Thursday, June 16, 2011

If Obama was a Democrat

He would have this guy in his Cabinet. Along with people like Paul Krugman and Jonathon Turley, but alas, he's a phony.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Bed Time Story THIS Grandpa Would Tell (UPDATED)

Play this at your own risk. You don't like it? Remember, I warned you.

Bastidges.... They blocked the other "official" one.

h//t to Rachel Maddow

Friday, June 3, 2011

Weinergat, Wienergate, Weanergate... (UPDATED 6-16-11 Thrice on 6-19)

otherwise known as much ado about... Breitbart? OK

UPDATE: Weiner’s Shenanigans Don’t “Vindicate” Breitbart

With or without make up, this clown is still a clown, like the clown from the Rob Zombie movies.

UPDATE II: DAMN. Anyone have a clue how to stop this damn thing from playing automatically? ???

UPDATE III: I got tired of having to scroll down and hit "pause" on Keith O's special comment that used to sit here. Sorry but I don't know enough about code to work around the autoplay feature. You can find the missing comment at Current TV.

Who here has NEVER changed clothes in a locker room? Never used a public rest room?

How many coaches, teachers, janitors, trainers have been prosecuted for spying on the girls' locker rooms and showers?

Have we forgotten the Starbucks employee with his pee-cam in the women's restroom where he worked?

Ed Schultz (and I love Ed Schultz) just added to his "dumb shit stuff I say" list yesterday by making a moronic statement about how he'd know it if there was a camera around when he was in his undies. Yes dear, I wrote him and told him he's as full of shit as the White House thinking they can fire up the base by being Republicorp lite. Come on... I expect nonsensical pontificating from a sexual harasser like O'Lielly, or a serial liar like Hannity, or slimeballs like Canter and the Boner, but not you, Ed.

I don't know what kind of underwear Mr Wiener wears, and I really don't care, but I'm quite sure there very well could be pictures like this out there not only of him, but every single member of congress of BOTH genders, as well as the entire staff of virtually ever media organization, etc. And since it's been proven how easily a twitter account can be hacked, I'm surprised there aren't more of them out there. Gmail was just hacked recently; brace yourself for a mass mailing weenie picks of yours truly. That is if they don't get posted in my unmoderated comment section first. Or on my hacked-into Facebook page.

What bothers me more than anything in this non-scandal is CNN's bringing Breitbart on as if he's got something to say that's worth hearing. This master financier of slice and dice hackery shouldn't be anywhere near an outlet that uses "news" in its name. Faux News being the exception since they won their lawsuit giving them the legal right to lie. Of course BreitDarkbart built his own fig leaf into his position of trying to smear Weiner of pedophilia by dropping the name of someone else who's "been following the congressman."

Too bad the congressman isn't an appointee so Obama's crew can dump him like the other people and organizations that BreitSlimebart has smeared.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guns and Rubbers UPDATED

Been a while since I updated this one. Needless to say, it's hard to keep up with all the dumbfuckery being done by republicorp. Those guys who care sooooo much about jobs. They do. Really. They said so. They want to protect medicare too. From dems. By destroying it. But I digress...
In the first three months of 2011, legislators in 49 states introduced 916 measures related to reproductive issues, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a New York nonprofit research organization that supports abortion rights but is viewed by both sides of the debate as providing reliable statistics on the issue. (h/t to Crooks&Liars)
And lets not forget Florida regulating the wearing of baggy pants. Really important shit they're fixing down there. Cuzz the mid-terms were all about the economy. And Jobs.

Call me whatever the hell you want, but I would think that "the right to life" would extend at least a wee bit past the fetal stage. Maybe into what some people consider a person's life like you know, that period of time between birth and death. I wonder when these creeps and those that vote for them will realize this conundrum. I guess I should say "if" not "when."

And as previously noted:

(updat (3/11/11) Gotta love this one: Thanks to the folks at Crooks and Liars:
As our contributor Scarce so aptly pointed out, the U.S. fired 110 tomahawk missiles, each costing $569,000. That's more than 5 years of NPR federal funding in less than an hour. That's some serious f-ed up priorities to me.
Well they have oil over there. Unlike Darfur. Or Burma. Or Gaza and the West Bank.

