Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Piss Hole is a Piss Hole is a Piss Hole

Gas tax holiday. Can I hear a "What the Fuck?"

This is very typical of refuckyoucan who never encountered a problem that couldn't be solved by denying it funds. They never encountered a vote that they didn't believe could be bought by the empty promises of pots of gold at the ends of rainbows, i.e. tax cuts.

McShitstain's coming up with this bull shit idea doesn't surprise me in the least. Bread. Circuses will be next. The price of gas is NOT going down. Face it. It just fucking IS NOT !!! So lopping off 18 cents today, won't do diddly. Oh... and just who the fuck do you think is going to champion the vote to end this gas tax "holiday?" Which his Heinousness couldn't sign or veto to begin with. OK

So boys will be boys and morons will be morons, but what about Ms Hills? ???

She wants the same fucking idiocy. But she's going to institute a wind-fall-profits tax against the oil companies. And some fairy's going to come by and put extra lead in my pencil so I can put an extra wide smile on the old lady's face. Uh huh.

She should have sense enough to know that someone out here in the real world will have sense enough to know that she has no more power to bring any of this into being than the garden slug I chopped up while mowing my lawn tonight. (the lawn at my new house; we moved; which is why I haven't been around) She ain't the prez for this summer, so all she says about this shit is just more McCainiacal bulls shit smoke blowing up our asses.

Barry's the only one talking anything that resembles common sense; Gramps and the Grinch are just pandering. As the price goes up, that 18 cents you might get will at best buy you one fucking tankfull/ 20 gallons. I started a note book last night to figure it out for my '68 'stang. In the mean fucking time...

While we sit in our wet spots waiting for $40 or so, the federal highway fund stands to lose about $10 BILLION. That buys a lot. Like a Minneapolis bridge that collapsed. Like a Seattle viaduct that could at any time.

Provides a lot of Jobs too.

Anyone remember what jobs were?

They're what we used to have here before refuckyoucan policies made it profitable to send them to India and China.

Even an elephant piss hole is still a piss hole. Bigger maybe, but still just a piss hole.

And people are still willing to listen to these morons and vote in support of their delusions.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pins? What Pins?

Nicole Belle over at C&L points out that neither McCunt nor Stephalupugus are wearing those American flag lapel pins that are so all fucking fired important and are the only tried and true acceptable method of showing one's patriotism and loyalty. Now I have to give credit where credit is due:

Over at Fucks News Sunday with Chris Wallace, the human shar pei, Brit Hume, and token black/liberal, Juan Williams, were wearing theirs but not Wallace, not the chick (whoever she was) not even uber neocon doofsayer Bill Kristol. If anyone has their dick on the pulse of what's important to the country, he would, wouldn't he?

So what the fuck gives? Why the fucking hour long investigation into bullshitology?

I'm waiting for someone to admit that newscasts that involve "News," are history; that they've become businesses plain and simple; just as corrupt as any other business.

So the Gibson-Stephalupuguss Mudpie Exhibition was all about them and not about Clinton, Barack, and certainly not about the future of this country and its citizens. No, no no. They got exactly what they wanted: Attention for themselves and their network. They know that even negative attention has its own value.

Just like my 8 year old grandmonster knows.

And the lapel pins? I really don't give a flying fuck at the moon whether Barack wears one or not. Wearing one, or not, doesn't prove jack shit about a person's character. Now then...

I've finally heard Thom Hartmann, these past few weeks, begin to say what I've believed all along: This prolonged, primary pissing match between Barack and Hillary, is nothing more than the major networks'/media's money making circus side-show. The longer it goes on, the more money they make. That's what they care about; that's ALL they care about. Fuck us, right?

When will we begin to hear the cowardly lions of media begin to explain just how insane McCunt's economic ideas are? ???

Friday, April 18, 2008

So There's WTF, and Then There's


April 18? Snow? In Seattle? Snow that fucking STICKS?

But climate change is just a figment of Al Gore's imagination.

We don't get snow that sticks in January or February for fuck sakes. APRIL?????

I'm sure there's some Exxon mobile financed group gearing up to tell me it's all OK.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

As I Was Saying (Looky Look... an Update!)

Cantwell. I hated having to vote for her. Voted for Dubya's war. Defends her vote.

But is not on board with Webb's new GI Bill.

Unfuckingbelieveable and infuckingexcuseable.

