Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

Actually, Happy Birthday to my blog.

Yuppers, it's been a full 365 days and 205 posts. I remember way back when I started, reading a BlueGal post in which she offered advice to new bloggers. I can't find the post to link to it, but she suggested posting twice a day. Well obviously I haven't done that; I'm only 525 posts shy.

I can only find so many ways to call Dubya an evil bastard, or conservatism a failing philosophy. Beyond that, I hate repeating things that are already out there. Anyone who stops by here, is already going to be reading C&L, Firedoglake, Kos, etc. I never got accused of plagiarizing in school, and I don't intend to now.

I hope I don't forget anyone here, but I'd like to thank Blue Gal for giving me some advice early on, as well as linking to one of my posts and calling my writing brilliant. OK... so maybe she fudged on that one, but I'll take it. Firestarter has also helped out a time or two, and even posted a mini biography of me that made me sound a whole lot cooler than I am. The folks over at Crooks and Liars, who included me in their blog round up. It's damn cool to look on statcounter and see the hits spike from 6 to a couple hundred. Wish I could have been creative enough to keep some of those. Ann, from who coined the phrase that became my blog title.

Then there's Dale who has done lots along the way as far as keeping the puttering 'puter tuned and running, setting me up with Gmail and making other suggestions along the way. You need to stop in out new digs some time. I found a GREAT recipe I want to try for a pork loin, and another for beef brisket. We don't have the view we used to have but we do have the beer fridge in the garage.

But above and beyond all of those great peoples, there's someone I only know as "jketola" who used to send me emails through a Yahoo group called "Boilermaker Shop Talk." If it hadn't been for him, I would never have clicked on a link to JP's blog before it was Pottersville, and started down the path that led me here. So...

Thank you all. I hope I have not forgotten anyone. And I hope to be here and not in Guantanamo or a KBR detention center this time next year.

There's Always a First Time

So we went to breakfast this morning: Me, my mom, wife and our former next door neighbor. I order -- "I'll take my chances on the Larry's scramble, since I'm not really sure what it is from your description" -- my mom orders poached eggs and corned beef hash -- which is how it's printed on the menu -- my wife gets Eggs Benedict and the neighbor says, "I want exactly what she ordered," as she points to my wife. Oh, Mom and I asked if we could substitute fruit for our toast and we were offered strawberries, which we said was OK. So...

The food comes. Notice I didn't say, "Our food." I got my scramble, which as far as I can tell was some chopped up sausage in scrambled eggs, with potatoes thrown in rather than hash browns on the side. My fault, I should have risked sounding rude and insisted on a better description... "Is it written down somewhere...?" Our friend/neighbor gets her Eggs Benedict. Mom gets her corned beef hash, but her eggs aren't poached, they're over easy. And my wife, who was the first to order Eggs Benny, gets the same as my mom. Oh and the fruit gets placed in front of my wife and mom, instead of me and mom. Whoa....

So... Back goes my wife's food. My mom's food? It sits on the table getting while her poached eggs are being made. So when the redos come to the table, my wife gets hot food, while my mom gets hot poached eggs to eat on top of cold corned beef hash. Sweet.


Then we get the bill. After waiting... after asking for it.

We get charged for the strawberries. Not cool. I've never been charged like that; it seems like standard practice to substitute.

The waitress: "Well I thought you could do that, but I was told you couldn't." Why didn't you tell us?

Fuck it... Time to find a manager. We tell him about getting charged and that in addition there 's the fucked up order we aren't happy about, and he says, he'll fix it. Thing is it takes about another 15 minuted to get back the bill that should have taken 15 seconds to redo.

No apology...

No card saying 1/2 off or $5 off the next meal there... we talked about walking out without paying, but...

For the first time in my life I walked out without leaving a tip. We left the exact amount to the penny.

I'm not sure we'll be going back.

And that may just be fine with them.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

He Returns (updated)

I speak of Leisure Suit Larry from the Land of the Lav Lizards.

Actually, I don't know if Larry Craig (Refuckyoucan, Imaho) wears leisure suits or not, but he seems to be building quite a lavlegacy for himself. He's taken time out from his attempts to prove his nongayness (with the help of Diaper Dave Vitter (and others)), to show his support for the troops (with the help of 5 other knuckle-dragging refuckyoucans).

