Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

McCain tries to compare Obama to a pair of air heads: Paris and Brittney, and what does he do?

Probably the best thing he could do: He laughed at him. Taunted his sorry ass.

I wonder how long before John Boy snaps. Bullies hate to be laughed at.

I also wonder which Foxtard will be the first to call him an uppity ...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Not Sure Which is Worse:

Dan Quayle: (The Preznit Dubya we never had) appearing on, Dancing With the Stars. or

Nancy Pelosi's appearing on, The View?

Did she really say that she didn't know if Dubya had/has committed any crimes? ??? Ooo ooo oooo... and then there's this: She's not sure when/if she's going to call for a full House vote on the recommendation to hold Rove in contempt? September? ???

What the fuck is with this woman? ??? How the hell did she raise kids and not have them walk all over her? Or did the old man do that? Or was her family the inspiration for, "Super Nanny?"

Is she blind? Is she stupid? Or does she just not fucking give a damn? Can't really do anything about the last two, but if the first option is the problem, try this Nance:

Put the bra over your tits, not you eyes. Stop disgracing yourself and the office you hold.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Are What You Eat? (Updated)

So the day's almost over and I still haven't figured out how to: Celebrate? recognize? ignore? defame?... Bullshitiousness and douchebaggery.

Any ideas?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cummander Codpiece 2.0?

I'm sick and fucking tired of hearing all this bullshit about McSame's qualifications for Commander in Chief. First off that job isn't first and foremost in my mind when I look at why someone should be prez. I basically just try to look for some evidence of some common fucking sense. Next, I'd have to say, it's the one who turns me off the least: the least blatant liar; the least divisive; and for fuck's sake I want someone with the sense to realize and admit that you don't get jack unless you pay for it and that means you don't cut taxes to improve life. any way..

Cummander guy...

Just like Hillary and her 37 years of government experience fucking Bill, McStain seems to think that losing his plane and being a POW qualifies him as someone who "knows how to win wars," and be preznit.

I have e friend who spent a few years on jail. I guess he's qualified to be Attorney General. Oooo...

That's probably more experience than Gonzo and most of Dubya's other appointees. Bad analogy. Oh well.

As I think about the past 7+ years of malicious fucktardery under Bush, and the possibility of four more years of that under McStain, I see the bulk of Americans, especially liberals, falling into the same traps as we look at the guy. I've said for years now that the "genius" of Bush was to act like an idiot: butcher words, grammar, syntax... make people think you're a retard, and you can do retarded things and not get held responsible for the results. What I mean is that we fuck up when we look at all that butchering of the language, rather than what that butchered language hides.

Dubya said he's the master of low expectations. Bingo. There are many many more, but the other one that I think of all the time is how people "misunderestimate me." While we sit and debate over that being a "real" word or not, we do exactly what that made up word means: We're underestimating him for the wrong reason(s). It's just one of the reasons for his ever present smirk: I'm going to jerk these fuckers off and get away with it.

McCain uses all of his Doddering-Old-Manisms, and his senile-like denials of every thing he says, is doing nothing more than covering for the undeniable fact that he is a pathological liar. Much like Dubya. Don't feel sorry for him because he looks and sounds like Homer Simpson's dad.

He's another truly evil refuckyoucan. Nothing more; nothing less.

And "John McCain is always there for our troops"? That is such a crock of shit. He's never voted for an increase in veterans benefits. Ever.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Speaks for Itself:

"Nothing is going to come out of this hearing with regard to impeachment of the President. I know it, the media knows it, even the Speaker knows it. ... This hearing will not cause us to impeach the President; it will only serve to impeach our own credibility."-

Spoken by a disgruntled Democrat?

A member of a group such as Code Pink, like maybe Cindy Sheehan?


Keith O? Rachel Maddow? George Soros? Tweety or the Wolfman?

Try Refuckyoucan Rep Lamar Smith.

What intrigues me is not the fact that no Refuckyoucan ever seems to step out of cadence with Cummander Codpiece, i.e. There will be no impeachment. No, what intrigues me is his use of "our" when he speaks of credibility. Not, "they" as in the Dems' credibility. No, "us/our" as if he knows that people do, and will, look in wonder at the trance-like-as-if-drug-induced mentality that the Refucks have exhibited as they've helped this MoFo turn this country into a piss-stained-puked-on dumpster from one of his college memories.

