Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is There Time?

Can New Orleans un-Gay themselves? You know... cancel a parade or maybe celebrate Phobe Pride Day...?

Or did they do something else this time? Like celebrate Obama's nomination a wee bit too hard..?

Better get on it... figure it out quick... time's running out.

well at least this time it sounds like the refuckyoucans care... or are ready to act like they care... at least Fucks News says they care... And I hear that Skelator is going there to take charge his self. WOW! !!! Be still my fucking heart. Things should work out really really really well for them this time, right Barb?

This is what you get

When you reach across the aisle.

When you cooperate with refuckyoucans.

When you give in to their demands.

When you embrace their version of bi partisanship.

You turn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights into toilet paper.

Writers like Art Thiel -- a sports writer mind you-- can criticize the Chinese for their practices during the Olympics:

The most embarrassing development was the creation of protest "pens," public places where grievances against the government or Olympics could be demonstrated. Intended as a cheap ploy to mollify the West, the pens became worse -- bait to lure complainers to their arrests.

and we can all agree and wag our finger and find ways to feel and express our supposed superiority, as if to recite our age-old chorus of, "I'm glad that can't happen here."

Well guess what Ostriches.

It's happening. And it's worse that what Thiel describes. FAR worse.

see Crooks and Liars... Glenn Greenwald... Firedoglake... want a video..?

How about some local viewpoints?

And people still vote for these assholes

Saturday, August 30, 2008

You watch...

McSame's donations are going to go UP big time with his choice of the VPILF. This is the move that the Christo-Fascist followers of Dobson, Hagee, Parsley... have been waiting for. Palin is his "virgin in the volcano" to end his financial famine. Although the way he was checking out her ass during her acceptance makes me wonder if he's not lining her up to replace Cindy. Puts VPILF in a different context, no?

Seriously though, in some ways it's kinda cool to have an Alaskan on a presidential ticket -- I lived there for years and still kinda identify -- even if it is for the Dark Side -- who's a fairly hot chick -- although I have an aversion to the whole "beauty queen" mind(less)set ... there's gotta be some saggage and stretchage going on there after five kids -- I've seen the step-daughter who's only had one. YIPES! -- so I'm not sure if, "Hey Vlad. Pull out the troops and I'll pull out the puppies," will be an effective negotiation ploy...

Hmmm... tits as tools. I'm used to them as toys, but I digress...

She can catch and gut a fish... she can shoot and cook a moose... she collects right front paws from slaughtered wolves... Hmmm...

Palin does Perino...

on the Gubernatorial/VPILFial bearskin rug...

Speaking of politital ploys and platforms... I wonder how Nancy's taking the prospect of possibly being the second best grandmotherly rack* on the Potomac? ??? Maybe she'll beat her/them with the crab...?

Palin the fert.. IN the Fertile Crescent...

supporting the pup... troops.

Let the cat fighting begin? ??? Right John...

This was a reeeeeeal serious appointment. (h/t to BG for the email about that one)

*There used to be results here; seems to have been scrubbed. Much like Palin's Wiki info.

Friday, August 29, 2008

3M re-named once more

Move over Moronic Maniac for McCain.

Make room for:

Morons for McCain and the MILF

If you needed more proof, here it is: McCain and the Refuckyoucans (I swear I knew nothing about Palin when I coined the term) care NOTHING... not one Iota, jot nor tittle for how the country is run. They care about ideological purity and winning at all costs. Palin is:

Pro ANWR drilling
Pro life Anti abortion
Anti environment
Anti conservation
Anti gay

The woman is not only in favor of slaughtering wolves from aircraft... Got that? She wants the same treatment for bears. Maybe that's her way of preventing them from the suffering of drowning while she helps industry cronies pump out more green house gasses to free up that frozen water blocking the Northwest Passage.

Guns, Gays and God. The Dobsons of the world must be creamin' their jeans.

She's under investigation over her possible involvement in avenging her sister by having her brother-in-law fired from the state troopers (as well as a few people who refused to fire him).

