Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Situation Tailor-Made for a Maverick


No matter what happens, McStain will take credit.

He bullshits about suspending his campaign, parachutes in at second base -- or was it the fifty yard line? -- "calls a White house meeting" to bring everyone to the table -- a meeting where he says nothing and where nothing gets done -- leaves town and decides it's now safe to attend a debate he couldn't attend until a deal was done, then sits back and watches as the deal he made, at the meeting where he was silent, after he taped a couple of interviews suspended his campaign and called it back to life... Now wait... he walked on water and fed 5000 somewhere in there too...

Didn't he?

When a bill fails, it's because our mighty maverick called everyone to their senses, reached across the aisle, etc etc...

When a bill passes, it's because our mighty maverick called everyone to their senses, reached across the aisle, etc etc...

Never mind the FACT that he cannot attend any of the committee meetings where the WORK is getting done... he works behind the scenes... he's not it this for glory; he's in this for US!

You believe that, and I'll give you a "Free Market Solution" to this "Free Market Mess."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Anyone for Kumbaya? ???

OK, so before we all go our separate ways to get re-elected, let's work together to pass a piece of legislation we all hate, eh? So said... well nobody said that, but that's basically what the fuck has been happening. Who's writing this script? Seth Rogan? The Coen Brothers? Taretino? Do they really hate it? or do they just not want to own it? Just like no one wants to own the failure of the legislation, policies and philosophies that dismantled The New Deal, and led DIRECTLY to this mess.

Paul Krugman is all over the place, in terms of teevee, blogs. Ravi Batra is another economist, but one I only hear from when I listen to Thom Hartmann. He hates the bailout:

The current problem is not with banks and financial institutions, but in the housing market. So the remedy should be applied there and nowhere else. There should be a partial bailout of harried homeowners who cannot pay their mortgages. They should be penalized somewhat for their reckless borrowing but still rescued for the sake of the economy. If homeowners are able to make timely payments for their home loans, the banks will be paid and their loans will be secure. The banks will have a healthy balance sheet and will not need any rescue. The housing-market will also stabilize. If some banks still fail, then the FDIC will come to their rescue. The total cost of the home-owner bailout will be less than $500 billion, a fraction of what the government has promised to spend on its multifaceted bailouts—Bear Stearns, Freddie Mac, Fannie May, AIG and now the entire financial sector.

Whenever a crisis appears, Wall Street jumps to the front row to profit from it. America, wake up and say no to the worst plan yet devised for crisis profiteering.

I hate it too, because as Batra explains, it's aimed at the wrong problems/place. It's really simply more of the same thing: Trickle down.

The thing is this: We've been here before. Not literally we, but the country. If Nancy can't find the answers in her cleavage, she should look in one of her grand kids' history books. Under: Great Depression; Franklin D Roosevelt; New Deal.

Recovering from the continued rapings of the past 8 years -- 28 years actually -- is not going to be easy or pretty. Whatever bill finally gets passed is going to have to address bankruptcy re-reform, banking re-reform and keeping people in their homes. Pelosi's not to blame, as Boner and his minions claim, because her speech wasn't nice enough. She's to blame for once again, not sticking true to Progressive, Liberal, Democratic principals and putting together a bill for the PEOPLE of this country. She needs to learn that "the country" is not some nebulous idea that's the product of a good buzz. "The country" is its people.

Oh.... and Senator Morain, stop blaming Obama while you're telling us that this is not the time for blame. I sense a disconnect there. Like between brain and mouth.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wowwee Kazowee...

Are you fucking kidding me...? Brokaw takes a fucking Refuckyoucan to school on the FACT that it's refuckyoucans who've been in charge and gotten us here. It's Schaffer, a refuck former rep from Colorado, trying to somehow argue that... it hasn't been Bush and Refucks that caused this? It's ALL happened in this last year? When the refucks in the Senate set filibuster records.. in half the time that the old record was set?

These assholes don't deserve to be called assholes. They aren't that god damned sensible.

Ohhh... and he wants to go back... as a Senator. Obviously to bring back fiscal sanity, like a balanced budget and a surplus.


"How fucking dare you Dems not undo what MY party has done under MY party's president."

Just so you know... this does not make me a Brokaw fan. He's just another corporate tool.

Lies, Lies and More Fucking Lies

with a half-truth or two thrown in to try to look honest and keep the "Maverick Myth" alive.

I missed most of Stephalupugus's interview with McStain, but did catch his bullshit about it being Obama's fault that his own campaign is so nasty, because Obama's not doing things McBlame's way: Town hall meetings. Caught the lies about his lobbyists staffers getting their paychecks from... Why doesn't he just produce their canceled paychecks from his campaign? It's called proof, honesty; ever heard of those? It seems like he won his game of Chicken over the taking of public finance money, if you ignore how he stretched broke ...rewrote his own rules.

Roundtable: The Ultimate Unamerican Refuckyoucan Newt is complaining about the Un-Americanness of Paulson's bailout proposal. Amazing how fuckers like him are trying to become Democrats all of a sudden. Tough to admit that your underlying philosophy ain't worth a pisshole in the snow.

Robert Reich makes excellent points: NOTHING in this bill gives ANYTHING to we in the masses.

I've heard Newt has a high, albeit misused IQ. He's doing a pretty good job of pointing out how the Refuckyoucan Deregulation i.e. Reaganomics has been an abject failure as he calls for solutions to problems he's spent his life helping create.

More big words from George W... F Will... ::yawn::

Drill Here Drill Now... Newt plugs his books/movies... and his idiotic ideas... the idiotic ideas that got us here. Too late to bitch Now Newt. It won't make you right.

