Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery pt Fib

In another of the never-ending series of all things refuckyoucan, the Anals of Asshattery, I bring you, "How to Obstruct in Eight Easy Steps," or "How to Simplify the Economy: Let's Take the 'Working' Out of the 'Working Poor'." I might be tempted to entertain their ideas shit but unlike real bull shit, theirs doesn't even make good fertilizer.

Commenter "CLF" left this in the comment thread following a post I found at Raw Story. A nice neat encapsulation of the crap these fuckwads are still trying to sell.
So let me see if I got this straight:

1) The GOP “analyzes” the Dem Econ Stimulus Package using an early and incomplete version of a CBO report.

2) They go on National TV and claim that the Congressional Budget Office showed that the DESP would fail.

3) Every reputable Economist acknowledges spending will have twice the job creation of tax cuts, not withstanding a few Cato institute cretins and Chicago “I forgot Econ 101’s lesson that money has velocity” professors.

4) They telegraph that their strategy is to claim Obama fails in 6 months. They also hail ‘bipartisanship’ and then…

5) Vote in mass against the DESP claiming tax relief is more effective than gov’t spending at job creation, that condom makers don’t employ people, and pregnancy doesn’t impose a cost on families…

6) The MSM accidentally catches them with no clue as to what to do for recovery.

7) So the GOP leadership puts together their one-note-Johnny-off-key-but-we’re-not-listening refrain of “Let’s lower taxes” as a stimulus package.

8) Only the tax ‘relief’ doesn’t work but instead raises taxes.

That’s the modern GOP for you: So incompetent and dishonest it takes a spreadsheet to keep track of the lies and ineptitude.
Posted by: CLF | January 30th, 2009 at 06:47 pm

After eight years of authoring disaster and destruction on a scale only dreamed of during Newtie and the Blowhards reign of error, following the Raygun-Bush years of VooDoo economics, why change?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Low Will They Go?

What is it with these "free marketeers" who can't see the damage they've wrought over the Reagan/Bush/Greenspan years? ??? This unregulated nightmare of THEIR making.

Somehow we're supposed to believe the Boner when he claims to have a refuckyoucan plan that will cost half of Obama's and create 6.2 million jobs? How big an idiot do you think I am?

An 8 yr record of consistent refuckyoucan failure -- if you're a working person -- and Mika and Dylan sit there defending refuckyoucans. Damn, what would it be like if the Scar was there?

The Washington Post has a story: Republican party faces "misshapen " identity? Misshapen? I don't think so. They SHAPED their identity. And working people, aren't part of it. They are the party of tax cuts and deficits; borrow and spend.

Choose your outfit for the next 4 years: Fireman's gear or ballet gear. We'll either be trying to put out the fire they started, or dancing to their fiddle music while the country burns.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Call It What You Want

Family Planning

Preventative Medicine


How about common sense?

I'm talking about the latest refuckyoucan talking point, ie line of bullshit: Boehner's "$200,000,000 for condoms."

Unplanned, Unwanted, Unaffordable kids turn into, Undernourished, Unhealthy, Unwatched, Undereducated... kids. A drain and strain on their families, communities and the country, emotionally and economically. Although to the "prisons for profits" crowd, they're a bonanza as adults. I probably just made boner's point. no pun intended

Arguing whether or not that money belongs in this economic stimulus package, is little more than semantics. I don't care where it's put, it needs to be put out there. It will never eliminate stupidity and piss poor planning: girls who want babies for attention, to make them feel grown up, to give them someone to love them... It won't undo the fuckery they've wrought on their kids and families, but for people who CAN plan and want to plan, it will allow them TO plan.

When will refuckyoucans get their heads out of their asses and start caring about the country enough to THINK? ???

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's that Ron?

Ron Paul: We got here through excessive regulation...

HUH? ???

But somehow the people with the fraudulent derivatives and credit default swaps -- you know, the unregulated Bull Shit that got us here -- should be prosecuted.

But Ron, What will you investigate? No regulations, what violations can there be?

And like Dylan Ratigan, he wants to eliminate the income and business taxes, but unlike Dylan, wants no consumption tax (national sales tax).

Just in case someone stopping by had a question of what/who I meant by my tag, "Too stupid to be a moron." Ron Paul: Attention Whore.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some Things Never Change

Because they can't.