Just like Cheney was Dubya's life insurance, Palin is McStain's. Yeah right, put the mayor of Wassilla in charge of the button. On the other hand:

How else to better prove the conservative point that the federal government can do nothing but cause problems than by putting someone in charge of it who has no clue how to run it?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "Shoulda Been the Keynote" Speech


Ahh what could have been.

DCup Said:

I think the Party has bought into the corporate media bullshit that Americans are more conservative than they are. Because of this, Kucinich is not taken as seriously as he should be. Plus, he's not so owned by corporate interests and that's hardly popular in political circles.


To which I Respond

I much more than heartily agree.

When Barack "moves to the center," and "stands up to the far left of the party," by embracing and justifying Fascist-Nazi-Totalitarian bullshit like FISA, there's everything a person needs to know about how close to the abyss this party really is. I've been sending back every piece of mail asking for donations, letting them know just what I think.

Kucinich's claim to fame from his mayoral days was to refuse to sell the public utilities to make payments on public debt. He got crucified and kicked to the curb for many years. My brother in law (the one I respect) who grew up and lived in Ohio thinks DK is nuts. Public utilities should ALWAYS be exactly that: Public. -ly owned and operated.

Free markets are anything but. They legalize and promote, piracy and extortion. Corporations will cut the public's collective throat for peanuts. They live for deregulation and lawlessness.

I've been telling people for months if not years: If you want to see an example of the Neo-con wet dream, look at Iraq. Contractor immunity? Minimal corporate taxes? A disbanded civil service? Army? Police force? Gimme a fucking break.

The rational (liberal) mind looks at those issues as scandalous fuck-ups, when in the "neo-con reality" they are rousing success stories of the journey into democracy. And being water-boarded with single malt isn't torture.

Let's see what the Bubba Meister has to say. Listening now...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And Speeching of Speeches

Tom Hilton of If I Ran the Zoo fame points the way to a doozy made at the DNC by refuckyoucan Republican Jim Leach. He provides a clip here, while the full text lives here.

"In troubled times, it was understood that country comes before party, that in perilous moments mutual concern for the national interest must be the only factor in political judgments."

Contrast that with Trent Lott's strategy of total obstruction of all Democratic efforts, then running this cycle against a "do nothing Congress." Yuppers, gotta love those refucks; we sure know where their concerns and judgments lie.

Thank You, Ms Hillary

Great speech. No left handed, back door, half hearted endorsement. If people really listened and really take hold, and really give up their stubborn notions, there may just be a huge swing in the polls.

And BTW...

Chels is lookin good.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fuckin Brillyunt

Rachel Maddow was talking today about the nurse from Wisconsin who's been trotting around with the McMainiacs. Seems that one of her reasons for thinking it's cool to go for Senator Surge... Did I mention she's one of those disgruntled Hillary supporters who just can't let go of the fact that Barack has discredited his race by leaving his place and stealing Hillary's birthright? No? Well she is. Anyway...

She has this idiotic idea that Papa POW doesn't want to overturn Roe vs Wade because he's concerned about the possibility of women seeking illegal abortions. Susan B Anthony must be turning over in her grave, "And I fought so people like you could vote? What the fuck was I thinking?" Deaary...

The asshole doesn't care about the vets trying to recover and rehab from war wounds in the squalor of the out patient facilities of Walter Reed, I really can't see him giving so much as a shrug over a woman ripped up from a coat hanger. Come on think about it. If you can think.

The asshole admires Roberts and Scalito. The appointments of Ginsburg, Souter, Stevens and Breyer were errors. You really think he'll appoint judges that will uphold RvW? ???

Talk about the willfull suspension of disbelief. As Forrest's mom said, "Stupid is as stupid does." I know this is different subjects, but behold...


And on the TeeVee: How long till Rachel punches Pat's lights out? Looks like she's about had it with his defense of the POW Bullshit.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

So it's Biden, Eh?

The grand monster just came by and asked me if I believed in Hell.

"I didn't believe in Hell until Bush became President," I told him.

"Yeah. He's the worst president ever."