BINGO !!!!! Reich calls Newt out on becoming a liberal.

Who's the fucker to Steffie's left? Bob something... He can't see that the economy has been nothing but a house of (credit) cards. And more bitching from Newt about "Bushleague" economic policies: The Walmart/China Stimulae.

More refuckyoucan/conservative jokes from Will about rebuilding infrastructure: building bridges to nowhere. Why is he always on this show? Seems like his hands are always on top of the table, so....? I mean it can't be because of his ideas. Unless Snuffles expects us to listen and see their fallacy.

Reich has it right on several points: This is a repeat of the 1928 economy in that so few have so much (1% has 20% of national income) and so many have too little to spend which means money's not flowing in a healthy way. Today's economy IS the refuckyoucan ideal: Borrow and spend. Not work, earn and spend, as Liberals would like to see. <== far left nonsense... as they said up to now.

Who Wants to be a VPILF?

I think the 3Mers (Morons for McCain and the Milf) wish people would take her seriously, as in that she can actually do something... you know... good for the country. But then along comes a satirist, who happens to be smarter and hotter than the "real" thing... when she's SATIRIZING... Oh fuck, just watch. (Sorry about the add, but it was the first I could find)

OH SHIT... which answer is real? ?????

I meant to put this one there...

...or did I?

Now try to tell me, with a straight face, that we will not be truly and totally fucked with that crazy assed broad in DC. Palin I mean; not Tina Fey (or Miss Teen SC).

And while we're on the topic of bailing out banks: How is it that buying bad mortgages... I mean they're bad, right? So... they'll get better once they're sold? To us? Taxpayers? Like sending them to bed with a hot water bottle after some home made chicken soup from Gramma..? Like cutting taxes to decrease the deficit; OK. Now I... ... I... Must be stupid. I still don't get it.

Oddly, ironically, crazily enough, it seems the Refuckyoucans are the ones holding things up on this and it may actually be that for the first time since Reagan that they're doing something good for the country in the process. I know. I have a hard time believing that myself. If I wrote for SNL...

I just may have to do the unthinkable and go visit a Refuckyoucan congressional website like John Boner's or Lav Man Larry's or Diaper Dave's. Where else can you go to get the straight story.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let's Kick Some Tires

or inflate them or something.

Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator from Vermont, has a petition at his website. Bernie's no Lieberman; he's actually a Socialist.

If Vermont wasn't so frozen in the winter, I think I'd like to live there.

Go fill it out and send it to Paulson. It may do no good, but doing nothing does nothing either. I mean.... you know what I mean.

Deja Vu and not the One with the Hot Chicks

The Iraq war, if you didn't already know, has/had nothing to do with weapons, terrorists, spreading democracy... it's simply a vehicle to funnel wealth to private industries and Bush cronies. There are so many books out, explaining falsified reasons for starting the damn thing and the corruption that's gone on since, that I'm not going to belabor the point. Anyone who hasn't already read a few, never will. I wonder: The folks at Fucks News love to go on and on about how their far left can't see the success that's there, so how many books have been written to show the evidence of those claims?

A few years later, Dubya had the brillyunt plan to privatize Social Security. FORCE people to invest money for retirement with Wall Street. Lucky for us all, his plan never worked. I know with my own pension through the Boilermakers' Union, I won't get the retirement payments that I would have back before 2000. They've been reduced/adjusted twice since then. I know lots of people's 401-ks have taken big hits also. Aside from knowing that Bush's plan was a disaster simply because it was Bush's, we now have empirical evidence that it was/is a disaster. There was a problem (in Bush's view) that remained though: Wall Street never got their billions.

So now we have a meltdown, a credit crunch, a banking disaster, a depression to stave off, etc, and what's the answer? $700 billion in the hands of Henry Paulson whose decisions as to what to do with it would be final and god-like: no review; no oversight; no reins. All the grandstanding and hoopla aside, it's merely a vehicle for funneling cash to another segment of the private sector and more Bush cronies.


I'm not going to say that there are no problems in the whole banking/credit/investment sector, but I will say that the problems are not random or accidental. They were created be the refuckyoucans for the refuckyoucans, or rather for a small segment of the refuckyoucans. That the unwashed masses and christopaths who support these schmucks don't see this is unimportant. That they will be left in the cold, destitute, with all of us who oppose their thievery and corruption is unimportant as well.

The super-rich wing of the refuckyoucan party does not care one wit about anything or anyone, except themselves and the amassing of more wealth. Eventually, they won't even need votes. Makes me absolutely sick that there are still so many otherwise smart people out there who just can't fucking see through the refuck bullshit. Oh....

I almost forgot: How are Pelosi and Reid going to spin it when they roll over and give in to the Refuckyoucan demands that the keys to the treasury be handed over. I already hear rumblings to freeze out labor representatives. I'm sure all the CEO bunuses will be protected too. What else will get fucked up is anyone's guess I suppose.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad Time to Quit Drinking

Oh for the days of the SOTU drinking games (Rachel Maddow always comes up with a good one). Dubya's "nukular" fetish was always good for a shit load of shots. Ten weeks ago, I decided to quit drinking for a number of reasons, and haven't regretted it til tonight. I coulda gotten a lot of mileage out of, "surge" and "offshore drilling," but surprisingly not so much out of either "my friends" and "tax cuts."

