Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here it Is

Or here they are, which ever the case may be.

As I said yesterday, Crooks and Liars would have the Hardball appearance of Lebanon, PA's own Princess Poofie Brain, Katy Abram. O'Donnell takes it easy on her, kid gloves all the way, although he can't quite totally hide his amusement.

You watch the You Tube video and you might think for a moment that she actually has something to say. She appears all prepared like a good little school girl... the dog didn't eat her homework (she gets up at about the 5 minute mark)... she shows she can read, and gets quite the ovation from the rest of the lemmings in attendance.

The woman's worse than a moron. I can feel sorry for a moron. This woman's a phony, and I HATE phonies. Go to You Tube though, and you'll find there are those who think she's all that and a bottle of douche. Someone with a stronger stomach can critique her appearance on Hannity.

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