Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another Something I Hope I Never Understand

On David Gregory's Meet the Press Republifest, his panel of David Brooks, Mike Murphy and Thomas Friedman -- I'm not sure where on the spectrum Katty Kay sits, but I didn't hear her do much contradicting and correcting -- Murphy spouts the notion -- in addition to the nonsense of "Obama campaigned from the center but governed from the left" that Gregory continues to allow to stand as conventional wisdom and/or accepted fact, Murphy also spews that the republican prescription for winning a sweep in 2012 is that, "We can run the economy."

And he was serious when he said this. Honestly. I'm not lying. And of course no one contradicted him.

No matter that Reagan and both Republican president since has set new records for deficits. No matter that we lost record numbers of jobs during Dubya's last months in office... that not only the nation's but the WORLD's banking system, its deregulated banking system crashed during Dubya's last months... no matter that our revenues stand at a 50 yr low, along with our individual tax levels... no matter that no matter how the fuck you look at it, there is NO empirical evidence to back up this notion of republican fiscal responsibility, Neither presently NOR historically...

No one contradicted him.

Fuckin amazing.

And there's a liberal bias to the press? ???

The last two presidents to submit balanced budgets to congress for approval?

DEMOCRAT Jimmy Carter and DEMOCRAT (at least in name) Bill Clinton.

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