Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Was Going to Apologize to Mike Gravel, but

Then I read this posting by JP. For the most part his posting, which has to do with the plight of the migrant tomato pickers in Immokalee, Florida, has nothing to do with Gravel, except when JP mentions the LOW cost of production due to our government supported/legalized slave labor as opposed to the HIGH price of goods at the point of sale. This is the big reason I had no use for Gravel: he was totally ignorant of any basic economic sense.

Last night as I responded to a comment, I mentioned how I once heard Thom Hartmann take Gravel to school. Gravel, like Huckabee, and I believe Ron Paul, want to do away with the IRS and replace it with a national sales tax. (my apologies to any other idiots with the same dumbass notion who I fail to name) I don't remember what Gravel called it, but Huck calls it a Fair Tax. There's nothing fair about it, lemme tell you. Sales taxes are highly regressive: they hit the poorest the hardest, and there's no way to sell them any differently. Doing away with the IRS? It would solve nothing, not to mention that it just won't fucking happen. anyway...

Gravel was somehow trying to get his crazy notion across that taxes are the reason we pay$1-200 for a fucking pair of sneakers made by slaves for Nike. As if somehow that gap between the pennies it costs to make them and the final sales price is all money that goes to the government. Hartmann had to basically spell it out, without the benefit of visual aides (which may have been why Gravel couldn't get the lesson), from costs of production, distribution, marketing, etc, that taxes aren't shit compared to the total price tag. That's all a Refuckyoucan/Conservative propaganda smoke screen. What affects the price of goods is the market: What will the market bear; what are people willing to pay. Nikes made in the US: $100. Nikes made in Asia: $100. Case closed.

Don't get flim flammed on this notion of lower corporate taxes somehow coming back, or trickling down to you in any form other than a big shit on your head.

Now back to Gravel, once again, as much as he was exposed as an idiot by Hartmann, I still do feel that I/we owe him a very sincere apology. The reason being that he was the first candidate to be arbitrarily excluded from the primary debates, and when it happened no one, myself included, seemed to care. I don't remember any of the other candidates protesting.

Gravel was the first step, then Kucinich. All along the networks focussed on their pre-ordained darlings Hillary and Barack, as shown by the timekeeper, Chris Dodd. SO...

Senator Gravel, please forgive me. I should have stood up for you, and in doing so, stood up for democracy. If I and others had, we might now have a different election.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WOW! Where will the Nazis Go? ???

You all really need to look at this Paraguay shit. Fuck if if oil and gas isn't involved here too. Little beady-eyed bastard never fucking stops does he?

Now don't go accusing me of not being fair and balanced.

Scratch one Country Off of My List (UPDATED)

As I've been sitting here, sniffling and wheezing, while whining about the lack of credible candidates for Prez, I was also trying to think of where I'd go to live if/when Dub crowns himself Emperor.

Kelso likes Panama.

Bukko (who fairly regularly comments here) likes Australia.

Firestarter seems to have no plans to leave Canada, even though his sista lives here.

I'm not sure how stable Costa Rica is anymore, but it seems it's always been one of the most civilized of the Central American countries. One thing seems for sure though:

It won't be Paraguay.

I can live near Mengele and his blue eyed Indians, but not Dub. No. Ain't gonna happen.

Tip of the hat to ProudProgressive whose comment I found on David E's Fablog, via Mike's Blog Roundup on Crooks and Liars.

Thank you once again for the blog love Mr Mike.

UPDATE: Just cuzz I ain't gonna be his neighbor doesn't mean you can't. Good deals!

We're Doomed

Serve me a double butt fuck sundae.

Thank you corporrupt media. You did your job well. All you need to do now is sort out which of you need courage, which of you need brains... all of you need hearts. You were all so bound and fucking determined to see this come down to a circus side show, novelty race between a woman and a black man. Lotsa money in freak shows, eh?

Even you Keith Olbermann, for all your raving and ranting against Bush and his crimes and crime syndicate, you couldn't stand up in the smallest of ways and say the name, John Edwards, much less talk about him as a real candidate. Like everyone else you sat in silence when it counted the most. Nominate yourself as worst person in the world, and go back to the sports desk.