Remember folks, just like there's always room for Jello... there's always money for war. In the eyes of republicorp. Even when there's no money, there's money for war. As long as money doesn't go to "little people." Heaven forbid; they might use it for something stupid like food... or clothing... or shelter... for their kids... or grandparents...

If only we had a president who could promise us some true hope of change.... oops... never mind.

Update (3/19/11): Cuzz Republicorp is alllll about jobs, jobs, jobs... I've heard the Boner and C*nter say so... we have a new effort in their two pronged guns or rubbers strategy:

The IRS is going to investigate how abortions are paid for. I should be back to work in no time (I was laid off on Fri 3-11) with efforts like this! Added to the Bachmanite efforts in Minnesota's war on poverty... if only she could get her federal counterparts to see the light... Don't like poverty? Outlaw it.

Are you happy now, working class republicorp voters? Have they undercut your livelihood enough yet? Shown enough disregard for you? Demonstrated their hatred of anything and everything that might make your life better? Proven themselves totally lacking in their ability to set priorities yet?

Come on.... defunding NPR constitutes an emergency session? That breaks their pledge of open government? WOWWWW.... I haven't seen such wisdom and and and... Since Terri Schiavo had to be kept alive at all costs.

(update 2/24) So.... been a while. Where were we? Oh yeah, one of the Dakotas decided they like the idea of legalizing murder; when the victim is an abortion provider. Nebraska seems to like that idea as well. And Georgia has a bill up that will require any woman having a miscarriage to provide proof -- to whom? ??? -- that said miscarriage was a natural occurrence. And if the vagina police are not suitably appeased? Forced fertilization???

Yessiree.... small government... sso small it can hide in your bedroom closet.

And on the gun front, some crazy Texan wants it to be OK for college students to pack heat. Cuzz college students are sooooo responsible.

So I wonder how many jobs will be created? Because we KNOW, because they've SAID, it's all about jobs. In the undertaker profession..? Speaking of jobs..

A Missouri legislator wants to unravel, invalidate, obliterate, etc ALL child labor laws. I guess that's so your grand kids can buy you the good cat food your new and improved(not) Social Security puts out of reach. Not the assholes and eye sockets cheappy cheap stuff

And as previously noted:

The new Regressive Republicorp political dynamic. It replaces that age old dynamic and debate over "guns or butter." And no, it's not because they're more in favor of margarine. Actually, it's not new at all, it's just continually becoming more blatant and obscene that they really don't give a damn whatsoever about social programs except from the point of view of ensuring that they restrict people's rights, freedoms, privacy and abilities to choose. ESPECIALLY in the case of a woman's choice of options with regard to her reproductive organs.

The right to life begins at conception and ends at birth.

Update (1-30-11): Regressive Republicorp hard at work protecting the rights of rapists to propagate.
“A ban on taxpayer funding of abortions is the will of the people, and it ought to be the will of the land,” Boehner said on the 38th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade last week.
So we learn that the will of the people and the will of the land are two different things. I know the Boner will dance and spin on this, but combine this statement and the House's actions of late with the record of the Senate's obstruction since 2006, and it's clear that the will of the people equals the will of the regressive membership of congress. Blue Dogs included.

Taking "principled" stands like this allows the Regressives to hide behind the indisputable fact that they have no clue how to actually govern in a way that "promotes the general welfare" of the nation, as the Constitution and its preamble clearly charge them. They'll fight for the right of incestuous parents to see their offspring, they'll fight for the rights of crazy people and people on the terrorist watch list to attend and buy at gun shows without restraint, and they'll fight for the rights of corporations to have rights with no responsibilities. The rest of us? Oh yeah, we'll have the right to go bankrupt and homeless from health care costs. After we lose our jobs to their outsourcing campaign contributors. We'll have the right to live in poverty after we retire with no social security.

Update (1-24-11): I knew I wouldn't have to wait long on the "guns" part. I actually got a two-fer.