Is voting against improving the GI Bill a sexual thing for him? Because there are women in the armed forces now and helping them could help him. Kinda sorta. ??? Of course we still have the "don't ask, don't tell" shit, so I guess he just can't take chances of leaving any holes unplugged stalls unlocked stones unturned.

Busy boy!!!

I don't keep up with everything he does, but it's no wonder he couldn't fight to prevent the desecration of the MSP Airport's #1 attraction.

h/t C&L, Raw Story, and the Google

PS... Time for a moment of DUHHH...

Anyone who needs a Constitutional Amendment to assure themselves that their marriage is solid, will NEVER have a solid marriage. Or a solid psyche for that matter. If you're going to cheat, be gay, have sex with animals, trees, the dead, automobile tailpipes, yourself by shoving foreign objects or animals up/in your orifices, then that's what you're going to do regardless of what's tacked on to the Constitution.

Look at Dub. He does what he wants regardless.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Press has a Liberal Bias? ???

So you still believe that horseshit?

I'm sitting here watching the War Room or Race for the White House or some such show on MSNBC. You know, the most corrupt, left wing network there is, acording to O'Lielly. Well, the fuckers, and I don't mean Pat Buchanon, I think it was David Gregory, is falling in line with the load-of-shit line started by Olberman the other night, about Barack Obummer "Standing up to the left."

Damn these asswipes. The Mother fucker sold us out. There's simply no other way to put it. And by the way...

We ARE the left. We ARE liberals. We are Democrats. This is praiseworthy? That Obumms would stand AGAINST his party? His beliefs? What the Fuck!?!?!

This election is his to lose and he's off top a fucking great start if losing it is what he wants to do.

There's a pissing match going on between Glenn Greenwald and Olberman over this and I have to say, I'm really disappointed in KO. I could not believe when Jonathon Alter got on there and said something about this FISA monstrosity actually being in line with the constitution. It does NOT and they both knew that. Obummer knows that, and some does Ms Hillybilly.

They need to get their asses back to DC for the vote that's now scheduled for July 8.

This is Leadership? ???

As I'm sure you all know, yesterday was the day the new and -- if you're a telecom, Dubya or one of his criminal minions, or a Democrat on the take -- improve Freedom Is Superfluous Act (FISA) bill, sailed through the Senate cloture vote like a butterfly on a swamp gas breeze. 80-15 was the vote. Now don't let your panties get tooooooo knotted up by this: It was "merely" a vote to "proceed."

That being said, What is it with these morons that think the Refucks will actually cooperate with ANYTHING that is NOT proposed by one of their own? These guys should sue Tarantino for stealing his "Kill Bill" title. The MoFos only took ONE year to break the record of killed bills that it had taken TWO years to set. Not that Harry Reid didn't make it easier for them by refusing to make them actually prove by voting that they had enough votes to block bills, much less make them actually filibuster. Oh... they brought the cots in that one time a few years back. Whoopy ding ding. but I digress...

"Proceeding" with the bill, Feinstein, Feingold and Whitehouse (the sen from Rhode Island, not the abominated, desecrated residence of past Presidents) all proposed amendments that were, drum roll please...: Blocked by the Refucks. Who then went on to propose that there be a cloture vote to vote on the bill itself. From an non-exhaustive Googling of the intertubes, I see that vote is scheduled for Monday.

Where the fuck was Hillary Clinton?

Where the fuck was Barack Obama?

Where is our fucking leadership?


The two "leading" Democratic candidates for pres and neither of them could be bothered by attending. Lets have a nice hearty, "What the Fuck?!?!"

I've never been overly impressed with either of these two, although I do have to say that Barack can give a hell of a speech. I considered their duel to be more a result of media manipulation than a result of a ground swell of support. It was a circus side show, promoted because the participants had shitloads of money to spend. Now Hillary's in debt to her asshole and needs Barack to help bail her out. "I'll say nice things and keep Bill on a leash if you throw me some dough." Barack is showing himself to be more of an Obummer than an Obama. His response to FISA has so far been less than inspiring.

I got a call from his campaign a few nights ago. Naturally they wanted money. At the time I was busy and this FISA shit had yet to come to a head, so I merely told them to go blow, without giving them the reaming I now know they deserve.

There's now fucking way I'll vote for McStain, and there's no fucking way I'll stay home. Barack will get my vote, but I will NOT be happy about it. One thing I will not give him though is money; not so much as one fucking dime.

