Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheney Being Cheney...

I keep hearing lots of wonderings about the motives behind Dick Cheney's Magical Media Tour. Is he trying to Piss in the jury pool as Thom Hartmann puts it? Is he trying to double dog dare the Dems and call their bluff? Or shame them into doing things his way? Is doing this out of fear? Malice? Some sense of duty?

So many theories; so little time. Sometimes we over complicate things, and avoid the simple explanation right beneath our nose. I believe we're doing that now.

As a child, studying and reading history, about tyrants, dictators, despots and the pain, suffering and wars they created, one of the ideas that seemed to always be implied if not stated outright was:

That can't happen here. Not in America.

It's this same idea that leads to the Bushian idea that democracies are automatically stable and good. We've fought a lot of wars to keep the peace and make the world safe for democracy. Destroyed a lot of villages to save them. If there's evil in the world, it 's not us.

I've said for a long time now that Dubya's genius was encapsulated in his idiot persona. It was an act, formulated to be a smoke screen for his evil nature, intent and actions. Cheney on the other hand has never made the slightest effort to disguise his nature. Shoot a guy in the face? Hush it uo and wait for him to apologize. The American people don't think the Iraq war has been worth it in blood, treasure, etc. "So?"

Dick Cheney is defending torture, because it's his. He's the proud poppa. He's defending his baby's honor. His masturbatory fantasies cum to life.

This fucker... Is really one truly evil mother fucker.

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