should-be-famous Marketable Reform-Like Bills that relies on one of his favorite buzz words: Transparency. Somehow it's reform when banks draw up and sell fraudulent documents powered by saiboat fuel in a "transparent open exchange." The reality is that just like turning the lights on in a roach infested room doesn't make the roaches go away; it just makes them hide. They're still there in all their grossness. The credit default swaps, with no collateral beyond a wink and a promise of tax payer money -- loan sharks include a threat of a broken leg in their deals -- are still there. In all their economy-draining glory.

Keith Olberman can now Sleep Soundly

The truth is out, and so is she: Stephanie Miller has declared she is gay. Someone that smart and that hot, could only be a childless spinster with dusty old eggs and only two huge dogs and a box of wine for company for one of two reasons: She either wants to be, or she is gay. OK, there are other possible reason, neuroses, lunacy, raving bitchiness, but you catch my drift.

Was I surprised? No. I'm actually kind of surprised it took this long, but then she has that conservatard heritage, her father being Barry Goldwater's running mate, to overcome, as well as her, "My future husband_________," (fill in the blank with Olberman or whatever fearlessly outspoken liberal she happens to be interviewing) shtick.

Maybe one of these days society will be mature enough that people won't have to hide there affections and desires like this for so long Maybe one of these days society will be mature enough that people can feel free to love who they love with no fears. Stalkers and crazies we'll deal with on a case by case basis.

So.... out with the old and in with the new? Fantasies?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Bye Mr Gibbs Updated*

Don't let the door hit your ass on your way out. Why not just go fuck yourself. I'd say, "and the horse you rode in on," but it gets harder each day to tell who's riding what, or who. The Professional Left, my fat hairy ass.

And the Professional Right is...? Ok? ??? Fuck you.

I'm not impressed with your health care reform... Medicare Part D take two. No controls, no constraints, just shovel our hard earned money into their open accounts. Financial reform that ends "too big to fail" by leaving the banks as big as there were, and setting up a fund to give us pennies, at best, on our dollars when their "financial innovations" prove out to be the fraudulent schemes they are. There isn't enough money in the entire world to cover the derivatives and credit default swaps. It all reminds me of what Micheal Pollan called "edible food-like substance." Let's call Obama negotiated products what they are: Marketable Reform-like Substances.

A couple of days ago we heard non-stop outrage over the murders of aid workers in Afghanistan. Today we have a military tribunal -- like the ones Obama was going to revamp -- at Guantanamo -- the place Obama was going to have closed -- come down with a decision... A fifteen year old boy, probably with the belief he was fighting his enemy, accused of throwing a hand grenade into a group of soldiers, killing some. He was presented with a confession that he was told to sign, or face being raped until he bled to death. the confession -- coerced -- was accepted.

I'm not in favor of murder, of anyone, by anyone, but who is the terrorist here? The boy? Or the interrogator? Fuck, I'd sure as hell sign a confession to something I didn't do to avoid that threat.

That is NOT the way our legal system was ever intended to operate. What moral high ground do we have to protest any other nation's outrageous behavior. I'm probably reserving my room at Gitmo by writing this, but that is NOT what I voted for in any election since 2000; certainly not in 2008. "Change we can believe in."

Fuck you, Mr Gibbs.

Notice his derisive reference to Canadian style health care"? ??? Guess what we'll never have a ghost of a chance of having. I'm shocked that Obama didn't fire him for letting that cat out of the bag, but then as another Obama cronie crooned, "Fucking retards. Where else are they going to go?"

Like Lieberman and Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln and Rahm Emanual and... this president is a disgrace to the party he supposedly represents.

*Damn... shoulda known His Rudeness would have beaten me to beating this asshat. What do I expect when I neglect things here. In case anyone's wondering why Obama's standing idly by while his cronies alienate "his base," We liberals, are NOT his base. We were just tools to get him where he is. He agrees with these walking talking post-coital dribblings and their crockshitulous babblings.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Charlie

What's to negotiate?

You're either Innocent

Or you're Guilty.

Simple. One or the other. It's like virginity.

It might be time to stop acting like a refuckyoucan. No Diaper Dave imitations. No Lavatory Larry imitations. No Dick Cheneys... Dubyas... Rummies... Fredo Gonzos...