Go ahead... run on your platform of change. Keep acting like a Nazi Appeaser and my change will keep going into a jar. Just being "not as bad as McStain and Bush," is not good enough for me.

And in the mean time, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB !!!! You still have a seat in the Senate. Show up from time to time, or resign and give it to someone who will show it due respect. Goes for you too Hillary. Get your fucking priorities straight; both of you.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Twenty Nine Pecent?

Just saw the figures on MSNBC. I guess it's from some latest poll.

How the fuck do Bush's approval ratings stay so HIGH?

An odd coalition of morons and millionaires, eh?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Change I'm Not Sure I Want to Believe In

So Barack opposes the guaranteed immunity for the telecoms. And he's going to fight to get it dropped from the bill when it goes to the Senate. Whooptee-fuckin-doo. Cuzz if it doesn't get dropped, he'll still vote for the fucking bill. Yoah... Douchnozzle...

1) You're making a very dangerous assumption that you'll be the next prez, and will be calling the shots on surveillance. You're underestimating the refucks' abilities to steal elections as they have in '00 and '04.

1a) You assume that there will even BE an election; that boy king George will actually leave office.

2) Dangerous assumption #1 is made all the more dangerous by the fact that he who might benefit from a stolen election is shit stain McCain. He's corrupt to his very core and without a doubt will be just as crooked as Dubya if not more so. No telling who the fuck he'll go after with secret wire taps. You cannot make this power available to him.

3) You're assuming that you're immune to the corrupting powers of power. NO ONE is that good and pure. By failing to honor your oath to defend the constitution, you prove yourself to already be corrupt.

4) The most dangerous assumption of all: You seem to be assuming that over the next 212 days of Dubya's term, that he won't be able to do any more damage to the country with this. Are you fucking serious? The worst and most corrupt president in the nation's history? Is going to have some kind of a come to Jesus moment and suddenly start to behave?

From day one, my biggest complaint about Barack was that he seemed to be naive. I was beginning to think otherwise. Until now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

UN - FUCKING - Believeable !!!

Watching the vote tally and the God Damned yea votes from the Dems are (for now) actually out numbering the nays.

ONE... refuck voting nay. one. Non-partisan/Bi-partisan my ass! !!!

Ooops... now the dem nays are back on top.

Fuck stain in chief just started babbling.

I need to puke.

Update: I find it fascinating that Ms Titsy Pelosi -- as far as I've seen so far -- has not appeared at the podium.

One Hundred Five Democrats voted to send democracy down the shitter. Treasonous mother fucking bastards.

I'm so fucking mad, I'm damn near speechless.

Take my Freedom and my Appetite

I took the day off to spend time with my Mom who's visiting. While the grandmonster -- with whom I'm stuck, so his mom can... -- watches a movie, and mom and I sip our Irish cream and cofee, I'm watching C-Span. What a fucking crock of SHIT! !!!

I keep hearing "Bi partisan."

Of course they aren't talking about FISA, The "Freedom is Superfluous Act." It's about something else, but it seems to me as though there's an effort to grease the skids to get the illegal wiretapping bill through. That if you stand up for the Constitution and fight for the Rule of Law, you'll get labeled as some kind of partisan, or a new favorite of the refuckyoucans: a Nazi Appeaser.

The real Nazi appeasers are the fuck sticks voting for the fuck stain defiling the White House. Like Pete Hoekstra (refuckyoucan, MI) who's defending this piece of batshit insanity (via taped interview). "Bi partisan, bi partisan, bi partisan..." Gag me! I'm supposed to find comfort in the fact that the Dems are complicit in the death of democracy? I don't find a whole lot of consolation in the fact that the kid answering the phone yesterday assured me that Jim McDermott is going to vote against it, but at least someone has a brain in their head.

So next week this capitulation goes to the senate floor: where such stalwarts of democracy as Hillary Clinton and Maria Cantwell (who both still defend their vote to violate international law by invading Iraq) reside. I wonder where Barack will be when it gets there..? Will he show some balls?

You don't have to take my word on any of this. Go read Glenn Greenwald. (H/t Suzan at Pottersville) Keep your eye on Crooks and Liars; I'm sure they will eventually have the clip from Keith O and Jonathon Turley from last night.

In the mean time, Mom's offered to buy me breakfast, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to eat.


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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maybe Dubya's the Wrong One to Impeach?