Let me say, I am not a vet. I got out of high school too close to the end of Nam; there was just no way I was putting myself that close to the chopping block. Thing is though, I have NO problem taking care of those who take care of me/us: our cops, fireman and vets. Fuckers put their lives on the line, they deserve perks and benefits.

Gotta scoot. maybe more on this tonight.

Cuntwell's getting a call from me today though.

And now (as opposed to then... this morning)

Called her DC office. I wish I'd taken notes or recorded the conversation. Yes it WAS a conversation; I was polite enough to allow the poor answerer to speak. The guy had to ask me if I'd heard of the Senator's own GI-type Bill-type proposed legislation: The Lifetime (or was it lifelong?) GI Bill..? I hadn't so I asked him to explain. Welllll apparently there are deadlines on these poor bastards can use some of the present GI Bill's provisions. Sucks big time. My Maria proposes to do away with those. OK...

That sounds real nice, but what good does it do to give these kids a lifetime to use shit that isn't there? That's basically what I told this kid; without cussing. (Actually I surprised the fuck out of myself by not dropping any F-bombs (that I remember) or other four letter gems.) If she was intending to add her idea to Webb's bill as an amendment, that would be OK, but she NEEDS to sign on to Webb's bill.

I don't know what happened to the Rykoff meeting. I'm sure I heard that it was to be today, but me being sure doesn't always mean much more than Dubya being sure. (except for his lacks of sincerity and honesty) The DC kid gave me Cantwell's (and yes I did refer to her by her proper name "Cantwell" the entire time... I didn't even drop in a "Cantsmile) Seattle office number and the kid here had no clue what I was talking about. Said she was in DC. But then said something that gave me the idea he didn't know (or couldn't/wouldn't say) where she was. Oh...

This was cool.

At least I thought it was.

I got into it about her Iraq war vote. (I'm still so proud of myself that I didn't cuss... on either call) Told both kids it was SHTOOOPEED big time. Oh.. called her a Republican for doing so, and the kid says that lots of other Dems voted with her. They were stupid too I said. Got into the combination of sending kids to die for nothing and then not giving them bennies when they get home, being TOTALLY unconscionable and indefensible. Oh, cuzz I'd said something about trying to be to the point yet be polite and the guy says that she has a thick skin and I said she'd need to have one considering all that shit I just typed and how shtooopeed it was and such.

Ya know, I had the feeling the kid in DC was on my side; wanted to grab her and shake her and try to get her to see sense on things. But... That's pure speculation on my part; he was loyal. Don't let the NSA boys tell you otherwise Ms Mar C. You start firing kids for thinking, and I WILL vote for... my dog if I have to.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bitter? Maybe...

I'm definitely pissed though.

I'm pissed that I have to vote for half asses just to keep Refuckyoucans out of office. Case in point Gregoire for governor as opposed to Rossi. Wow, what a choice that was. Pig shit or cow shit.

Maria Cantwell. Has to defend her Iraq vote to the last. I guess she wants to prove she has as much testosterone as a man. Like Hillary. You can't say that an inexcusable and illegal war is OK, or would be OK if it was just administered correctly. Dumb is dumb, illegal is illegal, sociopathic is sociopathic, no matter how you cut it, your vote was a totally fucked up move.

I'm pissed at the way Democrats allow the Refucks to lie over and over and pin all sorts of misrepresentations on them. Like "tax and spend liberals." Hey, Dumb fucks. At least we know how to balance a check book and understand that the money you spend has to come from somewhere. Preferably not China.

And Elitists. No wait, that's not Refucks pinning that on Barack, that's Hillary. I forgot, she's the new Lieberman. Loves to endorse McCunt every chance she gets. I will say that her old man came up with something smart for a change. His track record of late has been pretty sucky.

With all due respect to our nation's farmers, I think it's idiotic to raise corn to produce ethanol. I think it shows the depth of a depraved selfishness, that we somehow think it's OK to burn food in our SUVs.

Bitter, pissed, call it what you want, I'm it, Barack's right, and Hillary needs to shut the fuck up and get with the program of putting this country back on the right path, rather than worrying first and foremost about how she can screw whoever stands in her way.

However, I'm not going to let shit blind me into voting for McCunt and another term of Dubya's insanity if I don't like who the nominee is.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

When Assholes Reproduce

A H/T to Forty Two from whom I stole this title as well as a H/T to Firestarter from whom I got the link to Forty Two's post. I think I first heard about this while listening to Ed Shultz a few days ago.

