Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Constitutional Scholar at Work Once Again

Amazing what an executive order can do when it aligns with your beliefs and desires. And we have moral standing to complain about Iran, North Korea or any other nation on earth holding one of our citizens?

I don't think so, I am ashamed to say. And still this ass hole thinks the left should get behind him. The constitution is something you are supposed to uphold as president. I learned that in my 8th grade civics class.

This on the day he signs the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Couldn't ask for a better smoke screen to hide behind. He learned his lessons from Dubya quite well.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Next Up for Obama:

Lemme guess. An announcement on "Austerity Measures." That's code for the size and voltage of the cattle prod we're about to get up our tailpipes. A meeting with Labor leaders is next.

Was it two weeks ago the Newt spouted about how Obama should ask CEOs what THEY thought their tax rate should be? He forgot to mention that convicted embezzlers and grifters should decide their fates, but he'll get to that, I'm sure. But this idea of CEO's deciding what government policy should be isn't new. Not that very many of us are old enough to remember.

Shit We Already Knew

Erin Burnett ended her schpiel on Morning Joe today with:
" cuts do not drive hiring..." demand does.
Not sure where she got that; finally. I was sitting only kinda half listening. Thanks Erin.

We can argue lots of things regarding taxes and tax cuts, but don't try to tell me that cutting taxes in and of itself is somehow good for the economy, that it will "create jobs." It just isn't so, and NOTHING good will come from Obama's cave in except that it will postpone disaster for a portion of the unemployed. I repeat: A portion of the unemployed.

He just as well have asked for funding for Hoovervilles.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Change at Quarterback?

So Bubba comes off the bench and handles the White House press corps while Obama goes off to whatever it is irrelevant preznits do. Something about his wife and a Christmas reception.... new instructions from a "party crasher?" Who knows. Bubba... the last President to have a balanced budget and a surplus, is now defending Obama's decision/surrender to extend the Dubyacit, and make it his own. Proof of Micheal Moore's assertion that he was the best republican president we've ever had.

So does this make Obama a republican? Or does it retroactively make Dubya a socialist? Same shit, different bucket: Debt is stimulative. Up is down and black is white; the sky is green and grass is blue. There is sooooooooooooooooooooo much wrong with this and only one single solitary good point: The unemployment extension. And even THAT is flawed.

This ASS HOLE is hiding behind the skirts of 2,000,000 unemployed people -- while he abandons just as many... the "99ers" -- so he can join his regressive buddies in protecting 1-2% of the population. Cuzz he so LOVES to help people who don't need help. At least when he's not working to bring about enhanced Hooverism and the glories of an Even Greater Depression.

The needs of the few out-weigh the needs of the many.

In the end, there is NO lasting good that will come from this. They know this; Goolsby's admitted it. And yet, the message is that this is a good deal? This total failure in policy, negotiation, marketing, economic/accounting/arithmetic... will provide a WEALTH of case study for future generations. Even MSNBC, the so-called "left wing network, is hawking the story:
"Lot's of talk about the tax..." "....Will it add to the deficit..."
DUUUHHHHHH!!!!!! Jesus Aitch on a popfuckingscicle stick would you assholes STOP with the insults to my intelligence. I will NEVER eat the shit you feed me and agree that it's fudge.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Austan Goolsbee...

Report to the principal immediately!

Sorry for the lack of a link, in an interview with Rachel Maddow last night he admitted what we all know already: Obama's extensions of the Billionaire Bailouts will NOT improve the economy and that they are NOT good for the country, but that doesn't matter. It's still a good deal.

Somehow he and/or Obama and his bubblemates believe that in 2012, we will see that they don't work and we will see that they need to be repealed. in some way that isn't evident now? in some way that wasn't evident when they were proposed and passed in 2001 and 2003? or when Reagan passed his.

The utter stupidity of these people amazes me. Their willingness to insult OUR intelligence offends me beyond expression.

Fucker needs to realize we can figure out who he really represents without him officially coming out of the closet.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long Term Game

One of the things Obama said yesterday, as he so unsurprisingly attacked his one-time base in defending his new-found BFFs, was that "we" need to understand that this is a long term game. WTF? 'scuse me?

Who was it who gave in the stimulus package before Roberts had even put the inaugural bible back on the shelf? When the regressive caucus informed him that they were going to oppose as a block before they even knew what was in it? ??? US? don't think so.

From issue fucking ONE, YOU Mr Preznit have consistently rolled over for belly rubs and then attacked US when we haven't rushed to your defense as they have just as consistently and expectedly gone for your throat. We are somehow supposed to sit back and accept your would-be-marketable reform-like legislation because you have some pipeline to an unseen source of wisdom that we can't possibly grasp at the time decisions are made? ??? Yeah, we'll understand things as we see what's included. Down the road. In the coming months. Years. History will vindicate you.

As gifted a speaker as you are, you can't just tell us? I don't think your problem is process oriented. Ever think it might have to do with the grossly substandard content? A little? ???

When things look like shit and smell like shit, I ain't gonna believe it's going taste like fudge. down the road. In the coming months. Years...

Look, get a clue. There are the people who voted for you, and the people who voted against you. The next time people vote, who's going to vote for you after four years of pissing off the ones who voted for you the first time? ???