Remember the days when the "Fuck yous," we got were the "Fuck yous," we expected, because the refuckyoucans held the majority in both Houses of Congress? I've read that what often times is most traumatizing about sexual abuse of minors is that in most case the abuse is carried out by someone the child knows and trusts. Granted, we are not children (I speak of the "us/we" who voted in a Democratic majority), but still we thought we had reason to trust those we voted in.

Aaahhh the memories of Jim Webb's response to Dubya's State of the Division Address, when he said to the effect that if Bush couldn't see the path down which he needed to take the country, then "...we will show you..." Riiiiiight. With all do respect to Mr Webb, where the fuck are you letting this fuckstain take us? What's changed?

I remember the first "Emergency" Iraq funding bill this new congress faced. It was the first time, I believe, that Bush used a veto (unless you count his unconstitutional use of signing statements as a line item veto). Did they do as some like John Edwards suggested, and send him the same bill, to let him no he wasn't going to get what he wanted? No. They crawled and kowtowed and rolled over and I don't think they played dead, I think they actually died, or at least it was then that any reason for us to hope and trust died.

They did just as the refuckyoucans did: They gave the fucker exactly what he wanted. But they didn't stop there. No, they lied and tried to put lipstick on their little piggy by calling their "efforts" a compromise. Remember the skidbenchmarks? Riiiight. The only thing compromised was our trust.

This coming week, it's going to happen all over again. FISA.

I've said it over and over that there is no more reason for impeachment needed than the FACT that this little piss ant Napolean wannabe who tries to act like the actor who acted like a president, broke the god damned law! !!! oh.... to keep us safe. If you believe that claim, I wanna sell you some beach front development property on MARS. And don't even try to tell me that as long as I'm not breaking any laws, I'll have nothing to worry about. That's nothing but a red herring, meant to cover over the fact that the law is being broken, the constitution violated and the foundation for a dictatorship is being laidbuilt upon.

Tell that shit to the Holocaust survivors. And to their descendants. And to the Japanese internment victims. And to their descendants.

Tell that shit to the Americans who will be interned in the camps being built at present here in the US by Halliburton and KBR.

Remember that bullshit when the 5000th American dies in the War to Enrich American Corporations.

Remember that bullshit when Bush gets up and laughs as he tells his next lie as he justifies his violation of another of the Bill of Rights.

Remember that bullshit when he stands up and laughs as he explains how the American people need to understand that allowing the election of Barack Obama to go forward will send the wrong message to the enemy, so he has no choice but to overturn it.

So as Nancy and Steny and Harry and the gang on more fucking time, bend over and spread their cheeks for a reaming, by decriminalizing illegal wire tapping, and by stripping the courts of their constitutional power to be a check on a rogue executive, and by redefining bi-partisan so as to mean, "giving up on principal and giving in to refuckyoucan neocon ideology," remember the country that was.

I'm really not going to feel very good when I say, "I told you so."

Friday, June 13, 2008

I Don't Care How Hot Her Mother-of-Five Tits Are

Nancy Pelosi's full of shit on this one: She thinks she's leading, but on impeachment, she needs to get the fuck out of the way and follow. The charges need to be brought. The debate needs to happen. The votes need to be recorded.

It has NOTHING to do with partisan politics or any other such refuckyoucan talking point/cliche. It has to do with respect for the rule of law, the constitution, the character of this nation. it has to do with the acknowledgment that we are NOT beasts.

A guy named Joel Connelly did a column in the Seattle PI today and quoted Ms Nancy:

"My opposition to him (Bush) is not personal, but I oppose his positions vehemently," she said. By and large, I think his presidency has harmed our country greatly -- with the war, the deficit, the economic downturn and (the money shot here) the continuous assaults on the constitution."

Is it a chick thing? That she can't or won't attempt impeachment because it isn't a foregone conclusion that the fucker will be found guilty and actually be removed. Does she really think that an increase in the minimum wage is a fair trade off for a dismantled constitution? I've heard the rationale that during impeachment proceedings, nothing else gets done, and I've admitted to "understanding" that rationale. Well gee golly gosh, tell me what's gotten done without impeachment? ???

The refucks have stood in the way of EVERYTHING, with the intent of running against the notion of a "do nothing Democrat Congress." But forget that.

Impeachment is the RIGHT thing to do. It's the ONLY thing to do if you are a member of congress and a citizen of this nation, the world and mankind, with a conscience and a moral compass.

