Wednesday, August 16, 2017

For my Friend Kayla @

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

If Obama was a Democrat

He would have this guy in his Cabinet. Along with people like Paul Krugman and Jonathon Turley, but alas, he's a phony.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Bed Time Story THIS Grandpa Would Tell (UPDATED)

Play this at your own risk. You don't like it? Remember, I warned you.

Bastidges.... They blocked the other "official" one.

h//t to Rachel Maddow

Friday, June 3, 2011

Weinergat, Wienergate, Weanergate... (UPDATED 6-16-11 Thrice on 6-19)

otherwise known as much ado about... Breitbart? OK

UPDATE: Weiner’s Shenanigans Don’t “Vindicate” Breitbart

With or without make up, this clown is still a clown, like the clown from the Rob Zombie movies.

UPDATE II: DAMN. Anyone have a clue how to stop this damn thing from playing automatically? ???

UPDATE III: I got tired of having to scroll down and hit "pause" on Keith O's special comment that used to sit here. Sorry but I don't know enough about code to work around the autoplay feature. You can find the missing comment at Current TV.

Who here has NEVER changed clothes in a locker room? Never used a public rest room?

How many coaches, teachers, janitors, trainers have been prosecuted for spying on the girls' locker rooms and showers?

Have we forgotten the Starbucks employee with his pee-cam in the women's restroom where he worked?

Ed Schultz (and I love Ed Schultz) just added to his "dumb shit stuff I say" list yesterday by making a moronic statement about how he'd know it if there was a camera around when he was in his undies. Yes dear, I wrote him and told him he's as full of shit as the White House thinking they can fire up the base by being Republicorp lite. Come on... I expect nonsensical pontificating from a sexual harasser like O'Lielly, or a serial liar like Hannity, or slimeballs like Canter and the Boner, but not you, Ed.

I don't know what kind of underwear Mr Wiener wears, and I really don't care, but I'm quite sure there very well could be pictures like this out there not only of him, but every single member of congress of BOTH genders, as well as the entire staff of virtually ever media organization, etc. And since it's been proven how easily a twitter account can be hacked, I'm surprised there aren't more of them out there. Gmail was just hacked recently; brace yourself for a mass mailing weenie picks of yours truly. That is if they don't get posted in my unmoderated comment section first. Or on my hacked-into Facebook page.

What bothers me more than anything in this non-scandal is CNN's bringing Breitbart on as if he's got something to say that's worth hearing. This master financier of slice and dice hackery shouldn't be anywhere near an outlet that uses "news" in its name. Faux News being the exception since they won their lawsuit giving them the legal right to lie. Of course BreitDarkbart built his own fig leaf into his position of trying to smear Weiner of pedophilia by dropping the name of someone else who's "been following the congressman."

Too bad the congressman isn't an appointee so Obama's crew can dump him like the other people and organizations that BreitSlimebart has smeared.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guns and Rubbers UPDATED

Been a while since I updated this one. Needless to say, it's hard to keep up with all the dumbfuckery being done by republicorp. Those guys who care sooooo much about jobs. They do. Really. They said so. They want to protect medicare too. From dems. By destroying it. But I digress...
In the first three months of 2011, legislators in 49 states introduced 916 measures related to reproductive issues, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a New York nonprofit research organization that supports abortion rights but is viewed by both sides of the debate as providing reliable statistics on the issue. (h/t to Crooks&Liars)
And lets not forget Florida regulating the wearing of baggy pants. Really important shit they're fixing down there. Cuzz the mid-terms were all about the economy. And Jobs.

Call me whatever the hell you want, but I would think that "the right to life" would extend at least a wee bit past the fetal stage. Maybe into what some people consider a person's life like you know, that period of time between birth and death. I wonder when these creeps and those that vote for them will realize this conundrum. I guess I should say "if" not "when."

And as previously noted:

(updat (3/11/11) Gotta love this one: Thanks to the folks at Crooks and Liars:
As our contributor Scarce so aptly pointed out, the U.S. fired 110 tomahawk missiles, each costing $569,000. That's more than 5 years of NPR federal funding in less than an hour. That's some serious f-ed up priorities to me.
Well they have oil over there. Unlike Darfur. Or Burma. Or Gaza and the West Bank.

Remember folks, just like there's always room for Jello... there's always money for war. In the eyes of republicorp. Even when there's no money, there's money for war. As long as money doesn't go to "little people." Heaven forbid; they might use it for something stupid like food... or clothing... or shelter... for their kids... or grandparents...

If only we had a president who could promise us some true hope of change.... oops... never mind.

