Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Memorium

I know I'm a few days late and a few dollars short on remembering the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, but.... At about the 6:40 mark of this speech, Ted utters the phrase, in the form of a question, that I will remember as his trademark. Whether the issue be Health Care, Civil Rights, Minimum Wage, the Disabled... Ted always landed on the side of the underdog; the down trodden. How remarkable for a man born into wealth and privilege. What lesson(s) did he learn that Dubya did not? ???


Stewing in Right Wing Juices

No, this is not a posting on cooking. Although I did just buy a book on Rubs, Marinades and Sauces, and used an EXcellent one: "The only marinade you'll ever need." But that's for another post.

Friday morning I was once again engaging in one of my favorite masochistic activities: watching "Morning Joe," with pompous ass extraordinaire Joe Scarborough. One of his guests/participants was pompous wanna-be-Queen-for-a-Day Peggy Noonan, and the two of them once more promoted the bull shit conservatard fantasy that we are somefuckinghow a "center-right" nation.

The evidence is overwhelming:

We have a democrat in the White House. Definitely due to our center rightness.

(Said democrat was "smeared" with the bull shit story of his having the most liberal voting record in the Senate. Wanna comment on that claim Senator Sanders?)

We have a near veto proof democratic majority in the House of representatives. A position gained via several elections. Obviously due to our center rightness.

We had, prior to the death of Senator Kennedy, a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate ( if you count such phonies as Holy Joe Lieberman), a position that was predicted as NOT being possible prior to the last election. Impossible if the nation were NOT center right.

In siad last presidential election previously "red" states, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Indiana were carried by Barack Obama. Who... is a Democrat. Proof positive that we are a center right nation. ESPECially these states.

What kind of a nation would elect the first black man president other than a center right nation? Cumon kids.

The same center right nation that "elected" a refuckyoucan who lost in the popular vote. Lets not even get into the facts that he even had help via Diebold and their helpers, his brother as governor of the state in question, SCOTUS and voter roll purges..... Surely those efforts were only meant to make the vote appear close so that we wouldn't look too extremely right wingish.... eh?

And finally -- for me at least -- the reason Obama's popularity goes Down every time he reaches agreement with the refuckyoucans can only, ONLY be because we are a center right nation.

Why not look at (the lack of) Health Care reform. Obama was riding high with approval after his election. One of his platform planks was providing universal coverage. OK... Then he moves -- to the left? -- and rejects the idea of Single Payer Coverage. Naturally his cener right approval goes down. In another move -- to the left? -- away from his previously stated position he broaches the possibility of taxing health insurance premiums as a source of funding any new initiatives. As one would expect, more support from the center right leaves. Then he waffles -- to the left? again -- on whether or not a "public option" should be an essential part of the discussion. Well duh, of course his center right approval will go down.

How much farther to the left will this guy go? Abandon the proposed reincarnation of non-profit coops -- remember the "old" Blue Shield/Blue Cross? -- or a direct tax money infusion to insurance companies as a way to subsidize wishes and prayers that they will lower costs? No wonder he can't gain any hard right support, much less support from the more reasonable center right masses -- that elected him? -- and the majorities in Congress? God damned far left liberal fascists, pushing this corporatist agenda....

I can't even think of anything to say in response to Nonan's idea that the best thing that could happen to Obama would be the election of a Refuckyoucan majority in Congress. You know, a return to power of the party that rubber stamped free spending on meaningless wars in combination with tax cuts and deregulation and raping and pillaging and... You now, a return to our center right roots that have worked So fucking well since Reagan.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ultimate in Simplicity

Yeah, why do something in ten pages when you can do it in 1000. And save those poor oppressed insurance mobsters companies and their execs.

To anyone who doesn't listen to Thom Hartmann: Why?

Oh yeah.... almost forgot this.

The Ultimate In Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery.

Like the pro wrestler raising his hands to the referee and the fans in some sort of supplication, "Who? Me? Hiding a roll of coins in my trunks? Noooooo....." the 20th century protection mobsters AHIP, America's Health Insurance Providers, have come up with this nonsense:

Who? Us? Noooo..... we never established the practices of rationing and denial of care and services. We never established the standards of "pre-existing conditions." We're not to blame. No, we WANT reform, We WANT regulation.