The topic at one of my meetings a few weeks ago, was the idea of, "Principles before personalities," and what it meant to us in terms of our recovery. A lot of ideas ran through my head, even though I said nothing. Saluting the uniform, not the man. Respecting the office, not the officer.

I never served in a branch of the armed forces, so I don't know how much time I might have served in a brig for rolling my eyes or snorting as I saluted -- or didn't -- some "90 day wonder." Obviously I don't agree with respecting an office, regardless of the qualities -- or lack thereof -- of the person, or this blog would not exist. Duh.

However, personalities, people will inevitably disappoint. Principles, proven principles, not notions, superstitions, old wives tales or Foxtard opinions, are absolute. So the idea of putting your faith in principles, rather than people is one with which I agree.

With that in mind, this blog will not become another alter for the worship of all things Obama. Water carrier, rubber stamp, echo chamber master... uh uh. Ain't happening.

Tax cuts. Fuck 'em. They didn't work "then."

They won't work now. Thank you Mr Horsey.

And no thank you, John McCain, whose solution to this Bush-shit is to make the tax cuts permanent, cut business taxes and the payroll tax (which funds social security, the last remnant of the New Deal) etc. No thank you John Boner who says we can't borrow and spend our way to prosperity. Like you and Bush tried? For the past 8 years? And Reagan before you? And George the First?

What is it about these people? And the people who vote for them? Are they blind? Crazy? Or just plain fucking stupid? ??? They act like brainwashed cult members.

Snuffalupulous: Where was he this morning? I missed him and he had Nancy and her grammy tits on.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Told you so

The other day I mentioned to someone that I still have my "Kucinich for President" banner on my blog. I was considering taking it down since it's only been, what? A year? More? Since he had to officially drop out of the race...?

I think I'm going to keep it up.

Maybe it's a sign of bitterness. Maybe I'm being petty. Maybe I'm being a poor example of a good rubber stamp of all things Obama. "Bad Nazi; no doughnut."

Every time Obama makes another "centrist move," look at it and think of what could have been.

Centrism Sucks

I puked months ago every time I heard ass hats like Dan Abrams and even Olberman praise Obama for his "moving slightly to the center," and "standing up to the far left." The issue at the time was FISA, the Freedom Is Superfluous Act, and Obama's kowtow to the refuckyoucan Bush enablers by refusing to take a stand in defense of the Constitution and the 4th Amendment.

You know..... this guy taught constututional law. He edited the Harvard Law Review. WHAT THE FUCK? ??? It still astounds me that he could not see through his own bullshit, or rather that he insulted our intelligence by spewing his bullshit -- expecting us to accept it without question -- in defense of his community asswiping with sections of the Bill of Rights. Get it straight kids:

Barack Obama is not the Progressive we hope for
He is not the liberal Fucks News spews about
He is not even the centrist in Abrams' dreams

You don't become a "centrist" be trying to balance extremes. "Let's see, I'll close Guantanimo (in a year) like a good believer in democracy, and pardon/ignore/immunize ex post facto the criminal violations of warrantless wiretaps like a good Nazi. How's that for centrism, eh?" That's called crockshitity.

Now comes dealing with the economic wasteland left by Bush and 34 years of voodoo economics, otherwise known as Reaganomics, otherwise known as supply side economics... voodoo economics. Tax cuts answer alllllll problems. We have government surplus? Cut taxes. We have a massive deficit? Cut taxes. A "kid" at work yesterday commented how the top 2-3% pay 90% of the income tax. They have 90% of the wealth, so....

We had 8 fucking years of tax cuts, on top of Reagan's tax cuts and what have we got to show for them except MASSIVE deficits? ??? Economic stimulus my ass. Of course, "Reagan taught us deficits don't matter." Refuckyoucan deficits; democrat deficits are ALWAYS bad. Those tax and spend libruls just can't see the benefits of spending on the federal charge card.

Now we have Obama in office. Things will change. We'll pursue a more realistic economic path. We'll get people working. Right?


We have to give out $275 Billion MORE in tax cuts. To make your stimulus package bipartisan? Centrist? Oh fuck me please.

People don't need a cut in the taxes they don't pay, on the wages they no longer get from the job they no longer have cuzz some greedy fuck moved his business to China, Indonesia, Vietnam...