Monday, May 2, 2011

At What Price Justice

Ten years


Two unnecessary wars

Thousands, maybe over a million (our government has made no effort to count), of unnecessary deaths, military, civilian, innocent

Untold numbers displaced

A second term of George "I'm a war president" Dubya

A dismantled Bill of Rights

War crimes, and the inexcusable excusing of those crimes

The immeasurable damage to our image abroad

The immeasurable damage to our image at home

"9-11" becoming a catch-phrase, a talking point, a tool for empty, petty little men to use in pursuit of their selfish ambitions

Make no bones about it, I am VERY grateful to those men and women ready, willing and able to defend this nation. Those who die, I mourn. Those who survive, I respect and honor. I wish somehow the clock could be turned and the empty places left by the deaths of all of those on, and since, 9-11 could be filled as if nothing ever happened. but

All this? For one man? Who was offered up by the Taliban for trial by a third party nation? Forive me please if I can't et all celebratory over this.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Whip me, beat me, take away my Big Green Egg grill... Stop the presses...

Is Obama finally coming to his senses? Is he going to prove to be a democrat after all? rut roh... He's invoking the Cat Food Commission...

If he gets through this with an iron clad promise to keep SS, Medicare and Medicaid -- no weasling out -- I will cook and eat a crow that someone sends me and post the pics on this blog and face book. Has he found spine enough to stand up to His Majesty Mitch?

I'm off the hook... he doesn't expect the final outcome to look like what he's laid out today.The flip side of that is that once again, he's allowing the crazies to rip the country even farther to the right and make the formerly-far-right Simpson-Bowles Tag Team the "new center."

If Republicorp Obama Cared a Wit About Deficits (Updated obviously)

You see, the growing surplus deficit exists because taxes are too high low and government is charging more less than it needs. The people of America My Base The base I will never win over no matter how hard I try , the rich and corporations, have been overcharged undercharged, and on their behalf, I am here asking for a refund redo.

from Dubya's Obama's 1st 2nd 1st SOTU address (or his address today)

Please shoot me if I ever understand the failure of Tea Baggers Obama to understand the basics of cause and effect what it means to be a true Democrat: A Liberal.

So today... I sit here dreading obama's upcoming address. Will it be the near inevitable coup de grace to the democratic party? Or, as we saw after the first republicorp Depression, will the party rise from the ashes to undertake the rebuilding of the destruction they and their ally Obama have wrought? Will we finally see evidence of a spine from Mr I-can't-have-gridlock-I-have-to-govern? Or will he continue along that path, willingly settling for ONLY those options the republicorp legislation Czar, Mitch McConnell allows?

I hear so much talk of the possible political ramifications of whatever Obama happens to do or say, and NO talk about what's truly good for the country. In the last hours before Obama's last capitulation, the compromise that met republicorp halfway on their side of their line, Former president Karl Rove come out with the statement that they needed to avoid a shut down as having one would increase Obama's chances of re-election (as if that would be a bad thing for their goals). Not ONE single solitary fucking word about what would be good for the country; that a shut down would be bad, not (just) for republicorp, but for the country... people.

Fuck the political. Try for a change to do what's right. And by that, I don't mean do what's right wing.

I hear so much talk about how courageous Paul Rand Ryan is, by trashing medicare, fucking future generations to save them from crushing government debt by assuring them a crushing personal debt due to health care costs. I doesn't take courage to be a heartless sociopath. It takes a near unimaginable depth of mean spiritedness.

Will the baggers finally learn where their actions, supporting these wanna-be-serial killers, are taking them? Will they stop before frauds like Joe "unemployment is unconstitutional" Miller, Sharon "never mind that my husband and I live on government pensions/payments, we need to do away with them (for all of you)" Angle, Christine "I'm not a witch, I'm a professional candidate" O'Donnell, and whoever they intend to find to the right of Orrin Hatch... These are your "champions?"