Edwards was my last hope. I knew he was a long shot, but other than Kucinich, he was the only one with sensible progressive ideas as well as a realistic view of how corrupt all facets of government have become under Dubya's watch. So once again it's up to us to try to figure out the lesser evil we want running the show: The panty wearing good old boy who will surely govern by focus group? or the naive black idealist that the knuckle draggers will surely assassinate before they allow him to sit in their white house? Another Refuckyoucan? No. I will NOT relive my two Ronald Raygun mistakes, whose eight years set the stage for our present disaster(s). Uncommitted? and hold out for what?

Welcome to pin the tail on the donkey, '08.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Little Magic via the Google, and...

We have a reaction that really means/says something. I wish I could figure out how to embed it, but I'm just a guy (as Bill Engvall would say.) Oh well...

then think about what could have been if not for our corrupt as hell media, and all those idiots who sold us the idiotic notion of "electability."

And the Games Continue

I have this terrible nasty-assed cold, so I went to bed early last night. I did listen to the SOTU, drinking game at hand, and the Dem response, but didn't get to hear too much of the spin afterwards. One thing I do remember: I heard Tweety talk about the reaction of the Democratic presidential candidates: Hillary and Barack. I looked at my wife and said,

"He didn't say Edwards. He won't say Edwards. Bet you anything Edwards won't be on."

My wife wondered to whom I was listening, so I had to explain who Tweety was and how he said such brillyunt shit as Hillary got elected to the Senate, not on merit, but because people felt sorry for her because of Bill's skirt chasing. That basically, he's a moron, who's somehow convinced his bosses that he's indispensable. I'm sure we all have known someone like that, worked for/with someone like that, but I digress. The wife, does not follow politics like I do, or watch any of the shows I do, but she knew the Hillary claim was BS, which then got her wondering why I would listen to someone so stupid...?

I have no answer, except that it's possibly the morbid curiosity like that which hits us on the freeway and makes us rubberneck a car wreck. There's also the fact that I wanted to hear what Olbermann had to say and couldn't listen to him without having to somehow deal with Matthews as well because of MSNBC's package deal presentation: "One for the Price of Two."

So I wonder this morning... Did Edwards indeed appear on any of the networks?

Monday, January 28, 2008

OK... Let the Games Begin (With Update)

As I said yesterday, Ann, has her game up, complete with links to her charity, and her past games. Her charity is a good cause; really good. Did you know that Dub's military sends these poor bastards home without so much as a shaving kit? No razor, tooth brush, clean undies...? So this outfit puts together kits that cost $127 and at least give a wounded soldier a start. The military bills soldiers for shit they may not get to bring back. Like their rifles.

And then there's Rachel Maddow's game. No links to her past games, although I suppose you could google them.

I know it's late, but hopefully all of you have all the info you need from yesterday's links.

I wonder what Cummander Codpiece will call the SOTU (if he even gives them) when he becomes dictator..?


I forgot to mention that JP says he will be live blogging the SOTU. One of his readers, Bukko, put up a link to an article with a few suggestions on where to go to find more games. If all else fails, use the google, to explore the tubes via: Drinking games, SOTU. There's only 152,000 or so from which to choose.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

For Dubya's Festival of Broken English

When ol' Cummander Codpiece gets up tomorrow night to supposedly give us the straight scoop on how the country's doing, remember:

the 935 lies he told about Iraq,
the lies about tax cuts benefiting all Umercins,
the lies about cutting the/HIS deficits in half,
the lies about pursuing those who outed Valerie Plame,
the constant covering up and stonewalling Congress (lying),
the lies about destroyed e-mails,
the lies about torturing innocents,
the lies about listening to his military commanders,
the lies about Iran,
the lies... I haven't mentioned, BUT:

Remember that this guy promised to bring honor and dignity back to the White House. Watch, compare, contrast, and then see if you can keep from laughing (or puking) tomorrow night.

Hitler Hates Jessica Simpson

You gotta watch this. It is so fucking hilarious. I was about to write something regarding Dubya's State of My Fuckups, or is it his Lies to the Union? Address to Congress tomorrow, and went looking to see if Ann had put up her usual drinking game yet. Lo and behold, I found something better.

So... Do you have a drinking game? Actually, as I remember, Ann's usually involves money, which she then donates to the Wounded Warrior Project. If she does hers again, I'm sure she'll explain. Rachel Maddow usually does one that's purely fun, ie booze only. Do it at home though; not on the road.