Could it be that he's giving a backdoor/left-handed endorsement of impeachment?

This could be interesting if some "journalist" actually picks up on it and asks him what he means.

PS The notion that these hearings are much ado about nothing is absolutely correct. Nancy Pelosi's so fucking blind to what this country needs she couldn't find her.. never mind. And not to be sexist: I don't think Conyers could pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the heel.

Think this'll make the "news?"

I kinda doubt it. Actually, I'm willing to bet on it not.

Part of the new housing bill that just passed:

You apply for a mortgage and they can finger print you. No shit; according to Thom Hartmann anyway.

Now just what the fuck..? ??? Do the Dems want a Zero% approval rating? They sure as hell seem to be headed that way.

Being the lazy ass I am, I haven't gone back to look at Dubya's objections and veto threats, but again I'm willing to bet they were all about the stupidity of bailing out dumb fucks who had no business getting loans from dumb fucks who had no business being in business. Kinda like HIM when he was fucking up in the oil business, eh? So...

I'm sure this new process will help keep idiots from over extending themselves, right? I mean we do keep a Dumb Fuck Database, right? This is all for our own good, right? We're just too fucking dumb to realize why the gubmint would need the fingerprints of law abiding citizens.

Fucking amazing how that fuck stain, the champion of small government, non interference and free markets, can sweep all that shit aside when there's a chance to put a law in place that restricts our basic freedoms. Actually the truly amazing thing is that there is no real opposition from the "opposition party."

We need a good third party.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dear Nancy,

Shut the fuck up! !!!

Who took impeachment off the table?

Who said, "No more blank checks," regarding funding his war? And then proceeded to write out blank checks...

Who failed to amend/overturn the Military Tribunals act that retroactively legalized torture and did away with Habeas Corpus? And legalized other war crimes as well...

Who allowed passage of the Protect America Act that allowed wiretaps without warrants in violation of FISA? Oh, but it had a sunset provision...

Who then decided the sun was about to set too early, or shouldn't set at all, and decided to permanently amend FISA not only for the future, but ex post facto as well?

on the other hand...

Who sat in power and never had to use a veto in six years as dictator preznit?

Who's only had to use nine vetoes since the '06 elections and had more than half of them stand?

Who gets away with routinely thumbing their nose at Congressional subpoenas and threats of contempt?

Fuck, I'm lazy so I'll just put it this way:

Who's basically gotten EVERYTHING he's wanted and more with the single exception of not getting to hand social security over to Wall Street?

Not you Nancy

So stop embarrassing good people like Dennis Kucinich and Chris Dodd and Russ Feingold and Bagdad Jim and others who really care enough about this country to actually fight for what's right instead of rolling over and hoping he'll rub your tits/belly.

If you had any fucking sense, you'd be humiliated.

Shut the fuck up.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Lotsa Time on my Hands Today

Had "trigger finger releases" done yesterday as part of the seemingly never ending saga that started with a carpal tunnel release, so I'm home. Yes I brought work home, but... that's like work, ya know..? Any wayyyyy...

Somewhere in all the memories of the talk about Fuckstain's Illegal Surveillance Act, I think it was Jonathon Turley, talking with Rachel Maddow as she filled in for Fascist-Enabler Keith Olberman, who said something about the true intent of this capitulation being a means of Congress covering up their complicity in Dubya's MANY illegal activities, domestic and international. This is not new. Check this out:

"Our" 2006 vote for change seems to be working out so fucking well..... Sheeyit.

From Their Asses, to Our Heads

If I ever needed justification for calling the other guys, "refuckyoucans," I firmly believe I've been vindicated BY a refuckyoucan:

How's that for a nice warm cup of, "Fuck you Amerika,"? or how's this:

Ultimately they can't hide their true colors; or change their spots; or (insert your own cliche here.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Strange Bedfellows (not Diaper Dave and Lav Man Larry)

I swiped the following from Glenn Greenwald this morning. I wish I had more time to write about it, but basically, it's all about being pissed off at the FISA appeasement and trying to do something about it. Check things out:

The rapidly growing list of groups and blogs co-sponsoring our Strange Bedfellows coalition is here. Bloggers who wish to join can do so here, and we ask that you post one of the logos. Jane Hamsher has more on the campaign here. Speaking of the Nixon era, one of the true American heroes from that time -- Daniel Ellsberg -- has an excellent post and video entitled "What Every American Needs to Know (and Do) About FISA." The debate over the FISA bill has begun now on the Senate floor and can be viewed at the C-SPAN website.