More to my point today, when will Obama loyalists finally realize how insane it is to think about finding common ground with these people? The idea that we have a president who talks of finding "things we can all agree on," when the other side is crazy... Wall Street needs our retirement money. We must answer the call.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From the Folks Who Brought You Ketchup as a Vegetable

We now have the claim of "saving Medicare" by destroying it.

So is I live to be 90 like my mother, I will be given vouchers to go buy my health insurance. From the same companies that were orgasmic to turn over any responsibility for old people over to the government.

Google it yourself. It's all included in Budget Czar Paul Ryan's latest horror publication. Makes me wonder what the fuck is in the water in Wisconsin.

I was chastised earlier for saying this a few days ago, but I repeat:

To vote for these crazies you need to be a rock dwelling, self loathing... OK, I'll pull back on the rage-aholic label, but it's only by willful ignorance that anyone with access to any means of obtaining public information wouldn't know what these fuckers are up to. This is not conservatism. This is Reaganism: The destruction of ALL social safety net programs. And it's never been a secret. If you aren't old enough to remember what Reagan was really like, if you believe the historical Republicorp-re-write, Go find Rush's claim that "Roosevelt is dead. His policies are still here, but we're doing something about that."

If you want an iron-clad guarantee that the quality of your life will go to hell in an imitation plastic handbag, by all fucking means, vote Republicorp.

Don't accuse me of defending Obama; he's the asshole who thinks there's some benefit to finding common ground with the authors of this insanity, and thus fucking us. I'm just thrilled beyond ecstasy that he's meeting with congressional leaders on all this budget shit. After that great two-for-one deal on rich fuck tax cuts for unemployment and the slashing of social security funding he got us, how the fuck can we lose. Just like those tax cuts, I'm sure whatever capitulations he gives in trade for the bones that he hopes will make us believe he's on our side... he'll fight over in 2012.

I would agree with Dwight Eisenhower who declared that the killing of Social Security would be the death of Republicorp, but I don't think he could ave conceived of an asshole like Obama. With him on their side, there's no telling what Republicorp can destroy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Link

I usually don't add links with a lot of fan fare, but I received a request from a woman (who can identify herself in a comment if she so desires) asking if I would add a link to the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center to my blog roll. What could I do? She asked.

As on who has dabbled in safety issues and a former member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, I can attest to the seriousness of asbestos (and other airborne contaminant) related illnesses. I know it's a legitimate cause, so visit the site, and if you know anyone who's been exposed to asbestos, say they built their house with Chinese made wallboard, refer them to the site.

Oh and if you even think that you have asbestos in your house, don't screw with it. Call in the pros. It can't really hurt you unless you disturb it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remember CNN's Tea Bagger Express?

Where were they? The "Save America Convention." Whoooo heeee...

300 people. WOW. Some grass roots movement there. This is why I don't use the term "Tea Party." It's NOT a party, and doesn't deserve the respect required of that term. It only exists when the Monopolists want it to exist in order to "populize" their objectives, like screwing your kids' teachers so they can get their tax cuts. Or nullifying your election of your city or county councils, or your school board, etc, so a commissar can be appointed at an exorbitant salary to add further indignities to that screwing. All in the name of fairness: Nobody should have anything since I have nothing, and fiscal austerity: We're broke so we need to cut taxes, and shared sacrifice: sharing the space in the culvert you've moved into since you've lost your house.

This isn't conservatism. It's insanity. It's by its very definition Fascism.

File this one next to all those articles about how the Secessionist State, and gubner Hair Club has weathered the recession to the tune of a 20 some billion dollar deficit. Obviously due to their state's workers union contracts and pensions, and... oh wait... they don't have any of that there. Money from that failed federal-overreaching stimulus bailout for unions fund only go so far

Texas Used Stimulus to Cover 97% of Its Deficit

I guess.

Damned liberal bias of that corporate owned media...

Outlawing unions and collective bargaining.... puts us right in there with North Korea, Myanmar (Burma), Communist China, Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, Mussolini's Italy, among others. Yeah. Right where we want to be. But hey...