All of that aside though, I coulda gotten mega-mileage out of the chances Obama left on the table. WHYYYYYYY didn't Obama nail McShame to the fucking wall on his votes Against funds for veterans. He kept saying to look at his record, that it spoke for itself, well that record alone should be more than enough to blow the fucking myth of McCain the Hero out of the water and to the moon. Not every vet can come home and marry a fucking adulterous beer baroness. Some vets need some of the benefits he has repeatedly denied them.

McCain the defender of the vets is a

John McCain is NOTHING but a god damned fraud.

Obama gives a hell of a speech, but he was sorely lacking in this debate. Not nailing the vet issue, not nailing the torture/water boarding issue, and repeatedly telling everyone when he thought McCain was right... I'd be well beyond shit faced if I'da been drinking. I coulda put away two if not three bottles of wine, just by sipping; not chugging.

I should work on a "Sober Game" for the VP debate coming up. I don't know; for every lie of Palin's take a blanket to a Nickelsville, or a can of soup or stew to a food bank. anyway..

Night night
Sleep tight
Don't let refuckyoucans bite

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Crazy is as

Crazy says.

Still not convinced?

Watch CBS Videos Online

Give me some sanity, Please.

Thing is, there's so many fucking idiots out there that if these two got switched, the damn poll numbers wouldn't change.

Beam me up, Scotty. And be quick about it.

O'Leilly and Stossel

Fuckers are so full of shit. Nobody warned them. Was there supposed to be someone appointed to do that? Bush put a Regency graduate in there? Poor Baby Billy; Poor Baby John. According to them, it was that Damn Barney Frank who caused all this. Led the charge was how Bill put it. Nothing to do with Dubya. Hell no. Just because he stood up and praised the loosening of the reins on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac back in 2002, doesn't mean he actually WANTED that to happen.

My fucking head's going to explode if someone doesn't shut these fuckers up. These fuck sticks blaming liberals and Dems for THEIR fucked up conservative philosophy's failures is just... Am I in the Twilight Zone or something?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So for the Good of the Economy...

McInsane is going to suspend his campaign.


Maybe what he meant to say was something like, "In these troubled times I urgently implore ooops...

"My friends, In these troubled times I urgently implore you to stop wasting your money on my campaign and buy more cheap ass Chinese made shit from Walmart." (Fucker can't say anything without a "my friends" or two in there)

I'm sure what he'd really like to do is suspend the economy, for the good of his campaign. Of course the Dubster's going to do his best to pull his play-acted-senile ass out of the fire by calling a White House meeting photo op. That oughta be good: A Harvard MBA that can't balance a check book and a POW who's never seen one (cuzz he lives out of his wife's) are going to talk about a big ass fucking blank, and most likely BAD and BOUNCY, check.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble...

Yes, it is getting hot over here.
(thanks Dude)

As I get so pissed of that I can't see straight, I came to realize just the other day that I really need to see straight. We all do.

We're seeing of late that McInsain's only chance to win this election is to try to run as a Democrat. In Valley-speak: He's so totally hijacking Obama's platform. The 26 year veteran of Refuckyoucanism is all of a sudden the champion of change. He knows Washington's broken and he's the one to fix it. He's the free marketeer who knows we (taxpayers) need to save the markets, and after years of claiming the mantle of a de-regulator, now wants to regulate. Although he also wants to see healthcare de-regulated like banking was in order to... Hmm. The oil companies need more tax breaks, so he chooses a running mate who raised taxes on oil companies just to prove his point... that... Hmm. CEO's are the new robber barons, with their golden parachutes, even when they fail and get fired and fuck over thousands of employees, and one of his chief advisers, Carli Fiorina's on board to put an end to all their bull shit after being fired... with a $42 mil golden para...chute... Hmm.

But he's a maverick, god dammit, dontcha know? Fucker stood up to his own party, because... they were... right? Now wait... why would... If THEY were right then he would be... but if HE was right then they would be... What....everrrrrr.

And he was a POW. Took out a missile with his jet... Subjected to the "Interrogation formerly known as torture," that shit he spoke out against before voting for it. For real? for real.

Damn, shooting fish in a barrel is too easy, but I DO have a point

McSame is a Refuckyoucan, but he can't get elected by claiming his Refuckyoucanism, a la his pro-Bush, anti-American voting record. But what if it's not enough to tie-die some stripes and become a "liger?" What would be next?

I'm old enough to remember quite well the election of 1968 when George Wallace the champion of southern racism bolted the Democratic party, carried the (confederate) south, gave the presidency to Nixon and changed the faces of both parties. Up until '68, from Lincoln and the Civil War, the "Solid South" was solidly racist AND Democratic. JFK... LBJ... civil rights legislation... presto chango: The Republican party, sells their souls, spreads their arms, and legs, and become the whores they are today. Never mind their views, take them in; take the numbers.

Back then, they couldn't have missed a Strom Thurmond or a Lester Maddox, or a Jessie Helms, but what about the rank and filers? The regular Joes and Janes? Had there been principled Republicans, how could they have foreseen that they would be represented by the likes of Larry Craig, Tom Foley, Duke Cunningham, David Vitter, Tom Delay, Lindsey Graham, the Bushes, John Surge McCain and other self loathers? Call 'em Democrats, call 'em Republicans, just don't call 'em late for dinner bribery... just don't call 'em unelected.

What I've probably taken way too long to say is this:

READ your ballots. KNOW what the candidates stand for. Look out for Refuckyoucans re-labeled. The Refuckyoucan/conservative brand is toxic to the point of possibly causing another mass migration a la 1968. It may be too late for this election cycle, but their greed and avarice and amorality will drive them to do whatever they think they need to do to reach their desired end: Ultimate power.