The kid may turn out to have some good points after all. (I try to be a positive influence) Anyway...

Biden. Would have rather seen him as Sec of State, with Chris Dodd as VP, but oh well. Not like Barack cares about what I (or the rest of his party) think. Gotta love his quote about Rudi 9iu11iani. Hopefully he'll figure out that it's an honor to run with Barack.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Two cars in every garage, a chicken in every pot and... BREAKING NEWS !!!

This just in:

McStain was a POW !!!! Who fuckin' knew? ???

It's been all over the inter tubes today.

Damn I feel so dirty now that I recognized the fact that he's just a bitter tired* old war mongering phony. Probably been pissed for all these years that he had to shit in a bucket, rather than have a bidet, and eat the same gruel as "regular grunts," rather than chef prepared stuff people of his stature should get.

More condos than he can count.

So what's the big fucking deal, eh? He has a rich old lady; jealous? She has enough spare cash she can buy a second beach front condo when the free-loading kids squat in the first one. (actually, I am kinda jealous of that one, but that's a whole nuther issue)

What legislators and government tit-suckers DON'T have a second home/apartment in DC? Pretty fucking hard to commute from AK or HI or AZ or WA...

I really don't care that the McShames have a shit load of domiciles, spread from here to eternity, anymore than I cared that Jon Edwards earned his way to live in a mansion and spoke out against poverty, or that Al Gore subsidized green power through astronomical power bills while renovating his home to be more green and efficient. (now I DO care very much that Dubya rapes, plunders and pillages the earth while having a show piece house on a fake ranch that he has no intention of using as a "home" when he's finished with his crime spree) What I care about with Ol' Yellow Stain isn't even that he's so out of touch with his own status that he has to refer people to his staff. What I care about is his arrogance that none of it fucking matters to him. Not enough to offer an explanation.

What we have here is a picture fucking perfect example of a Kept Man.

Fascinating symbiosis he formed with a rich socialite piece of arm candy. How "All-American" they are.

If either of them had the chance, I believe they'd both choose Royalty as a career option.

*Actually, I doubt he ever gets tired of war mongering.

Monday, August 18, 2008

So Which War Is He Going to Win?

First things first: Dump the Grampy McSame mantra already. Stephanie Miller and everyone else who furthers that mantra just plays into refuckyoucan hands. Refucks write their own rules: Dems try to hide their own weaknesses and attack the other guy's; refucks play up their own weaknesses and attack the other guy's strengths.

Dubya was/is an alcoholic, so they made him into an incoherent idiot; no one took his evil intentions, warmongering, sociopathy and destructiveness seriously. McCain's old, so they turn him into an incoherent, doddering old fool while his evil intentions, warmongering, sociopathy and destructiveness go ignored.

Dubya had wet dreams about war with Iraq. He thought he could out-do his daddy, impress his mommy and make a name for himself. A positive name. In case you missed it, his cabinet was built for war: Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld -- when he couldn't get "Stormin' Norman." Fucker didn't decide to invade after 9-11, he decided before he ran.

Senator Surge has some real self loathing going on. After becoming a POW by intercepting a missile with his jet, he takes out his anger and frustration by fucking over the next generations of our armed forces. As Keith O pointed out tonight, the fucker's fought tooth and nail against every dime to go toward improving the lot of lives of Dubya's cannon fodder. Five billion worth, I believe it stands at present. He's trying to make every soldier suffer worse than he did. Why? Cuzz he can't let go of 'Nam.

Dubya "fought" is Daddy's war, Senator Surge is still fighting his own. He still believes that more time, more money, more blood, more death and destruction would have/will bring "victory." Whatever the fuck that is. Will he be so stupid as to re-invade 'Nam? I don't think that would feed into his egomania enough. I think the big reason he's so hell-on-wheels ready to take on Russia, is that they -- when they were the USSR -- supported 'Nam.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Money for Nothing

For the second time in as many weeks, I've told the democratic establishment to go fuck themselves. I am NOT one of the 9% of Americans who approve of the piss poor job congress has done. From their sell outs on FISA, kangaroo kourts in Gitmo and impeachment, to their repeated spineless cavings in the Senate. I have no use for many of those in office now. Last week it was the DNC; this week the DCCC.