I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to try to put one together or not. It might be kind of pointless, since I usually can only listen for a sentence or two before he tells his first lie, and I'm fuming, spewing all manner of invective. Then the wife threatens to take away my teevee privileges. About the only way it could get worse were if the Republican was here, throwing in his bat shit ideas. I wonder who will give the democrats' response this year..? anyway...

Leave a game, or a link to one, in the comments section, eh?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well Fuck! Now What?

Kucinich is gone. Thanks ABC, MSNBC, DesMoines Register, and all you Fuckers out there who love the term, "Electable," and love even more to say Kucinich was not. Lemme tell you something...

What makes people electable is not some predetermined set of traits that somehow descend magically from heaven. It's not some crown that some dumbass like Chris Matthews spews out of his ass either. Kerry was somehow supposed to be electable. Yeah, right. THAT worked out well. Obama wasn't electable till, voila, people in Iowa (drum roll please) Voted and Elected (nominated) him.

Electability is really that simple: You get your fat ass up and out of your chair, and you go fucking vote. With enough votes, a person is elected. Why the fuck, do people let asswipes like Matthews, O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage... ANYone in the media, mainstream or otherwise, tell them who is electable and who is not? ??? WHY?

I don't fucking get it. All the fucking media cares about is getting their hands on the advertising bucks. Why the fuck do you think they've let 9u11iani hang around for so long? Not because any one is voting for him, that's for damn sure.

OK, I know Kucinich looks like Little Alfalfa. Fuck that. I was voting for him.

I know he said he saw a UFO and that Tweety shit all over him for it. Fuck that. I was voting for him.

I know he's a vegan. Fuck that. Rack of ribs on the grill, I was still voting for him.

The reason I still wish I could vote for him?

The Summbitch is RIGHT
The first time
On damn near everything I think is important

Patriot Act? Iraq? Iran? Health care? FISA? Impeachment? Trade agreements?

He's right. And he gets shit right the first fucking time.

No need to waffle like Hillary: My vote to invade Iraq was really a vote to send in inspectors. Or Barack: My votes of "present" are really over procedural issues and not a vote to avoid voting. Edwards? Well, to his credit, at least has the balls to admit his fuck ups.

About the only thing I disagree with Dennis about is Ethanol. I think it's totally stupid to use a food source for fuel in gas guzzling cars. Yeah, you lose the farmer vote by opposing it, but you keep meat prices from rising like they have. I guess that doesn't matter when you eat tofu and portabella mushrooms instead of steak. So...

Now What? Or should I say, "Who?"

A long time ago, I did like Hillary. Then she opened her mouth. 35 years experience? Oh pulleaze. If fucking someone who holds an office gives you experience, there's a shit load of wives out there who deserve to be in some sport hall of fame. Calling her out on her voting record is mud-slinging. And there's something honorable about having your spouse lie so you don't have to? I think not. She's really nothing but another member of the Old Boy Network, but in panties.

Barack's one hell of a speaker, but I think he's horribly naive. There is no fucking way the Refuckyoucans are going to sit down and find any common ground other than their own. Cocksuckers like Tom Delay are salivating, waiting for the chance to chew him up and spit him out. I know he means well, but his Politics of Hope are just Pie in the Sky dreams. I wonder if he believes in Santa and the Easter Bunny..?

Which leaves me, I guess, with Edwards.

Don't you dare fucking drop out Jon. I am sick and fucking tired of voting for the lesser of evils.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tickling the Prostate of Bidness?

The latest foray of Dubya's finger up out collective ass, otherwise known as his economic stimulus package, ain't going to amount to a piss hole in the snow. 200? 400? 800 bucks? Enough to make a payment on a credit card bill or buy some Chinese made shit for your house/wife/kids and stimulate Their economy.

Couldn't spend a few days worth of Iraq Money to rebuild a road or two, no. Or improve our power grid here or there, no. And HELL no to spend anything in N'awlins. Unless of course it goes direct to Shooter and Halliburton. Spending money to improve the country, that's red ink as Rich Lowery and the refucks would say. Iraq? I guess that's some kind of investment that we're just too narrow minded and ill informed to unnerstand

Lucky for me, I still have a job to bitch about. Speaking of which, I'd best get off my ass and get there.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Petition to O'Reilly

Ooops... been misspelling his name. Fuck o Dear.

