Thursday, June 16, 2011

If Obama was a Democrat

He would have this guy in his Cabinet. Along with people like Paul Krugman and Jonathon Turley, but alas, he's a phony.


Jeff Crunk said...

I was Googling "endarkenment" and came across your blog. Glad I did. I recognize and appreciate the sentiments animating your posts. Since the budget hostage situation this summer, I am beginning to appreciate the GOP as a genuine cultural insurgency that's using the tools of a free society to engineer a corporate oligarchy. Laws in 30+ states to disenfranchise Democratic voter populations with voter ID restrictions are indicative of this. The trashing of comity in the U. S. Senate, another. The times demand a literal fight to try and salvage the American experiment in republican governance, to say nothing of existential issues like energy and climate. And, do we get FDR or Lincoln? Nah, we get Obama, the Appeaser in Chief.

If you have not already come across it, let me commend an article to you at It's "Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative who Left the Cult."

Good day from Austin, Texas.

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