So... Did you check it out? Did you join? Pledge?

I did. I'm not quit ready to quit yet, although it's tempting to bolt. I may still check out the Mendoza region of Argentina. I LOVE those Argentine Malbecs. But there's still a chance Democracy and freedom can survive here. There's still a chance that Dubya's dicktatorship will end. There's still a chance that a President Barack Obama will not prove himself to be the traitor that his votes today seem to prove him to be. I have my sincere doubts on that last point.

With his changing positions, and his justifications that make no sense; with his plans to hold his acceptance in a football stadium, he seems to believe in his own invulnerability; to be in love with himself. I'm really beginning to get tired of this kid. Anyway...

In a comment the other night, Dale asked me about a constitutional amendment (one Barack didn't vote to far as I know) whereby office holders can be impeached. He was asking about the idea of impeaching the entire government, since in light of this latest capitulation to a Fascist fake rancher who's afraid of horses, it seems we just can't trust anyone these days. (Let me take a moment to express my appreciation to Sens Murray and Cantwell, and Rep McDermott for their votes in favor of our freedom. I wish there had been more like you. Thank you all.) Uhhh.... yeah The banner the the right, and the paragraph describing it are about exactly that: Ridding ourselves of the Fascist enablers like Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, Dep'ty Dog Reichert and others and replacing them with people like Cindy Sheehan and Darcy Burner.

Oust the first female Speaker of the House? Misogyny you say? Name something good that she's done. Name something good that this democratic majority has done? I ain't going anywhere; I'll wait.

Now this doesn't mean I want to go back to Refuckyoucan rule. Oh HELL no. What I want are REAL democrats. Better Democrats. Progressive Democrats. If Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich were to lead a group to form a new third party after this next election (should it happen), and I don't mean loose cannon shit like Nader or that crazy-assed, big-eared Texan (not Dubya), I mean something real, like Jesse Ventura's march to the Governor's mansion without the craziness, I'd follow and be all over it. Well...

Maybe Strange bedfellows will be the start to all that.

Those fucktards don't vote the way we want them to...? Doesn't mean we can't vote with our feet and wallets for someone who will.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Time "WTF?" Here

What the Fuck is MSNBC doing advertising for Bill O Lielly? I couldn't fucking believe it, but at about 7:45 PDT, just before Abrams went into the latest on Christie Brinkley's divorce.

I Really don't expect to see an add for Keith O over on Fucks Noise.
Thom Hartmann brought up an excellent point today; one that I've suspected for quite a couple of years now.

First off, we KNOW that the Refucks have gotten into the files of Democratic legislators, reading emails and memos, using some to formulate strategies on judicial and other nominees, and simply leaking some to the press. This was not (just) during Nixon's reign, but Bush's.

Next, we KNOW that Bush began his warrantless wiretapping/data mining Long before 9-11; in February of 2001; roughly one month after he took office. Qwest, upon advice from their own lawyers, refused to cooperate.

Going back to Nixon, we have the Watergate break-in and the break-in, not (just) of Daniel Ellsberg's office, but of his Psychiatrist's office. Just a couple of examples from Tricky Dicky's bag of dirty "tricks."

And let's not even get into who J. Edgar Hoover spied upon: Everyone from Errol Flynn and Frank Sinatra, to LBJ and JFK.

So spying within the American government on itself is nothing new. Hell, I'll bet even Jimmy Carter wanted to know who had lust in their hearts, but to what end? WHY all the spying?

Knowledge is power, and while we KNOW Dubya has no love of knowledge, we also know that he is obsessed with power. He needs it even more than his booze and his coke. Having things done his way is... There is no other way, so...

We look at spying from an historical point of view, and we look at the Democrats rolling over time and again, and especially as they have since November '06; we look at how no one from Dubya's inner circle has appeared before Congress and we even look at how David Vitter and Larry Craig still DO sit there, and we, or at least I, have to wonder, like Thom did today:

What do those White House mother fuckers have on Pelosi? Hoyer? Reid? Obama? ???