Keep your $500/person, $1000/couple. Just fucking keep it. It's just another pisshole in the snow that sells to the ignorant anti-government masses and gimme gimme greedy fucks. Just like the "gas tax holiday." While our federal highway fund would starve, we would get to bask in the warm glow of being able to buy an exra pint of gas at each fill up. Oooo I feel the tingles coming from my toes.

Less than $10 a week: $9.61. A half carton of smokes? Not in Washington state. A bottle of wine? Maybe. A 12 pack of Miller beer? No. A 16 oz T-bone steak? On sale, maybe.

So while we enjoy National Weekly Dinner at Mickey Dee's Day with our $19.22 (per working couple and kids) we keep $15.865 BILLION out of the hands of road builders, bridge builders, electrical grid builders, levee builders, school builders, hospital builders, hell how about teachers and hospital staffers... Maybe we could even get the NYC cops and fire dept on radios that can talk to each other...?

And we probably will still have to pay that wonderfully conservative compassionate tax on unemployment benefits. Anything to keep money from getting to working class people.

But this is Centrist. So it's good, eh? Some conservatards still believe in the mythical magic of voodoo and think the entirety of any stimulus package should be tax cuts. This package of Obama's is just an exercise in appeasement and why he would even consider such nonsense is beyond me.

He dooms himself to failure if he continues down this path.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're Back....?

"We are ready to lead once again."

Good. Because we sure as hell haven't been leading anyone other than the crazies, the dimwits and the lame brains of the world. I wonder if Dubya was at all aware of the slam there.

"I reject as patently false, the choice between our safety and our ideals."

Another slam that will likely leave Dubya the Shitheart scratching his head for years to come.

I didn't get to watch the show, but I heard on the radio that the little tinpot sat and smirked a lot during Obama's speech. Surprise, surprise.

Eight long years of shame and embarrassment. Thankfully the assfuck had sense enough to leave and let someone take over who actually considers the consequences of his actions. omeone who actually gives a damn about the country. And the world. If I was ever happy to be wrong before, I was sure as hell happy to be wrong today: No Dubya Dictatorship.

Now we can begin the long hard climb from the depths of darkness toward the light. Reconstruct our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Maybe we'll even reinstitute the idea of ONE code of law for all.

This isn't the last time we'll have to fight evil hear at home. People thought we were through when we voted out Hoover, but then this fucker rose from the slime and here we are struggling to hold off yet another Conservative depression.

Teach your children well.

The Home Stretch

I'm speechless. Seriously, the joy behind the thought of him being out of our fucking lives, leaves me speechless. Giddy, but speechless.

Update: Question.... Will there be fireworks displays? At 12:01 am January 20? ???

Thursday, January 15, 2009

H/T to Matthews

For his summation of Dubya's prime time slime, I give him an "A." From his description of Dubya as being anti-intellect with a tabla rasa mind to that of him as still clueless, still clinging to the idea that nations' conducting elections somehow magically makes them peaceful and friendly. I think he was being charitable. The fucker is a total snake oil salesman.

Basically, everyone is ignoring the speech. O'Lielly gave it some time, but... "SO?" What would you expect of the Foxtard-in-Chief? The jet in the Hudson is the big story tonight.

People make mistakes. Presidents are people too, so I really don't expect them to get everything right. One thing I do NOT expect from my president, is malevolence. I expect my president to protect my country. Bush likes to claim he's done so. Dismantling the constitution, damaging the economy, undoing our regulatory systems, destroying other nations for personal reasons... These are not mistakes. These were willfull efforts by a deluded boy-king with no conscience.

What he's done is unforgiveable. He must be prosecuted.

I await Rachel Maddow's analysis.

Monday, January 12, 2009

That Shart Said WHAT? ??? UPDATE I, II

Smirking and smiling and occasionally snarling, Dubya actually seems to believe that his record is defensible? ???

He made mistakes in his choices of words. He regrets his rhetoric. Nothing he "DID" was wrong. Oh no. Just how he talked about what he did.

I absolutely cannot think of words, phrases... NOTHING I can think of can express the level of contempt, the utter disgust, the total absence of ANY feeling of respect I feel for this sub-human suit full of gangrenous slime.

He's "disappointed" there were no weapons of mass destruction? ??? Oh, so it would have been better if they had existed and been used against the kids he sent there? ??? Fucking..... Piece of..... god damned.... Should have been impeached and hauled off and shot after he tried to turn the whole WMD issue into a joke for the corespondents' dinner. Lose a son? A daughter? A relative or friend? There was the show of his feelings for them. Sociopathic pissantious...