Go Here. Try to be polite when you write to tell him what a lying poor excuse of a scumbag he is. Sign and send.

Thanks to Jess.

And if someone knows an easy way to change spellings in my labels, could you let me know? I really ought to get that cool little widget like D-Cup and others have.

Skanky Banky

The Crawman, Jurrasicpork, at Welcome to Pottersville, has been having an ongoing battle with his now former bank, Citizens' Bank. I may be a little late getting on the linky love bandwagon, but better late than never.

JP's was the first blog I ever read, and while I can imagine him being a bit of a curmudgeon, no one deserves to have a bank treat them like shit.

I can relate to a degree; I had my own bad experiences with Bank of Amerika. I watch the services offered by my Versateller account disappear one by one oper the years until they finally did away with them all together. I went in to close my account and the teller didn't even try to talk me into any alternatives; I guess he'd seen enough other disgruntleds that he knew I was gone no matter what he said.

The thing is, us little people supposedly cost banks money. As JP alludes, they're doing us a favor and we should bow down, kiss their rings and asses, and eat their shit like it was ice cream. When we go, it's "Good riddance." They serve the rich, the corporations, and (sometimes) their shareholders. Oh, and Nazi, Fascist, bloodthirsty dictators too.

Next time I hear Thom Hartmann talk about the links between Prescott Bush and Hitler, I hope I can call in and ask him about correspondence in the Federalist Papers about placing a cap on individual wealth so as to avoid what we have now:

A tyranny of the rich (as opposed to royal) minority.

Bill O'Lielly Humanitarian (with update)

Billy the Bully is at it again. As if he ever stops.

Anyone with their head out of the sand, or their ass, knows this country has a MAJOR problem with veterans' care. Further, anyone with their head out of the sand, or their ass, knows this problem gets worse with each year of a Refuckyoucan in the White House. Remember Bush'sveto because of the extravagance of a 3.5% over a 3% pay raise for the troops? How he said:

"The problems at Walter Reed were caused by bureaucratic and administrative failures."

when he described the slums and ghettos we call outpatient facilities at Walter Reed? Red tape my ass

Violante stated, "To pay for the Bush Administration’s $1.7 trillion tax reduction plan, the majority leadership and Budget Committee Chairman in the United States House of Representatives are pushing a fiscal year 2004 budget resolution that would drastically slash veterans and other Federal programs. This budget resolution would require reductions in spending on discretionary programs such as veterans’ medical care and would also require the Veterans’ Affairs Committees to report legislation to eliminate or cut mandatory programs such as disability compensation."

you piece of shit.

Which brings me to the latest installment of the Fucks News/Refuck Epic: The Democrats Hate the Troops. I first heard an exchange between Bully Boy and Ed Schultz on Big Ed's Wednesday radio show. After diuscussing the problem of HomelessVets, from Bush War II, as well as other wars, O'Lielly finished up by saying that "...they may be out there but there aren't many of them." He even challenged Ed to find them and let him know about them. Welllll....

As the week went on had had numerous guests, from individual vets, to veterans' advocates, to a film director, to one of the biggest vet advocates of all, Jon Edwards, on Friday. Edwards talks about 200,000 homeless vets. I honestly don't know where he gets his number, but I have to say I'm skeptical about ANY number when it comes to an attempt to count the homeless. Not because of dishonestly, necessarily, but the logistics of getting an accurate count: They move... they have no homes... they hide from authority... and so on. 200,000? The way the rabid foxes attack, I would imagine that's a conservative (Damn it hurts to type that word in this context) estimate.

Of course one would imagine that O'Lielly being made more and more aware of the problem, naturally would come to the rescue and offer some real possibilities for solving the problem, no? Yup. He sure did:

Round 'em all up, and send 'em to live with Jon Edwards.

Gotta love it. Fits right in with every other Refuck mantra and agenda. When there's a problem that you have caused, blame the other guy and/or place the totally responsible for solving the problem through same totally unrealistic process on them. As if somehow this absolves you....?

And you manage to come up with 17% of the population that agrees and thinks the country is on the right track with Dubya's crime lords at the helm...? BTW...

The percentage of adult Americans who think the sun revolves around the earth? EIGHTEEN (18%) PERCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or roughly one in 5. Sharing a six-pack? One of those fuckers doesn't need theirs. Not sure how many believe it's flat, but some definitely do.