Monday, September 22, 2008

We Conservatives...

...understand that the job of government is to defend the borders and deliver the mail.**
George F Will

**as long as rich people aren't threatened with the prospects of actually earning a living... through dealing with things like dirt, sweat, effort... or having to 'gasp' live in only one house on one coast of one country in one hemisphere. Oh horror of horrors.

Odd how it was soooo fucking important that these parasitic, pathogenic pricks "reform" bankruptcy laws... for us little people.

$700 Billion Buys Who What? UPDATED

Crooks and Liars jumped on George Stephanopoulos' Roundtable portion from yesterday. I watched the show, but didn't comment as I have the past couple of weeks, because, well, basically the whole thing astounded me. For one, George Will actually talked sense for once, instead of hiding his assenine opinions behind big words and complex sentences.

John McCain, as usual, substituted Dick-wagging for clarity of thought:

"The question is who in this crisis looked more presidential, calm and unflustered. It wasn't John McCain, who, as usual, substituting vehemence for coherence said let's fire somebody and picked one of the most experienced and conservative people in the administration."
Not sure if he still thinks there's value in someone still being conservative AFTER having experience. Seems to me to be proof of a lack of intelligence.

The quote that reeeeeally chilled me after all was said and done, was when Will asked about bailing out companies when there's really no way to tell who owes what to whom for what? Seriously... if there's any truth to what Will says, how will anyone be able to know if OUR bailout bucks are going where they need to go.

Another question I have is: Who is going to end up owning the foreclosed homes? When the bank goes bye-bye, where goes the title, and who will get the money when they sell?

The Fucks at Fox like to talk all the time about how the Democrats want to redistribute wealth in some ultra-liberal, socialist scheme. THIS redistribution of wealth is the Refuckyoucan wet dream. THIS is what 50 some million asshats voted for in 2000 and 2004.

THIS is what McShame will bring you, except in spades.

Update: Thom Hartmann talked about a part of this financial mess called, "the derivatives market,"of which I will admit to having NO understanding, except to say that it truly IS a higher-than-high stakes gambling venue for the rich, super-rich and wannabe rich. The root of it all is that $700 billion is chump change... a laughable down payment. NO ONE has a clue as to how much money is involved because of the leverages and speculation involved, but Hartmann seems to have reason to believe that we're talking QUADRILLIONS of dollars.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Raising the Gutter?

So just how far does trickle-down go? DCup has an application for those bailers who need some bailing of their own.

So just who gets a piece of this $700 billion? (will it come shrink wrapped and palletized?) Here's a clue, courtesy of the Endowed One once again:

And While You're Mourning Your 401-k... w/Updates

Think on this:

Brad DeLong beat me to it. Even if you have full faith in Henry Paulson, Intrade currently gives John McCain a 48 percent chance of being president. Are you willing to give essentially unlimited discretion over the use of $700 billion — with explicit protection against any review by Congress or the courts — to Phil Gramm?
Paul Krugman

De-regulation has been an abject failure, so lets de-regulate some more. Well obviously we just didn't de-regulate enough, or the right things, the right way, right? It's easier to believe this shit if you don't have or use your brain, but for those who do still try to use their's keep in mind:

This election -- as all are -- is about a lot more than just who sits in the chair with the "pass/veto" pen and gets chopper rides to camp every few weeks.

another bit from Krugman:

If George Bush stood up and said, "The world is flat," someone in the press would publish the headline, "Views Differ on Shape of Planet."

The press just WON'T (not can't) label facts and fallacies, not because of ethics, but because of profits.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Free Markets, My Ass

So tell me all you fans of free markets, deregulation and privatization:

How's your 410-k doing?

Still wishing you'd gotten your/Dubya's way on Social Security?

Fuck wads

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask me no Questions, I'll...

well.... It's Dubya, so the usual saying doesn't apply: "I'll tell you no lies."

We KNOW Dubya doesn't give a fuck about lying. He lies in his SOTUs and laughs as he does it. He lies during press conferences and laughs as he does it. Sometimes he acts clueless as he lies; I'm not at all sure what that's about. So why would he give a mini-press conference and not take questions?

The last time I remember him doing this was back when he announced the Federal Marriage Amendment, which was an obvious pander. So what's the deal with today? We're on the verge of a depression. Four fucking paragraphs. That's it. Oh... he canceled a trip. But still...

Why no questions? ???

He enjoys lying.

He's obsessed with his legacy.

He panders to his base.

He covered his ass with the base by announcing/calling for a marriage amendment, but didn't really give a fuck about it enough to defend it to the press.

He covered his ass by announcing he'd stay in DC, but by not defending any position, did he not have one? or not care enough to formulate one? or just (as usual) not give a flying fuck about the county going down the shitter?

And pulling the world along...?

And what's McSame's position? Anyone keeping up with the clippity clops of his flippity flops?

She's ready !!!

And if you don't believe that, here's my rough transcript of the proof:

"Could you give us some specifics to combat those who say you aren't prepared on foreign policy issues?"

"Sure I can. I'm ready, because I'm prepared, and you can ask me specifics if you want or play stump the candidate."

Earth to Ms Moose Rack... she DID ask you for specifics. You couldn't remember any? Not even that you live close to Russia?

Pelosi does better when she rolling over to Dubya and his minions.

And regarding the hacking of her e-mail account...

I don't know why the right-wing fringe fucks from Fucks News, etc aren't more patriotic. Like Dubya said back when our 4th amendment was still hanging on by a thread:

The American people should be thinking these corporations/people for cooperating with the governement in keeping them safe (from we in the right wing fringe).

