Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Gee, I never thought about it"

So said Scottie McLiellan, when asked about his thoughts on being called to testify to Congress.


But then

He worked for Dub

What's truth? ???

OK ONE Congress doesn't have the balls to force him to comply


Guess there is no "two."
Congress is... has... nice nancytits

Fuck the tits
I mean forget the tits
Like yeah


Oh yes, I think all the time about testifying and what I would say.

The truth?

By which you mean...?

The truth.

Uhhhhhh.... well.... all these disgruntled ex employees....

Fucik you/him

Got a good argentine open on the counter....

Puzzled? ??? Surprised? ???

Then pack up and move to Stupidville.

Yes, I refer to McLiellan and his new book with the same old shit:

It wasn't my fault!!!

Was he fed lies?

No doubt.

Did he know this? At the time?

As I've said before: It's what they do, it's all they do,and they absolutely will not stop!
Yeah; Fucker knew.

Did he himself construct and tell lies?

He kept his job for a while didn't he? Ever watch one of his press briefings? Seventy pounds overweight and I don't sweat so much under heat lamps.
Obviously; Fucker lied.

So what the fuck? What do I think? I suppose I should say, otherwise why do I have a fucking blog, eh?

The fucker's a whore. He whored himself out to tell lies. For a liar. Doesn't matter how nice the furniture was in the whor....ite house lobby. Lying is lying; whoring is whoring; he did both and still is. Was he an escort for presidential verbiage? NO

He was and is a fucking WHORE !!!!!!

Gotta feed the wife and kids though; Although my wife has real skills.

I read the Paul O'Neill book, and a couple of others, but I have no desire to read this one; I can't see putting money into his little floozie garter belt. One BIG difference between this asswipe and O'Neill is that O'Neill was fired and refused to pose for the bullshit photos or play huggy-bear-kissy face in the rose garden afterward. The Dubya-McLiellan Boo Hoo scene making the rounds? It's bull shit. Dub fired his ass. anyway....

WHY do fuckers like this wait? ??? Values? ??? Loyalty? ???
To his Madaam. and of COURSE the almighty (devalued) dollar.
To the nation and constitution?
Fuck me with a taser, Pulleazzze.

Nothing in the book should be considered "news." It's just chin dribbles that hit the floor, and cum stains recovered from his laundry racing stripes.

If Scottie had ANY values or morals, he would have quit LONG ago and save this country a LOT of misery.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sometimes I just Sits and Stinks, but....

Sometimes I sits and thinks. This week's been a time for the latter.

I've yet to take down my Kucinich for Prez banner, simply because I've been dissatisfied with my alternative choices to date. Barack has been my 3rd choice, and Hillary not even my 4th. Not a very "Loyalist Democratic" ringing endorsement I know, but even so, former(?) Goldwater Girl Hillary would still be better than Insane McCain. However...

Barack's making some inroads into my stubborn thought process. As anyone not living under a rock is by now aware, boy-King Dubya the Despicable, has called us all -- if by "all" you mean anyone who still believes that diplomacy involves sitting and talking BEFORE the bombs drop -- a bunch of naive Nazi-appeasers, with the Insane one joining his chorus. Too his credit, Barack isn't backing down or mealy mouthing or giving them any wiggle room in his responses.

Refreshing to see a Democrat at least sound like he's actually taking a stand on principle, rather than pull the Cowardly Lion act and give in to their bull shit.

Face it: Bush and McCain and their followers are war mongers. That's the truth boiled down to its bare essence. The only other possible explanation for their followers' lemming like behavior, is some combination of stupidity and insanity. So what are the Hillarys and the Cantwells of the world really accomplishing when they do stupid shit like show support for this insanity? They vote to got to war and then defend their votes to the point of obscenity for what? To avoid being called names?

Stand in there Barack. Don't give in to the rhetoric about W's Demon-of-the-Day, Iran. If we're lucky, maybe we'll hear him say what we already know to be true: That Dubya and McStain are really nothing more than treasonous bastards out to create their own Nazi/Refuckyoucan dictatorship.

Might be too much to ask, eh?

I was going to write more, but the odd combination of rage and relief has my thinking tied in knots. For a bit more on the inspiration Barack seems to be giving to the rest of our spineless Congress and party, go to Crooks and Liars.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The New 3M

Moronic Maniacs for McCain or McCain's Moronic Maniacs.

I bring you, courtesy of JP @ Pottersville, their poster child, Rod Parsley.

I just can't bring myself to use the term, Reverend, with this asshole. I couldn't think of his name last night, but thankfully JP did.

There are reasons why people can say, God Damn America," and this guy is one of them. The fact that so many in Amerika find his views more than acceptable is another. And the fact that our corporate media allows this shit to remain under wraps is yet another.

Don't give me any, "Love it or Leave it," lines. That's a bullshit cop out. A way to avoid any introspection while you take pride in your ignorance.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Those Who Are Trying to Secularize America"

What the Fuck? BTW...