I wonder where Mike Fuckabee stands...?


Supporting the troops Refuckyoucan style....?

He Apologizes; Holy Shit

Probably old news, but I just heard it last night from Randi Rhodes. I can't remember verbatim, but he ate crow big time, especially for his bull shit about Hillary -- who I do NOT endorse, BTW -- only getting elected Senator because people felt sorry for her because of Bill's skirt chasing. Before Randi played a recording of Tweety's apology, she went through a litany of episodes of Tweety's belittling of, as well as his gushing and fawning over, chicks on his show. From herself, to Hill to Liz Edwards to Laura Ingraham to, you name her. I don't remember Rachel Maddow, but then as cute as she is, she's openly gay (Does he realize he would just make her more gay? and not convert her?) I don't remember Ann Cuntner being mentioned either, but then she isn't really human, so... would she count?

Ok, but what really surprised me were the examples of man-love. His admiration of Commander Codpiece's aviator package; his admiration of Rudy 9u11iani; his admiration of Forrest Gump Fred Thompson (probably just wants his old lady; must drive him bugshit crazy that an alfalfa look-alike like Dennis Kucinich -- who I DO endorse -- has a much hotter wife.) Next time he's on with Olbermann I'll have to watch his eyes; see if he's trying to look through the desk. Anyway... two things:

I wonder how long it will take Tweety to go back on his word and slam/belittle Hillary or some other woman...?

I wonder if he'll do his fawning over some dude first..?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Experience Counts

Sitting here watching the Mud Chicken Stink Bush Seahawks get totally dismantled by Brett Favre, I can't help but wonder why no one's tried to sign Deanna Favre as their quarterback. With all of her experience and all.

Like Hillary.


Douchebags Serve a Purpose...

Matthews does NOT.

Hail, Hail, the gangs all here.

As Willard said: Tear 'im up!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More on the Assews Effect w/Update

In comments from my last post, D'cap sent me this link to a Franiam post. The clip isn't really news anymore, but I think it's important to add my continuing vote condemning Matthews' assholish bullshitiousness and fuckstickery. He is one sick mo-fo. Speaking of mothers and fucking...

I think it's obvious that Matthews wants to fuck her, but knows he can't. As with so many people who can't have what they want, he's over compensating and trying to make himself believe that he doesn't really want what he obviously does. He's trying devalue her in other's eyes as a way to convince them that he doesn't want her. I've heard it said that people lie the best when they lie to themselves. Who can say if he's convinced himself. All I know is, he's not convincing me.

Hillie's best strategy, I think, would be to play the innocent married woman card. The "I never know what to do with men who are obsessed with me," card. The "Please Chris, move on with your life and don't make me hurt you," card. He's actually doing more to make her look human and tender than she could ever by herself, or by appearing with her Mom, Chelsea or Bill.

MSNBC needs to get this guy a shrink pronto.

And I don't mean Dr Phil or Dr Laura.

Update: I suppose I should add that Hillary was my second least favorite Dem candidate* -- a position she'd earned -- and now Tweety has me defending her.

*Close call, but I liked her more/disliked her less than Mike Gravel.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So We Now Have a Race

So much for all the horse-assed predictions. I haven't heard anything from Matthews the panty chaser; I wonder if he's bleating about the 60% who voted against Hillie..?

Let's face it, Iowa and New Hampshire are to presidential elections, as Spring training is to baseball. I don't think the Mariners have ever followed a winning spring, with a winning regular season. Maybe that's not the best analogy, since the Ms TOTALLY sucked till 95, but my point is that Iowa and New Hampshire really don't mean shit as far as predicting elections. Rayguns lost both to Aitch Dubya back in 80. Dubya split them with McCain, just like Hill and Barack. Bill got beaten in both in 92. The 76 and 72 Dem caucuses were won by Uncommitted.

Now comes the real shit. And I wish Tweety would shut the fuck up.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chris Asspews Matthews

I cannot figure out what the fuck MSNBC sees in him. He's thick-headed, buffoonish and as you watch this interview, you can once again see his total glee as he frustrates his interviewee -- Elizabeth Edwards -- by avoiding the real issues, and then childishly branding "trial lawyers" as a "questionable interest group." (I could go on and on about good lawyers vs crooked lawyers, but this post is not about them; it is about Tweety.)