There's plenty of sickness here to go around and I'm not going to exclude myself either. Face it, these punks were out to claim their 15 minutes of fame by recording and posting this. That's plenty sick. Shultz and FT both talk about the parents who spawned and raised these little sicklings and instilled them with sick values. FS talks about sites like AOL playing both sides: Talking about how sick the video is and how it maybe should not be posted, and then posting the damn thing so googlers can find them.

And now here I am. I suppose I should do my part in trying to let the thing die, but I have my own (worthless?) excuse for not doing so and that's this:

Assholes Reproducing and whether or not they should be allowed to do so.

There's a lot to consider there. For one: Who decides who's an asshole?

How do we pick that "who?" What rules do they follow. If you look at Dubya's appointments, Holy Fuck... We'd have only the worst of the worst assholes chosen to preside. Christopaths, torturers, ideologues... Basically, anyone Keith Olberman would be proud to include as Worst Person in the World.

Who would McCunt pick? People certainly as bad as Dubya's choices.

Hillary? People who hate Obama for having the temerity to take HER office from her. The nerve of that uppity house N.....ever mind.

What about Dennis Kucinich? Hmmm... I wonder if Shirley McClain and all the others who sat around at that gathering when he saw the UFO would be on the board? His wife maybe?

As I consider all this, I have to confess that I'm really not fit, and never was, to be a parent. Kids just flat out bug me. I was all ready to start on a post a while ago and then the grandmonster came in and harshed my buzz by getting all squeally and squeazy with the Mini Dachs... I wanted to ring his neck for basically doing nothing more than being a kid. Speaking of the grandmonster: Would he even exist under the Asshole Reproduction Control Board's scrutiny? I doubt it, considering his Dad/sperm donor. His mom might stand a chance of passing as breeding stock, but that's questionable.

I know, I know, it takes more to get licensed to do nails and color hair. Oh but there's dangerous chemicals involved. Like the ammonia, bleach and detergent, not to mention the home perm kits found under many a sink? In a way it makes sense to license human breeders, but be careful for what you ask:

Despite my unfitness, I might still pass considering my IQ, education, income, etc. God help us if that would've happened.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Party Poopers?

That's the title to a column here in the PI by Robert L Jamieson on Monday. I've heard of this shit before, but in light of some of McCain's latest broadsides from his Senile Express.... I've fucking had enough.

Jamieson goes into a long description of this chick and her background as a Jewish Liberal, blah blah blah, but then she says that if Hillary's not on the ballot, she'll vote for McCain. I read that and I'm like, Whoa Bitch, you listening to yourself? You're willing to put another 4 years of Bush on the country, because....? Why again? ??? Well there's this shit:

His pitch riles her -- what she sees as his inability to offer concrete policies beyond buzzwords like "change."

"My big concern is Social Security," Frooman said. "I haven't heard him say much about that."

well, Jonny Mac certainly offers concrete.... concrete. He's a cement head. He admits to knowing nothing about economics, and has basically turned all that stuff over to Phil Graham, who makes Reagan look like an amateur when it comes to deregulating and letting industry have their way. He likes Dubya's plans to destroy Social Security too. So we can save it.

And there's more...:

There's also the issue of the resume. Obama has held his seat in Congress for three years, compared with Clinton's seven.

Clinton's Beltway tenure -- not including an eight-year turn as First Lady -- has seasoned her to deal with the snake pit of D.C. and enabled her to bridge party lines, Frooman said.

"Experience counts for something," she argued.

This "experience" argument makes my fucking blood boil. She has "Government experience" from being a first lady to a governor and a president? Besides fucking him,
we assume,
just WHAT did she do? Seriously, WHAT? Why not put Nancy Reagan up for office?


WHY not?

Ohhhhhh.... Nancy's not a senator. Back to "experience"...

Lots of people have experience.

Tom Delay

David Vitter

Newt Gingrich

Larry Craig

Duke Cunningham

There's Good experience, and there's Bad experience. When I sat through my education classes I came across a quote from James.... oh fuck that's his last name... anyway,

Supposedly some lady was trying to make a point to him and she told him that she'd taught for "x" number years. His response was to ask had she taught "x" number of classes, or one class "x" number of times?