Today's surgery went well. Hopefully I have fewer problems than I've had with the first: My right. Big ass mess that side. back to the topic..:

I'm not convinced I need to stop calling Wright, "Reverend," Hagee... Earns no such respect from me, going by anything I've heard or read, and that includes Fux News. Robertson...

I should have heard this before, and I probably did, but just needed to be reminded, but way back on his "Who's to blame in some ridiculous cosmic sense for the individual decisions of a dozen and a half crazies from a country half a world away," incantation, he brought all of his, "they who are to be blamed, " under the umbrella of, "those who are trying to secularize America," label.


This country was "Secularized" at birth by the Bill of Rights. Game, set, match, championship point to the founding fathers who'd had it up to their eyeballs with Catholics and Anglicans, jailing and waterboarding " " The infidels" "

And McStain likes these guys? as well as guys who are even crazier...? The Agents of Intolerance..? Reminds me of the, Axis of Evil, it does. These assholes make Dobson look tolerant and sensible. Soooo....

4 more years of Bush; No.

4 years WORSE than Bush.

Someone far more qualified than I will do this analysis in a far more rational manner than I, but, Bush is one of those serial killers/sociopaths who's "in control." He's in control enough to create a cover for his efforts: He's created his "Mad Cowboy," persona. The stumbling, bumbling idiot that you'd love to buy a beer in the hopes he'll do something that your grandkids will want to hear you tell every chance they can ask.

McCain's a total loose cannon. Out of control. A berserker. Ted Bundy dashing and slashing his last few victims. If it's possible...

Mo-Fo's crazier than Dubya.

And there are morons out their who are willing to vote for insanity, if their Hill/Bar isn't the nominee. What-fuckin-ever...............

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brace Yourselves, Loyal Readers

I'm about to disappear again.

I know my posts have been a bit spotty of late, but I've been moving and (what a dumbass...didn't buy a laptop) have been preoccupied and at times, too fucking busy. I like to eat. If you saw me, you'd know. Had to set up the grill and help unpack the pots and pans.

Months ago, D-Cup was going through blog hotties (She hasn't seen me) and mentioned Carpal Tunnel surgery. Well, back then it was the right wrist. Thursday, May 8, The fucking day before my birrffday, Yuppers, I get the left one done. Guess I need to learn how to hunt and peck, eh?

The wrists are FUCKED. And I'm at a loss as to how to unfuck them or to even try. 20 years of had labor can do that. Although I know a gal who works for the courts and says that EVERY clerk she knows has the same shit as I do. Anyway....

We've cut out square footage in half (not to mention, we gave up an AWEsome view) so save your money and don't send flowers. Gift cards to restaurants will suffice.

Aaannnndddd... Indiana.

Interesting listening to the exit poll results (and just because Fox in Florida turned exit polls on their heads, don't discount them. Their methods didn't turn a 180 and go to shit over night) Hillary's winning the redneck (White with no college) vote.

Supposedly NC was a dead heat (double digits for Barack) and Indiana was a Hillary cake walk (too close to call as I type @ 10 PM). I think she had Dubya-Rum Syndrome: She thought she'd declare her candidacy and get greeted with flowers and candy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hillary Courts the Ignoramus Vote

What the fuck else could be behind her continuing to push this assenine farce otherwise known as the ......McCAIN...... gas tax holiday? ??? How long is she going to keep endorsing that senile old fart?

The main thing though is that she continues to insult the electorate's intelligence. My intelligence anyway.

I've made it clear: This is one of the stupidest fucking ideas to come down the pike since Nixon expecting people to be assured because "...the results of this investigation will be reported dirrrrrECTly to this office." Al Capone would have loved such a deal, asswipe. Any fucking way...

How the fuck could anyone be soo fucking stupid as to believe the George Dubya Bush would actually put his fucking "X" (can he spell his name?) (signatures don't have to be "spelled") to a bill that would actually levy a tax? ??? The only mother fucker to EVER start a war and then CUT taxes...? And he's going to feel some fucking bit of compassion or conscience at the prodding of a Democrat? ???

How fucking arrogant are you? That you could think there was no end to my stupidity?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, just as I was at a loss for a word to describe McCain the Insane not long ago, I am at that same loss now with you.

Who's the stupid one here? You: For thinking I'll swallow your bullshit. Indianans may be "red voters," and North Carolinians, well, My Bro in law The Moron lived there... but that doesn't give you permission to think all of them are brainless.

Show some fucking respect for the people you expect to vote for you.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Another One for You Sixth Grade Fucks

If Barack Obama's failure to run screaming from Rev Wright's church makes him an enemy of America, consider this:

The Catholic church still exists.

Still thinking?

Guess we have a few million pedophiles sitting sniffing incense, confessing sins, fiddling and diddling with rosaries, eating wafers that if they were the body of Christ would put his weight at "far, far beyond any previously imagined notion of obesity,"

Still thinking? Really?

Yeah fucking right.

Ass wipes.