Monday, September 15, 2008

When you can't answer a question...

redefine the damn thing.

Right Johnny? As they say here in Ballard:

Ya sure; You betcha.

Remember when McSurge was confronted with the REAL time line on the Anbar Awakening vs the Surge? All of a sudden the surge was no longer the surge as the world beyond McSame's fantasies knew it to be. Noooo. Now (or then, to be more precise) the surge was some weird assed long drawn out process that included a whole shit load of events of which the surge in troop numbers was just a small part (complete with alllll sorts of stuttering and stammering as he was groping and struggling to remember his bullshit). That's why Condi got grilled on whether or not it was an escalation. Remember?

(it was an "augmentation")

So NOW... the economy: for not the first time, the fundamentals of our economy are strong. If your fundamentals are... well... they have nothing to do with jobs gained or lost... with the state of the stock market... with the states of our banks... fannie and freddie... nothing to do with deficits (St Ronnie said they don't metter)... nothing to do with trade imbalances... nothing to do with national debt...

Hannity has his own personal private Amerika...
McSurge has his own personal private economy.
It's called smoke and mirrors.

Note to self when we lose our house: Don't whine.

(And damn it Olberman, quit stealing my tags for your show segment titles)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carly asks for facts, so...

On Steffalupugus (how do you really spell his fucking name? Stephan.. fuck, what was it? Stephanop... damn...Stephanopoulus... shit...Stephanopoulos. I like my way better)... McSurge surrogate Carly Fiorina "former" Hewlett-Packard CEO.

Can we say Fired Hewlett-Packard CEO? ???

Fired for spying on her own employees. No there's a refuckyoucan value for you.

Why does McCain surround himself with failures? ???

Could it be that the Refuckyoucan Party is the party of failure(s)? ???

And now for some shit of another flavor: Alan Greenspan

And why after all the years of HIS financial policies it's OK to use taxpayer money to get this: Not assist, but to stabilize, the fucked up un-regulated mega-Parasites financial corporations.

Round table coming up... What will that (as Colbert said) "Giant of Conservative Thought or Intelligence..." I can't remember how he put it, it was such an oxymoron... What will he have to say about the brilliance of the Refuckyoucan "drill baby drill" offshore strategy, now that hurricanes have AGAIN caused a shut down in oil production/refining/supply and a spike in gas prices.

Oh. forgot... it's that spike that IS the brilliance of the plan.

Georgie, Goergie, Ggeooooorrrrge... it's not that she picked the wrong "Bush Doctrine." It's that AFTER Gibson defined it for her, she still couldn't coherently answer the question until he defined it a SECOND time.

And the refucks want to keep McCain and Palin together. Two reasons:
1) No one wants to see McCain
2) No refuck wants Palin to answer questions without a script.

Gotta say... Will's right on his, "Democrats can lose a "can't lose election?" Here's how you do it: ... " and he basically lays out an argument that 'intelligent" people would understand: Age appropriate sex education. Second point he's right on is that Obama's working hard to lose. Dumb fucker

Begala begins to make ground in favor of Obama, and Steffie turns to Will... the wet blanket of conservatism... who doesn't think McCain's lying in his adds. What a fucking tool. Moreso than Matthews even. (breakfast time) (for me)

Yoh Senator Surge...

What the fuck are you trying to say here:

"...(he) chooses his words carefully. He shouldn't have said it..."? ???

You saying that if Obama just spouted off nonsense like he had Tourette Syndrome, or a totally out of control temper, or maybe say he was a pathological liar, that it would have been OK to say what he did?

Did McSusrge say: "lipstick on a pig" ? Yes

Did Barack say: "lipstick on a pig" ? Yes

Was McSurge talking about a candidate's policy/ies? Yes

Was Barack talking about a candidate's policy/ies? Yes

Was the candidate to whom McSurge referred a woman? Yes

Was the candidate to whom Barack referred a woman? No <== had to take the high road there

Was McSurge's remark sexist? No

Was Barack's remark sexist? well... er... uh... But McSurge was a POW, so....

Ohhhh... and some blonde bimbo on Fucks News (you know, those "Terrorist Fist Jab" guys) just now (8:20something Pacific time) says there's now a "War on Sarah Palin." "They're searching for any nugget or dirt that shows Sarah Palin to be from the far right..." And that's a war? ??? ?????

Like searching for her tits; not much of a "search" to point out the obvious.

Do they teach these fucktards how to be stupid? How do they dream up such bullshit? ???

(I should know better than to watch them; serves me right when I get pissed off, I guess)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Can I sue? ???

Listening to "Ring of Fire" on AM 1090 here and some fucker, Thomas Frank, is talking about the conservatives/refuckyoucans in government actually setting up programs to fail, in order to prove that government doesn't work and therefore needs to be privatized. Geeee fucking golly gosh. Where might I have heard/read this before?

I guess my grasp of the obvious just isn't as keen as his, eh?

STILL more random rants

... well...
You read her yet?

DCup, I mean

Like me, she seems so pissed she can't see straight because of the LIES the McSurge campign keeps spewing while Obama and the dems let them pass. Oh? They call them out you say? Really?

A lie is a lie is a lie.

And there are lies, Damn lies, Refuckyoucan lies and McCain lies.

They are NOT... half-truths... distortions... prevarications...<== Oh yeah, THAT'S real fucking effective. Someone want to introduce me to a christopathic, creationist, knuckle-dragging redneck who knows what that word means?