Look everyone: Flying pigs in Wonder Woman suits.

Lets hear it for RIP ASS: The Rightwing Insurance Industry Profit Protection Plan to Accelerate Social Stratification. Keep in mind, like the Blue Ball Blue Dog Blue Cross Dems, you don't have to be a refuckyoucan to be a right wing conservatard. Or just plane fucking greedy and willing to be bought/bribed. Gangsters aren't picky. They'll pay anyone willing to advance their causes.

Hey overpaid executards: Here's an idea. You want to serve people? Help People? DO it. Don't wait for the fucking Congress, just do it. Don't insult our fucking intelligence, just do it. Stop making fools out of the Katy Abramses and her fellow teabaggers of the world, just do it.

The truth of the matter is, plane and simple: These fuckers aren't here for US, people, little people, who get their hands dirty and pay their premiums and expect something in return. They're here for their Wall Street investors. Period.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From the Other Side

We keep hearing... alright EYE keep hearing a lot about how the refuckyoucans want health care reform every bit as much as normal people do. Never mind the fact that, just as with the stimulus bill, not a one of those asswipulous shitweasels will vote for it, no one is listening to their ideas. Which are...? ???

Here you go. All wrapped up nice and neat; ideas for signs; do it yourself instructions; everything you need to disrupt a town hall meeting; the only thing missing is the bow. I'm surprised there's no l;ink to this on Ms Katy's 9-12 Organizer astro turfing blog. (h/t Bluegal) Her Scrubbed blog that is. She's not a billionaire? She wishes she was one? (don't we all at one time or another?) Or does she just prostitute herself and spread for them?

And speaking of Christian Fascists... I went to High School with one of these guys. A fine example of what our "Religious Right" (who are NEVER right, as in correct) "right to lifers" "respectors of the sanctity of life" (as long as that life is white, unborn, potentially refuckyoucan...) REALLY care about. Not life. Not of common ordinary people. Not sick people.

Palin/Beck/Hannity... Fucks News fans. ie MORONS.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You Got Dat Right UPDATED

I sure ain't messin' with her pubes.

Almost makes you afraid to travel, eh?

Update: My sister's a grandma, and travels to Asia all the time. (yeah, she works for one of those: a company that sent their jobs to China) I wonder if she'll survive. I hope the youth there don't find out about her.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here it Is

Or here they are, which ever the case may be.

As I said yesterday, Crooks and Liars would have the Hardball appearance of Lebanon, PA's own Princess Poofie Brain, Katy Abram. O'Donnell takes it easy on her, kid gloves all the way, although he can't quite totally hide his amusement.

You watch the You Tube video and you might think for a moment that she actually has something to say. She appears all prepared like a good little school girl... the dog didn't eat her homework (she gets up at about the 5 minute mark)... she shows she can read, and gets quite the ovation from the rest of the lemmings in attendance.

The woman's worse than a moron. I can feel sorry for a moron. This woman's a phony, and I HATE phonies. Go to You Tube though, and you'll find there are those who think she's all that and a bottle of douche. Someone with a stronger stomach can critique her appearance on Hannity.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Moron

Katy Abram from Lebanon, PA. I watched your positions get totally deconstructed by Lawrence O'Donnell on Hardball. It was SO Obvious you had NO idea what you were talking about. When I hear people parrot republican talking points in defense of the Rightwing Insurance Industry Profit Protection Plan to Assure Social Stratification -- RIIPPP ASS -- I don't feel pity or compassion as I might for someone who's been duped.

I watched the old man from the same meeting, the one who talked about god judging Spector, during a portion of his appearance on Scarborough. I could almost feel sorry for that guy. As confused, and quite frankly not-quite-all-thereish as he sounded, he at least sounded sincere. I felt like the right wing power brokers were taking advantage of him.

You... you want the country to get back to what the founders intended, yet you can't or won't say what that means. Repeal Medicare? Repeal Social Security? Things are happening too fast? How long should they take? What should be put on the back burner? (in all fairness, Scarborough couldn't answer this one either, when Courtney Hazlett interviewed him and asked him 3 times: "Obama just won't make the hard choices.")