I remember listening to Ed Schultz and hearing him talk about a time when Ms Titsy was a guest on his show. She was stupid enough to say something about how she saw no reason to impeach, but if any listener did, she would listen. Fuckin phones went off the hooks. He laughed and laughed... "I really don't think there's a chance in hell she'll ever even answer our phone calls much less come back as a guest.," or some such.


Shit or get off the pot Nanc. You're not showing yourself to be for the country and the constitution. So you must be against them, eh?

My Sincerest Condolences

I want to join in the mourning of Tim Russert. I never have understood the seeming disdain that many bloggers seemed to show toward him. The references to him as Timmeh. I never got what that was about.

He was only six years older than me.

I wonder what the asshats at Fucks News have to say. They better not say anything about "losing one of their own." They aren't journalists. They aren't reporters.

Tim Russert was.

They're nothing but hacks.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take II: Better Late than Never

Keith O rips McStain a new one and then some (Crooks and Liars will have it soon; they ALWAYS do). Again, what took him so long? ???

This really has not been rocket science; not since Rayguns. And for the past seven years, it hasn't even been science on a first grade level. Kanye West had it wrong. No, I don't mean that Dubya actually cares about black people. Fuck no. I mean the asshole doesn't care shit one about anyone who does not go above and beyond to advance his cause.

There's a reason I call his ilk "refuckyoucans." "I/we have mine/ours so fuck you. And we'll re fuck you and re fuck you just because we can."

Conservatism/refuckyoucanism is a pathogenic philosophy: It/they breed parasitic creatures that will eventually kill their host organism, which is our country.

McCain bears the stain of this insane shit. Hmmm... McSame the Staindard Bearer. Maybe his banner could be some inside out streaky briefs..?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Better Late than Never? ???

I'd like to give a resounding, "YES!!!" but...

Of course I refer to Kucinich's articles of impeachment. I fucking knew there was a reason I kept his banner up. I just can't fucking believe it took so long. High crimes and misdemeanors? Fucker broke the damn FISA law. End of story. He belongs in jail. OK, so someone finally gets their ass in gear; now what?

I really have no confidence that this will come to anything. Nothing's been done with the articles against Cheney. I don't see what will make a difference here. Madam Speaker, Nancy Off-the-Table Pelosi acts like impeachment was gangrenous spooge.

Nice going Dennis.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Was I Asleep at the Wheel?

I don't know why this didn't get more attention when it was written, but then I'm also the guy who got sent to Blockbuster while the wife set up a surprise party for my 50th birthday. What that means is that maybe it gained shitloads of attention and I just missed it. It's not inconceivable. Any way

As I was reading on Raw Story this morning A story about McStain's flip-flopping on telecom immunity, among other shit, I noticed a link to a Charlie Savage article. Charlie's the guy who started screaming about the George Fuckya's signing statements way back when he'd only violated about 700 laws. Well, Charlie somehow or other quizzed most all of the Preznitial candidates on their views on executive power and privilege. (I say most because I noticed no links to Gravel or Dennis Kucinich)

It's an interesting read (although after you click around on the various links enough times, the Globe will want you to register), and not just because of the McStain-Obama contrast. Get this kids... Senator Bomb-bomb has N-O legal adviser; at least not at the time he was questioned. Since he's got Rove the turdblossom helping out, I don't have a lot of confidence that he would hire someone above and beyond Gonzo's abilities.

Plus, considering the fact that Biden, Richardson and others are considered front runners for positions in an Obama Admin, it's good to know how these people think about things.

Update: The same Raw Story article contains a link to a Salon article by Glenn Greenwald on McShame and his ever changing non-positions on things. As always, Glenn is a great read.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

And the Oxymoron for the Day is.....

One of the intellectual giants of conservatism.

So said Stephen Colbert in his introduction of George F Will.

I am absolutely fucking aghast. "Conservatism" and "Intellectual" do NOT belong in the same sentence, No way; no how.

Georgie might be able to make himself SEEM like an intellectual, because of his big words and complex, confusing, convoluted sentence structure, but he's really little more than a condescending gas-bag. The fact that he likes baseball doesn't redeem him for his devotion to a morally bankrupt philosophy.

With a H/T to Ms Belle at Crooks and Liars, go read Dr Slammy's total deconstruction of Will's positions. He does it so much better than I ever could. Welcome to my blog roll, Dude.