Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long Term Game

One of the things Obama said yesterday, as he so unsurprisingly attacked his one-time base in defending his new-found BFFs, was that "we" need to understand that this is a long term game. WTF? 'scuse me?

Who was it who gave in the stimulus package before Roberts had even put the inaugural bible back on the shelf? When the regressive caucus informed him that they were going to oppose as a block before they even knew what was in it? ??? US? don't think so.

From issue fucking ONE, YOU Mr Preznit have consistently rolled over for belly rubs and then attacked US when we haven't rushed to your defense as they have just as consistently and expectedly gone for your throat. We are somehow supposed to sit back and accept your would-be-marketable reform-like legislation because you have some pipeline to an unseen source of wisdom that we can't possibly grasp at the time decisions are made? ??? Yeah, we'll understand things as we see what's included. Down the road. In the coming months. Years. History will vindicate you.

As gifted a speaker as you are, you can't just tell us? I don't think your problem is process oriented. Ever think it might have to do with the grossly substandard content? A little? ???

When things look like shit and smell like shit, I ain't gonna believe it's going taste like fudge. down the road. In the coming months. Years...

Look, get a clue. There are the people who voted for you, and the people who voted against you. The next time people vote, who's going to vote for you after four years of pissing off the ones who voted for you the first time? ???

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