I wouldn't give him a pair of racing striped undees if he needed something to wipe his mouth.

I knew I shouldn't have watched. I knew he'd leave me boiling.

UPDATE: Safety, safety, safety... "Bush (and the refuckyoucans) have kept us safe." Pure coincidence. The more this line of bull shit gets trotted out the more it points out the failings that led to 9-11 in the first place, and the more it points out the possibilities that Bush was complicit. Anyway, you keep pumping out that shit Mr Scar, you hack.

UPDATE II: The Dubya Legassy: Let's hold a press conference for our... interns? I've heard of this bull shit before, packing the crowd with staffers. WTF? Who is it who's so stupid as to think no one will notice? Do they believe Dubya is too stupid to know that the last two rows were not reporters? Or do they think the reporters won't notice and let the cat out of the bag?

My theory: Dubya is so fucking shallow, egotistical and delusional, that the ONLY thing important to him is the display: That the room be full. He'll be bragging to someone somewhere that there was "standing room only."

Another great moment in the annals of asswipery.

Reminds me of the scene from Caligula where he "invades and conquers Britain," by using slaves to slash the reeds in a marsh.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery... part faux

Fucks Noise is going to have an interview with wannabe royal family: Aitch Dub and Dubya. WOWeee...

Wear your fucking chest waders and hide anything harder that your Teevee screen. Keep it all out of reach anyway.

My question:

Where are the drinking games?

I didn't catch the C&L roster of talking head guests, but today seems to be a fucking gold shit mine: Cheney on CNN, Snuffy's Gang of Four and the ultimate living justification for abortion on demand and his dad... I hope I can resist relapsing on my sobriety.

Snuffy's Round Table or....

Morons on Parade.

Jeezo Peezo.... Not only George F Will, but Thomas Friedman, Peggy Noonan and Newtie the Blowhard Gingrich... These people have ideas worth considering? Other than "what not to do."??? I mean to hear them talk about the economy... Conservatives...

Until these people and people like them come to their senses and admit the undeniable FACT (or what my sister refers to as "bovine excrement") that THEIR conservative refuckyoucan policies have been total abject failures and the CAUSE of banks, businesses... the entire national world economy, even China's, falling apart... NOTHING will change. I admit it would be humiliating for them to admit to the fuckery of which they are guilty, but nothing will change until they do. And become willing to listen to and follow reason and common sense.

They give lip service to taking toxic assets off the market, but make no admission as to their authorship of the conditions that allowed them to spring into existence: Their blind, brainless dogmatic belief in deregulation for its own sake. The Reaganesque idea, now seemingly carved in stone, that if it's the government doing it it's bad. Even if it succeeds, it's bad. All the more so simply because it's the government doing it.

My sister sounds aghast as she listens to me say these things and ask if I'm listening to what I'm saying. I have no idea if she reads what I write. Yes, I do listen to what I say, and it's scary shit. "ANY success of government is equivalent to conservatism failing."

Does that mean I think the refuckyoucans wake up wondering what they can do to fuck up the country? No.

I don't think they tend to be so complicated.

I believe their prevailing tendency is to wonder what they can do to better themselves with no thought to anyone else. As they "pull themselves up by their own boot straps" and leave the rest of us to mind ours, they leave the entire country at its own peril. We, the country, because a country is made up of its individuals, are in their way.

Is the issue black and white? Are ALL non-liberals refuckyoucans and conservatards? No.

Some fit the grey area where they defend the need for good schools, or social justices, but then many of these same people root their stances in denying rights to gays or pushing for things like charter schools, with no bargaining rights for teachers, or vouchers that don't come close to covering the cost of sending a poor family's child to a private school. Tough shit: They're gay = their choice; They're poor = their problem.

Are Democrats blameless? Fuck no.

Harry, Steny, Nancy, Jane, and yes, Barack and many more have been complicit if not outright supportive of many of their evil efforts.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Many Times Must Working People Get Fucked?

Adventures in taking your nine year old partying on a school night, as told in a nine year old's rambly fashion, has totally destroyed my train of thought here. Way to go Ms Thang.

Suffice it to say, the United Autoworkers cannot strike. They strike, the loans get canceled. It became law with the Automaker loan bill. Did you not believe me when I told you that nothing would get done without fucking the unions?

