Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who's Raising the Grey Lady's Skirt?

The Constitution NY Times is now, officially determined to make itself just a fucking scrap of paper. Why the fuck would they give this asshole the time of day much less a job..? with pay..? with real money?

The crew at Crooks and Liars recently linked to a post by Jon Swift, in which he asked bloggers to provide links to their bestest/mostest favoritest post of the past year. I didn't respond because I feel unworthy for several reasons, the first and foremost being that many times when I post, I'm halfway blitzed -- which makes for pisspoor grammar and spelling among other things. Still, I think if you look at Kracula's record, I think you'd have to agree that even my drunk opinions/predictions stand as much chance, if not more, of being correct than do his.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crooked News Network

I'm not at all impressed with CNN. At, Friggin, All!

I was looking around and happened to come across a link to the candidates' reactions to the Bhutto assassination. Notice anything? There's no link to any comment by Dennis Kucinich.

Hmmm... Did he drop out and I missed it?


Friday, December 21, 2007

The housing shell game

Reading a Krugman piece (h/t JP, as usual) about the housing bubble. The thing about bubbles is that they burst. Guaran-fucking-teed. The thing about the housing bubble is that it's bursting should have surprised no one. Damn, there was much hand wringing, and analyzing and over analyzing, and, and... no one did shit, unless you count standing back and doing nothing as doing something. "Free Market Solutions." Right, like "Compassionate Conservatism." and the easter bunny, and santa.....

One thing I was taught/learned/swallowed hook line and sinker in high school history was that when the Republican depression hit in the 1930's the wealth/money/property didn't disappear, it just changed hands. And a lot of it changed hands for pennies on the dollar. I remember having major "Hmmmm..." moments wondering how I could make a major snag when the next depression came around.

There's a whole city/culture of cards built with these bullshit mortgages. If the lenders slack off on their demands for payments, they can't make delivery on promised profits to the holders of the mortgage backed securities. (I admit to only knowing enough to be dangerous; I do not have a business brain) Law suits, etc in the making there. And in other ways over other issues. So the big question is: Who gets their ass bitten off? Do home buyers go homeless? Do banks fold? Does the Dow tank? Do foreign bans run for the hills and the dollar become worth less (than the Canadian dollar? or the Peso?) You only think you're ready; here it comes; the great shiftshaft: that it has all gone bad, people with ties to the financial industry are rethinking their belief in the perfection of free markets. Mr. Greenspan has come out in favor of, yes, a government bailout. "Cash is available," he says - meaning taxpayer money - "and we should use that in larger amounts, as is necessary, to solve the problems of the stress of this."

Yup. Us little guys are going to have to run to the rescue of Citicorp, Chase, WaMu, and a host of other poor defenseless corporate leg breakers. Heaven forbid they don't have their millions, in order to let a buck or two trickle down here or there.

There are still going to be shit loads of people losing their homes. In Seattle, many, many rentals go for the same or more than a monthly mortgage payment; after your first/last/security/cleaning... Wait, that's pushing down payment prices.

Obviously, we who don't understand this shit need someone to look after us by holding on to properties and monitoring who gets in and who doesn't... I thought that's what mortgage apps did...?

The important thing is that all these houses that were in the hands of people who were living paycheck to paycheck, just hoping and dreaming and guessing the money would be there when they needed it, will now be in the hands of people who... ...trusted that those peoples' paychecks would be there? ???

Fuck it. Dubya approves; Greeny approves; it has to be right. After all, Dubya has that Harvard MBA and has his experience in the oil industry in Texas... to...


Why I would ask this, I don't know...

Do you think Dubya can tie his own ties? Does he wear clip ons? Does he keep a collection pre-tied and hanging in his closet?

Just asking

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I gotta yield credit to the Hart Man

Bummer. One less glass of wine and I might have been the first but alas.

Listening to Thom today while twiddling my thumbs on light duty, I heard him talk about a multitude of (possible) reasons for the Mafia White Whore House to destroy the CIA's torture tapes. BTW...

