Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wondering what Lies We'll be Told this Week

I've been watching the Olympics. I like some of the off-beat sports, like the hotties of curling, and the scandalous women of ice hockey.

Is that an eighteen year old drinking a Coors Light on the ice..? American beer..? Non-union brewed..? How dare they. For god sake, have some standards... some national pride... drink a Molson. Probably smoked Chinese cigars too. Not to ignore the more main stream sports, like new stars of skiing:


Last week Reagan/Bush tool James Baker...
...The country is so evenly divided. If you look at the last two elections... well... not this very last one, the two before...
OK.... stop right there. THAT statement speaks volumes if you pay attention to refuckyoucan behavior since, Clinton's election if not before. These assholes will stop at nothing to "prove" their point. Throw out the last presidential election results... throw out the gradual turning of the majorities and increasing those majorities in both houses of congress... throw out the continual dwindling support for Obama AS HE "REACHES OUT"... And Baker's supposed to be one of the reasonable ones.

The republican strategy to push their encoded message that the right of governance is theirs and theirs alone could be summed up as, Ignore, Deny, Illegitimize, oh hell, just Lie.

Lets start today with refuckyoucan genius Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. The genius that's resurrecting the Idiot idea of Bush the Evil of privatizing Social Security. "Obama's health care plan is a disaster." His most recent solution would be...? To allow Emergency Rooms to turn away patients... (how's that: Instantaneous Death Panel)? Take away your day in court when your doctor/hospital/insurance company fuck you over... (otherwise known as Tort Reform or the Holy Grail)?

How humanitarian.

I wonder what it will take for people to realize that the republican party, leadership, power brokers, are the greatest enemy this country has faced since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Actually greater: the Japanese attacked a military target, not the entire general population.

Ooo... Liz Cheney... thankful that her dad who's had heart desease for 32 years has managed to live a long and full life -- torturing and shitting on people --
bitch... i can't watch those motherfoxers anymore

Why do these people hate us so? When will the objects of their hatred learn?

I was chatting with a lady friend from back in High School the other night, who's grown up to be a registered Refuckyoucan. Regarding health care, she doesn't want any money going to illegal aliens. wellllll Okayyyyyy... but at what cost? I mean how are you going to guarantee that? How many legal people will be denied, because they don't have proper ID, or whatever? ???

You have a seizure in Mexico and go to the hospital, they fix you.
You step on a sea urchin spine on the beach in Belize, they fix you.
You break your leg skiing in Switzerland, they fix you.

They don't ask you about your citizenship. They don't ask for your insurance card. They don't ask for youe method of payment.

They ask where it hurts.

and they fix you.

because you're a human being.

and because they are too.

And that's how people should treat each other.

Napolean once called the English, "a nation of shop keepers." What would he call us? A nation of selfish assholes?

So by all means, join the republican cause to prevent those hard earned tax dollars (collected on your unemployment and Social Security benefit payments, since the Reagan Bush years) being spent on illegal aliens. Join them in killing any sort of REAL health care reform, like pricing Medicare and opening enrollment to anyone who CHOOSES it. Join them as they continue their efforts at reform, like the efforts put forth during the Reagan years... the George I yeaars... the Dubya years. Oh yeah they're VERY concerned about providing affordable health care. They said so when the cameras were on them.

Join them and let them teach you once again how to fuck yourself without even realizing. Because while you're joining their cause to prevent helping the illegals, you're guaranteeing that YOU won't get any help when you need it either. Because that's what "trickle-down" really means: Choke off the under class.

which is of course why I call them re fuck you cans.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let's Re-Convene Nuremburg

Poor judgment. That what an associate something or other in the Obama inJustice Department has found. And here I'd been thinking that the rejected finding of Professional Misconduct was wishy washy and crockshitleeishious.

The mothfuckers wrote opinions that essntially said that war crimes are legal; when the US does them. Torture is not torture; when the US does it. Take away John McCain's "hero" badge. He wasn't tortured. He was enhancedly interrogated.

We had a Harvard MBA running up record deficits, "running the government like a business."

We now have a "Constitutional Scholar" taking the treatment of prisoners (of war) back to the Dark Ages, so we can "look forward, not back." So much for Nuremberg; so much for the Andersonville Trial. I guess Hitler's advisors exercised "poor judgment" as well? ???

I guess legal opinion, like history, is written by the victor.

Change we can believe in?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Terrorism, Crotch Bombs... here's the real deal

Miranda, Schmiranda... The refucks are pissed because he wasn't tortured.

That's it. End of fucking story.


Obama/Democratic regime joins the war crimes crowd, it seals the deal on Bush: Prosecute him, you have to prosecute yourself. And with the new highs/lows of hypocrisy reached and exceeded on a daily basis by the refucks, there's nothing to say that they wouldn't call for the impeachment of Obama based on his doing what Bush did. Except Bush kept us safe. After leaving us open.

All the arguments about information gathering and enemy combatant versus criminal... they all mean nothing. The arguments are based in the refucks trying to justify the war crimes they've committed. The ones that Obama, with the approval of many democrats sitting in Congress now and back then, has pardoned de facto.

The case is very similar to The Khalid Sheikh Muhammad trial. Security is not the issue. Cost is not the issue. The issue is that no one wants the truth of how KSM was treated while in custody to see the light of day. Again, it's Both the refucks who claim credit for their war crimes keeping us safe -- after their ignoring the threats of attack -- And the dems who never raised a peep to stop them.