At least we won't be Socialist. Big ol thumbs up on that one.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's not as if it's a Blow Job - UPDATED

Listening to Rachel Maddow's summary of the War Powers Resolution of 1973, it looks like Obama is in the clear / will get away with his actions toward Libya. (she starts at about the 6 minute mark) It all seems to depend on the limited scope of the operation. Vietnam anyone? Bosnia/Kosovo? Thing is, just like with our support of despots, we aren't good at limited actions. There's no money in them for one thing.

Before I digress: Is this... action a good thing? Yes it is. It's always a good thing when you're saving lives. Even when those lives aren't fetuses. Is it the right thing? I don't know. How's that for being decisive, eh?

The thing to keep in mind is that seldom is the "stated issue" the "real issue." Take the gay marriage issue in California. The "real issue" was, could the far right republican movement arbitrarily choose a group and deny them a basic human right? Just as a salad is a vehicle for blu cheese dressing, gay marriage was just the vehicle neo Jim Crowism. It's led to the republicorp assault on worker rights. Soon, we quite likely could se an assault on the rights of non-property owners. Your right to vote if you're homeless is already under attack; renters are likely next. So....

Back to Libya, and the basic question of, "WHY? ???" Oil? They supply only 2% of world supply. Terrorism? Don't make me laugh. The "they-kept-us-safe" guys took him off the master list of terrists and called him an ally in their war on terrists. Humanitarianism? Don't make me cry. We've stood back and watched throughout the Darfur genocide among others.

One thing, among the many that piss me off about Obama, is that everything this administration does is only done after running it through focus groups. After looking at the "political aspects." One reason Obama is doing this, and I fear it may be "The Reason" is that he believes it will positively affect is chances for re-election. Attract independent voters? Maybe. Gain contributions from defense contractors? Likely. Fuck the base; they've got no where else to go. And there's no money in satisfying them.

Scary thought that we have another president so cravenly self serving and self centered that he would do this, but it may well be so. But still... impeach..?


Soooooo much outrage over Obama's decision to follow a UN resolution on the formerly-Republicorp-desired No-Fly Zone in Libya. Now that it's happening, it seems to be hard to know what side to be on. Saving lives is always good, even after they're born, but why Libya? And why not Bahrain? Or Yemen? Or the Congo? Or Darfur? Or Burma? Or Rwanda? Or Bosnia/Kosovo? Or any number of former Soviet states in Central Asia or the Caucasus? We can't pick one country and make up for the lack of action in others. And we've never had a good track record in picking and choosing which despots we want to prop up. Karzai anyone? Or cut off. Castro anyone? Is this an Obama staff method of firing up the base? Doubt it. sooo.... What to do.

I expect Republicorp hypocrisy / ies and the accompanying media coddling. It's what they do. Both of them. It doesn't matter why Bush invaded Afghanistan or Iraq. By Republicorp party orthodoxy, they had to support him. It doesn't matter how, when, why or what Obama does with Libya, that same orthodoxy requires they they oppose it in some fashion. I expect all of that, just as I expect Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich calling Obama out on this. They're democrats, liberals, progressives. OK, maybe Nader's not a registered Dem, but they're people with actual moral codes, values and core beliefs. They believe in applying their own rules to themselves, unlike the other guys.

Among the many problems I have with this effort is our continual bi-partisan support of unchecked military spending. There's allllllways room for Jello money for wars. Says so in 1984. No money for schools. Or roads. Or our electrical grid. Or our water supply facilities. And NEVER money that would improve Social Security, or Medicare, or establish a universal health care system... by means other than (formerly) Republicorp approved corporate welfare. Gotta have those wars.

The hand wringing over all this misses the point: Executive power, and Obama's continuing embrace of Dubya style over-reach. Rather than raise the bar back to where it should be, where the president is accountable to congress and the people and the rule of law, he continues to be like or barely better than, Bush. He's repeatedly proven himself to be totally full of shit when it comes to him interpreting the constitution and Bush proved through John Yoo that you can find a lawyer/expert/quack to justify anything your twisted empty black heart and mind desire, so...