Experience at doing the wrong thing, no matter how many times, how many years, doesn't count. Keep defending that Iraq War vote Hills. The only reason to defend the indefensible is that you believed in the original indefensible position: You wanted the fucking war, for some damn reason.

I haven't written to (her through) the PI, and I doubt there's any reason to:

Frooman remains unmoved. "I'm not voting this way because I'm endorsing the Republicans," she said. "I'm just so annoyed with the Democrats."

And the next time you don't like what you see in the mirror, do you cut yourself or break the mirror? Oh hell, nuke it from orbit; it's the only way to be sure, Right?

A vote for McCain, is exactly that.

Ms Frooman, there's a word for people like you:


There's other words, but they're not nice like that one.

Who's the Bigger Fucking Traitor?

Or is Treason something that can be measure quantitatively?

And Yes, I used the word treason and it is not a mistake. I know treason calls for the death penalty upon conviction. Oh yeah. the "who" thing.

Dubya or McCunt.

On the one hand we have a reservist slacker, who sealed his records to hide his desertion and cowardice, but in later life, played footloose and fancy free with the lives of those born into less fortunate socio-economic circumstances, sending them off to die for his amusement (remember Pete Stark?) His horseshit romanticizing of warfare while in Afghanistan should be all any court would need for conviction. Truly stomach turning.

On the other hand we have a self-confessed bad pilot (HE said it;YOU google it), who got captured after being shot down, spent years in a Hanoi prison getting his ass kicked, his joints dislocated, and his bones broken, so that his captors could learn the starting line up for the Green Bay Packers, who for some reason saw fit in his later years to vote to legalize the same Illegal torture techniques that were used against him, who jokes and sings about war with Iran and who in his present life REFUSES to honor and respect the troops by supporting an updated GI bill.

These are the two leading figures of the reefuckyoucan party. The party that continually spouts the mantra of how they support the troops, how they WILL NOT allow the 4000 deaths in the Halliburton War to be deaths-in-vain.

There is NO greater dishonor than to send these kids off to die for some added stock market points. You can't add value to these deaths by sending more kids off to die. Unless of course by value you mean stock market gains.

And then there are kids who come home wounded and you send them to live in rat and roach infested outpatient facilities, IF they can even get their phone calls answered and their paperwork processed by YOUR understaffed Veterans Administration. You send them off to get shot at and then you BILL them......... You cocksucking shits.......

We all know Dubya gives fuckstains and shit stripes, bad names, but....

Jon McCain, you are no war hero. I don't know what the fuck you are. Some broken down shell of a man kinda like Strom Thurmond? who know one quite knew how to tell that it was time to step down even after he had to wear diapers to the Senate floor? out looking to somehow get your revenge even if you get it at the wrong persons expense? Seriously; what is your fucking problem? ???

You may not have deserted your fellow soldiers during Vietnam, like Dubya did, but just like him back then, you ARE deserting them now.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tell Me Again Who's in Charge Now....?

I really fucked up, not listening to Rachel Maddow when she filled in for Keith O the other night. I know it's just her sitting, doing the reading of shit that's written for her (unless I need an education on how these shows are done), but still, gay or not, she's a babe and wicked smart to boot. Find her radio show, if it's in your area and you'll see what I mean. OK... enough wind up her skirt... on to the issue:

From her appearance last Friday and the segment Keith calls Bushed: The never ending parade of scandalous bullshit foisted on us by this crime syndicate. Wait. Say what? Congress did this?

Yup. Check out the links at Crooks and Liars if you don't believe me (And this is why I say I fucked up; I coulda had this story first if I'da followed my baser babe-sniffing instincts last Friday). Here's the poop:

Congress, the Senate in particular, sensing our pain in this refuckyoucan free market created mortgage crisis, is planning a 15.3 Billion buck housing stimulus bill. And yes it is bull shit. Your first clue? That it's described as a stimulus.

We should all know by now, that's just refuckyoucan code for tax incentive/relief... tax breaks for the rich. Seriously folks, how many people will stay in their homes because they get to deduct a hundred or a few grand from there taxable incomes? How many people do you know who can afford to wait that long? I doubt it's very many. Add to that that it's only 3.3 of the total that's going to dribble down their legs to homeowners anyway. The rest?