They're corrupt, and those who failed to oust them are corrupt. Those who stood and gave them ovations are corrupt. We, Democrats, are supposed to be better than they are.

Well prove it. Stop embarrassing me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bullshitiousness and Douchbaggery, post partisan style

So the evil and wicked pay czar, appointed to serve the socialist fer'ner in the White House has decided that there's no need to go after the bailed out too big to fail banks. And brokerages who paid HUGE fucking bonuses. To the dipsticks who failed in their efforts to collapse the world economy. "Shaming them was punishment enough," according to the Seattle Times. Jeezuz Aitch on a fucking Popsicle stick.

Mr Obummer, when you have no fucking spine, you're supposed to try to cover that up by choosing appointees who do. If you intended to let the motherfuckers off the hook from the start, why waste the time, money and effort in appointing a phony hatchet man. Once again you've done the near impossible and made refuckyoucans look good by re-enacting the commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence by Dubya.

Shame, is NOT a punishment for treason, fraud or any other felony.

Shame is what you do with your puppy when it pisses on your carpet.

UPDATE: This guy's so full of shit...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Notice how the trained seal never asks about how public shame is punishment enough.

PS Posting from the Droid is a bitch on the small screen.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Neera Tanden? ???

I never heard of her until tonight when she appeared on Chris Matthews. Who.... What a kool-aid sipping, unapologetic Obama boot-licker cheerleader. Obama's done what he campaigned on? You mean beg and grovel at the BeePublicans' feet? Enter negotiations from a position of weakness?

Ed Schultz was right months ago: Obama and his people are full of shit. He's lost his base. And now because he has, he has to take the next step in his pursuit of Dubyism: He has to campaign on fear. Fear that we HAVE to vote for him or those bastards -- and they ARE bastards -- will be back in charge with their horrific, destructive policies national impoverishment through de-industrialization.

Don't blame voters for allowing the refuckyoucans to do just that: Fuck the country for another4, 8, 12.... yrs. Blame yourself Mr Obama, because you didn't stand up for us. You didn't do what we sent you to do. I know the refucks have a 40 seat majority in the Senate. 40 out of 100... that's a majority, right?

You didn't get us universal health care. You gave us watered down insurance care.

You didn't reign in the banksters. You gave us "transparency" of derivatives and credit default swaps and other fraudulent shit that no one understands.

We're still up past our assholes in Iraq and Afghanistan and now we here we will be for another 10 years.

Guantanamo... still open.

Kangaroo courts... still open.

Fuck it... From Saturday Night Live Oct. 3, 2009

What's changed? Oh.... HE, a democrat, wants to kill Social Security now.

Nothing I want to believe in, that's for damn sure.

Barack Obama's best allies for 2012 are the tea baggers. Not to offend cross-dressers, but pantywaist Harry Reid had NO chance to be re-elected until his opponent turned out to be bat-shit insane. maybe the 2012 election will be a similar choice: A craven opportunistic, incompetent phony vs a raving lunatic.

Grow a god damned spine or resign.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs...

For China, of course.

Watching the Scar and his trained seal this morning, they threw up on the screen an excerpt from a NY Times or WSJ article/op ed proclaiming that Obama and the dems were going to pay a huge price this mid term because they failed to make their administration's main mission about job creation. It's a myth on several levels of course, the first and foremost being that it's merely a code phrase for "We need more tax cuts and a bigger, nastier cattle prod for the assholes of the middle class." which is a bit redundant.

HERE is the problem:

(An advertisement from Southwest Airlines' in-flight magazine)

I'm sure just one of many companies who will help you profit from creating jobs. Jobs in China and MASS... LONG TERM... unemployment here.

Why companies like this one, ITI, are even allowed to exist is beyond me. Companies whose sole mission is to fuck over American workers in favor of American stock holders. The biggest problem that Democrats face in this regard is that much of this mas migration was due to the policies approved and even championed by Trader Bill Clinton. The next biggest problem the Democrats face in this regard is the lack of action by Barack Obama to turn back the page... Oh... excuse me, he wants to look forward, not back.