Seems like everyone assumes that these are THE... ONLY... as in the is no library... tapes of Bush authorized torture. You believe that? You have a brain? Hmmm... oh

So he brings up the possibility that one reason could be that the existence of the tapes would prove that the torturing didn't get us shit for usable info (DUH). Fuck me. I kinda hinted at this shit the other day, but, hmm, did I say it explicitly enough, and firstish enough, to take credit?

Oh, oh, ophhhh...

Then Rachel Maddow comes up with the possibility that the fire started in Dick Cheney's office, due to electrical circuits being overloaded by too many paper shredders, might somehow be a result of cover up efforts.

And then the Dana Poleino kinda-sorta-semi-although-if-it-really-was-one-what-was-it-over meltdown.... was it over the lies Dubya? Dick? theCIA? Gonzo? Harriet? ____? told? ??? Just cuzz she repeats them (which is what they pay her to do; ask Scotty, Ari or Tony) doesn't mean SHE lies. It'll get to you Babe; it got to them.

And the Mucusman still hasn't figured out if waterboarding is torture yet.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thank you Senator Dodd

At least our Christmas calls to Grammy and Grampy will hopefully be safe from NSA ears. Fuck you Harry Reid.

I'd like to know where the fuck Hillary, Barack and Joe were while Sen Dodd was back in DC filibustering his own party leaders (and I use that term VERY loosely) in defense of the Constitution...??? With their (lack of) performance, I don't understand why Holy Joe had to go outside his party to endorse McCain. Oh, that's right. Joe DIDn't go outside his repugnican party. The asswipe.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How fucking stupid is "congress"?...

I don't want an answer.

I am continually amazed at how well these repug fucks can twist and turn and reframe and well... fucking lie about shit and issues and get (otherwise intelligent) people to fall for it.

The republican seems to think Social Security would be fine if the gov't hadn't gotten into paying people to not work. Whattever. (I laughed, grabbed a big-ol-glass-o-box-wine and left the room) The thing is he's not smart enough to invent these myths, yet he believes them, so who makes them up and spoon feeds his sorry moronic ass?

(inadvertently) We do. Liberals;Progressives; Dems... People who are so appalled that our gov't tortures that we push for a law against it. (h/t JP)

I don't know how the fuck "Waterboarding" became the poster-child for torture, but somehow it did. It's become damn near synonymous somehow and that's NOT a good thing. I've heard such stalwarts of Repug wisdom as Pat Buchanon go bonkers about how congress should just pass a law against the practice and end the argument. I've never liked that idea and it's not because I like torture, it's because I firmly believe we have all the laws we need in place already.

ever hear of little things called the geneva conventions? Uniform military code of justice? Army/Armed forces field manuals?

We haven't outlawed torture

we've/they've (this congress is so fucked up they are on "THEY" status just as much as the Repug congress was) opened the door for MORE.

"We have a law against waterboarding, but there's no law against bambooshoots under the fingernails; or against the rack; or against electric shock; or against sensory deprivation; or against...; or against...;" yeah and Jeebus never "SAID" it wasn't OK to DP a puppy with your dick and a strap-on, but.... come on, like... we have a debate there?

This is how these assholes work. They're literalists. If it ain't spelled out specifically, it ain't there.

One law has been passed against One procedure. you stupid fucks

You've just made legal.... who fucking knows what.

Get cracking on the untold number of laws needed to outlaw the untold number of torture techniques.

Dubya's laughing so hard, I'm sure he can't stay on his rocking horse. And the republican thinks we've legalized keelhauling, because we haven't outlawed it.

Some people are too fucking dumb to be called idiots.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

He can sue me

I got done with my posting binge, went wandering around and lo and behold at the Rude Pundit I find this absofuckinglute gold mine regarding Mike Huckabee:

there's levels of bugfuckery in Huckabee that are so damn scary that Jesus must be wanting to make a special appearance just to say, "Whoa, whoa, don't let this nutsy fucker represent for me."

