Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Ever Further Journeying to Banana Republicanism

GM.... Chrysler... the ripple effect that will tear the guts out of our whole economy.

Everything is right on schedule.

You didn't still believe there was ever any intent to save anyone other than the investor class...? Come on.

I'm not forgetting the loans to these companies. They were a part of this. But the efforts were never about saving jobs or workers or retirees. It was all about breaking unions and well... collateral damage/shit happens. PLant closings... job losses... wages cut... benefits cut...

Now what was this I was hearing about the recession ending? ???

Bull shit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Read This:

Right here. Right now. All the way to the end.

It says it all.

Cheney responds. Again.

Friday, May 15, 2009

O'Donnell vs the Scar

Or reason vs assholidity. And while we're at it, throw in Big Orange: The Boehner. (and remember: when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking)

Lawrence had to go back to 1984 and Barry Goldwater to try to come up with someone crazy enough with enough conservative credibility to counteract ...

Ahhh.... The Scar is a "Burkian Conservative." He believes in restoring social order. Now how do you restore/keep order? Small government? No government? Privatization of...? anyway...

O'Donnell brings up Goldwater, because Goldwater ALSO accused the CIA of lying to him over aspects of the Reagan-HWBush Iran-Contra affair: the mining of Nicarauguan harbors. Of course because there's a Democrat making accusations, all of a sudden the CIA is a bastion of truth and honesty (Orwellian style?), and Goldwater by 1984 was no longer a true conservative.

David Gregory -- water carrier for corporations, corruption and conservatards, "This is not where the White House wants to go. No one comes away clean."

I am NO fan of Nancy Pelosi. If she lies, throw her to the wolves with the rest of the war criminals, but NONE of this is the heart of the matter as Mika says. The heart of the matter is this:

by WHOM and WHEN was water boarding/torture ordered?

Try them

Convict them.

Sentence them.

If there are no investigations, if there are no prosecutions -- and I do not mean "truth commissions" -- the fate of this country will be sealed. Our reputation cast in stone.

How was this country put on the level of Nazi Germany, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Nicaraugua under the death squads, Argentina with "the Desaparecidos."

What makes us better than the Taliban? Than al Qaida? What? ???

I've gotten compliments and comments over time regarding my blog title. Countries go through all sorts of ages/times: The Gilded age, the Age of Enlightenment. This country, right now IS in the midst of the Great Endarkenment. The regime of George Dubya Bush, and his criminal henchmen have literally turned out the lights of intellect and reason. They have neutralized this nation's moral compass. They have turned one of the greatest documents of all time, the Constitution, into toilet paper, and the government it once defined into a Banana Republic.

If we had Bananas.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheney Being Cheney...

I keep hearing lots of wonderings about the motives behind Dick Cheney's Magical Media Tour. Is he trying to Piss in the jury pool as Thom Hartmann puts it? Is he trying to double dog dare the Dems and call their bluff? Or shame them into doing things his way? Is doing this out of fear? Malice? Some sense of duty?

So many theories; so little time. Sometimes we over complicate things, and avoid the simple explanation right beneath our nose. I believe we're doing that now.

As a child, studying and reading history, about tyrants, dictators, despots and the pain, suffering and wars they created, one of the ideas that seemed to always be implied if not stated outright was:

That can't happen here. Not in America.

It's this same idea that leads to the Bushian idea that democracies are automatically stable and good. We've fought a lot of wars to keep the peace and make the world safe for democracy. Destroyed a lot of villages to save them. If there's evil in the world, it 's not us.

I've said for a long time now that Dubya's genius was encapsulated in his idiot persona. It was an act, formulated to be a smoke screen for his evil nature, intent and actions. Cheney on the other hand has never made the slightest effort to disguise his nature. Shoot a guy in the face? Hush it uo and wait for him to apologize. The American people don't think the Iraq war has been worth it in blood, treasure, etc. "So?"

Dick Cheney is defending torture, because it's his. He's the proud poppa. He's defending his baby's honor. His masturbatory fantasies cum to life.

This fucker... Is really one truly evil mother fucker.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pushback? Against What?

Push back during sex, is one thing. I mean, unless you believe the woman should just lie back, spread and take it without moving...

I'm not so sure the Refuckyoucan crew at Faux Noise didn't purposely pick Mother's Day as their day to talk about pushback against the Democratic American efforts to investigate and prosecute those who created, justified, promoted etc the Bush crime family's enhanced interro torture (don't be squeamish... say it with me... you can do it) program. The latest talking point is that because Nancy Pelosi, and other Dems, knew about the techniques/program that we should back off from any actions. An idea to which I give a resounding

Bull Shit! !!!

The Cheney-ista's idea that because we got "good information," their actions were/are justified, is an idea that could not even come to light without bordering on lawbreaking. It is a felony: Treason, to reveal classified information. Pelosi may be an accomplice in that she approved torture; she MAY be an accomplice. She would definately have been a felon if she had gone public with information from classified briefings/documents.

Pelosi, Reid, Rockefeller... whoever, knowing about this matters not. I honestly do not fucking care. Not one whit. How else can I say it? This is a program, an episode in American history that should NOT have existed. Those who took part in it, MUST be prosecuted.

We just recently shipped a former Nazi prison guard off to face prosecution for war crimes. 29,000 counts of being an accomplice to murder, if my memory serves. He was a guard. Like Linndie England and Charles Graner. He was following orders. Like the CIA interrogators. Acting "in good faith" that what he was doing was necessary for the defense of his country. Unlike the FBI agents who walked out... refusing to take part in the torture.

But he was on the losing side: "Their" side. Is that what reeeeeeally makes the difference?

What else am I missing here?

Investigations, Truth Commissions... anything short of prosecutions, in the same courts, under the same laws that apply to the lowliest of all of the rest of us "little people," is pure bull shit. It's obvious that Bush and his crew wanted to skirt US and international law. They surrounded themselves with hacks that believed the same thing -- the David Addingtons -- and would show them the way -- John Yoos. They need to face the consequences. As does Ms Nancy.

As far as I'm concerned, if Obama knew about this shit, he needs to resign and be prosecuted as well.

If they're innocent, a jury of their peers will say so.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tolja So

"I never said I would be a loyal Democrat." Zat so, Arlen? Then what's the fucking point of you changing parties? Oh, that's right: To save your worthless ass the indignity of looking for real work.

Fucker views his seniority as an "entitlement." Right. So he intends to "rightfully" jump ahead of the second, third fourth and fifth term Senators who've fought for democratic causes for all of their careers. Same said causes that he has fought against.

Fucker views the idea of having to defend his record to voters in a primary race as an injustice. Right. Fuck what the voters want. What do they know anyway? (OK, so he may have point here. I mean we're talking refuckyoucan voters/followers/lemmings... Really, what CAN they know? ???)

Arlen, m'boy you ARE what's wrong with Washington. YOU are "politics as usual." These ideas you're voicing place you above and beyond the reach of voters and the Constitution itself. YOU as a Senator have NO rights except for those the voters give you. It is not YOUR Senate seat. It is on loan to you by the grace of the people of Pennsylvania.

I have more respect for fucktards like Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson and the others in that gang who oppose Parts of Obama's agenda, while remaining in the party. They may be bad for the party, and the party's ideals and plans, and by extension bad for the country, but even so, they are not bad for the country in the same sense you are.

And you ARE bad for the country.

This sense of entitlement... Are you some new form of nobility? It seems to me that it was against this shit that the Revolutionary War was fought.