Obama needs to fight for the repeal of the policies, treaties and other nonsensical shit behind the de-industrialization of the US. It makes not one fucking rat's ass bit of difference how or how many jobs anyone creates, as long as companies go unpunished, and rewarded, for taking them overseas. But we know that none of this will never happen since such a fight by definition would not be bi-partisan since it's the conservatard BeePeeblicans who WANT this mess.

This is why I term Conservatism (and the BeePeeblican party) to be a pathogenic philosophy. What are they going to do when they've bled all of the jobs and money out of the middle class -- the non-stock holder class -- Here? When they can n longer "Do us the favor" of selling us cheaply made shit because no one has the money to buy it? ???

Sure they're creating a new working class in China, of several billion more than here in the US, but at the (near) slave wages the Chinese are paid, will there be enough money to satisfy their greed? And will the Chinese Government allow the profits to leave? Will the Chinese Government allow for a mass migration of capital and jobs in the reverse to take advantage of the now-impoverished and destitute American work force? Ooops

I don't know how much of this conservative disaster I will live to see. Since Obama has agreed to allow the slashing of Social Security, Medicare and the deregulation of the protections my union pension has had through his Bi-Partisan <== proof that it HAS to be wonderful, debt commission and the G-20, it's likely I'll die starving and penniless, if I'm not killed for my house first. I do believe that it's absolutely inevitable that this will implode on them; or crash like a breaker; choose your own metaphor.

When you dance with the devil, the devil calls the tune.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please Explain

Mitch McMushmouth (BePublican, KY) in one of the most convoluted stolatements to come from anyone's mouth, outside of Sarah Palin, said... Well I'm not sure what he said. Regarding Obama's response to the Great Spew, he says something about it discrediting "big government programs that Democrats like so much."

Sooooo... Obama needs to do more. But he needs to do more in a small government way? ??? Do more... by doing less. Hmmmm...

So what department should he close? Or what regulation should he repeal? Ahhhh... a new tax cut!

Why admit you're wrong when you can do the same old shit? Longer... Harder... Deeper...

The real tragedy is that there are people who will swallow that bull shit and vote for the ass holes putting it out there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Japanese had it Right UPDATED

Why is it so fucking important that we only save the jobs that are destructive?

One of the biggest arguments against financial reform, and specifically reining in the derivative and credit default swap arenas --I can't bring myself to call them industries, as if they create something real -- was that those jobs would go over seas and to foreign companies. Now we hear
that we can't impose a moratorium on offshore oil drilling because THOSE jobs will go overseas and to foreign companies.

Where were these "protect American jobs" arguments when the cash for clunkers bill was passed? Where were they when the stimulus bill was passed? Why no "Buy American" clauses? Where are they in the California Senate race where the same Carly Fiorina who outsourced Hewlitt Packard and ran it into the ground before being fired with a golden parachute gets a free pass for being a total phony? (more on her later when the videos of her soft hands handling by David Gregory on Meet the Press come out)*

Fallacy No 1: Foreign companies? Foreign companies already ARE involved in our economy here. The London office of AIG was at the center of the credit default swap shit storm. And the oil company fucking up OUR coastline with their fucked up well on OUR continental shelf is BP: BRITISH Petroleum.

Fallacy No 2: Go overseas? In many cases these jobs/companies are already overseas and the companies are bringing their buttfuckerous practices over here. Do we really want to create or maintain a safe haven for those who have destroyed the foundations of the world's economies?

So what's any of this have to do with the Japanese? In their traditional caste system, the Japanese placed merchants and business people BELOW skilled craftsmen, farmers and fishermen, and above only the Eta, which if memory serves meant "much dirt." They were one cut above the outcasts of society because they were viewed as leeches, making their money off of other peoples' labor. Hmmm... like a hedge fund manager..? Who in this country is entitled to pay taxes on his INCOME" at the lower capitol gains rate, even though he's not making money off of his own money, but the money of others.

Regardless of the evils inherent in any caste system, for whatever reason we in America, or the ruling class that's come to be, have turned the idea on its head placing merchants in the place of the Samurai who, regardless of the evils their privilege allowed them, were the ones who defended the country. We have created huge numbers of unemployed, homeless and destitute for populating our own warrior class.