Palin and the Issue of Class

Another installment of "Issues I wish would just go away:" Sarah Palin. Keith O and Rachel have been working the latest Palin show of idiocy interview... there's dumb and there's dumber, but then there's "too stupid to live."

She still can't give a coherent answer to the question of what she reads to stay informed. Lots of tap dancing and fancy pageant walking but little substance. She kinda sorta hints that she might maybe read USA Today and/or The NY Times. Daily? On Sundays? Once while you were stuck in an airport with nothing else to do?

Goddammit people you should know she HAS to read to stay informed so she can fuck up stay informed and run the state. Everyone KNOWS that those two papers are THE authorities on all things Alaskan. NOT the Anchorage Daily News, the Fairbanks Daily Miner, the Juneau Empire (does Annabelle Lund still contribute to that teeny wittle wag?). How about the Palmer News or the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman? And no I did not ever read those last two; I used the google.

Who says this woman isn't qualified to be President? Like Bush she lies well by volume. She just can't tell a well constructed lie.

But its all a media plot; they're biased against her dontcha know? Look at Caroline Kennedy. They treating her with kid gloves? That sort of shit definitely shows a class difference. She would have a point. If Kennedy were making the total fool of herself as Palin did/does. Just her use of the "mental comma" "ya know," is not enough to paint her stupid. It just doesn't compare to the totally put-on and pre-meditated use of "You betcha" with a wink. (as a shout out to Canadia, their "eh" is one of the handiest fucking utterances since... well... "fuck," eh? Do I hear an Amen? Firestarter?) I don't see a master plot to hide the undeniable fact that Caroline would not even be considered were it not for her last name. Gee... Hmmm... Sarah Kennedy...? Sarah Bush...?

As she explains, if she had been picked by the other side, everyone would have loved her. I. Don't. Fucking. Think. So.

Not even if you looked like this:

And showed how you distanced yourself from all things "Bush."

I can feel sorry for stupid women; some can't help it; although I'd never date one. But I HATE bimbos. Plastic... Phony...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bushit: The Next Chapter

Just like he'd like us to forget his irresponsibility before 9-11-2001, I'm waiting for him to try to brand his record deficits and destruction of our economy as some sort of fiscal responsibility:

He kept HIS deficits out of the trillions.

I guess when you tie your shoelaces together and fall on your face, you take credit for the quality of the knot? ???

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aitch Dub

Where to start with this guy. The Father of Fear-Mongering and Division. Willie Horton anyone? A preznitial campaign where he not only said nothing positive about his opponent, he said nothing positive about himself. This is the guy who turned me off to all things republican. His mythical Thousand Points of Light, Compassionate Conservatism, The Education President... there's a good one.

I was in college when Aitch Dub got elected. I remember him cutting funds for student loans, raising their interest rates and ending the income tax deduction for student loan interest. What a guy.

He couldn't wait to go to war with Saddam. Of course if he had waited, let diplomacy run its course and all that good shit, US approval of Saddam's going into Kuwait in the first place would have come to light. More importantly though, there would have been nothing to distract our attention, even if only temporarily, from the fact that he was totally inept at running the country. "I don't really like domestic policy." I can remember that one just as clearly as, "I'm not prepared to say we're in a recession." I can hear his whiny nasally voice in my head as clearly as if he was standing next to me.

A lot to live down. and then...

He's the son of Prescott Bush Senator, diplomat and Nazi sympathizer and financier. What would it be like to grow up knowing that the guy who held you on his knee made money from slave labor and genocide? Be enough to make you want to live your life for charity, eh? And raise your kid to do the same. You know, defend the weak, leave the planet a better place for...

Oh hell, I can't feel sorry for this old fart. The whole family's a bunch of planet fucking rapists.

Bullshitiousness and Douchebaggery... part twit

Watching the Fucks News Foxtards. The big guns are back. Shar Pei Brit Hume, Bloodlust Billy, etc. I'll go back to the interview with Aitch Dub later; mixed emotions on that one.

Pointing out the obvious they are: The Democrats in Illinois and -- surprise, surprise -- Harry Reid have fucked up royally with Boygobitch's appointment to Obama's Senate seat. These assholes are having a good old time with it, not knowing who to attack, how hard or in what order. Can't really blame 'em.