Of courrrrrrse... it all goes to businesses. A big ol' hearty DUH to all you fuckers who couldn't answer that. But wait... there's more:

Remember the refuckyoucan sponsored bankruptcy reforms from the bill Frist era? The ones that ensured the medical/insurance/pharmaceutical megalith would get their money? Well the refucks have kept to the spirit of times past and ensured that dumbassed activist bankruptcy judges will be putting these forecloseable homes into foreclosure and their occupants into the streets where they damn well fucking belong.

What's that?

It's not the refucks?

The Democrats hold the majority in the Senate?

No shit?

So people in bankruptcy don't deserve help; they got there through their own stupidity; they deserve to be fucked? I'm not going to say no one has ever taken advantage of the system. Plenty of people simply cannot/will not learn to live within their means. Not that anyone in MY family would... never mind.

Yes. The wife and I went through a Chapter 13, brought on by both 1) my student loan bills and 2) our credit card debt. However... Much of the problem with the credit cards was their repeatedly changing her mailing address, sending bills to places her daughter hadn't lived at for several years (black holes) and then after her missed payments charging ridiculous late fees and raising her interest rates. I mean when a bill goes up, even when you haven't used the card in 6 years... Come on. That's because the game -- even before the Frist Reformation -- had the rules written in their favor.

A lot of Americans like to champion the idea of "second chances." Whether it be consider Pet Rose, Barry Bonds or Shoeless Joe Jackson for the hall of fame, pardon Scooter Libby, or keep Dubya, Dick and Donny -- the Asses of Evil -- off the gallows for their war crimes, there always seems to be a large element of the public willing to give people a mulligan.

Bankruptcy is an economic mulligan. It is especially important that it be kept as an option for people who go bankrupt through no fault of their own. Specifically through catastrophic medical expenses; hence the outright criminal cruelty of the Frist Reforms to get the pound of flesh for his family's Hospital Corporation of America. It was bad enough when lawyers wrote the law, but I digress. One of the important aspects of bankruptcy, or at least what used to be an important component, was that they could not take your home or means to income. Usually they would not even take your car.

Lest I forget, cuzz I know there's someone out there thinking the banks, lenders and credit card people need to be protected from us consumers...: Why did only 40% of our debt get claimed/acknowledged? Actually, I'm not even sure we had to pay off that much, and that was simply because NO ONE responded to demand payment. Riiiiight. They need protection from actually needing to get off their asses and work. (Oddly enough, Sears always shows up to both demand payment Plus offer a new credit card!)

So in the end, all this bill does is pave the way for a second generation of Hoovervilles by throwing people out of their homes. Only this time, they're going to be Democratic Hoovervilles.

Reidvilles? Pelosivilles?

When the fuck will they learn? This is so fucking transparent. These spineless dick drippings KNOW that these breaks to business simply do not fucking work. They didn't work when Hoover tried them; they didn't work for Reagan; and they haven't been working for Dubya. Unless by working you mean keeping rich fucks rich and poor folks poor. In that respect they've been a phenomenal success. So why then continue to do them?

So Dubya can't call them names? Blame them for HIS failures? Make it look like they're doing something? Yo... Fuckwads... we did not send you to DC to act as enablers for a dry drunk asshole.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's That You Say, Snotwad? ???

Another fucking gem from Mr Mucous, our esteemed Attorney Degenerate. A call from Afghanistan that couldn't be traced because of FISA? Right. What's the fun in doing things legally? Like I said before, as much as I hated Gonzo, I just KNEW there would be no improvement when Dubya replaced him. OK, so maybe he's not the one who actually made the decision to ignore the call. If it even existed. But that doesn't really matter. The fucker's lied. And an AG worth his weight in shit or snot, doesn't lie. FISA did NOT hinder anyone from tracing a call such as this, and there are far more qualified people than me making that case. But then there's the lie behind the lie.

And that's what needs to be ferreted out.

They trace your calls to your grandma, so you know good and god damned well they'd trace this one. If they gave a flying fuck about national security. So that begs the question: Why didn't they trace it?

Either the call didn't exist.


Dubya didn't give a fuck.

Tell ya what. Go back to Fahrenheit 911, and Dubya's pet goat moment. Watch his reaction closely. How he sweats... drools... fidgets... does he shit his pants? Piss them? He sure looks to me like he's about to.

The fuckstain knew something was coming.

But he didn't know what. Fuck, if he couldn't fly a plane, he knew damn well a few camel jockies couldn't. And certainly there'd be no way enough of 'em could fly FOUR planes. and actually hit something they aimed at. No....

Don't get your hopes up for hearings.