We no longer have standards in this country. If Obama should be impeached, then prosecute Bush, especially since he's confessed to committing what was considered a war crime post WW II. The same assholes who condemned Clinton for his blow jobs, fail to live up to their own standards: Newt, Ensign, Vitter, et al. In some cases they're glorified. If Obama gets impeached over this, so be it. But whichever way that goes, when will voters and backers of Republicorp and the Tea Baggers (sorry for the redundancy) hold their own side, not to MY/Democratic standards, no. When will they hold their side to their OWN standards? ???

More later.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Campaign Promise....Broken? ???

Time to put up or shut up dude.

Fuck. Even these guys know the truth.

Not sure how much longer they'll be on Faux News, but....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Prank?" call? ???

Reality check is more like it.

Nothing I heard in that call to Scott Walker surprised me. NOTHING. And nothing of the Scarborough crew's "analysis" of the situation surprises me either: Never mind the content, what Walker said. This was a sleazy stunt.

What Walker said to "David Koch" IS the republican party's = republicorp = agenda. If there was any doubt, everyone should now know why the stars on their elephant are upside down.

And working class people will still vote for these sociopaths.

And Obama thinks he can deal with these people. What a moron...?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's not Plagiarizing...

When you credit the original writer(s), in this case Susie Madrak at Crooks and Liars:
Someone noted yesterday that the makeup of the Egyptian demonstrators had changed -- that the middle class had broken through the "fear barrier" and had now taken to the streets. Think about that, because all over the world, the fear barriers are starting to fall and this is a huge threat to the global establishment, the very people who flock to Davos each year for the World Economic Forum:
This is why the regressives, the Chris Christies, the Tim Pawlentys, the Tea Baggers in general have declared war on public employee unions. They FEAR labor. They don't have to worry about private sector unions. The corporate whores are dismantling them quite effectively through bankruptcy procedures where they can go in the tank and under the guise of reorganizing, they defund the pensions and thereby demoralize the workforce to the point of abandoning their unions.

In the Bagger world, which lives by the precepts of the Cult of St Ronnie of Reagan, government is your enemy and the best way, the ONLY way to ensure that the undeserving aren't ripping you off -- illegal immigrants, welfare queens, public employees -- is to take EVERYTHING from EVERYONE.

Except themselves. And their rich benefactors.

Look back to Poland and Lech Walesa and Solidarity... it was LABOR that drove the final nails into the coffin of the Soviet empire. NOT Reagan.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New David Gregory?

Mr We'll-Have-to-Leave-it-There is almost being what I would call "tough" on Eric Cantor. Cantor's having a hard tme keeping his cool, calm, slimeball demeanor. He actually says he believes Obama is a legitimate citizen of the United States, which by extension would have to mean that his certificate of live birth is in fact a birth certificate. (some idiots actually believe in their CDO (like OCD, but with the letters in proper order) world that there is a difference) He better hope that his jelly-jacking of the Tea Baggers is sufficient to keep them from eating his ass.

Basically, what the whole episode shows is that the Regressives of Republicorp have no actual plan beyond opposing any and all Obama Democratic proposals. Up next the "round table"

Erin Burnett: What else could we expect but for her to praise the appointment of GE outsourcer Jeff Immelt as the head of his Jobs and Competitiveness council. She thinks it's just great that Obama wants to put business interests -- bonuses and profits and shareholder dividends -- front and center. The woman's answer to the plight of working people is that they embrace Chinese wages and working conditions.

As you prepare for the State of the disUnion Address, remember that "shared sacrifice" means that unemployed working and middle class people can share space and blankets when they live in culverts and cars and under bridges. Two years after the extraordinary measures to save the banking and financial sectors, begun by Bush and continued by Obama, what have we gained?

More foreclosures.

More obscene executive bonuses.

More arguments over the "real" rate of unemployment.

Wow.... Gregory's actually continuing his pointing out the obvious lack of Republicorp health care plans.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Let the Madness Begin, Again

Welcome to the 112th Congress. First up the repeal of Obama care. The replacement, I assume, will be Bonercare...?