When you talk, Dear, Please have an idea in your head. Preferably an original one. And leave the silly girl giggles and the "I'd rather not say"s at home. They're not cute. They make you look and sound like an attention whore. But hey...

You helped get Lebanon, one of the most backward locales in the universe, a few minutes of fame/infamy.

So What's the Difference Between Right Wing Loonies and Mainstream Republicans?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Welcome to the fringe Senator Charles Grassley, who now agrees with Sarah Palin as to the existence of, or the intent of President Obama to create, Death Panels.

Sarah Palin has neither shame nor sense nor honor nor even a modicum of common decency. We know this. At least on the left we know this. When she lies, it's all in a day's work. It's expected. A surprise would be her telling the truth, but I doubt she's known any form of that for... who knows. To be charitable: She's crazy as a shithouse rat.

Tell us Mr Grassley, ranking refuckyoucan member of the Senate Finance committee, member of the so-called Gang of Six, working toward a "bi-partisam compromise" on health care "reform," What the fuck is your excuse for your lunatic statements? ???

Every pundit on MSNBC has talked about it this evening, so the good folks at Crooks and Liars will surely post a You Tube clip.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery pt Tink...

Mooooorrrrrrrre Trickle down. Yeah. Let the rich people piss on the little people's heads and everything will be OK. So, in one way or another, says Ex (and thank Geeawduh he's ex) Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.

The benefits of lower capitol gains taxes. "Pro-growth" fiscal poli tax cuts. Yeah, real fucking effective. Put a lot of people to work at Walmart to collect those tax cuts and send them off to China, these refuckyoucan policies did.

When the fuck are these "news" people going to pull their heads out of their asses and stop spewing this totally dis proven bullshit? No that's not really a rhetorical question; there is an actual answer: NEVER. It's the corporate screed and the the fact that it makes as much sense as a Palin speech seems to make it all the more death defyingly newsworthy

Snuffalolopuss has Michelle Malkin on. Oh my fucking.... Is this part of a strategy to expose the total fuckwaddity of conservatard beliefs and policies? Love how she totally disowns Greenspan. Even though he was the conservatards' hero with his theories that business could actually be self regulating. Which brings me around and back to my point that Greenspan was sooooo way fucking wrong before the drool was even dry on his chin: He was "shocked" to realize that banks and brokers and other big-assed-bonus collectors would.... put their bonuses ahead of things like.... ethical business practices and other ideas obviously authored by the Brothers Grimm or HG Wells. Ohhhhhhhh....

Now we not only have Obama's redistribution of wealth. Michelle says there's a grass roots objection to:

The Redistribution of Health

Someone just tazered my eyeteeth via my asshole. The total crockshitulousness of that idea... the mind blowing fuckwaddity...


These fucking people -- insurance companies, Blue Elephant Dems like Baucus, Nelson, Bayh and fence-sitters like Maria Cantwell -- are fucking ghouls. They're hovering about your fucking grave, grabbing all they can before you fall in... prolonging that slip on the banana peel. Casinos don't make money by making their slot machines loose and insurance compnies don't make money by paying out money to make you well or keep you healthy. DUH !!!!!

It's just fine and fucking dandy to them, to see waves and droves of people lose their coverage -- for which they've payed -- and lose their savings -- if they have any -- their homes -- if they have one... it amounts to an en-masse death sentence. "They can't pay? Fuck 'em." And when you're out there on the street corner with your tin cup, they'll be right over your shoulder demanding their cut. And wondering how you could afford a "tin" cup; brand name no less. Why won't a generic plastic one do?

Noooo.... somehow "health" is a hordable commodity. It must be guarded at all costs. Like gold, public ownership MUST be forbidden. I didn't hear her say: Is there a medicinal value to health? Or is it purely recreational like LSD? Any enlightenment gained through health is merely a hallucination...?

Shoot me; shoot her; I don't care shoot someone and put me out of the misery of seeing these nimrods on (what should be) a serious news outlet. Restrict them to Faux where they belong.

Oh... yeah... Greenspan. Right. Let's hear from the guy whose policies got us here tell us how to get out. I doubt we'll hear, "Ignore what I do; ignore what I say; ignore me. I should not only not be here now, I should never have been here. You're in good hands with Timmy. (tee hee hee)"