After ranting about Chinese pickles and applesauce, and how we are now a Banana Republic, I was asked (perhaps rhetorically) what the world would think of us if McSurge was elected after two terms of an enemy of the state being our chief of state. (Yes. Dubya should be tried for treason here and war crimes abroad) I said that the world would wonder, once again, how we could be so god damned fucking Stupid.

I realize that the closer this election remains for longer periods of time, the more money the corporate media will make. I realize they have no interest in the best person becoming president. What I don't understand is how and/or why so few people seem to understand this. I wish the answer was that the polls and stats are just made up Bullshit, but two terms of fucktard tells me that may not be the case.

America needs to hear the word:


America needs to hear Obama say it.

The refucks, the McCainiacs, Fucks News: Hannity, will continue to lie with no shame, no self doubt, no fear of retribution or consequences until someone, and I don't mean a blogger with a readership of 30 on his best day, squares their shoulders, points to their chest, looks them in the eye and with no quaver in their voice, calls them what they are:


There can be no other way.

Until then, they: the Hannities, the Bushies, the McCainiacs, the 3Mers, Palins, and those who follow and admire them, will continue to do what they do best: LIE with a straight face.


They MUST be stopped

Friday, September 12, 2008

Random ravings...

went out to dinner tonight and on the way home got talking about politics. Yeah. No shit. Moi. Whoodathunkit, eh?

Amazingly enough, I didn't get thrown from the car. But then again I was driving.

How I got started, I don't know, but I know it takes less and less these days. Our friend was lamenting her favorite store closing for good, when my wife said it wasn't just the store, but the whole fucking chain. That got me thinking about the number opf retail chains in trouble and the fact that for this asswipe's time in office (dubya) the economy's been about second, third, fourth mortgages and/or equity loans and buying cheap Chinese imports. Hell even our fresh fruits and veggies go to China to be made into stuff like applesauce and pickles.

Since 1980 (27 yrs) we've had 19 yrs of refuckyoucan rule and 8 yrs of democratic rule. You can argue about that by talking about times when congress wa controlled by the "other" party, but we all know damn well that congress tends to give the president what he wants. welllll.... democratic congresses have tended to give refucks what they want. The dems gave in to Reagan on "Ketchup as a vegetable," but Newtie and the Blowhards brought things to a screeching halt when Clinton wouldn't roll over like they wanted (which was why he was impeached; the sex just made things interesting). For all intents and purposes, call the last 27 yrs, the Refuckyoucan years. well...

IN 1980 the US was the world's largest IMporter of raw materials and the largest EXporter of finished goods. Now? It is the exact opposite. Clinton did nothing to stand in the way of the process with NAFTA type agreements and our giving in to the WTO. His idea of our economy switching from a manufacturing base to one of information processing -- pencil pushing, paper shuffling and keyboarding -- was a bullshit fairy tale to cover up the selling of our country's heart and soul, and the rape and murder of our middle class.

We are now a third world country, living a first world life style. We're a banana republic with no bananas to sell. And we've way over extended our credit, so we can't even buy the Chinese shit anymore. Hence the retail bankruptcies.

Obama knows the country is bleeding to death, but may not be able to stop it. He may die should he try. McCain knows the same thing, but just like Dubya, he doesn't care. He is only here to serve his corporate masters and the new generation of robber barons. To John Surge McSame, "the country" means the richest tenth of a percent of the population. To get you to believe otherwise and support him and vote for him, requires him to lie about everything. And I mean everything that he knows matters to you.

Obama is wrong when he says that McCain thinks you're stupid.

He NEEDS you to be stupid. His political aspirations depend upon it. The willful suspension of disbelief: Self imposed stupidity.

More later; go read DCup in the meantime.

While I was taking a dump today...

I happened to think of the refuckyoucans. Does that happen to you too? So specifically, I was thinking of Palin... and her "Bridge to Nowhere" claims... How she says she said, "Thanks, but No thanks."

You know, in a twisted refuckyoucan way -- is there any other way for them? -- she may not be lying. I mean we KNOW that the bridge didn't get built. Because we KNOW that Alaska didn't get all the money. We also know that the road to where the bridge to nowhere was supposed to begin WAS built. So....

The feds offer money to Alaska. check

Alaska/Palin says, "Thanks." check

She counts the money -- a plus...she can count -- and realizes it won't build the bridge. check

The feds tell her -- we presume -- that she can have the bridge by paying for it with Alaskan money. check

She says, "No thanks." check?

They have no bridge... the road dead-ends...

Turn your mind inside out and tie it in some knots, and she's telling the truth.

Just like Clinton didn't have (fucking) sexual relations with that woman... right?

Those two refucks get elected you KNOW that bridge is getting built, right?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Refuckyoucan Standard Time

Yup. 9-11.

Palin's in Alaska to see her son off to Iraq -- her announcement of which puts he and his unit in greater danger, him being the son of a potential VPilf.

Present Vice is in an undisclosed location no doubt. Shooting someone in the face?

Senator surge is probably doddering about somewhere wondering where the recent crowds have gone as he tries to re-caste himself as an enemy of his own agenda. How is it that he can say his VPilf is a heroine for taxing the oil companies, when he wants more tax cuts for them? and for other corporations as well? ???

Dubya.... where's Dubya today? ??? Reading "My Pet Goat" to someone somewhere? Does he wear a diaper today or stay within 25 feet of a shit house all day? Do the memories make him re-live his pants-shitting-wetting?