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Mr President,

Fucking CAN IT !!! " There are many issues about which I'm itching to fight, " ???

Oh really? Just what the fuck would those issues be? Since as yet you have NOT fought one wit. And stop re-litigating OUR lack of gratitude at what a truly wondrous health care bill you got through. Something in there is OUR fault?

I'm ashamed to a degree to agree with Charles Krauthammer, but he was right in his assessment of you and your staff's bubble mentallity: That we suffer from "Obama Under-appreciation Syndrome."

There's simply no other way to put it: You are full of shit.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another Something I Hope I Never Understand

On David Gregory's Meet the Press Republifest, his panel of David Brooks, Mike Murphy and Thomas Friedman -- I'm not sure where on the spectrum Katty Kay sits, but I didn't hear her do much contradicting and correcting -- Murphy spouts the notion -- in addition to the nonsense of "Obama campaigned from the center but governed from the left" that Gregory continues to allow to stand as conventional wisdom and/or accepted fact, Murphy also spews that the republican prescription for winning a sweep in 2012 is that, "We can run the economy."

And he was serious when he said this. Honestly. I'm not lying. And of course no one contradicted him.

No matter that Reagan and both Republican president since has set new records for deficits. No matter that we lost record numbers of jobs during Dubya's last months in office... that not only the nation's but the WORLD's banking system, its deregulated banking system crashed during Dubya's last months... no matter that our revenues stand at a 50 yr low, along with our individual tax levels... no matter that no matter how the fuck you look at it, there is NO empirical evidence to back up this notion of republican fiscal responsibility, Neither presently NOR historically...

No one contradicted him.

Fuckin amazing.

And there's a liberal bias to the press? ???

The last two presidents to submit balanced budgets to congress for approval?

DEMOCRAT Jimmy Carter and DEMOCRAT (at least in name) Bill Clinton.

A Self Explanatory Little Something

Obama Scandal List: Table of Contents

Found at CorrenteWire. Proof that the comments sections are often worth reading. This is also the site where I bought the T-shirt I'm wearing.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Congratulations once again...

To the minority. You can go to C-Span -- where they do a pretty piss-poor job of describing what they're talking about -- and see the roll call vote tallies, and make note that 11 regressives didn't bother to vote at all... the same thing for which they tried to crucify the great compromiser, Obama. But I digress.

Working class conservatives, This is what you voted for? A crew led by John Mr Chicken Shit Boner, and Mitch McMushmouth to tell you they think you're worthless? You're serious? How deep does your self loathing run? If I ever understand the voting motivations of working class, middle class blue (or white) collar conservatives, PLEASE, someone shoot me. on the other hand...

Why aren't those clowns standing up in diapers doing a REAL filibuster that the "low information" ill informed, ie STUPID voters can actually see and hear? Would they believe it even then?

Just let the fucking tax cuts go away. They were stupid and irresponsible when they were enacted. They're stupid and irresponsible now. And it's stupid and irresponsible to even consider continuing them. If they're so essential to "creating jobs" -- as if jobs appear from thin air -- why do we have a job crisis? Are Rush Limplog, Sean Vannity, Glenn Brick, et al going to pool their tax refunds together to form some corporation to manufacture....? Don't insult my intelligence. There's far more money to be made in paper bullshit and bubble filler than in actually producing anything of use and value.

The idea behind reaganomics voodoo economics, that people will become so rich from collecting their interest and dividends, that just out of shear boredom they will ... create jobs for people to do... what exactly..? This is the epitome of ludicrous iositiousness... it's fucking stupid.

Reagan ==> Tax cuts = record deficits
Aitch Dub ==> Tax cuts = new record deficits
but that wasn't enough
Dubya ==> Tax cuts = new and improved record deficits... that "Reagan taught us don't matter"

Can we please acknowledge reality? end the fucktardery? ???

Friday, December 3, 2010

What's a Stab in the Back Among Friends, eh?

Help keep this add in Obama's face.

One more illustration of why I've never liked this guy, and why Ed Schultz was right to tell Robert Gibbs the White House inner circle was full of shit:

The White House isn’t overly impressed with Nancy Pelosi’s rapid passage of a measure permanently extending tax cuts only for middle-class earners – or by reports that a deal with the GOP on the cuts is imminent.

In a statement seemingly intended to douse the entire Hill in cold water, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs faintly praised Democrats’ passage of the extension for families making $250,000: “The President continues to believe that extending middle class tax cuts is the most important thing we can do for our economy right now and he applauds the House for passing a permanent extension.”

He quickly added: “But, because Republicans have made it clear that they won’t pass a middle class extension without also extending tax cuts for the wealthy, the President has asked Director Lew and Secretary Geithner to work with Congress to find a way forward. Those discussions started just yesterday and are continuing this afternoon.”

Hill Democrats were unimpressed and said Gibbs’s statement only served to reinforce their fear that the administration had already given up the idea of challenging the GOP to vote for the middle-class cuts – or let all of them expire by the end of the year.

But if a deal is really in the offing, Gibbs warned that it would come later rather than sooner.

These clowns are just hell bent on turning the White House and government back over to the regressives. And to think some people were worrying about them trying to impeach Obama. Why get rid of the gumby when you can twist him into any shape you damn well please.