And while I'm at it...

Aaron Schock certainly is a rising refuckyoucan star. He lies like all the rest. When Mr Schock said refuckyoucans were never consulted regarding the stimulus bill...? Mr Schock is a GOD DAMNED LIAR. It was smaller than it needed to be. Because of refuckyoucan input. It contained a bunch of worthless costly tax cuts. Because of refuckyoucan input. All in all and then some, it contained over 150 refuckyoucan amendments. Democrats don't write refuckyoucan amendments. He's also stupid: Does he really believe that more of the same fuckng tax cuts that did nothing to create jobs and only created massive deficits and funding shortfalls will somehow suddenly do what they've never ever done? Does he think that we are supid enough to think that tax cuts will help us when we don't have jobs and pay checks on which to even pay taxes?

Aaron Schock... Another member of the "Too Stupid to be a Moron," club.

And finally... Jobs bill or no jobs bill, people get hired because there is work to be done. NO ONE gets hired because of a fucking tax break. The millions of jobs that moved to China didn't go there in one year, or even one presidential term, and they are NOT going to come back as the result of one bill, or in one year or in one presidential term. They are not going to come back because of lower corporate taxes. They will come back only when it becomes more profitable.

Erin Burnett -- Scar's "international crush sex fantasy superstar -- is full of shit when she makes claims such as, "I think we can all agree it's not always a bad thing when jobs move overseas."
It IS.... ALWAYS... a bad thing. Not only are our workers losing jobs -- it doesn't matter that their products are made more cheaply if they have no money to buy them, dumb ass -- China offers NO environmental protections and that affects us all. If we don't want steel made over here because steel isn't a "green industry," then we need to develop a green steel mill.

We need to re-institute tariffs. We need protectionism. I don't care if say Hewlitt Packard is an American owned company. If the want to make their products in China, those products should be taxed and taxed heavily when they're imported. And no more calling a shirt made by Chinese slaves in the Marianas, "Made in America," because the tag in the collar is made in America and it's more profitable for Tom DeLay and his slime ball buddies.

Terorism, Crotch Bombs... here's the real deal

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday... Super Meal..?

Been too long since my last post. When was it I said I was going to try to post twice a day? And the refuckyoucan party loves Amurrka. OK, whatever. So catching up...

I have to admit, I wasn't nearly as pissed off as I expected to be after bummer's SOTU address. Seemed like he was calling out the opposition for their obstructionism and basic asshattery. At least in his fashion. He managed to tell the SCROTUS they fucked our system up with their corporatic decision on campaign finance. As an aside here, that decision points out the true genius of Dubya: Od something so apparently stupid and inept to cover your true evil intent. Harriet Myers, anyone? He never intended for her to sit on the bench. She was named as a smoke screen so he could appoint the one he wanted: Scalito. What were Democrats going to do after bitching about her? Bitch about him? Leave the opening for the, "OK, what the fuck do you want?" accusations? Like they could get off their backs and stop wishing for the belly rub from Refucks that they'll never get. Come on. Anyway...

Aside from that and his minor chiding about having to take responsibility for (the non-existence of) government, he seemed to be the picture of the disappointed dad, talking to his children who he wishes could just for a time, get along before he dies. He seems to really believe his bullshit about bi partisanship... getting along... and all that. Is it still bullshit when you believe it? Or are you just that much more deceived and demented?

Then again, I remember during the primaries,everyone wanted him to drop the gloves with Hillary. Get down in the mud with her, Slug it out, and all that shit. He didn't.

And he won.

Then with McStain and the Talibunny, making their acusations about him being a friend of terrorists, and Muslim (because he attended a Christian church), and a Kenyan, and... Once again everyone was calling for him to call them out and duke it out and put them in their places. He didn't.

And he won.

Will he win this time? Sure looked like that a few days later when he lectured the children at their refuckyoucan retreat. They had NOTHING. He made them look so fucking bad their private noise machine had to turn off. Like Hitler's news channels when Joe Louis beat hell out of Max Schmeling.

I was hopeful until the otherday's news of Shelby placing holds on 70+ Obama appointments. So he could get his own version of a Cornhusker Kickback or Loiusiana Purchase II. That's right, I'm not carrying Obama's water on this one. He has no fucking leg to stand on. He's already given in to the proverbial gun to the head with Landrieu, Nelson and LIEberbitch. What moral high ground does he have to refuse Shelby?


OK.... game time...

I tried my first Brisket. I have a long way to go to learn the art of slow cooking.

Supposedly it takes 1 1/2 (give or take) hours per pound at 225 - 250 deg F. I can't get my Green Egg grill that cold and still cook. I get it hotter and it cooks too fast. A couple of months ago, I did a pork shoulder. The internal temp hadn't budged after 6 hours at the low temps.

My 8 1/2 lbs brisket was at 170 after 4 hours @ 300. It was at 210 after 10 hrs. And that time includes 4 1/2 hrs with the fire shut down, burping the heat out of the grill every 10-15 mins or so. I was planning on 14 hrs of cooking, so I could pull it off at halftime and slice it after the game. Now it's already be resting and I'll be cutting it before the fucking game. Oh well. Live and learn.

Oh well. With luck it'll turn out better then the healthcare fiasco.