If the Illinois party, or whoever gets to call the shots on this one, don't want to hold a special election, then the governor is entitled to make the appointment, and when he does, you have no say. Without making yourself look like the spineless losers you are.

The appointment is legal.

I'm not losing track of the irony of the refucks rattling their ethics sabers after 8 years (and more) of systematic lawbreaking and corruption as well as basic bullshitiousness and douchebaggery.

Speaking of irony, and there will probably be LOTS of talk of irony over the next 4 years, the Putz Panel all seem to be in agreement that Israel needs an exit plan in their invasion/occupation of Gaza. The invasion where they're trying to stamp out an elected government? Yeah, that one. Now where and when did I hear talk of exit strategy before? Gee, weren't there a bunch of assholes talking about how having one would "embolden the enemy?" Would that have been the good folks on the Putz Panel? Maybe?

Oooo weeeee.... next week an "exclusive interview with George Dubya Bush."

The biggest regret I have about my brief career as a blogger is my lack of success at coming up with a term that's negative enough to describe that pocket of virulent brain puss. Maybe some of these that Hannjobitty's forum members use to describe Obama, liberals and Democrats would do, but that'd be cheating. h/t Crooks and Liars

Gotta go.... Steffalupugus is on. (the wife had breakfast ready, so I never got back to Snuffy. Even missed his round table. Bummer. I guess)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Running Conversation

Blogger Dale said...

There's still time for him to declare himself a dictator, or start a war that he must stay and finish, or Obama to be assassinated, or some mysterious threat regarding the inaugeration, or any other reason he can come up with to stay in office.

December 29, 2008 7:32 PM
Blogger Chris in Seattle said...

Harsh my buzz, why dontcha?

December 31, 2008 5:17 AM
Blogger Zoey and Me said...

I'm kicking 2008 out the door. Eight years of that asshole is enough. He's too stupid to be a dictator. Believe me, he wants out like more than we want him out! That's a fact jack!

December 31, 2008 4:05 PM
Blogger Chris in Seattle said...

I've heard that about him: That he wants out as much as we want him out. On the other hand, he has this -- I don't know what the word is -- "thing" about his own rightness. It could be that he's simply delusional about being guided by God, which would be the best case scenario regarding any legacy, since it would seal the deal regarding the importance of including mental health services in any health care scheme. But then maybe he actually believes that he is some sort of supreme, omniscient being who really IS right about everything. I never did finish reading "Bush on the Couch."

Then again, Bush's reign, the entire 8 yrs of it, to wit his entire being is a lie. He lies like he breathes. He titles major legislation with lies: The Clean Skies Act; The Clean Water Act; The Deficit Reduction Act. Now to "create his legacy," he has to lie to cover the lies... This is getting post length. OK now where was I...?

Remember the exchange from this summer about gas prices? In answering one question about gas prices hitting $4/gal he flippantly responds that he hadn't heard that. In answering (I believe) the very next question about something else, he responded that he had been busy dealing with other things, like the price of gas. All with a straight face and no sense of irony. Like the Terminator (As I've said many times): (Lying) 's what he does, it's all he does, and he absolutely will. Not. Stop!!!

Allannis Morrisette do a Bush tribute yet? You live, you lie, you ___, you lie....

So... Any ordinary human being would be crushed by the weight of accumulated failure and disaster, and DREAM of getting out. But Bush? He doesn't believe he's failed at all. Except possibly in the case of destroying Social Security. But he's making up for that with the trillions he's funneling to Wall Streeters through TARP and hidden Federal Reserve strategies. In his warped and twisted mind, he's been infinitely successful, and when you look at things through the shit-stained glasses of conservatism, he HAS been infinitely successful: He's gotten nearly 100% of what he's asked for; Not ONE single veto till the 2006 elections.

And then there's the power he's accumulated. Through his illegal wire taps; his signing statements, his executive orders laying the foundations for martial law and dictatorship, his bankrolling of private armies, his bleeding the armed forces dry, his bankrupting the nation through enriching corporations... And then there's always his trump card:

Osama bin Laden

Oh come on.... anyone out there still thinking that he ever intended to catch him? on January 19? Maybe? ???

He has everything Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin etc had and more. He's the American dictator of his Grampa Prescott's wet dreams. As much as I drem of his ass going down the road (and to jail), I just can't see him giving up all of that.