Oh... If you heard Ed Schultze's interview with Obama last week... his crap about su[pporting this latest FISA giveaway, that it's OK because there's an "Exclusivity clause" in it...? Obama's full of shit.

It's CRAP!

With minor exceptions, FISA authorizes electronic surveillance only upon certain specified showings, and only if approved by a court. The statute specifically allows for warrantless wartime domestic electronic surveillance—but only for the first fifteen days of a war. 50 U.S.C. § 1811. It makes criminal any electronic surveillance not authorized by statute, id. § 1809; and it expressly establishes FISA and specified provisions of the federal criminal code (which govern wiretaps for criminal investigation) as the "exclusive means by which electronic surveillance...may be conducted," 18 U.S.C. § 2511(2)(f) (emphasis added).[2]

The Department of Justice concedes that the NSA program was not authorized by any of the above provisions.

Read more here:

On NSA Spying: A Letter to Congress

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Possibly our last as a free people

I've sat here now for about 15 minutes as the weight and meaning of that phrase sink in. Everything I had planned to type went, "Poof."

Seriously, if next week's vote on the new Freedom Is Superfluous Act goes as it did in the house, we as a nation are truly fucked. Which makes me wonder a few things:

Will this be the day that Dubya wipes his ass with the genuine article, rather than a mere facsimile of the Constitution? Or will he wait for the day of the vote?

What will he claim as his new national holiday? The day of the above mentioned vote? 9-11?

So much for a nice happy cheery post on boozing and grilling and timing orgasms with the fireworks' grand finale.

Damn Refuckyoucans and "Centrist-Nazis... Harsh my fucking buzz.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Am I Missing Here?

Or am I missing anything?

I hear these fucking tools like Joe Scarborough, and even Dan Abrams talk about "Obama moving to the center," on issues like FISA. Goes along with the "B side" of their record that says he's "standing up to the left."

Since when is the 4th Amendment, which protects us, our persons, papers, effects (or is it affects?)... from illegal, unwarranted searches and seizures. Very explicitly, might I add. Since when is this some "leftist" idea? And the Constitution. Another collection of Leftist whimsical notions and masturbatory fantasies?

Did the founding fathers and the documents they wrote and defended with their lives and livelihoods become the inspiration for Marx and Hegel and Lenin and Trotsky and..?

Were Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin centrists?

How the fuck has normalcy been stood on its head?

How the fuck has Bush's version of Naziism become centrist? ya know I had to wonder back on Father's Day, when I got a card and a hug from the grandmonster, just what kind of times Dubya had as he sat on his Grampy Prescott's knee? How he mourned the failure of his attempted coup... how he wished and wondered what could have been if only we were the Nazi nation he so desired us to be... "George... you must succeed, where I have failed."

I watch Barack and listen to all this shit and I have to wonder:

Barack... Did you sit on Prescott's other knee?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fart 3 Times in the Toilet/Diaper if You Want Me...

Sweet Jesus I love the General. Tell me these are not fucking priceless.

Show that brilliant man some love.

I hope he forgives me for copying. If he even knows I exist.

Loophole, Schmoophole

OK, so by now I'm sure everyone has either caught Keith O's special comment live, on You tube or on Crooks&Liars. I caught it last night, and I have to say, I was NOT impressed. Lots of nice ideas on how Barack could cover his ass and not look like the traitor to the Constitution he will be should he continue in his lack of opposition to legalizing Bush's warrant less wiretapping.

It just don't fly in my sky.

For all of KO's quoting of and referring to John Dean, and the FACT that there IS a loophole, does anyone with a brain in their head and the memory capacity of a three year old, not remember the "lost" emails? The destroyed hard drives? The White House visitor logs that have been declared state secrets or some such nonsense? ??? Does anyone reallllllly think that these goons and thugs, these criminals and traitors are going to leave the evidence around that will convict them?

Keith... are you shittin' me? You think I'm that stupid? Fuck no.

Every fucking public record, or record that should be public, from Dubya's past is SEALED. If they even exist.

Thing is, this should all be immaterial. Barack should be opposing this version of FISA, simply because it's the right fucking thing to do.

Good Bye to Pottersville?

Anybody know where Jurrasic Pork went?