While I respect Howard Dean and the work he's done through his 50 State Strategy-- much of it in opposition to Emmanuel and his DCCC who would rather play favorites -- there's no guarantee that my money's going to a quality candidate. There's no chance that Emmanuel will make choices I favor.

I don't have a whole lot to throw around, but what little I do will go to outfits such as Accountability Now and/or Act Blue, or directly to candidates of my choice. Click on the banner in the margin and give what you can, or donate to the true liberal in your local race. Unfortunately we, meaning Progressive Liberals and others who would like to see a return to the supremacy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, don't have a presidential candidate who truly represents us, but we can do our part to take over the congress by throwing Pelosi, Hoyer and their treasonous ilk out on their asses.

I'm not a very happy fucking camper these days.

Fucking Stupid vs Stupid Fucking

Let's check the Google: McCain, adultery, divorce, Cindy...

Ooowowee... .09 secs, 110,000 hits. More than this blog will get in my life time (and I doubt anyone will line up to take over after I die).

Holy Grunge Bob Stripe Pants... .19 secs, 350,000 hits for Edwards, adultery, Elizabeth. More common names involved, or is this just another example of the refuckyoucans doing what they do best: Sliming people?

Why lie though? That's what I don't get. He's a democrat, and he knows his party plays by different rules. He knows that when it comes out, he'll be crucified by the refucks and get hung out to dry by dems who think there's something to be gained by appearing honorable and/or respectable to the far right. They'll ridicule you for trying; they'll curse you when you fail. They'll do their best, to make you look your worst.

Thing is, Edwards was a trial lawyer. He never crawled up his opposition's ass with a microscope and found out shit they they didn't know about themselves? He should know there's no hiding shit in a barnyard when it comes right down to it.

The other thing is, everyone seems to be writing the ending to Edwards' career. Not McCain's? Well hell, you've still got Diaper Dave and Lav Man Larry... Laura chain smoking at the Mayflower Hotel, but is that because she's jealous of Condi? or jealous of Jeff Gannon? Bill Bennett? or Victor Ashe? Edwards' sins seem small potatoes.

I still want Edwards in this next Government; that's assuming there's an election and the Obama doesn't succeed in making himself look like the idiot that Hillary envisioned when she was endorsing McCain during the primaries and give the fucking thing away. I never wanted him as VP though where he would have to pull a Cheney if he were to have a meaningful role. I've always looked at him as a potential Attorney General or Supreme Court justice.

As a nominee for either position, he might not get by Senate confirmations, since there will undoubtedly still be a number of roll-over Dems still anxious to see Dub's fascist policies go unchallenged and his crimes go unpunished, but as a Supreme, hell, Clarence Thomas got approved.

One last though:

Would it make a difference to anyone if it came out that Elizabeth gave him permission go elsewhere for sex because of her poor health?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Define Irony


Who brought us illegal wiretaps before 9-11-01
Who brought us the Patriot Act, which has nothing to do with patriotism
Who brought us Guantanamo
Who brought back waterboarding and other forms of torture
Who beat back the Geneva Conventions
Who illegally invaded a country
Who routinely defies Congress
Who routinely ignores the Constitution
Who cages opposing voices in "free speech" zones
Who requires loyalty oaths to enter his fund raisers
Who allows elections third world countries wouldn't sanction
Who denies citizens their rights to the courts
Who... well anyway. I do want to get to bed tonight

He's criticizing the Chinese...? The ones to whom he sold us...?

Yeah right. Ass hole

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And a Child Shall Lead Us, or....

Leave it to a Beaver:

Paris comes up with a better energy plan that either candidate for Pres.

Fucking scary. Scarier still:

McCain thinks it's funny. He acts like he doesn't have sense enough to know he's been punked, and goes along with his "harmless senile old guy" routine.