Of course the prime movers and shakers behind these notions and policies? Three guesses and the first two don't count.. The BeePeeblicans and their allies, Bill Clinton and the corporate whore democrats. This is the wet dream of the free marketeers: Cross-border, International corporations that can't be touched without pitting one nation against another. Too big to fail and (as came out on the Norman Goldman Show last Friday) too big to jail.

For the love of god and whatever else keeps your boat afloat, stop swallowing their Bull Shit. It's not the fudge they tell you it is.

*Why wait. From the archives of Scholars and Rogues:

By the way, all that bitchin’ great stuff that Carly Fiorina has done (vaguely alluded to right there at the end of the Fellini Faillini epic)? Best we can tell they have to be referring to her memorable stint as CEO of HP. How’d that go, you ask?

“When Fiorina became CEO in July, 1999, HP’s stock price was $52 per share, and when she left 5 years later in February, 2005, it was $21 per share—a loss of over 60% of the stock’s value. During this same time period, HP competitor Dell’s stock price increased from $37 to $40 per share.”

All of which led the folks at Portfolio to name her the 19th worst CEO of all time.

A consummate self-promoter, Fiorina was busy pontificating on the lecture circuit and posing for magazine covers while her company floundered. She paid herself handsome bonuses and perks while laying off thousands of employees to cut costs. The merger Fiorina orchestrated with Compaq in 2002 was widely seen as a failure. She was ousted in 2005.

I guess they don’t call her “Carly Failorina” for nothing, huh?

This is the same twit who just proclaimed that this election is all about jobs. Would that be creating them? Sustaining them? Sending them overseas?

So what could possibly be worse than a Palin-Bachman ticket for 2012 (or should I say administration)? How about a Palin-Fiorina? A quitter and a failure. Of course doing something good, is no longer a requirement for a refuckyoucan nomination. It's a dis-qualifier.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

If It Was My Home - Visualizing the BP Oil Spill

If It Was My Home - Visualizing the BP Oil Spill

"We'll make sure this never happens again." Yeah. Right.
Data up through 2004. Too bad it doesn't give an account of the past 6 years.

Kick Who's Ass?

Mark my word. It will be ours.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blanched Obama Nuts Updated

So Barack got his candidate through. Blanch Lincoln, refuckyoucan of Arkansas won the democratic nomination for Senate. She did so in true refuckyoucan fashion: Voter suppression and corporate cash. The White House reaction? Full of shit, as has become their fashion.

I went to see Ed Schultz last night, and his first question from the stage was, "So is Barack Obama what you expected him to be?" or something like that. The response was at Best split down the middle if not more negative than positive. Myself? He's what I expected: A Phony.

The Lincoln endorsement, primary and reaction are just the latest in a long chain of centrist/corporatist actions by Obama which all add up to show that he is NOT a friend of Labor, the middle/working class or even the traditional democratic party base. Change? He's changed the Democratic Party into the republicans of the 50s and 60s.

I didn't get to speak at Town Hall last night, but if Barack Obama wants a second term he has two chances: He can either embrace the working class and labor, or he can hope he gets a tea bagger opponent like Harry Reid has.

I haven't liked Obama since he backed FISA and he's done NOTHING to change my mind since he's been in office. He's an opportunist and a phony.

UPDATE: (a paraphrased letter)

I called Norman Goldman yesterday and vented about Obama as corporate Democrat Numero Uno. He encouraged me to go to Ed's gathering here in Seattle and I did, but did not get to speak. Next time I'll go with a camping chair and camp out at the microphone. Anyway....

In his own venting yesterday about Blanche Lincoln, he pounded on the fact that she supported the Bankruptcy Bill during Dubya's Reign of Error. Well, let me ask: Who is the co-author of that atrocity? Let me answer: Joe Biden, Obama's Vice President. Further, who is Barack Obama's chief of staff? Let me answer. Mr, Where-else-are-liberals-going-to-go, Rahm Emanuel, who despises Howard Dean, and was firmly opposed to Dean's Fifty State Strategy, without which Barack Obama would NEVER have won in Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia or Florida.