Here's a few insane tidbits:

In 1999, as governor, Huckabee declared a "marital emergency" in Arkansas and said he would cut the divorce rate in half by 2010. He signed a bill into law creating covenant marriage options in Arkansas, which forces a two-year waiting period on couples who have entered into that contract, according to the book Who We Are Now by Sam Roberts.

And then, in 2005, Huckabee and his wife changed their marriage to a covenant. Which means if Janet Huckabee wants to run away from this crazy bastard, she's gotta suck it up for 24 months and then she'll probably wanna fuck like ten different guys of different races in order to make the process move along more quickly. Here's the fun part: they did it in front of 5000 people at a Little Rock auditorium, revising their wedding vows during some clusterfuck ceremony for marriages.

In the fucked up case where Governor Mike denied Medicaid funds for an abortion for a retarded 15 year-old girl knocked up when she was raped by her stepfather, he didn't even have the balls to say it was because of his rabid pro-life position. Nope, Huckabee said that the girl was just a tiddly-wink in a lawsuit trying to get the state out of following federal law on Medicaid. It wasn't a moral stand. He had to protect the rights of all Arkansans by making that little whore pay for her own abortion (which was eventually taken care of by private donors).

The ordained Baptist minister was governor for an execution trifecta, three convicted murderers put to death on the same night in January 1997. While there's no reports of Huckabee mocking the pleas of any of the condemned, it sure seems like Jesus would at least want the executions staggered over a couple of days, maybe even a week. But, hell, we can all make up shit that Jesus might want, eh?

In one of those splendidly idiotic semantical tiffs that twisted fundamentalists love to engage in, Huckabee refused to sign a bill that would help storm victims from getting dicked over by insurance companies. This was in March 1997, after massive storms and tornadoes had wrecked a couple of towns and killed 15 people. Why would Gov. Mike object? Because the bill described floods and tornadoes as "acts of God," like virtually every homeowners' policy in the country. Apparently, it made the baby Jesus cry to hear described "a destructive and deadly force as being 'an act of God.'" And, while the Rude Pundit's no theologian, it does seem like God is fond of the flooding. Huckabee actually wrote to legislators, "I feel that I have indeed witnessed many 'acts of God,' but I see His actions in the miraculous sparing of life, the sacrifice and selfless spirit in which so many responded to the pain of others." Jesus was drinking a Fresca at that moment, and he spit it out laughing when he was told.

But here's some bottom line shit: Mike Huckabee was a low rent televangelist in Arkansas during the Reagan/Bush I era. You think in Texarkana in 1989 that the Southern Baptists would embrace anything less than a completely nutzoid preacherman? Motherfucker used to do tent revivals, was the President of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, and no less than one of the chiefest deranged Christians, Rick Scarborough, says, "I suggest that God may be sending us a lifeline. Who better to lead a nation nearing moral collapse and perhaps World War III than a president who is also a pastor with 10 years of senior executive experience as a governor?" And that should give us all the night sweats and explosive shits. When we finally see or read Huckabee's sermons from those early years, it's gonna be some hellfire and damnation.

Hell, though, Republicans, go ahead and nominate an apocalyptic sounding prick, one who believes we are in World War III, who is supported by Mr. Left Behind himself, who says of our current conflicts, "This is not like most wars and battles, which are fought over property or prosperity or personalities or even politics. At the heart of this is religion. But a perversion of religion. Islamic fascism is real, and the jihadists that have declared a war against us must be understood in the theological context in which this war is being waged." Religious war, man. Enjoy it all the way through the American Rapture.

By the way, if anyone out there watched Huckabee during his pastor days, write in and tell the Rude Pundit what you saw.

IOWA = Idiots Out Wandering Around

I was told that by a Nebraskan, but...

It fits those of the Des Moines Register who banned Dennis Kucinich from todays debate. I've heard that he's also been banned (in bushlike fascist style) from ALL public appearances. He's not renting office space. Have fun with the left over corn cobs from your moon shine car fuel. Face it you.... whatevers:

He's right on ALL the issues (except ethanol), but he doesn't have the money to pass along to them as advertising. I really don't give a fuck. I'll write him in.