Ceremonial ass-wiping with his Preznitial Daily Briefing? A call to/from binLaden: "How's the recruiting this year, O?" "You still got 'em afraid there Dub?"

Seriously though:

To all who suffered a loss that day, My condolences. I wouldn't wish a day like that on anyone anywhere.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not this Asshole's shit again, Please?

Horse shit candidate vs Cow shit candidate round 2.

Dino Rossi's a goddam douchenozzle. He's got all the refuck talking points down. Same ones we heard four years ago: Control spending... squeeze government... protect the vulnerable. Sure you don't mean rich fuck donors there Dino?

Nothing about HOW he's going to do any of this, BUT....
Know this:

Dino can do ALLLLLLllllll with no new taxes.

And this dumb fuck almost won four years ago.

How do they do it? (corrected)

Refuckyoucans. They lie. I mean they LIIIIIIEEEEE... They're like....

Porpoises swimming along, playing in the waves at the bow of a boat... Dancing and swirling together with such ease. Totally effortless; not like salmon struggling their way up stream. I love watching them. So cool.

I've never gotten a good explanation of why they do it. The porpoises, I mean. Well the refucks too. But seriously, fishing boats, ferry boats... porpoises at the bow. They appear, like they have no choice. Like a moth to a flame.

Refucks: Bush: Does a pope shit in the woods? Cheney: Is the bear Catholic? McCain...Palin... Picking up right where they left off and possibly taking it to new... Heights? Depths? The Outer Limits? The TwiLie Zone?

Mavericks... change agents... fiscal conservatives... Oooo and look out lobbyists. at least the ones not on their payroll....?

Keith O chose Hannity as his Worst Person tonight for (drumroll) lying about Fucks News never saying Obama was Muslim. Riiiiiight. I commented over at DCup's the other day** about Hannity being my Most Hateful (Person in the World), because he lies with such ease... so prolifically... like a machine. But he's not the Only... He's just the best of the best at doing the worst. He even lives in his own little country: Hannity's America. Not even O'Lielly or Bloody Billy Kristol can boast that.

What is it though? Is it something genetic?

** I was at BlueGal's not DCup's but hey... read both of 'em

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Such a bummer

Jack Cafferty has lost his wife. I know this is no longer news, but I have to join in in offering my condolences. I don't remember where I read it (it was at Firestarter's), but apparently Jack tells a story of how way back when he met his wife, he would tell her he had to "get to the station." She asked him, "What kind of gas station do you work at?" and he knew he was in love. The woman didn't care. She had no idea what he was, only who he was.

It's got to be harder than I will ever know, to lose someone like that (although I have to say I sure as hell don't think my wife loves me for my fame and/or fortune.)

I also read (again, here) that she helped get him sober and keep him that way. Now I have no idea, just what his life was like at that point, but it definitely takes a special person to have "helped" him into sobriety, and not drive him away. I have to wonder, if he hadn't met, married and stayed with Carol, would he have ever become the no-nonsense, objective, respected reporter he became...?

I know it's selfish in a way but

Stay with us Jack. We need you.

Obama with Snephalopogus -- With an Update

on the one hand, Barack's holding his own and then some.

The problem is that he's talking to Snuffy as if he's talking to intelligent people. and he's being a nice guy.

Basically, he's dealing out facts as if he has the idea that people can make up their own minds.

McCain voted with Dubya 90% of the time, Barack voted over 90% of the time with Dems several years, so "Who's more likely to break with their party?" This is somehow an important point?

If Barack were to break with his party, or what the majority of Democrats believe their party should be, as he did with his FISA stance, he would be WRONG. Barack tried to get Snuffy to see that, but I don't think he succeeded. He made it more complex than it was.

Jesus Fuck George. "Surge, surge, surrrrge... McCain was right. Say so... ADMIT IT..." never mind that we wouldn't have needed a fucking surge if we hadn't invaded the fucking country in the first place. How fucking republican can you be? What a tool. Still pissed because Hillary's not the nominee?

Oooooo.... Look for this on Hannity, if you can stomach that lying fucktard: "...my Muslim faith..." which he said in the context of admitting that McCain himself had not accused him of being a Muslim. Fucks News will love taking this one and twisting it all out of shape.

(commercial break... Aubrey McClendon who helped steal the Sonics)

I admit I haven't seen this show from the beginning, but still, What are we to take away from it...?

"Vote McCain, because Obama's just too fucking smart"? ???
"Vote McCain. He's really not insane. He just sounds that way"? ???
"Vote McCain. Crazy is just his way of being a maverick"? ???

The Roundtable... Finally a smart question from Snuffy: Why do they keep repeating the Russia line? and who's the guy who said this one:

Republicans are good at taking an incoherent stance and constructing a coherent argument...?

McCain doesn't know his party has to change. (they don't have sense enough to know they're wrong) Good one there too. Same guy.

"There aren't enough Republicans -- who aren't exhausted by the last 8 years -- for McCain to staff his administration." Damn this guy raises good points.** All the somewhat sensible people like Paul O'Neill are either burned out and retired or have switched parties.

Hmmm.... In Memorium... And thanks to you George Dubya Bush and your followers like John McCain...

Six MORE people were killed in Iraq.

So Dub could show the world his dick was bigger than Saddam's, and Johnboy could re-fight and win Vietnam.

** CNN's picked this up now as McShame says he's going to put Democrats in his administration. Although McCheese says it's because he's being bi-partisan and finding the best people to do the job. Riiiiight. Face it Johnny... you represent the party of Morons. You can't push science and knowledge and history and common sense away and expect your future generations to become smart. It just don't work that way.