This is like Dubya's choices of Cheney & Powell, and his second choice for Defense Secretary, Rummy. His first choice was Norman Schwartzkopf. An administration built from the get-go for invading Iraq. And Democrats were still moronic enough to vote in favor of that farce.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it until I see evidence otherwise: Barack Obama is a P-H-O-N-Y !!!!! His support for the FISA legislation proved it. NO constitutional NOVICE would have supported that, much less a "constitutional law professor." Oh well.... Dubya the Bankruptor has a Harvard MBA. So much for our higher education system.

I will give Ed credit for his positive outlook, but in the face of things, it strikes me almost as naivete. On the other hand, the alternative, curling up in the fetal position, doesn't appeal to me either. If Obama wants to be anything other than a one term president voted out in disgrace, he MUST embrace those who voted him in. Little people: The working class; Labor; Downtrodden minorities.

Obama supporters: Don't blame me, or Labor unions, for deserting Obama and the Democratic Party. Blame Obama for turning the Democratic Party into the Republican Party of Richard Nixon. The only thing missing is Watergate.

I remember Norm's quote of Eugene V Debs: Better to vote for what you want and not get it, than to vote for what you don't get and be stuck with it.

We need to free ourselves from Battered Voter Syndrome.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here he is was

He quit. Several weeks ago (while I was out of town.)

Patty Murray's opponent.

Donate here.

and tell others. all 6 to 12 of you who hit my page.

Where do we look now? For a true leader? Now we'll probably wind up with Senator Dino Rossi, the Arlen Specter clone, with the exception that he's not yet (that I know of) switched parties in his never-ending quest to avoid the labor market.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Surprised? NOT

When the Bush II crime syndicate defended their McCainisation of dubiously detained Guantonimites by stating that they had doctors present, were you really so fucking stupid as to believe they did that to safeguard their victims health? Really? Admit that and admit that you are truly too fucking stupid to be a moron. You give possible reason for the Sarah Palin - Chuck Grassly Death Panels to leave the realm of their evil twisted imaginations and become a reality.

Just read.

h/t to Raw story and Physicians for Human Rights for confirming what the sensible among us already knew.

So.... can we now PLEASE have the investigations we've been clamoring for since BEFORE you were elected Mr Obama? ???

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Someone on the tube to contradict torture queen and war crime defender Liz Cheney: Arianna Huffington. I won't go so far as to say that Arianna handed her her twat on a silver platter, but she did confront her with the truth that her dad and his financially illiterate Harvard MBA bearing hero worshiper who spent 8 years trying to act like the actor who acted like he was president, stocked the regulatory agency shelves with hacks and ideologues who had nothing going for them but blindness and loyalty. The end result as Arianna said, "We have in place the regulatory agencies that the Bush-Cheney administration wanted."

I have said and I will continue to say that we can explain this latest oil industry disaster with two words:
Small Government
Yes. It really IS that simple.

For thirty years, the Neo-Conservative party has been driven by the philosophy that "less is more," in terms of government and regulation. As Tea Bagger Queen Sarah Palin puts it: "...the limited role of government..." As living oxymoron, champion of conservative intellect, George F Will puts it, "We conservatives realize that the role of Government is to defend the borders and deliver the mail." As their great patron Saint Ronald the Reagan put it, "I've often (always?) thought the nine most feared words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' and 'Government isn't the solution to your problems; government IS the problem.'"

And now we see the results.


All because the conservatards got what they wanted: Small Ineffective Government and deregulation

And yet the (their) madness continues. And I'm not just talking about their lying about their own words and records. I expect republicans to lie about their records. it's what they do. It's ALL they can do, since every single thing they've done since Reagen took office has been bad for the country. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. Certainly the eight years of Bush were the most destructive since the Civil War years -- the magical time to which Ron Paul would like to take us.

NOTHING was Bush's fault. According to the republican faithful. 9-11? Clinton's fault. Well hell, it was so early in Bush's administration. But even after EIGHT years, the financial meltdown and the housing bubble... STILL Clinton's fault. No matter that he'd had eight fucking years to fix things.

Thank you Arianna for FINALLY standing your ground against those two assholes.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

They Even Lie After Retirement

I guess that's a contradiction in terms or an oxymoron or some such thing since it seems that lying IS the official Repubican occupation.

