Monday, May 2, 2011

At What Price Justice

Ten years


Two unnecessary wars

Thousands, maybe over a million (our government has made no effort to count), of unnecessary deaths, military, civilian, innocent

Untold numbers displaced

A second term of George "I'm a war president" Dubya

A dismantled Bill of Rights

War crimes, and the inexcusable excusing of those crimes

The immeasurable damage to our image abroad

The immeasurable damage to our image at home

"9-11" becoming a catch-phrase, a talking point, a tool for empty, petty little men to use in pursuit of their selfish ambitions

Make no bones about it, I am VERY grateful to those men and women ready, willing and able to defend this nation. Those who die, I mourn. Those who survive, I respect and honor. I wish somehow the clock could be turned and the empty places left by the deaths of all of those on, and since, 9-11 could be filled as if nothing ever happened. but

All this? For one man? Who was offered up by the Taliban for trial by a third party nation? Forive me please if I can't et all celebratory over this.

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