We got Barack on the TeeVee today...

And Joe...

And even Johnboy...

But no Sarah.

Where's Sarah?
"Paging Ms One-Heartbeat Away..."
"Paging Ms I have more executive experience than both Democrats put together..."

This is the woman who knows what's at stake because she lives in Alaska...so close to Russia..?

The woman who sits on 20% of us oil consumption (or was it production?) so she understands energy policy..?

This is the woman caused a bump of $7 mil/day in fundraising from theocons after her nomination..?

The woman who drew almost as many viewers for her acceptance speech (or were they there to see Trig, Bristol and the Redneck Boyfriend..?) as Barack drew for his..?

But she's not going to appear on TeeVee until she's "ready to face the press"? ??? ??????


Do we need to review? Did we miss something?

Refucks... They sure as hell hit the bull's eye ass with this one.

If Joe and Barack don't jump on this like stink on shit then they fucking deserve to lose.
God help us all

Remind you of anything?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well here she is...

And wow... Dad's actually holding the baby as if it's his.

Ahhh... the POW reference. not exactly.

Ahhh... exactly the man she wants as Cummander Codpiece in Chief... someone to send more kids to die.

an advocate for special needs kids.... why she cuts funds for kids and moms, eh?

Is it her parents? or his who aren't sure they're voting for her and Senator Surge?

getting into her executive experience now. The PTA

Oooo... now the job of Mayor. That prepped her for the White House.

Escorting out someone who disagrees. Yup. She's a republican.

Elitist label. She's workin' 'em in.

She got the reasons why a politician's supposed to go to DC, but she's in the wrong party. The Refucks NEVER leave the country better than they found it.

Sarah the reformer. She's going to help reform DC? reform what the party she's running with has done?

Reform what her running mate helped put in place?

Like she did in AK. Sold the jet that her Refuckyoucan predecessor bought.

Lied about the bridge again.

she seems to fit right in.

high oil prices... the state's swimming in cash. real easy to rebate from a surplus. Will she do the same from a deficit?

Foreign policy: OIL. PROTECT! SEIZE!

Attack Venezuela..?

Definitely drill, Drill DRILL and not where we have permits. Off shore, in the Hurricane lanes.

We promise victory in Iraq. By winning.

More sound bites. tax cuts... terrorists... FEAR !!!!

Credit card spending. More of it.

Millions more for the rich. Pennies for the worker bees.

McCain does great things, that I guess no one wants to hear about...? Obama just gives good speeches. Can't vote for someone people like. Noooooo

Do nothing Senate... The one where the refucks set a record for filibusters? ???

She really has the lying down pat.

Here we go. the war hero/POW. nice touch. ooops she was blatant. I thought she was going for the artistic way. just make the allusion.

we good. we fight evil. john fight for you. he tarzan. you jane.

if change and hope and.... vote for McCain? well she is his VP choice so I guess she has to say it, but fuck. this is such bull shit.

and now here's Johnny. will he check out her ass again?

I haven't had dinner yet. Not sure if I can eat.

Over all it was a good speech.

In a refuckyoucan sort of way. Vote for us so we can fuck you silly and blame it on the godless gays.

Am I missing an opportunity here?

Maybe I should get in line for a McStain Cabinet position, say Secretary of State.

I wasn't a POW, so I can't be Cummander Codpiece in Chief.

I wasn't Mayor of a town of 8000, or PTA President, so I can't be VP much less VPilf.

But I did live in Alaska, so I must have an understanding of foreign policy, since it's so close to Russia and all, right? or

Since I work blue collar, I could be Secretary of Labor. Nope; I'm a union member. well

I've held teaching certs, so I could be Secretary of Education. I actually student taught. here's one:

I've lived with electric heat, oil heat, gas heat... and sometimes those were in the form of forced air, or hot water base board... Oh fuck... they get oil in Alaska, and I was born and raised in Pennsylvania where they get a lot of coal... Yup. Secretary of Energy. That's me.

It's those "Earth is round" and older that 7000 years notions that I can't let go of that fuck me, right?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Grammy-Rack Status Confirmed

h/t to Bluegal for this one...

I was sure I had it right the other day (even though things somehow disappeared) and now the goods are out, so to speak.

Things are going to be bad for this kid, having a baby at such a young age, and don't even fucking try to make some dumb ass case that the family's love will make up for all the kid's shortcomings. Too young, too immature, no education, no career, no job skills... I've spent the last eight years living through this crap. Now granted she could grow up and make something of herself, I have seen it done, but it's a long hard climb... both ways... through the snow... Sure my experience has me jaded and pissed, but having kids to grow you up, or having kids so you have have someone to love, is BULL SHIT. This is the reason "It takes a village," because there are young dumb kids out there parting legs and having puppies and making a life style out of their need to be rescued. And I include the boyfriend as a dumb kid too, so don't call me sexist.

Grow up FIRST, and then MAYBE you'll have some love to give. Grow up FIRST and then maybe THINK about having kids. Sheeeesh. Once you fuck your life up, you can't unfuck it.

I feel even more sorry for what this kid's crazy assed parents are putting her through. They can say all they want about how these kids' privacy should be respected, but when she entered politics she opened ALL aspects of her life, AND her family's lives, to scrutiny. She believes in abstinence only education..? Well lookie look at how well that's worked out.

Kids are going to fuck. Even kids who don't know how to fuck will fuck. This idea that parents can somehow keep their kids ignorant and thereby deter them from fucking is absolutely ridiculous.

So much for this post being light and fluffy. Oh well.