We're losing focus on his evil, folks.


Safe at last. Kangaroos find bin Laden's driver guilty. I guess he'll have to hitch hike to bring terrism here.

No way that fucker can get us now.

So if some guy bums a ride with me, and it's later find out he committed a crime, am I an accessory? Guilty?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Boners and Bullshit (Updated)

As Stephanie Miller says, "When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking." Who does that fucker think he is, Dubya? That he can make his own rules of grammar and mispronunciation?

So last week the lights go out, the mikes go dead, CSpan shuts down and everybody the Dems go home for a break. Got to hand it to the refucks: when they want to get something done, which isn't often, at least not in terms of doing things that are good for the country as a whole, they know how to do it. They know their theatre; they know how to grandstand. Most of all they know how to make the Dems look like total, useless, spineless fools.

Their latest effort is the drill here, drill now, drill off shore, and ignore the consequences. I don't know what the hell the fucks did over the weekend, but I understand they were right back at it again this morning: Different day, different bucket, same shit.

Oh one thing that one of them did on Sunday was to appear on the TeeVee machine and bring the old, "All we want is a vote," mantra out of moth balls. I can still remember hospital profiteer, Billy Frist, talking about wanting an, "up or down vote" on judges and wanting it sooooooo badly that they would have to end the practice of filibustering/cloture votes: The Nuclear Option. Fast forward and who has set a new record for filibusters taking only HALF of a two year session to do it? Try to imagine for just a second, the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that would happen if the Dems were to suggest such an option. Oh?

That's the Senate, that's different? ??? Same party; same lack of principles; same lack of shame; same ability to lie with a straight face and puppy dog eyes. Same greed, avarice and criminal proclivities. All they want is an up or down vote for THEIR objectives.

So while I have no expectations of democratic "leaders" actually leading any meaningful opposition, as exhibited by Nancy Pelosi's choking and sputtering display on Sunday, and while I have little faith or confidence in Obama since his vote to destroy the 4th Amendment, I have eve3n less faith and confidence in the Refucks and McCain the Insane. The HAS to be more to this than just drilling, since the oil companies have some 40,000 acres leased with some 11,000 drilling permits already granted.

HUGE profits. Obscene breaks. MORE tax breaks promised by McCane the Insane. What the fuck more could these assholes possibly want to give away? ???

Update: Keith O just answerred my question. Kinda. Seems there's a veteran's bill that these bastards want to saddle with their drill bill. But does that mean that they want their bill to go through? Or the vet bill to die?

Help Vets and fuck the environment? or help the environment and fuck the Vets?

I think in the refuckyoucan mindless-set, there's no losing either way.

Update 2: You can read a lot more about this at Crooks and Liars. I didn't read their shit first; promise.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleeping Joe Lies

I wonder what's going to become of this; if you belched, coughed or farted you probably missed it:

Holy Joe LIEberman, on Meet the Press, this morning mentioned "al Qaida in Iran." Kerry didn't say shit about it and neither did Brokaw. Proof that LIEberman is a Refuckyoucan.

I'm sure this is more than an, "Oh come on... Iran, Iraq, what's the difference? One letter. Let it go." Nope. This is another chapter/excuse for a war with Iran. Fuck Oh Dear, Peace? What's that?

This is how Refuckyoucan narratives start: A "slip" here or there, Fucks News picking up "the question," or the "some people say..." line and the next thing you know there's a manufactured "debate" going on. Proof that bullshit really does make things grow.

Friday, August 1, 2008

As Gomer would Say:

"Well surprise, surprise!"

This is already on Raw Story and other places, but is it any fucking surprise that Bush would sign an executive order to streamline domestic spying, now that he got his way with the latest FISA revisions? I think not.

Nor should it surprise anyone that Blackwater is launching their own shadow version of the CIA (Actually, I'm sure they've already done so, they're just no longer denying it.)

Nice going, Nance, Steny, Jane, Barack, Harry, et al Would one of you just turn out the lights already, now that you've completely capitulated to the Nazi-Con Preznit.