Gonzo and Adolf Sittin in a Tree...

At first I almost puked when I heard about the law journal making Gonzo their lawyer of the year, but then when I heard their reasoning:

Well, Time can name Hitler, Stalin, Bush, as person of the year, right? It's kinda like that. He didn't have "Good" influence on the law, but he had a lot of it, right?

The wife is re-upholstering the chair I was sitting on.

And don't forget this gem of Judicial 101 wisdom:

2 Cents on Torture or Listening to Repug Excuses

Last night I was watching someone interview some guy from the Raygun administration. Dan Abrams I think; can't remember the Raygun guy's name. I'm sure it's over at Crooks and Liars somewhere, or U-tube. Anyway they were arguing about the destroyed torture tapes and the Repug keeps insisting that the torture was OK, because it saved lives; possibly thousands. Riiiight.

Of course I proceed to bitch to everyone who can hear me, which is no one, since the peoples in the TeeVee can't really hear, about what a moron the guy is. How would he, could he possibly prove any lives were saved? He can't; all the evidence is destroyed. Of course why someone would destroy exonerating evidence is beyond me, and I'm sure beside any Repug's point, but then the Repugs aren't driven by reason or logic, so...

The guy asks Abrams how many lives would he like to sacrifice so we can say we don't torture; what city or site he would be willing to see destroyed. Of course no one, himself included, can name a plot to destroy anything, anywhere or anyone, but Repugs never have anything to prove. If they say it's so, then we're expected to believe them, and if we don't, we hate America. They break the law and lie about it for our own good; it's not their fault we can't see that. Besides...

WE cannot prove that lives were NOT saved. Just as Sadaam could not prove that he did NOT have weapons. Just as Iran cannot prove that they are NOT developing nukes. Somehow they've turned the principals of language and logic on their heads and determined that all those double negatives add up to positives and thus they are exonerated. DCups hubby the Mathman might be more able to explain how it's difficult if not actually impossible to, "disprove the negative." My math/logic skills are rusty, but think for a moment: Prove you aren't gay. "You're just in denial." "You just aren't out of the closet yet." blah blah blah Virtually can't be done.

Of course all that skirts the real issue which is that it doesn't mater what was on those tapes to begin with. Simply destroying them violated court orders and thus broke the law.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Real American Heroes

Aaahhh for the good old days. And I don't mean before gas was $3 /gal either. I mean back before Dubya's dick wagging war(s). Back before his why-it's-not-infamous-I-don't-know OK you've covered your ass moment regarding Osama to strike US using airplanes. Back when Budweiser -- which I DON'T drink -- had yet to be bullied into their "Real Men of Genius," adds.

My point?


Jamie Leigh Jones, I salute you. I hope you survive this ordeal, and I literally mean survive, as I put NOTHING past this scumbag crime syndicate in the wh(ite)ore House. I hope that you, a beautiful American woman can do what handfuls of Iraqis could not: Enrage a nation against the lawlessness of its governments agents.

Ordeal? What ordeal?

Be smarter than your emperor. Use the Google.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Holy Shit Waders Batman

"How do we swim outta this?"

How long's it been? Since I posted, I mean? Over a month. WOWSA

I'm sure the folks at C&L are checking the soles of their shoes every time they think of how they mentioned me months ago; wondering what got a hold of the soles of their shoes. Sorry folks. Some people can't handle fame any better than obscurity.


Maybe I should have applied for Whore House press secretary. With the injuries and time off from work the past couple years, I'll bet Dana's bras are WAY too small for me. She has a cuter nose though; and my nose is a certified "W-asswipings-free" zone. Point is though, what the fuck do you need to know?

I mean this twit wants us to meditate on the historical perspective...?

DAna... the Bay of Pigs is not some infamous pre-Castro nude beach.

the "Cuban missile crisis," has nothing to do with shortages of Eduational dildoes. Nor the abundance of said items.

I suppose... if the bay of pigs HAD been a nude beach, then MAYbe we could have had a missile crisis if said beach had been invaded by Baptists in Speedos...?