Alan Simpson on Faux News Sunday: "we recommended the surge." NO, You, the Baker commission/Iraq study group, did not. The surge was in direct contradiction to the final report, which called for a phased withdrawal, as well as diplomatic engagement with Iran and Syria. The Surge was pushed by, surprise, The American Enterprise Institute and surprise surprise warmongers and Repubicans John McInSane and Joe LIEberman.

Of course his statement went totally unchallenged.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chickens for Check Ups?

Should they be choked or unchoked? ???

Whats scary is that the woman who uttered this nonsense will actually get living, breathing, unthinking people to vote for her. What else should we expect from the Death-Panel Party?

A state's governor squatting and pissing on the Fourth Amendment?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who Needs Hope and Change?

How about all those unemployed Americans Tom Coburn hates so passionately?

On September 11 the World trade center disaster occurred because of something Bill Clinton didn't do. Or was it something he did? I can't keep my facts propaganda straight. Any way, Dubya'd only been in office 9 months.

When the housing bubble burst in 2007, it was once again Bill Clinton's fault. Or was it Jimmy Carter's? Again... It's hard to keep the facts propaganda straight. any way, the repukes only had control of Congress for Dubya's first term. and there were wars to start and taxes to cut and....

Now Obama... fucker's been in office a whole year, so this economy is HIS. According to the asshats and corporate whore guests of Scarborough and his trained seal Mika.

So how about more job creating, pro-growth measures like tax cuts, eh? As the chart shows, they've worked soooo well.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Hate When Scarborough is Right

Actually, It's O'Donnell who's right; the Scar just sits and agrees. Hey, when someone else does your dirty work, tells you that a Democrat is going to raise your taxes, what's a good conservatard supposed to do, eh?

Yeah it's the health care bill again. You holding your breath? You should, because if it goes through, there will be a giant flaming turd dumped on the entire country. For all of Obama's posturing and speechifying in Ohio yesterday? Over the woman with leukemia?

This bill doesn't help her.

The pre-existing condition "protections" only apply to children for the first 3 years. THEN the "protections" kick in and instead of being refused coverage outright, you get priced out. Ahhhhh, but there's a mandate, and federal subsidies, you say? Meaning the public at large gets to fork over untold BILLIONS and TRILLIONS? yup

Wanna get into the end of lifetime caps? Ya sure? They end, yeah. And in there place we'll have yearly caps as long as they're "reasonable." And who defines reasonable? A team of doctors, researchers, medical professionals.... huh, wha? Bean counters at the insurance companies?

Oh, and the tax FINE for providing good coverage? FINALLY someone admits to what I've known all along: The purpose of that is to reduce benefits. Lower the bar. We're shit, people. Congress has outlawed the idea of treating workers like people. We're a new slave class; officially.

Now I realize that it's been put off till after Obummer will be out of office, so it will likely never come to pass, but if it did, there would be no money made from it. It is assumed for some ridiculous, unfounded, fairy tail belief (I was going to say reason, but that implies a link to reality) that after: in order to avoid the fine, businesses cut benefits and then give their employees raises to replace those benefits; raises which will then be subject to income taxes.

The Dubya "Business model" of government lives on: Government = Insurance company

Collect premiums ==> Make payments
Collect taxes ==> Make payments

With this bill, Obama destroys the Democratic Party. If it passes. If it fails. Pick your poison.

MAYBE he'll bring down the refuckyoucans for their obstructionism, but I'm not so sure. People tend to vote from emotion as much if not more than from sense and reason.

Will third party candidates arise from the mid term blood bath? WE CAN ONLY HOPE.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The present Senatorial condition of a pronounced lack of legislation due to the filibustering refuckyoucans.

Chuck the Toad Fox Up

In other words MSNCB's political guru, Chuck Todd joins Fucks Noise from afar by reiterating their lie equating the "Nuclear Option" from the Bill Frist Senate, with the process of reconciliation. He combined this with a "David Gregory" when he "had to leave it there," in his interview with Arlen Specter while he filled in for Chris Matthews as host of Lowball. All with a straight face, just as if he was a refuckyoucan legislator, or directly on the Fucks Noise payroll.