Of course this isn't the first time Matthews has been such a doofus. Back in October, I wrote MSNBC after reading this.

A couple of weeks earlier, Stephanie Miller called him a right wing tool. Bummer that she said she was kidding soon afterward.

And then there's the fucker's obsession with all things Hillary. It's so sexual; the way he has to do his best to put her in the worst possible light at all times looks to me like a poorly masked D&S fantasy. I'm surprised he hasn't been caught in some cheesy plot to steal her panties.

I'll have to write them again, and you can join me by using one of the following addresses:

One MSNBC Plaza
Secaucus, N.J. 07094

Chris Matthews at
(h/t JP @ Pottersville)

Something simple and polite like, Dear Chris, Why are you such a total ass? Hmmm?

If you really want more exhibits of his moronic behavior, visit Crooks and Liars.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oh Be Still My Fucking Heart

So Dubya has to kinda sorta admit that the economy is not the total bed of roses the republicunts have been claiming for the past 7 yrs. Of course Dubya wouldn't be the insane criminal we've all grown to love and adore without still managing to come up with clueless gems such as: Our economy is on a firm foundation. Right. SAND should be so firm as an economy built on retail buying of foreign made goods, financed by debt.

Our "CEO Preznit." Our first Preznit with an MBA. An MBA from Haavud no less. Gotta make sane people wonder about things there. Do I want my kid to have a pedigree? or do I want my kid to get an education?

He got a "C in Economics, but an A in keeping taxes low." How fucking moronic? You CAN NOT spend more than you take in without eventually going bankrupt. Someone with a Harvard MBA should at least be able to balance a fucking check book!!!! So....

Unemployment is at a 2 year high of what... 5 %? On the one hand that's not outrageously high; on the other hand, the only reason unemployment is not through the fucking roof is that Dubya and crime lords refuse to even consider the possibility of extending unemployment benefits.

Quicky Quiz here kids: What happens to a person when their unemployment runs out? Are they:
A) Employed?
B) Unemployed?
C) Every bit as lost as if they'd fallen off the edge of the Republicunts' flat earth, never to be heard from again? (except by people and Preznits who actually give a fuck about minor details like, you know, reality)

Core inflation is low, although food and gasoline prices are high. Funny how Dub's gubmint omits two of the very most basic necessities of life from their calculations of inflation. And let's not forget how fucked up housing is.

We cannot take economic growth for granted. Here's some growth for ya:

Thom Hartmann repeatedly points out how under Ronnie Raygun the US was the world's largest importer of raw materials and the largest exporter of finished goods. In just 27 years, 19 of which were under Repug tyranny, 8 under a would-be-Centrist compromiser, 4 Preznits total, the US economy has been totally turned on it's head. We are now a Third World economy: Exporting out raw materials, and importing our finished goods; we rank #1 in both categories. Wanna talk about National Security? Explain how we'll be able to equip an army when we have no fucking industry to make anything an army needs? We gonna buy guns and bullets from China?


Back to the Moronic Genius...

We may need an "economic stimulus package." In other words, "Oh goody, goody. An excuse for another tax cut!" Come on people... Tax cuts ARE his economic policy. They are his answer to everything. Gubmint has too much money/a surplus? Cut taxes(for rich people.) Gubmint has (record) deficits? Cut taxes (for rich people.) Economy is down and needs a boost? Cut taxes (for rich people.) Economy's going well and needs to be sustained? Cut taxes (for rich people.) Tax cuts don't keep the economy going? Wait... that can't be right. Tax cuts CAN'T cause a problem; must not have cut 'em enough; cut 'em some more (for rich people.)

If the people who benefited from such assenine notions and practices were the only ones who voted for those who espoused them, Conservatism would dry up and wither away. The problem is that 25-30% of the voting population who for some inexplicable reason... they don't read, can't read, refuse to acknowledge reality... vote for their own demise. They will never ever see and/or acknowledge the simplicity of the fallacy behind this -- and every other -- Dubya Conservative Repug policy. How can they be so easily duped? It continually amazes me. Disheartens me. Scares the fuck out of me.

Just how fucking bad does it have to get for you homeless, jobless, uninsured morons before you see reality for what it really is?

Almost forgot... Quiz Answer: "C"