Update (3/19/11): Cuzz Republicorp is alllll about jobs, jobs, jobs... I've heard the Boner and C*nter say so... we have a new effort in their two pronged guns or rubbers strategy:

The IRS is going to investigate how abortions are paid for. I should be back to work in no time (I was laid off on Fri 3-11) with efforts like this! Added to the Bachmanite efforts in Minnesota's war on poverty... if only she could get her federal counterparts to see the light... Don't like poverty? Outlaw it.

Are you happy now, working class republicorp voters? Have they undercut your livelihood enough yet? Shown enough disregard for you? Demonstrated their hatred of anything and everything that might make your life better? Proven themselves totally lacking in their ability to set priorities yet?

Come on.... defunding NPR constitutes an emergency session? That breaks their pledge of open government? WOWWWW.... I haven't seen such wisdom and and and... Since Terri Schiavo had to be kept alive at all costs.

(update 2/24) So.... been a while. Where were we? Oh yeah, one of the Dakotas decided they like the idea of legalizing murder; when the victim is an abortion provider. Nebraska seems to like that idea as well. And Georgia has a bill up that will require any woman having a miscarriage to provide proof -- to whom? ??? -- that said miscarriage was a natural occurrence. And if the vagina police are not suitably appeased? Forced fertilization???

Yessiree.... small government... sso small it can hide in your bedroom closet.

And on the gun front, some crazy Texan wants it to be OK for college students to pack heat. Cuzz college students are sooooo responsible.

So I wonder how many jobs will be created? Because we KNOW, because they've SAID, it's all about jobs. In the undertaker profession..? Speaking of jobs..

A Missouri legislator wants to unravel, invalidate, obliterate, etc ALL child labor laws. I guess that's so your grand kids can buy you the good cat food your new and improved(not) Social Security puts out of reach. Not the assholes and eye sockets cheappy cheap stuff

And as previously noted:

The new Regressive Republicorp political dynamic. It replaces that age old dynamic and debate over "guns or butter." And no, it's not because they're more in favor of margarine. Actually, it's not new at all, it's just continually becoming more blatant and obscene that they really don't give a damn whatsoever about social programs except from the point of view of ensuring that they restrict people's rights, freedoms, privacy and abilities to choose. ESPECIALLY in the case of a woman's choice of options with regard to her reproductive organs.

The right to life begins at conception and ends at birth.

Update (1-30-11): Regressive Republicorp hard at work protecting the rights of rapists to propagate.
“A ban on taxpayer funding of abortions is the will of the people, and it ought to be the will of the land,” Boehner said on the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade last week.
So we learn that the will of the people and the will of the land are two different things. I know the Boner will dance and spin on this, but combine this statement and the House's actions of late with the record of the Senate's obstruction since 2006, and it's clear that the will of the people equals the will of the regressive membership of congress. Blue Dogs included.

Taking "principled" stands like this allows the Regressives to hide behind the indisputable fact that they have no clue how to actually govern in a way that "promotes the general welfare" of the nation, as the Constitution and its preamble clearly charge them. They'll fight for the right of incestuous parents to see their offspring, they'll fight for the rights of crazy people and people on the terrorist watch list to attend and buy at gun shows without restraint, and they'll fight for the rights of corporations to have rights with no responsibilities. The rest of us? Oh yeah, we'll have the right to go bankrupt and homeless from health care costs. After we lose our jobs to their outsourcing campaign contributors. We'll have the right to live in poverty after we retire with no social security.

Update (1-24-11): I knew I wouldn't have to wait long on the "guns" part. I actually got a two-fer.

Monday, May 2, 2011

At What Price Justice

Ten years


Two unnecessary wars

Thousands, maybe over a million (our government has made no effort to count), of unnecessary deaths, military, civilian, innocent

Untold numbers displaced

A second term of George "I'm a war president" Dubya

A dismantled Bill of Rights

War crimes, and the inexcusable excusing of those crimes

The immeasurable damage to our image abroad

The immeasurable damage to our image at home

"9-11" becoming a catch-phrase, a talking point, a tool for empty, petty little men to use in pursuit of their selfish ambitions

Make no bones about it, I am VERY grateful to those men and women ready, willing and able to defend this nation. Those who die, I mourn. Those who survive, I respect and honor. I wish somehow the clock could be turned and the empty places left by the deaths of all of those on, and since, 9-11 could be filled as if nothing ever happened. but

All this? For one man? Who was offered up by the Taliban for trial by a third party nation? Forive me please if I can't et all celebratory over this.