If I was going to hear such horse shit on MSNBC, I expected it would come from Scarborough and his trained seal. The ones who continually spew the lie that we are a center right nation. As well as the wonders and benefits of sending our jobs to China.

Where do we go for journalistic integrity? ??? Todd told a blatant fucking LIE. He knows better. and if he doesn't, he has NO fucking business calling himself a journalist.

Glenn Beck used to work for CNN. Gone.
Lou Dobbs used to work for CNN. Gone.
Chuck Todd still works for MSNBC. Needs to be GONE.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wondering what Lies We'll be Told this Week

I've been watching the Olympics. I like some of the off-beat sports, like the hotties of curling, and the scandalous women of ice hockey.

Is that an eighteen year old drinking a Coors Light on the ice..? American beer..? Non-union brewed..? How dare they. For god sake, have some standards... some national pride... drink a Molson. Probably smoked Chinese cigars too. Not to ignore the more main stream sports, like new stars of skiing:


Last week Reagan/Bush tool James Baker...
...The country is so evenly divided. If you look at the last two elections... well... not this very last one, the two before...
OK.... stop right there. THAT statement speaks volumes if you pay attention to refuckyoucan behavior since, Clinton's election if not before. These assholes will stop at nothing to "prove" their point. Throw out the last presidential election results... throw out the gradual turning of the majorities and increasing those majorities in both houses of congress... throw out the continual dwindling support for Obama AS HE "REACHES OUT"... And Baker's supposed to be one of the reasonable ones.

The republican strategy to push their encoded message that the right of governance is theirs and theirs alone could be summed up as, Ignore, Deny, Illegitimize, oh hell, just Lie.

Lets start today with refuckyoucan genius Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. The genius that's resurrecting the Idiot idea of Bush the Evil of privatizing Social Security. "Obama's health care plan is a disaster." His most recent solution would be...? To allow Emergency Rooms to turn away patients... (how's that: Instantaneous Death Panel)? Take away your day in court when your doctor/hospital/insurance company fuck you over... (otherwise known as Tort Reform or the Holy Grail)?

How humanitarian.

I wonder what it will take for people to realize that the republican party, leadership, power brokers, are the greatest enemy this country has faced since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Actually greater: the Japanese attacked a military target, not the entire general population.

Ooo... Liz Cheney... thankful that her dad who's had heart desease for 32 years has managed to live a long and full life -- torturing and shitting on people --
bitch... i can't watch those motherfoxers anymore

Why do these people hate us so? When will the objects of their hatred learn?

I was chatting with a lady friend from back in High School the other night, who's grown up to be a registered Refuckyoucan. Regarding health care, she doesn't want any money going to illegal aliens. wellllll Okayyyyyy... but at what cost? I mean how are you going to guarantee that? How many legal people will be denied, because they don't have proper ID, or whatever? ???

You have a seizure in Mexico and go to the hospital, they fix you.
You step on a sea urchin spine on the beach in Belize, they fix you.
You break your leg skiing in Switzerland, they fix you.

They don't ask you about your citizenship. They don't ask for your insurance card. They don't ask for youe method of payment.

They ask where it hurts.

and they fix you.

because you're a human being.

and because they are too.

And that's how people should treat each other.

Napolean once called the English, "a nation of shop keepers." What would he call us? A nation of selfish assholes?

So by all means, join the republican cause to prevent those hard earned tax dollars (collected on your unemployment and Social Security benefit payments, since the Reagan Bush years) being spent on illegal aliens. Join them in killing any sort of REAL health care reform, like pricing Medicare and opening enrollment to anyone who CHOOSES it. Join them as they continue their efforts at reform, like the efforts put forth during the Reagan years... the George I yeaars... the Dubya years. Oh yeah they're VERY concerned about providing affordable health care. They said so when the cameras were on them.

Join them and let them teach you once again how to fuck yourself without even realizing. Because while you're joining their cause to prevent helping the illegals, you're guaranteeing that YOU won't get any help when you need it either. Because that's what "trickle-down" really means: Choke off the under class.

which is of course why I call them re fuck you cans.